15 Hot Celebs Who Are Overrated AF

Hollywood is filled with a number of celebrities that have achieved some of the biggest awards and accolades that the industry has to offer. From EGOTs that boast having won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award to actresses like Meryl Streep that have won multiple Academy Awards with a number of nominations, there are huge overachievers in the celebrity world. These stars are often celebrated year after year and have become something to look up to for the other celebrities in Hollywood. Yet, there are also some celebrities that have garnered an intense amount of fame without nearly as much professional success.

The world of Hollywood is a mix of professional success, likability from the public and the ability to stay relevant in the headlines. Some celebrities have made an art of this process and have even elevated themselves to an iconic status, even though they haven’t really achieved that much success in their field. It’s interesting to see how some of the same celebrities are constantly mentioned, interviewed and featured year after year. This makes it difficult for new up-and-coming stars to break into the business since some of these other celebrities seem to take up all of the limelight. It’s important to take a step back and take a look at the celebrities that have a huge amount of hype surrounding their fame status since many of them truly don’t deserve half of what they get. Check out our list of the 15 celebrities that are highly overrated and see how many have conned you into thinking they are deserving of their celebrity status.


15 Jennifer Aniston

When the Friends sitcom was at its height of its popularity, the Rachel Green character was a huge favorite with fans. Jennifer Aniston’s portrayal as everyone’s “best friend” made her extremely likable and it even spawned a number of trends, including the Rachel haircut. After the conclusion of the series, Aniston transitioned into a full-time film actress and starred in a number of romantic comedies and light dramas. While audiences enjoyed her performances in films like The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty and The Break-Up, they weren’t really helping her to be one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood. Instead, it seemed like she was just playing the same Rachel Green character over and over again, regardless what the premise of the film might be. In 2014, Aniston tried her hand at serious acting in the film, Cake, but it seemed to hurt her career rather than help her at award shows. The role didn’t earn her any prestigious awards and it made people cringe at how horrible Aniston looks without all of the Hollywood makeup and lighting.

14 Jessica Alba


When Jessica Alba first started her acting career, there was a huge amount of buzz surrounding her because of her exotic look and stellar body. When she appeared on the big screen, there were a number of character roles that seemed to solely focus on her physique. From the 2003 film, Honey, to the Sin City film series, it seemed like the only way to get Jessica Alba into an acting role was by throwing on some sort of leotard or lingerie set on her. While Alba definitely has a stellar body, there has to be more to a Hollywood actress than just having a killer body. Understanding that her days in Hollywood were numbered if she continued to take on the same roles, Alba decided to put her entrepreneur skills to work through the Honest Company for baby-friendly items. Nowadays, she is seen more as a businesswoman than an actress but people can’t seem to forget about her days wearing scantily clad ensembles on the big screen.

13 Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel started off as a TV actress and is best known for her role on 7th Heaven. Once she embarked on a career as a film actress, there were high hopes for her to become the next major leading lady in Hollywood. Her portrayal in the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film was received well by critics and audiences alike but it didn’t help to lead to a plethora of opportunities. Instead, it seemed like her only true claim to fame was marrying Justin Timberlake. While she was once thought of as a budding actress with huge opportunities ahead for her, a myriad of poor role choices and taking the backseat to her husband’s fame didn’t help her career. Hollywood still seems to claim her as one of the most beautiful starlets in the film industry but the fact is that she hasn’t appeared in anything of note for quite some time.

12 Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is one of the most popular celebrities on social media and has a huge fanbase that has followed her from her days as a Disney star. Yet, many have come to wonder what all of the hype is really about regarding her fame status. Although she is a very attractive young woman, there doesn’t seem to be much substance behind her fame beyond a few scattered hit singles and some celebrity relationships. Gomez has become the gold standard for celebrities hoping to increase their fame without actual success in their field. From her relationship with Justin Bieber to her friendship with Taylor Swift, it seems like the only real reason why she has maintained such a high celebrity status is because of the way she’s been able to get photographed at every right moment in her personal life.

