15 Hot Celebs Who Put Too Much Makeup On...And Look Ugly

Celebrities are always looking for ways to make them appear more glamorous and trendy and sometimes the gown and accessories can only do so much. With the added pressure of always trying to appear as young as possible, female starlets tend to turn to makeup as their go-to in their magic toolbox. As any woman can attest to, makeup can be a miracle worker if applied correctly. The same goes for certain colors to create the perfect mix to complement a complexion or just the right accent to draw attention to a particular facial feature. However, not everyone has the eye for choosing just the right look to create their best self and sometimes, it’s better to forego the newest makeup trend instead of looking like a clown.

While little girls look cute when they delve into their mother’s makeup kit and apply as much as they possibly can in order to look “beautiful,” that type of enthusiasm should be kept at the toddler stage. It’s actually ironic that the world of the rich and the famous would allow themselves to be taken over by a heavy-handed makeup artist or the newest makeup fad. While celebrities are always trying to be on the forefront of the latest trends, there are some makeup fads that aren’t for everyone. Whether it’s a celebrity trying to still appear young and hip or just a starlet that shouldn’t be left alone with her makeup kit, it’s surprising how many beautiful women have ruined their looks just by applying some makeup. Check out our list of the 15 celebs that overdo their makeup to the point of appearing ugly and see how even the rich and famous can make mistakes.


15 Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood is an actress that is receiving a huge amount of acclaim over her most recent role in the HBO series, Westworld. Her character, Dolores Abernathy, is completely different from some of her other roles but it’s obvious that HBO has picked her as one of their favorite actresses. She also appeared in the HBO series, True Blood, and in the HBO miniseries, Mildred Pierce. Wood has been heralded for her ability to transform into the characters she portrays but her offscreen look hasn’t always been praised. During the beginning of her career, she seemed to adopt the style of her boyfriend, Marilyn Manson. The two are no longer together but that might be a good thing if you’ve seen her stellar transformation over the years. Nowadays, she’s thought of as one of the most beautiful women on TV and she’s definitely reigned in her makeup. She’s done away with the overly-drawn eyebrows and finally got a handle on the red-toned eyeshadow.

14 Gwen Stefani


Gwen Stefani is thought of as an icon in the music industry and has become a style icon as well. During the ‘90s, Stefani had a bit of a wild streak when it came to her public persona and her style choices. While some thought of her as a trailblazer with stick-on rhinestones to adorn her face and a mixture of grunge and glam in her ensembles, others weren’t too impressed. Although her taste in clothes has changed over the years, her obsession with makeup has remained the same. It’s always been obvious that she gravitated towards a darker lip color, which has continued even now that she is a judge on The Voice. Yet, another aspect of her makeup obsession is the way she has been known to glob on the foundation. She’s been able to match the tone of her skin a little better than her earlier years but it still looks like she’s made of a block of wax.

13 Lea Michele

Lea Michele truly became noticed by the world when she played the role of Rachel Berry in the hit sitcom, Glee. While audiences became accustomed to her as the wholesome and multitalented singer/actress on the family sitcom, the world began questioning whether or not they knew the true Michele after the death of Cory Monteith. The two weren’t close just because they were co-stars in the series and their romantic connection was complicated by the fact that his death was ruled as a result of a combination of heroin and alcohol. Michele was able to move beyond the death of Monteith and some questioned whether or not she may have exploited the situation to garner more attention. Yet, her abundance of makeup faux pas incidents has shown that she doesn’t want to just slump around in the shadows. Her extreme use of contouring and her willingness to try the new pink eye shadow look at the 2017 Grammy Awards just shows just how much she wants to be noticed. However, it hasn’t done anything but makes her look even more desperate and the harsh tones aren’t helping her to create a more feminine appearance.

12 Lil’ Kim


As a female rapper, Lil’ Kim has always done her best to stand out in a predominantly male industry. She wasn’t above using her sexuality to her advantage, traipsing around in scantily-clad ensembles and rapping about sex acts every chance she got. In fact, one of her most memorable ensembles involved a pasty to cover her nipple and Diana Ross feeling her up on stage. Over the years, Lil’ Kim began dabbling in more than just outfit changes. It became evident that she had taken one too many trips to get a “lunchtime procedure” and people began criticizing the drastic change in her facial features. Whether it was an effort to try and mask some of her botched surgeries or just a way to show off her brand “new” face, Lil’ Kim began applying makeup in droves. She was often photographed looking like a clown at some sideshow and it seemed like no one was telling her that she was overdoing it.

