15 Hot Celebs Who Look Great Playing Sports

We love watching hottie celebrities at work, whether they are acting on TV and film, strutting the runway, or singing on stage at a concert. These skilled professionals are experts at what they do, and they know how to look great doing it. We are quite accustomed to seeing them as entertainers, but we usually don’t catch them being athletes.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that celebs are actually somewhat normal people. They like to do normal stuff when they’re not at work. They like to have a fun competitive workout session. They like to soak up the sun. So, sometimes they take up a sport, and seeing them attempt it can be hilarious. Either they don’t know what they’re doing or they’re awkward, awful, and uncoordinated.

However, our favorite sporty misfits are the ladies with the inappropriate outfits. Many hotties wear bikinis and heels for basketball! That’s not exactly a great idea now, is it? Haven’t they ever heard of a sprained ankle? Seems like they are more concerned with showing off for the paparazzi than practicing their game, and that’s why they deserve a list. These celebs may look a little odd playing sports, but they also look pretty hot too.

15 Bella Thorne - Basketball

This candid pic is hilarious. If you have ever seen a picture of someone trying to be funny or act cool to disguise the fact that they have zero game, then this is that picture. Look at that odd knee-poking-out move. What is that? Thorne’s leg looks contorted in a very uncomfortable position. Otherwise, she looks very attractive. And the fact that she has no game, yet she’s playing anyway, conveys the idea that she’s a tremendous flirt. Why else would she be shooting hoops? We know she’s already in great shape from doing spinning classes and whatever. So why journey onto the court? Must be a dude around that she wanted to impress. Or a girl. Or a movie director. There could be a long list of reasons why she picked up a basketball for the very first time in her life.

14 Kim Kardashian - Tennis

Good old Kimmie West is actually pretty sporty. After becoming known for naughty bedroom tapes, idiotic quotes, selfies, and being vertically challenged, Kim’s least known attribute may be her love of sports. The love shows, because she has dated, and briefly married, professional athletes including Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries. There are many pictures online of Kim dribbling a basketball with her sister’s former beau, Lamar Odom. She loves soaking up the sun too, and sometimes it gets kind of boring just lying around in a bikini. You need to get up and move around a bit, so why not try some tennis? Kim is looking hotter than ever in this shot. The sun is beating down on her glistening bronze skin. Sure it’s a little odd to play tennis in a bikini, but nobody is complaining.

13 Bella Hadid - Aerobics

I’m not sure if her ex, the Weeknd, hooking up with Selena Gomez sent a shock to Bella’s head or what, but this girl is acting kinda bonkers. She did the nude spread with the French mag, which was spotless, by the way. Then, she’s been posting the revenge pics on Instagram. The girl has never looked hotter, but she also has never looked this insane. Girl needs to take a break and stop taking photos for a while. Here is a picture of Bella working out. Now this is a photoshoot, not a candid shot, obviously; but we had to include it, since she is truly working up a sweat. Isn’t it a little odd that she’s totally decked out in ‘80s gear? Decked out is an understatement. She looks like she just stepped out of a time machine, so much so, that the fashion statement falls flat. But Bella still looks wonderful and is eclipsing sister, Gigi, more everyday.

12 Jennifer Love Hewitt - Tennis

Jennifer Love likes to play tennis in her bikini too. You don’t have to be a relevant celebrity to play tennis in a bikini, right? This must be an older pic. Have you seen the I Know What You Did Last Summer star lately? She’s not looking so good. She was spotted outside of a store with her husband a few weeks ago. She wore no makeup and looked like she had gained fifty pounds. There even appeared to be a slight gap in her teeth, which led many skeptics to believe that it wasn’t JLove at all, but a look-alike instead. But, don’t worry JLove loyalists, Jennifer has still got it going on. She’s just taking a much-needed break. She’s been in show business since she was little, and now she’s spending time to raise her kids. There’s no doubt she’ll reemerge soon looking hotter than ever.