11 Kaley Cuoco

When the premise of The Big Bang Theory was being shopped around, not everyone was completely on board with a show about highly intelligent people with social awkwardness. The beautiful blonde neighbor, Penny, was the perfect way to offset the cast to ensure regular folks could get into the storyline. Yet, it seems like there are a million blonde aspiring actresses that could have filled that role and many are far prettier than Kaley Cuoco. While she is definitely a beautiful woman, she’s far from some of the other ultra glamorous starlets in Hollywood. With Cuoco consistently making the lists for being one of the highest-paid actresses on television, it’s a little odd that she would be given that honor. Her acting skills are far from on par with some of the other brilliant actresses in Hollywood and her looks are mediocre at best.

10 Madonna


When Madonna released her first album in 1983, it was the start of a massive career in the music industry. The ‘80s was definitely considered Madonna’s heyday since that’s when she released some of her biggest hits and she even starred in a few big screen films to help amplify her fame status. The early ‘90s seemed to be the time when Madonna began to dwindle in her musical appeal and it was the start of her releasing collection albums to focus on previous hits rather than new music. By the time the 2000s rolled around, Madonna was a pro at releasing “Greatest Hits” albums and “Best of” albums. She’s been able to keep her name in the headlines through various publicity stunts like when she kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera onstage at the VMAs. However, no one is going to a Madonna concert in order to hear her new music. It seems like all of her fans are stuck in one particular era from her heyday and it just keeps dragging on with each new year.

9 Kim Kardashian

There aren’t many people that have been able to capitalize on their fame in the same way as Kim Kardashian. She was first introduced to the world through a leaked sex tape and a loose friendship with Paris Hilton but was able to land her own reality series and the rest is history. While other celebrities are able to fall back on their talent in order to stay on top of the headlines, Kim Kardashian isn’t exactly famous for anything except being famous. There’s no denying that she is an extremely beautiful woman but it’s not exactly an all-natural beauty. From the fake eyelashes to the makeup contouring to the questions regarding her derriere, it’s interesting how many Instagram hotties are popping up with the exact same look as Kim Kardashian. There’s actually nothing truly special about her besides the over-the-top family and the fact that her husband is known for causing controversy.


8 Jennifer Garner


Although Jennifer Garner has been in a number of films over the years, none of them have ever really amounted to anything. Her most memorable moments in film were in the female version of Tom HanksBig film in 13 Going on 30 and her portrayal in Elektra in 2005. Yet, she’s never really been thought of as the seductress leading lady or the ultra hot starlet on the red carpet. The most highly acclaimed film she was ever attached to was in the Academy Award-winning film, Juno, and even then she had a motherly character that was only a supporting role. It seems like all of her recent films have focused around motherhood, which may be because that is the role she knows best. She’s often photographed corralling her children around town and it’s almost hard to categorize her as a glamorous Hollywood movie star. It has made some wonder whether or not she would even still be getting roles if it weren’t for her tumultuous relationship with Ben Affleck keeping her name in the headlines.

7 Carmen Electra

In the 1990s, Carmen Electra was the brunette version of Pamela Anderson and there were a number of comparisons made between these two busty babes. The two even starred on the same series and are thought of as the two most successful women that came from the show. Carmen Electra left the Baywatch series in 1998 and then went on to dabble in a number of acting and television personality roles. From a fitness DVD to hosting a dating show, there was a time when you couldn’t turn on the television without seeing Carmen Electra in something or another. Yet, it was never anything of substance and people quickly pegged her as someone that would put her name on anything if it would earn her money. The same was true with her marriages since her romantic history is filled with over-the-top celebrities like Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro. While she was definitely a beautiful woman in the ‘90s, it does seem a bit strange that the entire world went Carmen Electra crazy for almost a decade when it didn’t seem like there was much to her.

