15 Hot Celebs Who Want You To Forget Their Leaked Pics

In late January 2017, a dude named Edward Majerczyk was sentenced to nine months in prison for trying to phish celebrities' emails and cell phones.

In late January 2017, a dude named Edward Majerczyk was sentenced to nine months in prison for trying to phish celebrities' emails and cell phones, likely to look for nude photos. This came about a year after a guy named Ryan Collins got 18 months in jail. He was discovered to be the mastermind behind the 2014 event known as “The Fappening,” a series of hacks into iCloud accounts that culminated in the posting on the Internet of hundreds of private photos and videos of celebrities in various nude or sexual poses.

You might think that these kinds of jail sentences would stop people from trying to hack into the private files of the rich and famous, but you’d be wrong. In March 2017, another series of celebrities were hacked, and for several days, around St. Patrick’s Day, another round of females, allegedly including Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, and WWE wrestler Paige -- all in various states of undress and explicit sexual behavior -- hit the Internet. Another 20 or so lesser known celebrities also had photos and videos released.

With those pictures and videos, of course, came the typical responses. Some denied it was them. Some admitted it and said they would not comment further. Some simply had lawyers or representatives say they were getting in touch with law enforcement. It was pretty much the same response we saw back in 2014.

While a few years have passed and those actresses have hopefully moved on with their lives and recognized that -- gasp -- life moves on when people see you naked, many still won’t talk about it and like to pretend it didn’t happen. That kind of mindset is part of the problem in the first place. If you didn’t treat it like it was such a big deal, nobody would care. Anyway, we won’t lecture these ladies since we have the Internet to remind everybody. Here are 15 Hot Celebrities Who Want You To Forget They Got Their Photos Hacked.

15 Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is not one of those ladies who is going to screw around when it comes to having her stuff stolen, including naked pictures of herself. She claims the moment she found out it had happened, she was on the phone with the FBI. Of course, when you call the federal government to help you, it means you’re admitting that it was, in fact, you in those photos. In Union’s case, though, since her husband was also seen in some of the photos, maybe it was better for her to admit that it was her in the photos. What’s she going to say? “No, it wasn’t me. It was somebody who looked like me and who just happened to be with my husband.” Of course, she likened the hacking to the worst crimes on earth, which is really way overdoing it. Maybe if Bring it On contained a nude scene, the photo leak would not have been such a big deal.

14 Ariana Grande

And then there are the celebrities who don’t allow us to forget. They'll scream that it’s not them in the photos until they're blue in the face despite the fact that the Sherlock Holmes of leaks online who spend far too much time indoors have found clues to prove it. Ariana Grande is one such celebrity who, at this point, seems like she plans to go to her grave claiming that she’s never had a photo hacked. But when you look at the evidence presented by these online detectives, we’ve got to believe that we’ve seen this irritating singer’s butt, whether she wants to admit it or not. From Facebook and Google matching the celebrity's face to the photo-leak face, to the similar jewelry on the people, to what appears to be the same cat -- there are just too many coincidences for it not to be Ariana Grande. She should just be proud. The woman in that picture has a pretty sweet butt.

13 Kaley Cuoco

While the photo leaks of 2017 haven’t matched up to the massive releases of 2014 or 2015, there has probably never been a person more guys were waiting to see more than Kaley Cuoco. She was part of the initial release of photos in the original Summer 2014 wave known as The Fappening. She told Jimmy Kimmel she has an alert on herself on Google just to follow news about her, and while she always got a few “Kaley Cuoco nude” headlines, her mailbox was flooded one day, and she knew it was going to get bad fast. However, when she realized it was out of her hands and that there was nothing that she or lawyers could do to recall the photos, she tried to just make the best of it. That’s the kind of attitude that anybody who decides to take photos or videos like these celebrities did need to have in the first place. If you’re not cool with millions of people seeing the pictures, don’t take them. It’s not right for people to see them, but it’s reality, and sometimes, what’s right and reality don’t match.