11 Jennifer Lopez - Football

Here’s a classic candid shot of Lopez showing off her million-dollar booty. That’s right, the old caboose still looks pretty good, even when it’s hiding beneath some run-of-the-mill white shorts. Jennifer Lopez looks a bit odd, though. Her weight doesn’t seem to be moving forward with the ball, which usually happens when normal people throw. Maybe this was all part of her failed plan to join the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League). After all, she’s already the triple threat with music, singing, and dance, but can anyone claim quadruple threat? Well, if anyone could, it would be JLo. Maybe “judge” is threat number four. Lopez just premiered a new dance show on NBC called World of Dance. The show costars judges Derek Hough and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. It’s a blatant knock-off of So You Think You Can Dance, and somehow, it managed to be even less engaging.

10 Rihanna - Volleyball

Rihanna is well-known to be a sporty girl. Remember the boxing match she had with Chris Brown? Yikes. Okay, that joke was made in very poor taste. The fact is the guy was a total jerk for ever lifting a finger...errr...a hand towards this beautiful pop princess. And somehow, the guy managed to resurrect his career and remain relevant in entertainment. How can that be?! It’s appalling. The dude should be in jail. Anyhow, here we have Rihanna playing some beach volleyball. And, she does look very pretty with her short hair and bikini, but she is standing way too close to the net. That’s a penalty point, if I’m remembering the high school PE rules correctly. In the net! Also, her sweater is tied around her waist, leaving a very phallic knot and sleeve hanging down. Remember when the Red Hot Chili Peppers wore socks on their members?

9 Courtney Stodden - Basketball

My goodness! Courtney Stodden is fully clothed and still dripping sensuality in this one. Can you believe how lusty she looks? She definitely has the sweaty and ready to go vibe going strong. This is the milder pic. Other photos feature Stodden in this scene, losing the dribble, leaning down low over the ball, and you can see everything under that shirt. In another shot, there is a dude attempting to defend her. She’s backing him up as he towers over her backside. Needless to say, the guy has a huge smile on his face. We are digging her dark hair for a change too. Much more natural. But the high heels, Courtney? Come on. Be careful. You don’t want to be laid up in bed for a week while your swollen ankle heals. But if that would happen, she would surely take some hot in-bed selfies. So go ahead and wear the heels if ya want.

8 Emily Ratajkowski - Boxing

Moving from candid shots to professional pics, here we have Emily “Blurred Lines” Ratajkowski looking quite sweaty in a boxing ring. Did she actually box, or was this just special effects? How would you like the job of spraying down Emily before the shoot? Who gets that job and why is the world so unfair? There are other images that accompanied this sports-themed shoot. In one photo, Emily is doing jump ropes, a popular training regimen for boxers. Only this is the extreme clothes shunner, Emily Rata, we’re talking about here, so her butt was hanging so far out of her white thong it’s awe-inspiring. In another pic, she’s getting a drink between rounds, with her cheeks hanging out of a red thong. But what about up top? This woman has the best mounds in the business. She shows them off too, in a white boxer robe that hangs wide open. TKO.

7 Kaley Cuoco - Tennis

At first glance, there’s nothing necessarily odd about this pic. It’s Kaley playing some tennis in reasonable clothing, instead of a bikini, unfortunately. The look on her face may be a little odd though. Looks like a face you might see her wearing in bed. It’s childish and strange, but there are entire websites devoted to athletes photographed with “passionate” bedroom looks on their faces. The sad part about this shot is that Kaley was having a good old time playing against her husband. Not very long after this match, the marriage ended in divorce, which leads us to make an obvious assumption. Kaley must have schooled old boy in three sets. He was probably so embarrassed and humiliated, but it was a charity event so he had to smile through it. That bitter feeling festered in his soul for weeks, until he finally became so toxic that she couldn’t stand to be around him anymore.

6 Margot Robbie - Fishing

Yes, you guys, fishing is a sport. If bowling is a sport, then fishing is definitely a sport too. Both involve drinking a lot of beer, but at least with fishing, you’re out in the great outdoors. Margot doesn’t look too odd in this pic. In fact, she looks quite cute, but the caption was the weird part. Robbie posted this shot on Instagram with, “Fish are friends not food! #HappyEarthDay.” Reminder: never become friends with Margot Robbie. She will stick a hook into your lip and drag you across the sea. We are assuming she threw the fish back, since they were such good friends and all, but probably not. It probably tasted really good. Margot is not the only hot celebrity taking fishing selfies lately. Laura Prepon, Ciara, and Hilary Duff have also posted their recent catches. However, Margot’s was by far the largest. And she also has the hottest career. Strange. Fish must know these things.

