15 Hot Celebs That Can't Keep A Man For More Than 24 Hours

Some people meet their "soulmate" and break up before they can even say the words “I love you” or “I can’t find my pants.”

Most people dream of the day when they finally meet their soulmate and one true love. They fall hopelessly in love and everyday is filled with rainbows, birds chirping, and endless happiness. They get married in an epic wedding, have 3 children, move to the suburbs, and remain together for an eternity. However, none of this is a guarantee. Some people meet their soulmate and break up before they can even say the words “I love you” or “I can’t find my pants.”

It’s pretty shocking to realize that some of the most beautiful celebrities in the world have a difficult time with love and relationships, and it’s mostly because they have fans that would give their left and right arms just to have the chance to hold them tightly. These celebs end up in a high-profile relationship that everyone is buzzing about. These celebs may have even reached the point of getting engaged. Suddenly, everything comes crashing down and the once dream couple turns into a nightmare. Many celebrity relationships last for only a couple of months, a handful of days, or a few hours. Often, the celebs will end up moving on and finding a brand new soulmate only to have the same result. For many celebrities, they just can’t find the right person. In some cases, the celebrity gets their heart broken on the world stage in a grand fashion. However, some celebs are actually the ones that do the dumping. They think they’ve met their soulmate only to realize that they prefer actors and not athletes. Sometimes, love can be easy and wonderful. Other times, it can be a very difficult, painful, and can cause an utterly unpleasant feeling. Here is a look a 15 Hot Celebs That Can’t Keep A Man For More Than 24 Hours.

15 Carmen Electra

Sometimes, love is just like getting drunk. It makes us feel invincible and every decision is the best choice. Then, the next morning comes and we’re filled with regret and eventually have a terrible headache. Carmen Electra has experienced that morning headache more than once. Carmen Electra is best known for her appearance on the TV series, Baywatch, and her several hot pictorials in Playboy magazine. In 1998, she married one of NBA’s most controversial players, Dennis Rodman. They married in a whirlwind of love in Las Vegas. However, the whirlwind died down only 9 days later. Rodman filed for divorce because he was of “unsound mind” at the time of the wedding. Later, they reconciled but got separated again by April 1999. In 2003, she married guitarist Dave Navarro in what she probably assumed would be her final marriage. The relationship and marriage was even featured in an MTV series, ‘Till Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave. However, their divorce was finalized in 2007. She also dated Simon Cowell from December 2012 to February 2013.

14 Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush sometimes has difficulty in keeping a man for long periods of time, especially if that man was a One Tree Hill cast member. Sophia rose to fame with her role as Brooke Davis on the hit series One Tree Hill. She is currently a main cast member of the police drama Chicago P.D. However, she might be best known for getting into several short-term relationships. In 2005, she married One Tree Hill co-star Chad Michael Murray. After 5 months of marriage, the couple separated. Sophia filed for an annulment citing fraud, but the petition was denied. The divorce was finalized in 2006. Later, she stated, “We were two stupid kids who had no business being in a relationship in the first place.” For one year, she dated One Tree Hill co-star James Lafferty. She then dated Austin Nichols, who took on a role in One Tree Hill in order to be closer to Sophia. They broke up at some point in 2012.

13 Pamela Anderson

In the ‘90s, it was impossible to walk into a teenage boy’s room and not find a poster of Pamela Anderson. Pam Anderson is best known for starring as CJ Parker in the TV series Baywatch. She first gained attention for her many appearances in Playboy magazine. In 1995, she married Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee after knowing him for only four days. Pam and Lee are known for starring in an infamous private video that was leaked. They divorced in 1998 but over the years would climb back into bed together from time to time. Pam was then engaged to model Marcus Schenkenberg but the two split by 2001. She was then engaged to Kid Rock but broke up with him in 2003. They rekindled their relationship and got married in 2006 but got divorced in 2007. On October 6, 2007, she married producer Rick Salomon in Las Vegas. However, they separated by December 2007, and the marriage was annulled in February 2008.

12 Jennifer Esposito

Love was in the air when Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper got married. Unfortunately for Jennifer, love was only briefly in the air. Jennifer Esposito currently appears in the series NCIS. She’s had a long career and has appeared in several popular TV series, including Spin City, Blue Bloods, and Samantha Who? She is great at many things but relationships aren’t one of them. In December 2006, Esposito married actor Bradley Cooper. At first glance, they seem to be the most perfect couple that would be together forever. Forever turned into a few months. In May 2007, Jennifer filed for divorce roughly 5 months after getting married. Neither Cooper nor Esposito have really discussed the short marriage and what caused it to end so quickly. During a Howard Stern interview, Cooper said, "It was just something that happened. The good thing is, we both realized it. Sometimes you just realize it." Jennifer Esposito might not be able to hold on to a man but this appears to be amicable.

