15 Hot Celebs Who Look "Thick" Next To Their Partners

Every woman is gorgeous, no matter their color, size, or style. Men are lucky to have them in their lives. With billions of women on the planet, the perfect woman is just down the block or across the street. However, when you're famous, dating morphs into a nightmare, especially in Los Angeles.

While there's no shortage of beautiful women, there's also no shortage of fakes, leeches, and gold diggers. However, men can be just as shallow, especially if they're wealthy men looking for the quintessential trophy wife. Even when love and romance seem lost in a world focused on either money or looks, people still find their soulmate.

Summer's too hot and sunny to be sad after all. With a shaken margarita in hand and a pack of smokes nearby, people need a partner to share such a beautiful life. Thankfully, paparazzi are here to snap shots of the lavish vacations that your favorite celebrities go on. The United States' hottest couples peacock their gorgeous bodies, complete with the sand and surf on a sun-drenched day.

If you missed the photos of Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal vacationing in the French Polynesia, then you're in luck. Here, you'll read about the fifteen stars with their beautiful slim-thick dates. You'll also get to look at how happy they seem. So, before you drive yourself crazy wondering when Jay Z and Beyoncé will announce their twins' names, calm yourself with a few pics of gorgeous people.

15 When Your Assets Make For Half Of Your Weight...

Kim Kardashian

When the world puts the size of your boobs and butt on a pedestal, girls are constantly comparing themselves to the queen of selfies herself, Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian may appear to have a bland personality, but her assets do all the talking for her. That's one reason why Kanye West married her. They're a cute couple, though. With two children and another baby in the works, their relationship appears healthy and happy.

However, what's most important is how the couple looks. In one picture, the "Gold Digger" rapper and his wife are seen side by side. West donned a simple white long-sleeved T-shirt. Kardashian opted for something much sexier, like a black bodysuit. With her hair slicked back and boobs popped out, she dwarfs West, but in a good way.

14 Blondes Really Are More Fun

Between the breast implants and liposuction, Trisha Paytas offers a lot of love.

Her ex, Sean van der Wilt, a man she dated for a year, captured her whole heart. Even though they seemed in love, their relationship eventually fell apart. Rumors of cheating and drinking put a wedge between them.

Before their infamous breakup, Paytas and her beau appeared in dozens of YouTube videos together. From music videos to dance tutorials, they stuck together like glue. Throughout their appearances, Paytas' voluptuous figure made her boyfriend seem completely miniature. Maybe her curves were just too much for him to handle.

13 'Always Be My Baby'

Mariah Carey

With a net worth of $535 million, Mariah Carey shows how women can have a family, but also be the breadwinner.

Before she got divorced, she and her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, were always by each other's side. From dinner outings with their twins to red carpet events as a couple, the pair oozed sexiness. It's too bad they parted ways, though.

Just look at how cute they were at their Parisian vow renewal. Both matched in angelic white outfits. Cannon chose a simplistic look while his wife stunned in a beautiful gown, complete with diamonds dripping down her neck and earlobes. Even though they're no longer together, the photo shows how full-bodied women win in both looks and love.

12 Built Bigger Than Boyfriend?

Kylie Jenner

Since Kylie Jenner inflated her lips, boobs, and butt, she transformed her role as the naive sister to the social-media-savvy sister.

From her nightclub appearances to cosmetic company, Jenner built her brand into one reality stars wish to achieve. Even her on-and-off boyfriend, Tyga (née Michael Stevenson), seemed amazed at Jenner's progression.

On second thought, maybe he just liked her body. Even though the pair met in an unconventional–not to mention creepy–way, they stayed together for a few years. Nobody understood why. Aside from Stevenson's fiscal woes, his stature mimics the stature of his 19-year-old girlfriend. Maybe she enjoyed what they supposedly had in common?

11 A Slim-Thick Single Mother

Farrah Abraham

According to new reports, Farrah Abraham split from her long-term boyfriend, Simon Saran.

Their romance fizzled out after Saran's lack of commitment drove Abraham away. She wanted more from him, and he couldn't deliver. However, their good times at special events like MTV Movie & TV Awards make their fans realize how much the duo loved each other.

They also realized how Abraham's assets amplify every time she's near Saran. Just look at one picture of the two on the red carpet. Abraham's in a strapless dress that accentuates her boobs, while shaping the outline of her body. Instead of looking like a stick, her body radiated vitality. Thank goodness the cameras add extra ten pounds. She and Saran's appearance made for one steamy red-carpet session.

10 Little Woman, Big Personality

Terra Odmark

People watch Little Women: LA for rap sheets, abusive boyfriends, mediocre songs, and petty arguments, not to mention everyday drama a group of women experience.

The protagonist of the show, Terra Odmark, married the love of her life, Joe Gnoffo. The two parent two small children together, but they got involved in producing other TV shows too.

During their free time, mini-golf and lunch dates play a major role in their downtime as a married couple. In one particular photo, Odmark, wearing a patterned dress, stood next to her man even though he wore a busted jersey. (Talk about true love!) However, they still looked hot, especially Odmark. Next to Gnoffo, she put Amazonian women to shame.

9 Kardashian-Esque Cake


Rob Kardashian loves cake, and Blac Chyna (née Angela White) has cake; they're a match made in Hollywood heaven.

The 2016 year was a big win for reality television. Aside from a former reality star getting elected, Kardashian and White became parents to their baby girl, Dream. When the craziness of last year died down, the unthinkable happened.