6 Kate Beckinsale


When Kate Beckinsale first started her acting career, she was just another young actress aspiring to make it big as the next leading lady. There were some memorable moments with her on film but there were also some that were easily forgettable. It wasn’t until she starred in the Underworld film series that people truly thought of her as a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, especially since there has been a new Underworld film every few years ever since the first one premiered in 2003. Yet, there was a lot of controversy over how Beckinsale was cast in the role of Selene in the film because she was married at the time and then there were rumors surrounding her and the Underworld director, Len Wiseman. Many speculated that Beckinsale began the affair with Wiseman in order to secure her spot as the leading lady in the Underworld franchise, which is interesting since the two were married but then headed to divorce as the final Underworld film released. Without this role in the franchise, it’s a wonder if she would have even had any other opportunities in Hollywood.

5 Courteney Cox

When the Friends series was in production, it was only Courteney Cox that could truly be defined as a recognized celebrity. Jennifer Aniston had appeared on the big screen but it was Cox that people instantly recognized. The popularity of the series led to acting opportunities for all of the cast members but Cox found particular fame in the Scream film franchise. The role she played was completely different from the Monica Geller character but moviegoers still resonated her face with the popular Friends series. After the conclusion of the Friends series, it seemed like people were scrambling to try and get Courteney Cox back on television and that’s when Cougar Town premiered in 2009. The show ran until 2015 but it was by no means a hit like Friends. For some reason, Hollywood kept trying to shove Courteney Cox down the throat of viewers, even though she had started to dabble in plastic surgery and was already starting to show the effects that were drastically changing her look.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow first started appearing in film in the early 1990s and she’s had a number of memorable roles through the years. She won an Academy Award for her 1998 film, Shakespeare in Love, but many of her roles after that were far from Oscar-worthy. It seemed like Paltrow had already earned her Oscar and she wasn’t planning on breaking her back in order to earn another one. Instead, she’s focused on her highly controversial website, Goop. Although it is coined as a lifestyle publication, the products and articles featured on the website are not for the average lifestyle. From $200 morning smoothies to how to plan a yacht party, it’s obvious that it’s not just Gwyneth Paltrow that’s highly overrated since her entire website needs to go the way of the Dodo bird as well.

3 Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus first started branching out beyond just being the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, it was her Hannah Montana role that truly let her step out from under her father’s shadow. She actually was on a stellar career trajectory with that persona and could have definitely continued on to extend her music and acting career. Instead, she chose to completely smash that persona and adopt a new one that included vulgarity and over-the-top antics that made people wonder whether or not she was going down the same route of other mentally unstable music artists like Britney Spears. Cyrus claimed that it wasn’t the product of her losing her mind but a calculated “movement” that she was using to evolve her style. It worked for a little bit and was able to land her a few new opportunities, including a spot on The Voice. Yet, people are starting to see beyond the gimmicks and they’re waiting for her 15 minutes to finally run out.

2 Solange Knowles


There is undoubtedly a bit of stress being the little sister of Beyoncé since it is inevitable that there will always be a comparison and it would be extremely difficult to get beyond living in her shadow. Yet, Solange Knowles didn’t let that stop her from trying to get into the music industry and create her own style to distinguish herself from her big sister. Solange has been featured in a number of magazines, from pictorial spreads to article features on her music. While publications are constantly stating that she has a large fanbase in the underground scene and that she has a true eye for style, the general public is often perplexed by these types of comments. It’s difficult to even come up with the name of a Solange song and every red carpet look she’s mustered seems to be far too complicated for any of the other celebrities to try and duplicate. It seems like she’s given extra leeway simply because she’s Beyoncé’s sister rather than having a true spark all her own.

1 Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj was first introduced as a rapper under the wing of Lil Wayne, she was praised for her mainstream appeal and ability to spit rhymes. The over-the-top wigs and music videos were just the thing to try and deflect from the fact that she doesn’t actually write all of her own lyrics. This fact truly came to light when she called out Remy Ma and the diss track of all diss tracks was released to reveal some of Nicki’s deep dark secrets. It has caused a number of people to wonder whether or not Minaj is worthy of all this fame and acclaim when she needs help to respond to a diss track and has a myriad of other people writing lyrics for her. Although this may be fine for female singers, the rap world is completely different and she lost major street credibility with that little tidbit of information.

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