15 Hot Celebs Who Don't Fit In Their Clothes

Do you remember those days when showing less meant more?

Do you remember those days when showing less meant more? Don't feel bad if you don't because that was eons ago. The years have flown by right along with that ancient myth. Now in fact, wearing less actually means much, much more. Hot celebrities realize this even more than the average Jane. This is just one of the reasons why celebrities are often caught in situations where they don't fit in their clothes. They know how important it is to squeeze into that new style that doesn't fit their shape properly. Oftentimes their most famed assets are seen pushed forth, squeezed in, or bulging out. They also know how much attention they will get if they slide into that oversized, low dipped top. This is usually pulled off without a bra, which allows their most prized assets to flow just a little bit too freely.

Another thing that celebrities have changed through the years are their bodies. If a celebrity doesn't like their boobs they get them fixed. The same goes for their waists, legs, faces, and butt. In fact, celebrities enhance and decrease so much that they oftentimes can't fit in their clothes. Their bottoms and chests barely fit into their pants, shirts, or dresses. It's all about trying to one-up the next girl. The one whose assets are more bountiful, or more plump wins. The one who wears it tighter, looser, or less of it also wins.

You see, it's just a messy catfight of a world that these hot celebs live in. We may not agree with the reasons why they don't fit in their clothes. In fact, we don't even condone the reasons. However, this is just how it is now, and boy do we love to look. Here's 15 celebs who don't fit in their clothes.

15 Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is an awesome first example. Iggy's a popular female rap artist, so I'm sure you've heard of her. She has had a couple of hits, like Fancy for instance. Surely, you couldn't have missed that one. Iggy's also well-known for her most bootyful asset. Yes, she's an all around beauty, but her booty speaks for itself. Of course, it's probably quite a challenge for her to find clothes to fit over it.

14 Rita Ora

Rita Ora is one of the best pop singers to come out of the UK in recent years. She's had hits such as R.I.P. and she is featured on Iggy Azalea's Black Widow. She has also ventured into acting a little. She has played a race caller in Fast & Furious 6, and Mia from the Fifty Shades movies. Rita is also smokin' hot, just in case you didn't notice. She often intensifies her already gorgeous look by wearing clothes that she doesn't fit in. Rita either wears her clothes too tight, or she chooses a much looser approach. Much like the style that she is seen wearing above.

13 Rihanna

Rihanna's style of dressing is the absolute best. Can we really say that this hot celeb doesn't fit in her clothes? Rihanna might know a thing or two about style, which is why she definitely knows that she doesn't fit in that dress. This is probably the exact reason why she wore it. Her body is flamin' hot and itching to either slide, or just jump right on out of it! This bad-girl might have needed more than an Umbrella to take cover if this number were to have slide its way off.

12 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has never been one to fit in her clothes. In fact, she has so many clothes that her body doesn't fit in, that we've even lost count. Daisy Dukes all up in her stuff, and in between her cheeks that are often left hanging out of the back. It doesn't matter if she's pulling off one heck of a Super Bowl performance, or if she has just squeezed into something to waltz down the street. She never ceases to amaze or shock us, which is why she can also be a tad bit frightening.

11 Britney Spears

Britney Spears went from mega-star hot, to trashy hot in what seemed like a mere second. Now it's good to hear that she's on a real comeback trip and we couldn't be more thrilled! Britney might be more well-known for her instability, than her singing career (which actually says a lot since her career was huge), but there are two things that you could always count on with Britney. One being her voice, and two being that she has never really fit in her clothes. This is mostly on purpose, just like most hot celebs, but this was not always the case.

10 Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff managed to go from being Disney's Lizzie McGuire to a hot celeb rather effortlessly. Especially, when you consider comparing her to Britney Spears, or Miley Cyrus. Although, this doesn't mean that she hasn't been inclined to snug her fat booty into some really tight jeans, which you can see in the photo above. I bet you're wondering the same thing that I am... How exactly did she get those on?