5 Paris Hilton - Kickboxing

Looking at this image, it is doubtful that Paris would win a kickboxing match with a five-year-old boy. Can she look any weaker than this? Her leg is bent so awkwardly. It's like she’s hurting herself just lifting her leg into the air. Well, don’t judge a book by its cover. There are other candid photos of this scene online, and one pic shows Paris hitting her trainer dude right in the balls. And the guy was like, “Oof,” and he goes down to his knees. Then Paris hovers over him like, “Oh, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” And the dude is like, “Yeah, yeah, I’m good.” Of course, this is all part of his plan. She didn’t really hit him in the balls. It’s just an act so he can gain her favor. He knows that she is likely to feel pity for him now, and do anything to cheer him up. Of course, they will wind up in bed together. That’s a no-brainer.

4 Beyonce - Golf

That’s Beyonce attempting a putt. But, wait a second, is she using a five-iron on the green? What is going on here? And that’s not even the odd part. Look closer and you’ll see a poorly managed Photoshop job done to her upper thigh. Did the Queen B fudge with her thigh gap? Oh, my goodness. I thought Beyonce was prouder than ever of herself and her body. This must have been taken way before Lemonade, and long before her personal epiphany and moment of clarity. This was the lowly insecure Beyonce. She probably didn’t even make this putt. She probably sliced the ball over the clubhouse since she was using a five-iron, after all. Oh, Bey. She has come such a long way, hasn’t she?

3 Miley Cyrus- Basketball

Alright, Miley, we’re pretty sure you don’t know the first thing about playing basketball. First off, you can’t sit on the hoop. That’s against the rules, for sure. You’d probably be charged with flagrant goal-tending and be removed from the stadium. Second of all, you can’t be prancing around wearing a Michael Jordan jersey. Sure, she looks hot and has the jersey all cut up to reveal her finest features, but that’s not why there’s a problem. The problem comes in when she wears a Knicks jersey afterwards. You can’t be loyal to both the Bulls and the Knicks. Are you kidding me? Those teams battled it out through the entire ‘90s. Jordan had to slaughter that team like a thousand times a season. Rooting for both teams is like wearing a Boston Red Sox jersey with a New York Yankees hat. Or a Denver Broncos t-shirt with an Oakland Raiders jacket. There are these little things in sports called rivalries, Miley. Please be more aware of them next time. Thank you.

2 Jessica Biel - Paddle Ball

Okay, there is nothing odd about this picture. Jessica Biel looks hot and athletic as usual. The odd thing about this pic is the sport itself. Paddle ball sucks. It’s impossible to play. Can we agree to agree on that fact? Have you ever tried playing this annoying sport? Or better yet, have you ever been in the vicinity of somebody else playing the game? Let us say you’re just lying there on the beach, minding your own business, getting some sun, maybe even enjoying a stress-free nap, and then suddenly, boom! A lacrosse-sized ball comes bouncing into your space, disrupting your solitude, and ruining your weekend. The only saving grace would be if a hottie like Biel rolled up and said, “Sorry, hee hee.” Then you would say, “No prob,” and watch her walk away, hiding your creeper gaze behind your reflective sunglasses.

1 Charlotte McKinney - Skateboarding

Now what in the world is this girl doing with a skateboard? Odd indeed. You think she’s going to ride that thing with her four-inch heels on? There is not a chance she could roll three feet without falling off the board. Tony Hawk himself couldn’t ride wearing a pair of those babies. Charlotte McKinney isn’t doing so hot lately, right? We all loved her in the Carl’s Jr commercial, walking around the farmers market with melons hiding her melons, but what has she done since then? Well, she was forced to shed a few pounds, believe it or not. She was considered too heavy for the idiots in Hollywood, so she went on an extreme workout regimen, which consisted mostly of boxing exercises. The hard work paid off and she scored a bit part in the Baywatch movie. Sad, though, because you know she probably tried out for the lead women roles, and the casting agent was like, “Um, nope, nice try, but go back to Carl’s Jr, sweetheart.”

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