15 Hot Celebs With The Nastiest Reputation

The world often downplays the scandalous times of Old Hollywood in comparison to celebrities in today’s era because it can be easy to forget the headlines from decades ago. While it’s easy to criticize today’s celebrities that post everything to their social media accounts and jump from one relationship to the next, some of Old Hollywood celebrities were as equally scandalous. The difference is that the technology didn’t exist during that time to allow for Internet scandals or leaked sex tapes. Yet, there were definitely celebrities that didn’t exactly have the best reputation. From multiple marriages to affairs with married men, these same headline-making scandals have been around for some time.

Today’s celebs have to deal with constantly living under the microscope due to the advancements in technology. While the paparazzi are bad enough, anyone with a Smartphone can become a citizen journalist and upload their photos straight to the Internet. It seems like nothing can remain hidden anymore and the personal lives of celebrities are being scrutinized more than ever before. From diva behavior behind-the-scenes to rumors regarding promiscuity, some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood have garnered a pretty harsh public persona. Whether it’s because they weren’t able to keep it under wraps, they were trying to get some extra publicity or they just don’t put stock into how they’re perceived, some celebrities are far from America’s Sweethearts. Check out our list of the 15 sexiest celebs with a nasty reputation and see how the world can quickly change their view based on their personal life choices.


15 Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift first emerged as a singer/songwriter in the country music category, people couldn’t get over her stellar talent and beautiful ringlet curls. As she began to grow up in the public eye, people loved to speculate on any romances she had behind-the-scenes. Yet, there was a certain point when people got a little overwhelmed by the amount of suitors she had gone through in such a short amount of time. It seemed like she went from one “relationship” to the next depending on the month and the year. Rather than downplaying her dating life, she flaunted it all over the tabloids and even wrote songs about her many dalliances. Nowadays, Swift is known more for her mean girl tendencies and hopping from one boyfriend to the next, rather than her singing skills.

14 Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez has always been thought of as an ultra innocent young star and not just because she was introduced as a Disney kid. There was something about her baby-faced good looks that made the world think of her as everyone’s favorite little sister. Yet, things quickly changed once her romantic life took off and she aligned herself with Taylor Swift. The feud that ensued after the breakup between Gomez and Justin Bieber revealed an ugly side to Gomez and people began questioning some of the various publicity stunts from her past. Nowadays, she’s seen as one of Hollywood’s most manufactured celebrities and it’s difficult to know whether or not the antics in her personal life are real. Some say that some of her most publicized stunts have been expertly coordinated with album releases and endorsement deals. This calls into question her credibility and definitely makes people wonder whether or not she does anything in a genuine manner or if it’s all for fame.

13 Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson didn’t exactly start her career off with an ultra squeaky clean reputation but there was a bit of innocence to the fact that she had roots on a family sitcom series. Her appearance on Home Improvement pinned her as the eye candy of the series and definitely had people sit up and take notice. When she moved on to become the hottest lifeguard on TV in the hit series, Baywatch, there were a number of behind-the-scenes scandals that didn’t exactly paint her in the best light. Things got worse and worse for Anderson’s reputation, from posing in Playboy to the leaked sex tape with Tommy Lee. Anderson came out publicly to talk about her battle with being diagnosed with Hepatitis C and even when she came forward to People magazine in 2015 to say that she was cured of the disease, she still had that shroud hanging over her.

12 Kristen Stewart


When Kristen Stewart first appeared onscreen with Robert Pattinson in the first of the Twilight films, audiences instantly hoped that their romance was more than just the pairing of their two characters. Regardless of the fact that Stewart already had a boyfriend at the time and the rumors surrounding the behind-the-scenes romance with Pattinson onset was actually a cheating scandal, the world was able to overlook that little tidbit. When Pattinson and Stewart finally went public with their love, it seemed like all was right with the world. Bella was going to marry Edward on both the big screen and in real-life and their fans couldn’t be happier. However, all of that came crashing down when photos surfaced of Stewart having an affair with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. People began seeing a pattern with Stewart and she was instantly labeled a cheater.

11 12  Kim Kardashian

The celebrity world can be a little funny when it comes to the many different categories there are and how people regard them. From overnight sensations to celebrity kids to reality stars, there is definitely a hierarchy when it comes to categorizing celebrities. Kim Kardashian’s start included a leaked sex tape and a ridiculous reality show, which didn’t exactly have the other celebrities running to let her in to play with the popular kids. Rather than trying to distance herself from her sex tape origins, she’s done everything she can to continue topping herself with shock value. From posing completely nude for Paper magazine to the nude photos she uploads to her social media page, she’s not exactly thought of as the most virtuous woman in the world. She has a string of ex-lovers under her belt and there seems to always be rumors circulating regarding her current marriage to Kanye West.

10 Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton had a pretty cushy upbringing as a hotel heiress. She attended the most prestigious schools and was able to go to all of the hotspots in Hollywood, simply because of her socialite status. With such financial means, Paris had the ability to become anything she wanted to in life. Yet, she chose to become a professional party girl and turned her socialite status into an actual brand. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s the constant rotation of new men in her life that has made people give Paris Hilton the side eye. The first inkling of Paris having a bit of a raunchy personal life was when the sex tape between her and Rick Saloman was released, One Night in Paris. Before people could get over this torrid love affair, there were a number of celebrity men that came in and out of her life. Constantly being photographed with so many different men wasn’t exactly becoming for Paris.

9 Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus first gained a fanbase through her Hannah Montana series, people looked at her as the ultra-talented daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. She had a bit of a shadow looming over her because of her famous father but she had already started branching out to become her own person. Once she started to transition out of the Disney kid persona, there was actually a period in time when she was really starting to be known as one of Hollywood’s sexiest up-and-coming celebs. However, that time didn’t last long and she eventually revamped her image to become a much raunchier version of her former self. From her over-the-top ensembles to her raunchy stage performances, Miley Cyrus is now seen as an ultra-dirty celeb that doesn’t care too much about her reputation.


