15 Hot Cosplays Of Your Favourite Cartoon Characters

Everyone has a favourite cartoon from their childhood...or even from their adulthood actually. Either way, not everyone thinks about their favourite cartoons in a necessarily sexual way. Well some probably do, but I don't think it's the vast majority of people. But the internet is full of fun things. Some of it is just very strange cartoon porn, but in other cases, there are some fantastically sexy cartoon cosplays to be found.

Now sure, anyone who has seen Jessica Rabbit already thinks she's smokin'. Men and women alike love the hell out of her. But there are some other, rather unexpected cartoons that have turned out to be ridiculously hot, in real life. There are some people who might have thought that Velma from Scooby Doo was always a cute nerd...but this article might bring up some other adjectives.

There are stranger ones than her though. What about Marge Simpson? Duffman? Vegeta? Pikachu? Their real life cosplays will never let you see their cartoon versions the same ever again...


15 Jessica Rabbit

Yeah, hands down everyone thought that Jessica Rabbit was hot – even when she was just a cartoon. And everyone wondered why she was so into Roger Rabbit. And there have been plenty of costumes marketed for lovers of Jessica...and for their spouses to enjoy. DIY Jessica Rabbit outfits have been rampant ever since Who Framed Roger Rabbit? hit the big screen. But I must say, seeing an official cosplay of the vivacious vixen is...breathtaking. It might not change much of what people already thought when it comes to how attractive Jessica Rabbit is. But it does give a good many people a hope that they too can have their own Jessica one day. Hell, even the proportions of this cosplayer are not very far off from what the cartoon version might suggest.

14 Velma


Alright, so everyone thought that Velma was nothing more than maybe a cute nerd who said "jinkies" all the time. But things have changed. Transformed from that cute, maybe sometimes annoying nerd. In this cosplay, she is 100% smoking hot librarian. Ok, maybe she's dressed a little more skimpily than a librarian (hot or not), but surely there's nothing awful about that. What is the best part of this cosplay, besides the sexy outfit, and cosplayer wearing it, is that she still stays true to the character. She might be all sorts of sultry, but she's still more interested in pouring through books than she is in gazing in to the lens with what I can only assume are very pretty eyes. There's nothing I love more than a very attractive take on a classically unattractive character.

13 Pikachu

So maybe this isn't really much of a cosplay...but who ultimately cares? Anyone who has gone back to re-watch Pokemon will instantly realize that the show never really made sense from the very first episode, all the way through. Given that, any sort of cosplay from that show seems to be better than the cartoon, almost instantly. Jessica Nigri has done some great jobs with her Blastoise, and Charizard cosplays. And as great a cosplayer as she is, I think she missed something very simple in front of her. Hence the fantastic Pikachu cosplay above. It might just be a Pikachu sweater, with yellow bikini to match, but it certainly is effective. And isn't that all that matters when it comes to a good cosplayer? I think she commits just enough for it to work very, very well.

12 Carmen Sandiego


Where in the world did this cosplayer come from? It's not too often anymore that anyone hears about Carmen Sandiego. Of course that's probably because no one knows where in the world she is. Alright, that joke aside, this woman is far more attractive than the animated version of Carmen might have you expect. Showing a bit of leg. Those lips parted in that oh-so-vacantly sexy way...This woman has definitely brought a part of my childhood to life in an incredibly wonderful way. Of course Carmen Sandiego was never unattractive by any stretch of the imagination. And given that she was originally a part of an edu-tainment game series, turned cartoon... well let's just say that I'm sure there's plenty that could be edu-taining about this cosplay.

11 April O'Neil

For those who have watched the original live action film series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there is a possibility that you may have found April O'Neil attractive. It's less likely that you'd feel the same way about the April O'Neil of the original animated series...though there are those out there who seem to really, really love their animation, for whatever reason. But there is no denying that this cosplay of O'Neil is hands down the very best looking version of her out there. It might be a little inaccurate, because why would she have a camera in her hand when she's the reporter? But that hardly matters. Everything else about this cosplay is unbelievably hot. The low-cut, signature yellow outfit, the tight corset-like's just a very nice cosplay.

10 Kim Possible's Shego


9 Marge Simpson

...What!? Who ever thought that they would see a Marge Simpson who was actually unbelievably, smoking hot? This is perhaps the strangest cosplay in the entire article. She's got a great body, and a pretty damn decent outfit. There are some qualms of course. Good job on the might actually be three bowling balls high, which is very accurate to the original cartoon drawings. The dress has a shimmer to it, and that's not particularly right. But that's ok, because it's shorter than Marge's actual dress...and it's hot. The pearls and the shoes are pretty well right on as well. Sure, she doesn't have the yellow skin...and I guess she didn't want to have the accurate eight fingers, and eight toes. But maybe those are both very good things. The lack of jaundice-looking skin might make her a bit more attractive.


