15 Hot Celebs We Would Love To Sunbathe With

There is no doubt in Hollywood that appearance is immensely important. Of course, our complexion is a major aspect of the way we look. That is why tans are oftentimes seen as a must-have for the rich and famous. After all, there is a clear feeling that having a good tan is a quick way to cover up any blemishes while also making it look like someone has a healthy glow. As such, it makes perfect sense that there are many celebrities looking for that perfect tan in order to look their best wherever they go. If you think that that is a silly thing to be obsessed over, keep in mind that it is sad but true that there are a lot of celebrities whose career would be damaged if they were seen as less attractive. Coming to that conclusion, here is a list of the 15 hottest famous female sunbathers.

In order for a celebrity to be up for consideration to be included on this list they first off need to be a woman that is famous. It doesn’t matter how they earned their notoriety as long as they have a following with at least a sizable group. Next, there needs to be photographic proof of them lounging in the sun. It doesn’t matter where they take part in such activities which means they can be at the beach, by a pool, in a backyard or anywhere else that it seems possible the sun will be able to get at them. Keep in mind, though, that we can only go on photographs and in some cases, articles, as we weren’t with any of these women on the days in question so we are going on faith things are as they seem.

15 Nina Dobrev

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If you know who Nina Dobrev is, chances are you became aware of her because of a show called The Vampire Diaries. Immensely popular with a lot of people going gaga over it, she has played a very pivotal part in the long-running series which has earned an incredibly large fanbase. Of course, that isn’t her only major role as she also played a part in movies like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Let’s Be Cops, The Final Girls, and xXx: Return of Xander Cage. Still, in the early stages of her career, we can only hope she continues to flourish so we can see her do her thing more in the future. Pictured here in Miami alongside friends, including Dancing with the Stars dancer Julianne Hough, the pair makes an eye-grabbing sight while enjoying the sun on a beach.

14 Stephanie Seymour

A part of the small club of women that can be called supermodels, Stephanie is still tapped by photographers around the world to this day at forty-eight years old. Best known as someone that appeared in multiple issues of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in the 1980's and 1990's, that job is one of the most coveted gigs in the industry. Included in rankings of the hundred sexiest women alive as late as the 2000's, she may not be quite as relevant as she once was at her height but there is no doubt that she still has it going on. Pictured sunning herself while on vacation with her husband Peter Brant in St. Barts, we’re flabbergasted that he was able to walk away from that sight for even a moment. We know that isn’t a sight we ever could have looked away from.

13 Emily Ratajkowski

Becoming a star of sorts after appearing in the music video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” people were enthused to see her dancing around either topless or wearing very little. Of course, she was one of three women that were cast in that role so the fact that she is the only one to become a star speaks about her ability to stand out. A very in-demand model, she has been used in the promotion of brands like Carl's Jr., Frederick’s of Hollywood, and much more. Also becoming a budding actress, she had a small but very memorable role in Gone Girl and has also appeared in movies like Entourage, as well as shows like iCarly and Easy. Unlike the majority of the women on this list, Emily hasn’t limited herself to getting a tan at the beach. That makes perfect sense to us as any location that has her dressed like that doesn’t need picturesque water to appear gorgeous.

12 Elle Macpherson

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Another supermodel, it seems as though finding yourself in that role makes you comfortable getting your tan on while exposing salacious parts of your body as Elle is not the last one on this list either. Reaching her zenith in the 1980's and 1990's, she too was a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue mainstay as well as appearing in magazines like Marie Claire, GQ, Vogue, Time, and others. Branching out into acting roles, she made several appearances on Friends as Joey’s roommate as well as films like Batman & Robin, The Edge, Sirens, and A Girl Thing. Someone who has had their image captured soaking in the sun without a top on several times in the past, we’re not surprised in the slightest way that she spends her time off relaxing in the sun on a yacht.

11 Elizabeth Hurley

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Elizabeth Hurley is an English model and actress that much of the world became aware of due to her former relationship with Hugh Grant, when he was caught stepping out on her. It blew many minds. Cheating on someone is an awful choice on the face of it but when you can’t stay faithful to Elizabeth, there is something wrong with you. Making major appearances in movies like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Bedazzled and currently starring in a show called The Royals, she has definitely made her mark. Despite being in her early 50's, Liz defies ageing by posing almost topless as seen in the photo above. Oh, come on! Who else in her fifties could even be hotter than Liz?

10 Catherine Zeta-Jones

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From the moment we first saw Catherine Zeta-Jones, there was no question in our minds that she was one of the most exquisite beauties we had ever laid eyes on. A talented actress who took home an Academy Award, BAFTA, and SAG Award for her work in Chicago, she proved that she could sing and dance too. A part of beloved films like The Mask of Zorro, Entrapment, High Fidelity, and a lot more, she deserves to go down in history as one of the best of her generation. Sunbathing while relaxing on a yacht with her superstar husband Michael Douglas. If this is the life of the rich and famous, we understand why so many people desperately want that.

9 Kelly Brook

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A woman who seems to lead a life where clothing is very optional, Kelly Brook is an English model who came to prominence after a series of appearances in The Daily Star as the Page Three girl. Making her way stateside, she has found a long list of acting roles including movies like The Italian Job, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo and Piranha 3D as well as shows like Hotel Babylon, Skins, and One Big Happy. A busty brunette with a body to die for, the fact that Kelly was single at the time this photo was taken is difficult to believe. Wearing an emerald green bikini while laying out in a Miami day, she proves yet again that she there are a few people that look better under the sun.