Kardashian and his fiancée split. While White seemed happy with her life post-breakup, Kardashian coped with his loss by stalking her Instagram. A few of their best memories were still posted on social media. In one particular photo, White silenced her haters with her modeling photos. Wearing a black one-piece with a plunging neckline and tight hug, White's curves put Kardashian's bosom to shame.

8 Speaking Of Kardashian...

Khloé Kardashian

Hollywood's Amazonian woman, Khloé Kardashian, and Tristan Thompson took time out of their hectic schedules to enjoy a romantic night together.

Kardashian and her beau spent the evening with close family and friends at the Miami restaurant Zuma. Even though Thompson made Kardashian look petite, her curves dwarf anyone around her.

In the picture above, Kardashian's wearing a racy white dress that showed off her ample bosom, which captivated a good portion of the photo. Even though she's standing next to a very tall man, Kardashian commanded any audience's importance. Thompson's one lucky man.

7 Every Man's Kryptonite


Scarlett Johansson is a beautiful woman, and her ex-husband, Romain Dauriac, is lucky to be in the same courtroom as her.

The pair became a couple a few years ago, and they even secretly wed in 2014 with their toddler by their side. However, after less than two years of matrimonial bliss, the couple called their romance quits.

Even though they're preoccupied with legal battles, workloads, and parenthood, their good times stayed frozen for the world to see. In one photo, Johansson and her man attended the Venice International Film Festival. Both were dressed in sleek black suits. As Dauriac composed his excitement, Johansson glowed next to her man. With her hair pulled back in a bob, boobs out, and shoulders straight, she made Dauriac look small, and he's 6'0" to her 5'3".

6 A Rural Romance

Before Mama June (née June Shannon) underwent surgical procedures to remove fat, her curvy figure wowed her husband, Sugar Bear (née Mike Thompson).

Their love seemed quirky on their Toddlers & Tiaras spin-off, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. However, years of insecurities and infidelities smashed their marriage to pieces. They filed for divorce.

Even though they parted ways, pictures online remain available for anybody interested in Shannon and Thompson's romance. A picture of the couple, matching in camouflage suits, surfaced on the web. While the former husband and wife looked miserable, the army green and construction-worker-orange paired well with their guest's attire. At least they looked hot, especially Shannon. Her voluptuous figure left Thompson speechless, not to mention small.

5 Couple Catches A 'Lick'

With Offset (née Kiari Cephus) and Cardi B (née Belcalis Almanzar) being an item, their romance ignited a meltdown on social media, especially when they appeared in a music video together.

While Cephus and Almanzar got together a few months ago, they legitimized their love by appearing in the Love & Hip Hop star's music video for her single "Lick." As Almanzar and her boo spit alongside each other, viewers felt the passion emanating from their computer screens.

With Cephus almost standing at 6'0", he towers over Almanzar's short stature. However, the buxom beauty alters Cephus' appearance. He seems skinnier and shorter next to his woman. Her curves, which are accentuated in a sequined gown, dwarf Cephus' size, but only on camera. Regardless of the situation, though, they still sizzle in the picture.

4 The 'Muva' Of All Video Vixens

Whether you love her or hate her, Amber Rose birthed the modern video vixens you see today.

Before she made a baby with Wiz Khalifa and even before she started her own talk show and feminist movement, Rose dated Kanye West, one of the world's most influential rappers, not to mention the "gay fish" on South Park.

The exes met when West discovered her–ironically enough–through the music video "What Them Girls Like." He called her, booked her a flight, and met her in California. However, after time spent traveling the world, on red carpets, and at award shows, a breakup happened. At least fans still have pictures of Rose–breasts and all–towering over West in epic fashion, though.

3 'Your Body'

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera, the singer-songwriter who sung "Beautiful," stepped out with her man, Matt Rutler, to promote her latest jam, "Your Body."

Complete with multi-colored blonde extensions, a patterned black-and-white dress, and pink pumps, she stole the limelight from her dressed-down boyfriend. Rutler is a stocky man, yet Aguilera made him look skinny.

While her build seems thin, her skintight ensemble and bronzer transformed the multi-millionaire into a slim-thick goddess. She looked absolutely gorgeous. However, her red frowning pout and her eyes glazed over just showed how pretty Aguilera really felt. Maybe she and Rutler had a fight or maybe she just had a long day. Her superstar status must be ungodly at times.

2 Mimicking Marilyn Monroe?

Amber Portwood

Even though Amber Portwood is a no-nonsense businesswoman with zero tolerance for bull, she still stayed with her mid-forties boyfriend, Matt Baier.

They first met each other on Twitter, and instead of love at first sight, try love at first tweet. However, a lasting relationship needs more than just love. Baier's constant lies and shadiness put a dent in their honeymoon phase.

Portwood stuck by his side, though. Like the other mothers in MTV's franchise, she and her beau went to all the events associated with Teen Mom. Since Portwood underwent a series of cosmetic surgeries, she accentuates her curves with both clothing and confidence. Baier may be a tall man, but his curvy woman minimizes his height. He stays slayed.

1 A Married Couple, But Without The Ring

Oprah Winfrey

When you're Oprah Winfrey, why get married?

She and her steady boyfriend, Stedman Graham, have dated since 1986, and they're fine with their marital status of being single. Since they're both busy with their own respective lives, their time's invested in their work and not in a wedding ceremony.

They still have love for each other, though. With 31 years of dating, Winfrey and Graham spend more time together than apart, even if they're working. Just take a look at their red carpet rendezvous. Winfrey, dressed in a salmon-pink gown, stood by her man who wore a classic tuxedo during the Academy Awards. Even though Graham's much taller than his lady, her cleavage captured the cameras. No wonder he's so happy.

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