11 Halle Berry

Halle Berry is the first and currently the only African-American female to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. She has starred in a plethora of universally praised films, such as Jungle Fever, the X-Men franchise, and Monster’s Ball. She once ranked at number one on People’s 50 Most Beautiful People list. Halle Berry can do it all except for hanging on to a man for more than 24 hours. Obviously, some of her relationships lasted slightly longer. In 1993, she married baseball player David Justice but then got divorced by 1996. In 2001, she married musician Eric Benet but they divorced by 2005. Her third marriage seemed to be the final one. In 2013, she married Oliver Martinez and moved to France. Not even the most romantic place in the world could help Halle. Their divorce was finalized in 2016. Additionally, she has a child with model Gabriel Aubry. Rumors also suggest that she dated Shemar Moore, Danny Wood, and Wesley Snipes.

10 Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly learned the hard way that it’s much harder to stay with a goofball than a normal celebrity. Lauren Holly first gained attention for her role as Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart in the TV series Picket Fences. She also portrayed Linda Lee in the biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. She was a main cast member in the series NCIS. One of her most memorable roles was in the 1995 classic comedy Dumb & Dumber. It was during this time that she met comedian Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey was just on the verge of becoming the biggest celebrity in Hollywood. He has openly admitted to suffering from severe depression. His depression has impacted several of his relationships. They married on September 23, 1996 and appeared to be the perfect couple. At the time, most assumed that this would be the one couple to make it. Turns out, they didn’t even last for a year. Carrey and Holly divorced less than one year later.

9 Janet Jackson

Pop icon Janet Jackson is the only celebrity to be every boy’s dream girl throughout the ‘80s, ‘90s, 2000’s, and 2010’s. Generation after generation of teenage boy has fallen in love with Janet Jackson. She is a member of the world famous Jackson family. She released several critically and commercially acclaimed albums, such as Dream Street, Control, and Rhythm Nation 1814. Throughout her career, she’s had several relationships but none lasted very long. In 1984, she married singer James DeBarge when they eloped. However, they divorced shortly after getting married and the marriage was annulled in early 1985. Later, she was married to Rene Elizondo from 1991 to 2000. From 2002 to 2009, she was married to producer Jermaine Dupri. Additionally, she had very short relationships with Boys II Men singer Wanya Morris and actor Matthew McConaughey. Also, she was rumored to have been in a relationship with NBA legend Michael Jordan.

8 Ali Landry

Most people probably assume that Miss USA would have no problems in keeping a man. Turns out, winning Miss USA is a lot easier than being engaged to AC Slater. In 1996, Ali Landry won the prestigious Miss USA title. In 1998, she was featured as the unforgettable Doritos Girl in the popular Super Bowl commercial. In 1998, while serving as a special commentator at the Miss USA pageant, she met the events presenter, Mario Lopez. Instantly, their life was filled with flowers, joy, and endless love. Well, up until the day before the wedding. To be fair, Ali’s relationship falling apart was clearly not Ali’s fault. In 2004, Ali and Mario married in a small wedding ceremony in Mexico. Only two weeks later, Ali had the marriage annulled. She found out that the Mario had engaged in a threesome at his bachelor party the night before the wedding. Ali moved on and has been married for several years.

7 Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger has overcome her inability to keep a man for more than 24 hours. Currently, she is dating singer Doyle Bramhall II. Prior to dating Doyle, she was involved in several relationships; all of which were somewhat short. Her most high-profile relationship was also the shortest. From 1999 to 2000, she was engaged to Jim Carrey. The couple had everyone talking with the revelation that they were together. However, they broke it off in 2000 and both moved on. On May 9, 2005, she married singer Kenny Chesney. It was the most perfect marriage and they stayed together forever. By forever, we mean they divorced four months later. Renee filed for an annulment and cited fraud as the reason. In 2003, she very briefly dated Jack White. From 2009 to 2011, she dated Bradley Cooper. Since 2012, she has been dating Doyle and this might be the one that sticks.

