15 Hot Celebs Who Have A Racy Past

Ever been ashamed or have grimaced at the thought of something you did in your past, something you find cringeworthy and want to banish from history?

Ever been ashamed or have grimaced at the thought of something you did in your past, something you find cringeworthy and want to banish from history? Well, just imagine what some of these high-profile celebs must feel like. What they did has remained in the public eye – they’ll forever be remembered, in part, for getting up to these crazy antics.

There are a few of these celebrity figures who probably wish that all of the evidence of certain aspects of their past lives could be eradicated from the archives. A few probably think back to what they’ve done and recoil in horror. But others are proud of their histories, their racy pasts. It’s part of who they are and has helped shaped them as people, and in some cases, helped them achieve fame and fortune and become celebrity figures in the public eye. For some of these women, their careers were made off the backs of what they did. They may not be ashamed, but they’d still rather people look at what they’ve done since or what they’re currently doing rather than fixate on certain moments from their pasts.

You can probably guess that some of the celebs on this list have had racy pasts – you may even know a thing or two about them and what they got up to. But a few names on this list might surprise you – descriptions of their racy pasts may seem like a world away from their lives right now. Anyway, these are 15 women in the public eye who regretfully (or not) have had racy pasts.

15 Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson is a drop-dead gorgeous woman, even now as she’s approaching her fifties. It’s no secret that the blonde bombshell has had a racy past – it’s essentially what made her famous.

A sizable chunk of her past may have been racy, but she’s started taking it easy as of late. She has two kids to care for and has mellowed significantly since she gained fame and fortune from her modelling days. It was Playboy that took her career to new heights, and she’s since had plenty of racy roles in movies and TV shows. There was a period where everyone was chomping at the bit to get a piece of Pamela Anderson. Being married to the likes of Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, it’s safe to assume that things got pretty racy for Pamela in her private life too. Well, we don’t have to imagine, some of it’s caught on tape. A racy past is not complete without a sex tape!

14 Kim Kardashian


Not sure how you really rank celebs, but if there was a position for the biggest celeb on the planet, Kim Kardashian’s name would have to be in the mix, especially if we’re taking the last decade into account. The reality star’s every move is scrutinized – she’s the paparazzi’s dream woman, and that has also meant there are plenty of people willing to do some snooping and find out any little bit of info about her private life, what she gets up to behind closed doors, and away from the cameras, even though most of her life has basically been lived out in front of the cameras. This means that many things have come to light – aspects of her life that certainly reveal a racy past. And I’m not even talking about the racy photoshoots she’s done for all to see. Her infamous sex tape with Ray J is one of the reasons she became one of the biggest reality TV stars on the planet. There have also been rumors that another two of her sex tapes have been leaked – no doubt plenty of people are doing some digging and are scouring the web trying to find them.

13 Jodie Marsh


Americans might not be that familiar with Jodie Marsh, unless you follow small bodybuilding shows, but after hearing about her and seeing her pic, I’m sure most will become fans.

Jodie Marsh is an English media personality who got famous essentially by wearing not very much, and parading herself, her assets, and skimpy outfits out and about in bars and clubs across the country. She knew where the paparazzi would be and knew how to get her body plastered all over the British tabloids. During this time, she was also table dancing, and this, as it would be, led to her securing a number of modelling jobs, mainly in men's mags. She’s still comfortable bearing plenty of skin for all to see, and judging from the interviews she gives, she still gets racy now and again behind closed doors. But nowadays her main focus is her TV work and bodybuilding, her newfound passion; it’s hard to improve on perfection – body wise – but as a bodybuilder, Jodie certainly has.

12 Cameron Diaz


One of the best and hottest actresses around has a bit of a naughty side to her personality, a secret that she’s probably tried to keep under wraps since she gained prominence as a mainstream actress.

Firstly, I’ve got to mention that Cameron Diaz has appeared in plenty of men's magazines. When she was in her mid-20s, the blonde bombshell went topless for a photoshoot during which she did some naked skinny dipping; here comes the crashing servers as everyone attempts to get a hold of those pics! She’d just split from her long-term boyfriend, Matt Dillon; what better way to make him jealous and regret the split by showing off her smoking hot bod for the world to see?