8 Emma Roberts


When Emma Roberts first started her acting career, people couldn’t help but root for her because of her famous family members. With a father like Eric Roberts and an aunt like Julia Roberts, there were high hopes for Emma becoming the next America’s Sweetheart actress. Yet, the scandals in her personal life and the rumors coming from her onset diva-like ways quickly put a stop to that. The instance that truly affected her reputation was when she was arrested for domestic violence in 2013. After an altercation with her then-boyfriend, Evan Peters, Roberts was arrested and details from the altercation were released publicly. She became known as a high maintenance actress that had violent tendencies towards her boyfriends. This isn’t actually a rave review for anyone and didn’t help her in her personal or professional life.

7 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera may have started her career in the music industry as just another pop star but she quickly proved that she was a much more talented singer than all the rest. As a true vocalist, her talent stood far above some of the other mediocre stars in the music industry. However, her vocal talent couldn’t make up for some of the rumors surrounding her character. She was often depicted as an egomaniac diva behind-the-scenes, whether it was her demands during performances or the feuds with other celebrities. On top of all of that, she was often photographed stumbling in and out of Hollywood hotspots looking more than just a tad sloppy. With smeared makeup and a fluctuating weight that made her look desperate and attention-seeking, Aguilera had a really big hole to dig herself out of once she started to turn her reputation around.

6 Madonna


Although Madonna has been known to stir up controversy over the years, most people tried to separate her professional antics from her personal life. While she had her fair share of flings with much younger men, there were never any leaked sex tapes or rumors of being promiscuous. In fact, fans tended to hold onto the time when she was married to Sean Penn and eventually hoped that she had found the love of her life with her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie. When that marriage fell apart, the world didn’t have long to react before Ritchie started to reveal some damaging details about why their relationship ended. He painted her as a major diva behind closed doors and the bitter custody battle for their son was a hugely publicized event. Rather than maintaining a bit of privacy, Madonna took to the stage in order to air all of her dirty laundry to the world. While the remarks by her ex-husband and son were bad enough, it was her lashing out statements that truly made fans look at her in a whole new way.

5 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was once thought of as one of Hollywood’s hottest up-and-comers and when she branched out into the music industry, she actually gained a lot of respect because of her work ethic. Yet, that didn’t last very long and she quickly began canceling performances and becoming a no-show on more than one occasion. She gained a reputation for not being reliable and then the rumors began about her substance abuse and string of celebrity lovers. While staying at the famed Beverly Hilton Hotel, Lohan reportedly wrote down a list of the names of all of her lovers and the list wound up being published by In Touch Weekly. There were 36 celebrity names, which was shocking to the point of absurdity. She could no longer be seen as a beautiful up-and-comer and quickly gained a reputation of a completely different kind.

4 January Jones


When January Jones became the breakout star of the hit TV series, Mad Men, people couldn’t help but remark on her amazing beauty. She fit in perfectly as the Stepford wife role and even more so because of the style and fashion of that time. While her Mad Men storyline was juicy enough, it was the details in her personal life that were far more salacious. Jones was often photographed with some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities and the paparazzi caught her doing the walk of shame on more than one occasion. Yet, not all of the men she was romantically linked to were single. In fact, some of the most salacious rumors surrounding Jones involved married men. While filming Mad Men, Jones became pregnant and the series had to put her into a fat suit in order to write a different storyline into the series. Jones refused to name the father and continues to stand by her choice not to let the world know who the father of her son, Xander, is.

3 Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl started her acting career at a very young age but didn’t find true mainstream fame until her role as Izzie Stevens on the hit hospital drama, Grey’s Anatomy. Heigl gained such a stellar fan base during her acting career that she was able to transition onto the big screen and even starred alongside Seth Rogen in the comedy film, Knocked Up. Yet, there was something that she couldn’t shake throughout her career and that was the horrible rumors that followed her from TV to the big screen. Heigl was painted as a horrible diva behind-the-scenes and a nightmare to work with on both the small screen and in her films. While she has since apologized and claimed to change her ways, the damage has already been done to her reputation.

2 LeAnn Rimes


When LeAnn Rimes first emerged as an ultra young and talented star in country music, no one could have guessed how tumultuous her personal life would become. After some severe family problems, LeAnn had to become emancipated from her parents. Once she married Dean Sheremet, the world felt that there was finally a happy ending to her story but that notion was quickly dashed away when she started an affair with her married co-star, Eddie Cibrian. Both her and Cibrian wound up divorcing their spouses and ultimately wed but the world couldn’t get over their scandalous affair. It didn’t help that Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, constantly brought up the affair any chance she got. Perhaps the world could have jumped onboard with the new love story between Rimes and Cibrian but that couldn’t come to fruition with Glanville screaming “homewrecker” anytime she got some screen time.

1 Sienna Miller

When it was revealed that Jude Law had engaged in an affair with the nanny whilst married to Sienna Miller, the world was quick to pounce on him and paint Miller as the victim. Yet, the tables quickly turned once private messages were hacked into and released publicly. It was revealed that Miller was actually having an affair with her costar from the 2004 film, Layer Cake, while she was married to Jude Law. Miller admitted to having an affair with Daniel Craig and she officially lost her title as the victim in the whole ordeal. Court proceedings due to her hacked message showed that there was actually a discussion on who would be able to reveal their affair first to the public because it would be quite damaging to Miller’s reputation if she were to be discovered as the cheater before Jude Law. The entire case was so twisted and damaging that Miller had to take a break from being in the spotlight afterward.

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