8 The Baroness


Alright, so to be fair, she did first appear as a comic book character, and not as a cartoon character. But it was not long after her first appearance that she made her debut in show. As Cobra's intelligence officer, she was a daunting, and worthy foe of the G.I. Joe. There is no character from that series that even comes close to matching how alluring, and badass the Baroness is. She's like a sexy, leather-clad, gun wielding, ruthless librarian. For all of those guys and gals who always dreamed about that coy librarian really being naughty...the Baroness is every bit of that dream, for sure. And the way that this cosplayer has brought the Baroness to life is just so heartbreaking, because this is only a photo. G.I. Joe was one of my favourite shows growing up...and the Baroness was just my favourite.

7 Daphne

Anyone here grow up watching Scooby Doo? Now it can't really be a shock that Daphne is, and always was the hottie of the Scooby gang. But this cosplayer just takes Daphne to a whole other level. Everything about this outfit is just better than the cartoon. First off...this cosplayer is not a cartoon, so there are points right there. The dress is far more noticeably tighter, and there's nothing wrong with that. The hair is amazing. Cutest smile. And that pose...well no one knew that Daphne had such sexy leggings. Or maybe they did, and just never paid attention until the human version of Daphne came forward. And aren't we all better off for that?

6 Misty


So this is Misty...but Misty with attitude and a whole hell of a lot of confidence. For those who grew up watching Pokemon, Misty may be nothing more than a fairly fearful, inferior, wannabe trainer and master. Her three older sisters, calling themselves the "sensational sisters", always put Misty down. Well, in this cosplay, it's clear that Misty has gone her own way. Tons of tattoos, an "I don't give a f*ck" attitude, and the confidence to wear her denim booty shorts undone...I'd say she's gone the right way for success. It's likely that this cosplayer simply didn't want to cover up all of her tattoos for the shoot, and I can't say I blame her. But in so doing, and by leaving her piercing in she gives Misty a character reboot that I think she should have had from episode one.

5 Sailor Moon's Friends

So there are only two of them here, but that doesn't change how wonderful these cosplays of some of the sailors are. Many boys and girls flocked to their T.V. sets to watch Sailor Moon back in the day. The boys wanted to be Tuxedo Mask, or the White Knight, and they also wanted the sailors. Every boy had their favourite sailor. So here are the first two sailors to have been discovered in the story. Sailor Mercury (the brains of the operation), and sailor Mars (who used to be cold and calculated, but turned fiery and feisty for the purposes of the show). The outfits are perfectly coloured, and detailed. The only things that are missing are full shirts, and any sort of skirt. But I think we can all agree that that's an improvement. And it doesn't hurt that these cosplayers know just the right poses.

4 Vegeta


Oh, come on. There was no way there was going to be a hot cosplay piece without an appearance from Jessica Nigri. It's damn near impossible to find a cosplay avenue that Nigri hasn't already paraded down. And this is a great one. Many have grown up loving to watch Dragon Ball Z. And certainly many have loved the character of Vegeta. But surely not in the same way as they would enjoy Jessica Nigri as Vegeta! I mean she's got the whole outfit down pat...and a bit of leg, and cleavage doesn't hurt her costume design at all. If there's one thing that Nigri has been able to bring to the table time and again, it is incredible detail, and justice done by the character she is portraying. Even with the gender-bending, she hits all the right points for this character...except for perhaps the hair.

3 Duffman

"Ooooh Duffman! That's a mug you do want to chug! Oh yeah!" How amazing is this cosplay!? Seriously though. She's even making the "ooooh" sound, clearly, with her lips in the shot. The Duff belt, the jump suit, the hair, the hat, the cape...everything! Sure, her hair is much longer, but that's besides the point. There are obviously going to be differences given that she's...a woman. But this is perhaps the best gender-bending cosplay I have ever witnessed in the world. The fact that she has the belt of legit Duff cans is amazing. And it does seem like one of them is already partially crushed, which leads me to believe that she shotgunned one before taking this photo. And why wouldn't she? She's already in a bar. It makes total sense. "Oh yeah!"

2 Ariel


Ariel was always one of those cute Disney characters. Like Belle, Ariel was always curious and daring, but still reserved in her own little way. Translate that to real life, and apparently you get this wonderful cosplay! And this iconic scene is a wonderful choice as well. Sure, she's not tossing her hair as she rides the waves into shore; water splashing all over her. But we get the idea, and we're not wondering she's not just dressed as her bi-pedal self. This cosplayer may be wearing contacts, but the delivery of those big, watery doe eyes is perhaps one of the greatest details aside from the fiery red hair, and the incredible amount of skin on display. I think that without those beautiful blues, this cosplay would fall somewhat short. But Ariel has surely come to life here!

1 Tinker Bell

I know a lot of girls who have grown up loving Tinker Bell. I think they just love that she's mischievous, and won't just listen to whatever Peter Pan says. She's her own woman (or fairy), and she'll do what she wants – especially keeping other women away from Peter. And honestly, Peter never really had a good reason to pay such lavish attention to Tink in terms of romance before (even when Julia Roberts played her). But here...Peter Pan would be an absolute idiot if he missed how ravishing Tinker Bell is here. Even if he never wants to grow up, that surely doesn't mean he doesn't find Tinker Bell hot. This cosplay has single-handedly got me on the Tinker Bell train. There was never any sort of interest before. But this cosplayer portrays that teasing attitude, and "I don't give a f*ck" charm.


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