Lights, Cameron, action! Yes, in addition to a few racy shoots, she’s also appeared in a porn film – softcore porn, but porn all the same. She did a softcore bondage video when she just started out modelling; a young, struggling actress who’d take up any opportunity if it meant gaining some extra cash. Either that or she enjoyed it.

11 Paris Hilton

American businesswoman, socialite, TV and media personality, model, actress, singer, DJ, and author – is there anything this woman doesn’t do? Yes, she’s the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, so she was born into money, but Paris wanted more. She wanted to be famous and knew how to go about it.

She began her modelling career with none other than the now president of the United States, Donald Trump’s modelling company - it’s safe to assume there were a few racy goings on at Trump Model Management! But she was leading a racy lifestyle, even at that age, going out in risqué outfits which made her the focus of the tabloid magazines and the paparazzi. But it was her sex tape that propelled her into the limelight – even more than she already was – and as a result of this newfound popularity, she began her reality TV career.

Paris is famous for being famous, but that’s fine, that suits her down to the ground, and a lot of us too who take delight in some of her antics.

10 Lisa Edelstein


Lisa Edelstein, the gorgeous actress and Dean of Medicine most of us know and love from the hit TV series House is in her 50s now, and has been doing her thing, acting and turning heads in the industry for over a quarter of a century. Look at the roles she plays; she’s usually the straight-laced good and proper girl, and that’s a take on her personal life too. But Lisa’s got a racy past, and it was this that actually propelled her into the limelight.

As an 18-year-old, she moved to New York and began making waves in the club scene – not an easy thing to do considering the many weird and wonderful people who come alive at night in The Big Apple. She became a celebrity, and off the back of this, began appearing in small TV roles and modelling. During this time – something that may surprise a lot of you – she also appeared in a bondage movie, in which she was tied up and gagged, a far cry from her days as one of the world’s most successful and loveable TV doctors!

9 Dame Helen Mirren


This is someone who a lot of you would probably find as another surprising entrant on this list. A reason why you may not expect Helen to have a racy past, is because she’s a Dame. Not any old person gets this prestigious honor; it essentially means she’s been granted the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” for her cinematic work. Another reason why some of you might find it hard to believe that she’s had a racy past is that she’s 71, so imagining Helen getting up to racy activities at some point in her life might be a tad difficult. But you film buffs out there are probably well aware that Helen was known, for around five decades in fact, for stripping onscreen. She’s been nude in ten of her films and was actually quite a sex symbol in her day – still is for some. But these racy days are behind her; the Dame’s retired from nudity – onscreen anyway.

8 Kendra Wilkinson


Today, Kendra’s probably best known for her TV series and for being a doting mom, but a lot of you Kendra fans will probably be able to recall certain aspects of her past that made her famous. The young Kendra dropped out of school to become a glamor model, and it paid off as she met the man that can make careers, that every glamor model on this planet wants to meet, Hugh Hefner. She was hired for his 78th birthday bash, Hugh took a shine to her and asked her to be one of his girlfriends. Kendra accepted and off she went to live in the Playboy Mansion. Understandably this caused her career to take off; she started making TV appearances in numerous different roles, modelling, and now she’s a reality TV star. But looking back at her racy past, she’s said she has no regrets, but now motherhood’s her primary focus.

7 Helen Flanagan


British actress and TV soap star Helen Flanagan is still young at 26, but boy has she already packed a lot into her career! She appeared on the popular soap Coronation Street at the tender age of ten, and basically grew up on our screens, blossoming into a beautiful young woman over the next 12 years. She’s recently been brought back and has reprised her role as Rosie, much to the delight of her many fans.

As she grew up onscreen, she started doing some modelling too. She’s modelled for numerous different magazines, including one very racy photoshoot where she posed nude for one of Britain’s most popular tabloid newspapers. But now that she’s a mom, she’s admitted she’s embarrassed over her racy past. Although having said that, the main reason for her return to the soap which made her famous is so that she can sex up the street. She’s billed to be in a number of racy storylines, so it seems her racy past isn’t, well, yet in the past.