11 Christina Aguilera

When Christina Aguilera first released her debut studio album in 1999, she was portrayed to the world as the fresh-faced beauty that won the Best New Artist award at the 2000 Grammy’s. It’s pretty common for an artist’s first album to be more about what the record label wanted to release rather than what the artist actually likes. Once the reins were pulled in and Aguilera was left to her own devices, she really let her freak flag fly high. From afro-styled curls to over-the-top makeup, Aguilera was put on more “worst dressed” lists than all of her competition combined. It’s hard to say which of her looks were the absolute worst in regards to her clown-like makeup but there were definitely quite a few to pick from. Now that she has matured a bit and is a much-loved judge on The Voice, her look has started to change for the better. However, it’s hard to get some of those pictures from her earlier years out of the minds of the public.

10 Lindsay Lohan


There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was considered one of the most beautiful rising stars in Hollywood. She had a fresh-faced look that created the appearance of exuberance and youth. Although she only just turned 30-years-old, the years of partying and drug abuse have caused her to look much older. Her skin has lost all the luminous shine it once had and it hasn’t helped that she has been caking on the makeup to try and get back some semblance of a glamorous look. However, the result of the overuse of makeup has been the complete opposite of glamorous. Instead, she looks like a 50-year-old woman trying to look 30 again. In a failed effort to contour her face to try and look beautiful, she plastered on the dark shading to such an extreme that it looked more like she got into a fight with a piece of charcoal. The only amusing part of her new makeup routine is that she actually thinks it was the best look she could muster.

9 Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell is an actress that has played a variety of roles on the big screen and television. One of her most memorable TV roles was on the hit series, Lost, when she played the role of Juliet Burke. However, she’s also played a number of memorable roles on the big screen, including when she flip-flopped from a dark-haired nurse to a grandmother in the thriller flick, Frequency. While she’s definitely had her fair share of glamorous looks on the red carpet, she’s also had a number of misses. In this particular photo, Mitchell seemed to be trying all of her tricks at the same time and the result was not a pretty sight. In an effort to appear like the period classic similar to her hairstyle, she overdid the powder in a ghostly way. Rather than giving off the look of a porcelain-skinned beauty, she looked frightening. She paired it up with a smoky eye that only further created an off-putting look.


8 Giuliana Rancic


Giuliana Rancic has made quite a career for herself as a television personality. She started as an anchor for E! News back in 2006 and has since been able to parlay her fame into everything from Fashion Police to her very own reality series, Giuliana and Bill. Her personal life has been on the forefront of tabloids over the years but not because of the same reasons other celebrity’s lives have been plastered in the tabloids. Rancic and her husband had undergone a number of IVF treatments because they were having such difficulty conceiving. During another trip to the doctor’s office, it was discovered that she had breast cancer. While she has been heralded for her strength and conviction in fighting cancer and creating a family with her husband, there have also been times when she deserved to be arrested by her very own Fashion Police. In this particular instance, Rancic seemed to pair every single piece of makeup at the very same time. The foundation and contouring are heavily applied, the red lipstick is ultra bold and she even put some shimmery eyeshadow to make her raccoon eyes pop even further.

7 Cheryl Cole

While Cheryl Cole may not be a huge star in America, she’s actually a huge deal across the pond. In fact, she has become such a major star that she’s actually created a reputation of being a bit of a diva. This is pretty ironic since she got her start from winning the reality competition series, Popstars: The Rivals. When she branched out into a solo career, she became even more of a standout and her debut studio album was a huge success. Each subsequent album was met with high praise and record sales, which ultimately landed her the judging spot on the UK version of The X Factor. People got to see even more of her personality but the biggest part of her emergence as a judge had to do with the variations of her glamorous look. While she’s had a number of great appearances on the series, there were a few times when she missed the mark. Perhaps she was just another victim of a heavy-handed makeup artist but this particular look definitely wasn’t doing her any favors.