6 Tracey Edmonds

Tracey Edmonds might have struggled for several years when it came to relationships. None lasted very long and in fact, one might not even count. Currently, she is in a relationship and this might be the last one. Tracey is best known as a host on Extra. Before meeting her possible soulmate, she couldn’t hold on to two famous dudes. In 1990, Tracey met singer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and they got married in 1992. This relationship lasted for several years before they divorced in 2005. She then entered into a relationship with actor and comedian Eddie Murphy. They “married” on January 1, 2008. They exchanged wedding vows in a private ceremony but two weeks later, they split up. They never filed the proper legal documents so they were never legally married. Perhaps, Tracey has finally figured how to hold on to a man. Since 2012, she’s been in a relationship with Deion Sanders.

5 Kim Kardashian

Socialite Kim Kardashian is currently married to Kanye West. However, she was once involved in one of the most talked about and shortest celeb marriages in history. Kim Kardashian is best known for her appearance in the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the many spin-offs. In 2011, the world was buzzing with the announcement of her engagement to NBA player Kris Humphries. The buildup and wedding itself was the closest event to a “royal” wedding in American history. The wedding was in August but also included a two-part TV special that featured the preparations and wedding. Kim also released a special wedding fragrance “Kim Kardashian Love.” Only 72 days later, Kim filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The marriage was over faster than Kanye West can interrupt Taylor Swift. Kim and her family were accused of staging the marriage for publicity but Kim has denied that claim.

4 Britney Spears

Obviously, most celeb relationships last longer than 24 hours. Take Britney Spears for instance. She completely goes against that stereotype because her first marriage lasted an amazing 55 hours. That’s like 5 normal years in celebrity years. Britney Spears is one of the best-selling solo artists of all time. She has released several memorable albums, including Baby One More Time, Oops I did It Again, and In the Zone. She has been in almost as many relationships as she’s had chart-topping singles. In 2004, she married childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas. Like most Vegas weddings, it was annulled only a few hours later. A court petition stated that Britney “lacked understanding of her actions.” A few short months later in July 2004, she married Kevin Federline. Spears filed for divorce in 2007. She was in a high-profile relationship with Justin Timberlake for three years and was rumored to have dated Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst.

3 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore captured the hearts of millions as a child star when she appeared in the universally beloved film E.T. Over the years, she has also captured the hearts of many men only for them to leave her much like E.T. did. In 1991, at the very young age of 16, she was engaged to Leland Hayward for a few months before calling it off. From 1992 to 1993, she was engaged to actor and musician Jamie Walters. On March 20, 1994, a nineteen-year-old Barrymore married LA bar owner Jeremy Thomas and filed for divorce two months later. In 1999, she began dating comedian Tom Green and the two got married in 2001. It seemed to be a marriage made in wacky heaven, but their divorce was finalized in 2002. In 2012, she married art consultant Will Kopelman but they divorced in late 2016. She also dated The Strokes’ drummer Fabrizio Moretti for 5 years and briefly dated Justin Long.

2 Jennifer Lopez

Without a doubt, Jennifer Lopez has broken more hearts than any other celebrity. It’s not that JLo can’t keep a man. It’s just that they simply can’t keep her. JLo is a musician, an actress, and an all-around hottie with a body. Her personal life often receives far more attention than any album she releases or film she stars in. She was first married to waiter Ojani Noa from February 1997 to January 1998. She then dated Sean Combs and broke his heart so bad that he recorded the song “I Need a Girl.” From September 2001 to June 2002, she was married to her backup dancer, Cris Judd, but that ended in a divorce as well. She then entered into her most high-profile and talked-about relationship with Ben Affleck. They broke up the day before their wedding. In 2004, she married Marc Anthony but they divorced in 2011. She then briefly dated backup dancer, Casper Smart, and is currently dating Alex Rodriguez.

1 Katy Perry

Katy Perry is widely considered as one of the hottest and most beautiful musicians alive. Most men would do whatever it takes just to hold her hand. That makes it all the more confusing that even though several celebs have had a chance with her, none seem to have worked out. Katy is one of the best-selling solo artists alive. She might be able to sell millions of albums but has been unable to hold on to a man. In 2010, Perry married comedian Russell Brand in a ceremony in India. It was one of the most talked-about unions and everyone had high hopes for them. However, the relationship fell apart and they divorced in 2011. She then dated musician John Mayer who has built a reputation for dating the most gorgeous women in Hollywood and then breaking their hearts. They appear to be in an on-again-off-again relationship. Currently, they appear to be off. She also dated Travis McCoy, Josh Groban, and Orlando Bloom.

Sources: huffington post

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15 Hot Celebs That Can't Keep A Man For More Than 24 Hours