6 Sasha Grey


Sasha Grey is absolutely stunning. She’s a bit of a Jill of all trades kind of woman; she does a bit of acting, modelling, is a musician, and an author too. But what made her famous? Her desire to enter the hardcore porn industry at such a young age. In fact, Sasha was fresh out of high school and had just turned 18 when she embarked on an adult film career. She made the move to L.A. and began appearing in adult films with some regularity, and this propelled her onto the bigger stage. After only about six months as an adult movie star, she was tipped to be the next big thing in the movies – not sure how people can make that judgment based on an adult film acting career, but there you go! Her last adult film was at the age of 21, and she’s since started exploring other avenues. She’s appeared in nude ads and photoshoots, but her racy past does seem to be her past, for the time being anyway.

5 Lady Gaga


There’s something about singers and pop stars. They’ve got a public image to uphold, and a lot of them have fun with it and get incredibly creative – well, not really actually, because nudity and kinky outfits seems to be a common theme among this generation’s bunch.

A lot of this generation’s singing sensations feel the need to shock and wow; anything that draws the attention their way will result in more record sales. And Lady Gaga certainly knows how to work it. She’s certainly not the shy and retiring type. It seems as if every event she turns up to, she’s wearing something new, something to shock, something scandalous, and she’s one of only a few who can pull it off, although not everyone would agree with that. She’s appeared in the nude, has done a ton of racy photoshoots, and just loves building upon and playing up to that image she’s created. She has also been very open about her past struggles with drugs. This is all in the public eye – god knows what she gets up to in her private life behind closed doors!

4 Amber Rose


Amber’s famous curves have graced many magazine covers during her time in the limelight. As a model, she can thank Kanye West for spotting her when she was 25 and essentially launching her career. She’s since appeared in TV shows, has hosted plenty of events, has been in music videos – she’s done a bunch of stuff, in addition to numerous other business ventures. It’s safe to say that she’s a very successful woman, but she’s had her fair share of struggles too.

During her teens, her parents divorced and this hit her hard. It her hard in terms of her emotional turmoil, but also financially, it had a big impact on her family. So, Amber, who was only 15 at the time, began stripping in order to make some cash for her family. Now she’s in the limelight, lots of people look back and dwell on her racy past. But she has actually said, despite the financial problems and her parent’s divorce, being a stripper was “the best time of my life.” She stripped for seven years, so must have been having a ball!

3 Carmen Electra


Carmen Electra has mellowed down a bit in recent years, but was once a massive star as a glamor model. Like any glamor model wanting to make it big, Playboy was always the pinnacle, and she reached it after Hugh Hefner took a liking to her. She appeared in the lads’ mag four times, and this exposure led to her securing a number of high profile acting roles, like her role in Baywatch for example. Unlike a lot of actresses, Carmen didn’t start out modelling. She actually began as a singer and dancer, then moved into modelling and then acting followed.

Now in her 40s, Carmen’s still got it, and can regularly be seen out and about flaunting her assets and flawless body. The former Baywatch beauty looks like she did when she started the show, but despite the occasional risqué outfit, her racy days onscreen and in lads’ mags seem to be well and truly behind her.

2 Jaime Pressly


Jaime Pressly, former star of My Name Is Earl and a veteran of the screen, isn’t someone you’d think has a racy past. Sure, she’s a fiery character, and has been in a number of roles which have required her to get down and dirty, but still, she doesn’t give off the impression that she’s had a racy past. But after beginning modelling at the age of 14 – she even legally emancipated from her parents so she could get a modelling contract in Japan – she moved into acting. Her first few roles weren’t anything to shout about, but her role in the 1997 film Poison Ivy: The New Seduction, an erotic thriller, drew plenty of plaudits.

Another racy moment from her past is her starring in the sports-themed ad for AXE Detailer. For anyone who’s seen it, it’s a pretty funny ad, although Jaime admits it was really tough for her to get through that commercial.

1 Drew Barrymore


As a child star, fame was thrust upon Drew Barrymore, and at such a tender age, she didn’t really know what to do with it or how to cope with it all. Growing up, she already had a wild side to her personality, and this fame and fortune just exacerbated this. She went through her teen phase having a rebellious streak; this played out in her movie roles at the time, but was most definitely a take on her real-life persona. Around this time, she began appearing nude in magazines, and she even graced the pages of Playboy.

Drew went to rehab to sort out her alcohol and drug addictions at a very young age. These addictions must have fuelled her wild ways as a teenager, resulting in her getting up to all sorts of mischief, which she’s been very open about. This is also around the time that she discovered she was bisexual – she must have been having one hell of a life away from the cameras!

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