15Kylie Jenner, 34C

Here is the current queen of showing off the cup size, Kylie Jenner. Where did these things come from? Wasn’t she just a mousy little thing and then, kapow! She cloned herself into her sister, Kim, overnight. Where did the other Kylie go? It’s an amazing transformation that

ranks up there with Michael J Fox, before and after he turned into Teen Wolf. Kylie’s change is obviously way more attractive, but the overall dramatic shift from one image to another is just as crazy. Kylie blames the changes on makeup, wardrobe, and just growing up and filling out. She’s denied having surgery despite pretty much every Hollywood website claiming that she has. And she keeps showing off her body, with more and more flesh every time. Why doesn’t she just take it all off? Just show the world what you have. Prove that there are no scars. Silence the haters. It’s the only way.

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