6  6.  Aubrey O’Day


It’s actually ironic that Aubrey O’Day got her start as the fresh-faced young girl that was hoping to become a pop star, especially when she appeared so natural during her time on the reality competition series, Making the Band. Yet, her insecurities about her singing talent could be seen early on in the series and during her time in the girl group, Danity Kane. While many of the other girls in the group were called upon for their singing ability, O’Day often was pushed into the role of being the eye candy of the group. She was made to appear far sexier than the other girls and was pushed out into the center limelight. Perhaps she felt that she needed to go above and beyond with her looks to try and make up for whatever she felt she was lacking elsewhere. As if the plastic surgery and over-the-top ensembles weren’t bad enough, O’Day has a tendency to pack on the makeup to extreme lengths. Someone needs to tell her that sometimes, less is more.

5 Tyra Banks

It seems impossible to believe that there could be anything Tyra Banks could do to appear ugly but even supermodels can make mistakes. Sometimes it can seem like a beautiful face can pull off any makeup trend or style, simply because of the amazing palette as a background. However, not every makeup trend deserves to be sampled and this was made evident when Tyra Banks decided to go big or go home. Typically, the rule on makeup application is to pick one area of the face to focus on and leave all the other areas in a more subtle style. Yet, Banks chose to pair up a deep smoky eye with a bold lip color to create a clown-like appearance that was anything but worthy of a supermodel. The smoky eye was more like an impression of a raccoon since the deep, matte black went all the way up to her eyebrows and encircled her eyes to the point of it looking like a mask.

4 Nicki Minaj


When Nicki Minaj was first introduced to the world as the newest female rapper to try her hand at an industry that was mostly predominantly male, she made an instant impression. While there have been other female rappers before Minaj, there was something completely unique about her that spoke to all types of different listeners. Her reach spanned across all races and ages, which became evident when Ellen DeGeneres surprised Sophia Grace and Rosie on her show with a meeting with Minaj. These sweet little girls from across the pond proclaimed themselves Nicki Minaj’s “biggest fans.” Perhaps it was all the videos with pink ensembles but it might have been the cartoon-like makeup Minaj has been known to wear in the past. With so much pastel makeup tones, Minaj looked like a poorly constructed doll (and not in a good way). While it wasn’t the most appealing look for Minaj, it definitely got some high marks from her younger fans.

3 Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester got her start as a TV actress and is probably best known for her role as Blair Waldorf in the hit series, Gossip Girl. Yet, she was able to transition onto the big screen and has had quite a few roles that have solidified her as a serious actress. On top of being a talented actress, Meester is a singer-songwriter that has even been on Broadway. While she’s definitely thought of as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful young starlets, she hasn’t always made the best choices in her makeup style. In this particular look, Meester was obviously trying to stand out among the pack of other young starlets in Hollywood. The red lipstick wouldn’t actually be so bad if she hadn’t paired it with a purple tone for the smoky eye. While the smoky eye look can appear super glamorous (if done right), Meester is a clear example of how some people shouldn’t try and emulate every makeup trend they see. She appeared like she had two black eyes rather than a glamorous new look and that might be the reason why she didn’t try this same makeup style again.

2 Victoria Beckham


Long before Victoria Beckham was thought of as one of the fashion world’s elite and the gorgeous woman on the arm of David Beckham, she was just a young girl trying to stand out as one of the Spice Girls. During the ‘90s, the Spice Girls were a huge sensation because they represented girl power and they released music that people from all walks of life could gravitate towards. When Victoria was dubbed “Posh Spice,” it obviously put a bit of pressure on her to be the most stylish and trendy member of the group. In an effort to keep up with this persona, Victoria tried her hand at a variety of different looks. While there were some that really worked, there were far more that didn’t. The early part of her career was filled with far too many forced looks of sophistication that usually included dark eye makeup and an extreme amount of foundation and powder.

1 Kim Kardashian

The world has been highly critical of Kim Kardashian ever since she first became known to the world through her controversial sex tape with Ray J. While the tape has caused many to criticize her worth as a “true celebrity,” it did help to garner some much-needed attention in order to create some buzz around the reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Rather than try and shy away from the way she became known to the world, Kim has made a career out of posting nude photos on social media. Although there is no denying that she is a beautiful woman, there have been a number of times when her makeup application was more than just a tad heavy-handed. Whenever anyone accuses Kim of having had plastic surgery on her face, she always declares that it’s just makeup tricks to make her face appear slimmer or more contoured. Yet, she hasn’t quite understood that the point of true makeup is to have the skin look naturally beautiful. Instead, she often looks like she’s wearing a mask and completely fake.

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