8 Scarlett Johansson

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Starting her career out as an actress in dramatic films like Ghost World, Lost in Translation, The Prestige, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Scarlett proved she was very skilled at what she does. Revealing to the world that she deserves to be included in the list of the biggest movie stars alive, she took her career in an all new direction by joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Black Widow. Now one of the most recognizable women alive, the fact that she was named the 'Sexiest Woman Alive' by Esquire Magazine is a proof why anyone would feel fortunate to see her in a bikini. Case in point, whoever the gentleman is that we see laying out on a yacht alongside her as she tries to tan her body, can thank his lucky stars.

7 Anna Kournikova

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Anna Kournikova has had a really interesting career. One of the most famous tennis players ever, she earns a large portion of her notoriety to her looks as she was never at the top of the singles ranks. Still, far better at her sport than almost anyone alive while playing as a pair with Martina Hingis, she won Grand Slam Titles in 1999, 2000, and 2002. Also remembered for her steamy relationship with the Spanish pop star Enrique Iglesias, she made appearances in several of his music videos. One of many women to appear on this list that chose to expose their body to the sun while on a yacht, it seems as though we now know why these ships are so expensive. After all, if owning these vehicles makes it more likely women as hot as her will sunbathe in front of you, they become worth their weight in gold.

6 Katy Perry

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Katy Perry is a singer who seemed to come out of nowhere with the immense hit “I Kissed A Girl.” Right from the start, her image relied on her sex appeal. Thankfully for Katy's career, that is something she has in spades, on top of an admirable voice and good instincts for picking hit songs. Known for other huge songs like “Roar,” “E.T.,” “Firework,” “California Girls,” and too many more to list here, if you’ve turned on a radio in the last several years, there is a good chance you’ve heard her. A recipient of many awards and somebody who has earned four Guinness World Records in her life, she is included among the best-selling musical artists ever. Pictured here lounging poolside among friends in Miami, this session of sun gathering was actually her second day of such activities in a row.

5 Kate Middleton

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A commoner who married a prince, Kate has led the type of life written about in fairytales. Now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, her husband is second in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth II as the monarch of the United Kingdom and fifteen other Commonwealth realms. Also a fashion icon whose taste in clothing affects people with the “Kate Middleton Effect,” it seems as though people all over the world want to look like her. Seeing pictures of her, we totally understand why especially when we got a view of how incredible she looks with her top off. As fans of films, we’ve always seen being a royal as the perfect opportunity to lead a life of leisure. But judging by what we’ve seen of most British Royal Families, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Most of the time, photos of them seem to communicate a life of pomp and circumstance instead. However, knowing that Prince Wiliam hung out while Kate sunbathed looking like that, our faith has been restored.

4 Natalie Portman

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An actress who became a star as a youngster after her performance in Léon: The Professional, proved that she had far more poise than a person her age should. She has been a success ever since. Seen in movies like the Star Wars franchise, Beautiful Girls, Garden State, Closer, V for Vendetta, Black Swan, Jackie, and Thor movies, she has taken on a myriad of roles. Also, a woman who defines elegance, she always seems to look incredible no matter how made up she is or isn’t. Seriously, it is obvious to us now that our greatest aspiration may just be buying a yacht. If Natalie Portman, a woman who can be quantified as both beautiful and a serious actress and artist, is prone to wearing very little and sunning herself on them, they must be glorious.

3 Cindy Crawford

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The third and final supermodel on this list, Stephanie and Elle had amazing careers but they pale in comparison to Cindy’s. Well, she may just be the biggest ever. Included in a list of the 100 hottest women of all time put together by Men’s Health Magazine, we can totally agree with that assessment. Seemingly seen everywhere at one point in her career, when someone tried to put together a list of her magazine covers by the year 1998, there were already more than five hundred. Also an impressive woman due to her activism and business acumen, she has been involved with immensely successful furniture and home goods product lines. Caught in the cross hairs of an eagle-eyed photographer while sunning herself on a lounge chair, she looks positively bored while we couldn’t be more interested.

2 Rihanna

Easily one of the most popular and talented singers alive today, Rihanna has proven time and time again that her involvement in a song gives it a far better chance at becoming a hit. Known for songs like “Umbrella,” “Take A Bow,” “We Found Love,” “Love the Way You Lie,” and many more, it almost seems as though she can do no wrong in the music business. Making forays into the acting world with movies like Battleship, This Is the End, and the upcoming film Ocean's Eight as well as shows like Bates Motel, she hasn’t found her Midas touch yet but who knows? Sunbathing on a surfboard while vacationing in Hawaii may not be the most usual locale for soaking in some rays but that didn’t stop her. Of course, it is that independent streak that has helped her have such a groundbreaking career.

1 Jessica Alba

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Whenever conversation turns to the most attractive women out there, you can rest assured that Jessica Alba will be brought up by someone for good reason. Known for roles in movies like Honey, Into the Blue, and Good Luck Chuck as well as Sin City and the Fantastic Four franchise, she has never won any Academy Award but she has definitely made her mark. Also a very successful entrepreneur, she is a co-founder and part owner of The Honest Company, which is a company that was valued at 1.7 billion dollars at one point. Clearly a very busy person, she deserves a vacation like the one she took in Hawaii that resulted in this photo of her sunbathing which we can’t look away from.

Sources: instyle, dailymail

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