12 Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice was one of those girls that Nickelodeon was banking on being the next big thing, and while that still may happen, she appears fine doing the Broadway thing and being selective about her work. A Fox Network remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show was the last widely released project we’ve seen her in. Thankfully, she wore her bra through most of it. When she became one of the minor victims of the massive photo hack scandal back in 2014, she denied any of the images were of her but then said she was suing. Of course, nobody at the time knew who did it, so she didn’t know whom she was suing over pictures that allegedly weren’t of her. Yeah, right. Three years later, was it really all that bad? So many other women have had so much more exposed. Of course, Justice never actually sought any real justice.

11 Kate Upton

When it came to the volume of photos stolen, Kate Upton was one of the biggest victims of the 2014 iCloud photo hack scandal. Dozens of photos of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl were leaked onto the Internet. While they showed more skin than she had done in a photoshoot up to that point, it would be a stretch to say it was scandalous for the model. We give her credit for coming forward and admitting the photos were of her from Day One when many celebrities pretended their photos were of someone else. Of course, if we looked like Kate Upton, we wouldn’t want anybody to think there was somebody else on this Earth who looked as good as us either. It’s better to just say the photos were stolen than admit there's somebody else who looks similar and could be hired for modeling jobs in one's place. Smart business move, Kate.

10 Jennifer Lawrence

While for Internet fanboys Kaley Cuoco may have been the gold medal prize of the Fappening celebrity photo scandal, the mainstream press seemed to focus on Jennifer Lawrence. Thus was likely because Cuoco plays a ditzy blonde on a sitcom, and Lawrence is an Academy Award winner who has appeared in some of the biggest movies of the last decade. She had one of the largest collections released to the public with over 60 photos and videos in multiple poses and of varying degrees of sexual graphicness. She took a while to talk about it but eventually became the de facto celebrity spokesperson for the leak since her name was in most of the headlines. Basically, she ended up saying what you’d typically expect about how it was a violation and how the people who looked were essentially perpetrators as well. We can understand the embarrassment, especially based on how she acted in some of the videos, but the sentiment came off as a little strong.

9 Emily Ratajkowski

Maybe when you’re most known for prancing around in a Robin Thicke video (Blurred Lines) topless, or your biggest acting job thus far has been straddling Ben Affleck in Gone Girl topless, or more than half of your modeling involves you being topless, it’s not a big deal when photos leak that show you topless. That said, we’re firmly on Emily Ratajkowski’s side when it comes to her opinion of the entire celebrity photo leak phenomenon. She told GQ, "A lot of people who were victims [of the hack] said anyone who looks at these pictures should feel guilty, but I just don't think that's fair. I'm not sure that anyone who Googles it is necessarily a criminal. I think the people who stole the photos are.” We couldn’t agree more.

8 Aubrey Plaza

Here’s an example of where it’s not just a woman taking a selfie of herself in a mirror. Aubrey Plaza, best known for her roles in Parks and Recreations and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, didn’t just shoot some harmless still photos to be included in the iCloud photo leak scandal. Nope. She got down and dirty with some of the most graphic self-love footage to ever be released. Forget the fact she’s a celebrity; most people would never videotape themselves getting busy with themselves like Plaza did. It makes you ask, “Why would you film that? Do you have a boyfriend? Because if not, I’d like to ask you out.” Plaza has never gone on record in interviews to talk about the footage. We don't blame her, though. What’s she going to say?

7 Amber Heard

If you’re one of the actresses (or one of the few actors) who got caught up in one of these photo leaks, it’s an embarrassing situation because nobody likes to get caught with their pants down, literally. Let's face it -- we all act differently behind closed doors with the people we trust the most and with total strangers. When strangers see that other side of us, it’s just as violating as when they see us without our clothes. So when a celebrity says something really silly, it’s almost as bad as seeing them without their clothes. In the case of Amber Heard, who is Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend, she’s seen performing a striptease on video, and it’s been assumed she was dancing for the former Edward Scissorhands. Why? At one point, she calls the person behind the camera or at least watching the video “Tonto man” -- a clear reference to the character Depp played in the Lone Ranger movie. She also later says she needs him. We keep waiting for an interviewer to ask her about that one, but it would probably be the last question that member of the press would get to ask.