9 Kim Kardashian

One of the hottest celebs to combine stuffing oversized body parts into undersized clothes would have to be Kim Kardashian. She was already game at donning the skin-tight, low-dipped, and too short clothes before her "tape" was ever watched. Then she enhanced her breasts and her butt. There are bulges sitting on top of every blouse, with super stretchy bottoms accommodating every bodacious curve.

8 Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco first drew our attention as the oldest daughter, Bridget in the show 8 Simple Rules. That show didn't last long, but she never faltered for work. Later, she found huge success as Penny on The Big Bang Theory where she still tugs at our heartstrings with her sweet girl-next-door looks. However, she also tends to wear the least revealing, yet seductive clothing combinations to ever be worn.

7 Mariah Carey

Me and Mariah go back like babies with pacifiers, or so it seems anyway. Mariah Carey is getting on up there when it comes to the numbers, and the years, but she's still a hot celeb! She might be a little wacky, or even a tad bit cuckoo (we're not talking about cocoa puffs), but she's still got it. Another thing about Mariah is she still doesn't hesitate to stuff her body in clothes that do not fit. Top to bottom, and in between too.

6 Jessica Simpson

Let's just go ahead and admit that Jessica Simpson looks amazing in this photo, doesn't she? Sure her dress is a little tight, but purposely so! Jessica Simpson has been stunning us since before The Dukes of Hazzard, but it was her in those dukes, that made our memories grow. I don't believe that she was quite as top-heavy back then, however she was just as stunning without those bad boys.

5 Kylie Jenner

Kylie's last name might be Jenner, but she is still tailored as a Kardashian through and through. Kylie Jenner comes off about as close to a lookalike as Kim could ever get. It's not just her enhancements, or contouring (if you wish to believe that nonsense), but her fashion sense too. Sometimes it's easy to ponder if they have the same designers, or seamstresses to fit their clothes for them? Or perhaps having the same bodies, means they both just have trouble finding clothes that fit those big busts and butts. I'm guessing it's the first. They have way to much money to not have custom fit clothes.

4 JWoww

JWoww, wow! JWoww's bust has been obsessed over by us, ever since she first appeared on Jersey Shore. Some of you probably even watched a couple of episodes of Snooki & JWoww, just to continue getting a peak. (I know I couldn't have been the only one.) Anyways, back to JWoww. Of course, she has always been open that she had a boob job, so it was never a secret that her sole purpose with dressing is to show her puppies off. Boy, does she do it with style or what?

3 Ariel Winter

Does this young lady really need an introduction anymore? I mean come on guys, it's Ariel Winter! She's everywhere! The Modern Family star couldn't be left off of this list. She rarely fits in any of her clothes. Tops, pants, dresses, dukes. They are all purposely worn too small by this chick. The above photo is a common occurrence, for example.

2 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has been the hottest celeb on the rap scene for some time now. It definitely shows, not only with how she has tried to upstage Lil' Kim's look, but also by the fact that it actually worked. Lil' Kim looks like an absolute mess these days. Nicki wears just about everything a size or two too small. This further pushes the weight of her enhancements to the forefront, for all of us to see. Plus, it gives an undeniable ease for things to just pop on out. She might call them mishaps, but they definitely get our attention.

1 Coco Austin

If there was ever a hot celeb, who didn't fit in their clothes it would have to be Coco Austin! She has been famous simply because of her body since forever. Actually, she started modeling professionally in 1998, and she also has a famous husband in Ice T. They had their own reality show, Ice Loves Coco, for a little while. However, it ended about two years ago. They recently had their first child, and boy has Coco been busy getting back in shape.

In fact, Coco loves to flaunt her post-baby body, along with her daughter, as often as possible. She catches a lot of crap for it too, but what's so wrong with being hot with a child? Her average wardrobe is similar to what she is seen wearing above. Although, she often wears less, even tighter clothes. They can be somewhat, more revealing. Perhaps a little more than we can show you here. Anyways, it's obvious that her shirt is stretched way too tight, and how did she ever get those jeans over that famous butt?

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