6 Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy didn't play an exactly “feminine” character on either iCarly or Sam & Cat, so when pictures of her slinking around in lingerie trying to act sexy surfaced, it seemed a little out of character -- but we quickly adapted. It was yet another nail in the coffin for her career, which went into a tailspin when iCarly ended. Rumors were she could never get along with Ariana Grande --whom you’ll find later on this list -- so Sam & Cat lasted only two seasons, and McCurdy was never really able to get that country singing career off the ground the way she was hoping for. If you’re unfamiliar with her years being typecast as a smart alec tomboy, maybe you can see her as a sexy ingenue type. But to be honest, we’re having trouble with it. Perhaps appearing nude in Playboy, now that it allows nudity again, would be the comeback she needs. The clock is ticking on this career.

5 Kirsten Dunst

No matter what reaction celebrities have in these cases -- whether it’s to sue the pants off of the person who stole the videos and pictures or it’s one of glee because they're making headlines -- the fact is that there is no way to recall the fact that thousands, if not millions of people have suddenly seen their intimate moments even if these were never intended to be shared. For this reason, we think the reaction that Kirsten Dunst had was quite reasonable. She recognized that ultimately, you’re helpless in that situation. It’s not like if you sued some geek for millions of dollars, you'd ever see a dime of it. In her case, she posted an emoji of a piece of pizza and an emoji of the symbol for a pile of crap (pizza crap = piece o' crap). It’s clever, and it shows the level of helpless frustration that a normal person should feel. However, like we did with Gabrielle Union, we can’t help but think that maybe, if Bring it On had a nude scene...

4 Abby Elliott

Unless something else happens in her career in a hurry, Abby Elliott is not going to be remembered for anything else, not even having a pretty sweet selfie leaked. In this leak’s case, she would have benefited if the leaks from less famous people were released at the same time as hers was. She did four seasons of Saturday Night Live, and her father is Chris Elliot -- known as a frequent guest on David Letterman, for his show in the early days of Fox Network Get a Life, and as a recurring character on Everybody Loves Raymond. Abby actually has a role on the Bravo show Odd Mom Out, but we’d never heard of the show until we tried to find out what she was still up to. She really broke the cardinal rule of being on SNL -- she never created that one character for herself that we would all remember.

3 Jenny McCarthy

One of the very curious things about the leak of Jenny McCarthy’s nude pictures as part of The Fappening was that her representatives were very specific about which pictures were stolen, which were taken in studios, which came from movies, and which were not of her. It shouldn't have been a very big deal, really, considering if you wanted to see Jenny McCarthy naked, there are only about 5 million photos and videos already taken of a younger and better-looking McCarthy prior to the leak. Considering all of the celebrities who had never done nude scenes and were in the leak and considering all of the crazy things McCarthy has said about different topics like vaccinations, interviewers were probably wise in never bringing up the leak with the former Playmate of the Year.

2 Daisy Lowe

We’re going to be honest. In our eyes, Daisy Lowe is a celebrity who was helped by the big photo-leak scandal of 2014 because we had no idea who she was before it happened. Of course, after seeing pictures of her, we also had to get an eyeful of Doctor Who at the time, Matt Smith. Around two dozen pictures were released of these British actors posing in front of a bathroom mirror while wearing nothing but their smiles. The duo were already broken up at the time of the leak, and Smith has never talked about the scandal. Lowe, meanwhile, has always threatened legal action but has never really gone through with it. She’s actually pretty cute, but unfortunately, there is nothing we can do when it comes to Smith, even if he is Doctor Who and has a time machine. We can’t go back in time and forget what we’ve seen.

1 Krysten Ritter

We still don’t understand why Krysten Ritter hasn’t made it huge in Hollywood. She can do drama, action, and comedy -- and is great at all three. She was amazing acting opposite James Van Der Beek in Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 (playing the hilarious b****) and is just as good in the Netflix action series Jessica Jones based on the Marvel comic. She’s crazy hot. She also loves sushi and isn’t afraid to let her body grow. We only know those last two nuggets because she was part of the iCloud Fappening leak of 2014. And much like she's been throughout most of her career, she was completely overlooked, all the attention going elsewhere. We don’t know where her career is going to go from here, but hopefully, the next 10 years will earn her more recognition than the first 10. If another photo leak is necessary for that to happen, well, we certainly won’t complain.

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15 Hot Celebs Who Want You To Forget Their Leaked Pics