15 HOT Celebs Who Are Constantly Exposing Their Bits

Wardrobe malfunctions. Who hasn't had one? Clothing is not perfect and designers keep experimenting with their creations, but sometimes it just does not work. It gets even worse when you are an international celebrity followed by cameras everywhere you go. That is why celebrities have to take care of what they are wearing at all times, even if sometimes things slip.

These unlucky incidents usually end up on famous news magazines and on search engines, which will forever store the photos for everyone to look at, making the celebrity think twice before wearing another risky skirt or custom piece which frays out on the red carpet. Nonetheless, some pieces of clothing look quite good, and it is a shame that such tragedies unfolded.

Some celebs still managed to fix it just in time before being fully exposed to the flashing cameras, which they sure knew were waiting for such a moment. But some celebrities are more prone to those malfunctions than others, with some of them frequently appearing in headlines due to the repetitive incidents.


15 15.Margot Robbie

The famous actress Margot Robbie has played the role of the stunning Harley Quinn in the movie Suicide Squad and has had quite a few wardrobe malfunctions during her career. During the London premiere of The Legend of Tarzan, she had an unpleasant malfunction while she was accompanied by her co-star Alexander Skarsgård.

Margot Robbie found out that her dress was not properly secured and realized her gorgeous satin dress came undone. Her companion rushed to resolve the issue and buttoned it back up like nothing ever happened.

That was not the only time the celebrity had to deal with such an issue. During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she almost had another malfunction, with her short skirt almost lifting up in front of millions during her entrance to the show. Luckily she managed to cover it just in time before anyone could see, but this event made her think twice.

14 Halsey


Halsey is an American singer/songwriter and has had a handful embarrassing moments during various events, one of which being her entrance to the VMAs in which she unwillingly exposed herself to the cameras. The 22-year-old exited her jeep in a short skirt, which gave the chance for the paparazzi to surprise her in the most embarrassing way possible.

This was not the only time such an incident happened, as the star almost had a nip slip during the Fifty Shades Darker premiere on February 2nd but luckily she has managed to act in time and avoid the unwanted incident. Halsey's dress was a connected skirt that was strapped by two pieces of clothing covering her cleavage. There was little left to the imagination in the provocative dress and the media wanted to catch her in action. Those, along with some other blunders such as showing up on the red carpet with a slightly transparent suit totally braless, as well as her performance at a Chainsmokers concert with quite a tight crop top add up to one big fail regarding her choice of clothing.

13 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton did not escape from those embarrassing moments as her glittering dress suffered from not one, but two malfunctions during the Hollywood Beauty Awards. The celebrity was first spotted with her over-sized top cut which made itself noticed during the photoshoot as it revealed more than planned.

Minutes later her dress caught onto her heels and she was forced to fix the issue as the cut in her dress made her vulnerable to the cameras around her. The awkward accident was played off well by the American model, which later on rearranged her cleavage and posed along with her boyfriend in a sexy Instagram picture featuring her troublesome dress.

It wasn't the first time this happened to Paris Hilton as she was also spotted on Holiday in Mexico with a multi-colored dress which was blown away by the wind, exposing everything. Her companion cheered her up and they later on cuddled on the beautiful beach of Cancun.

12 Christina Milian

Another incident happening on Hollywood's red carpet is Christina Milian's bra-less presence in a daring sheer gown, which exposed her and gave the media a chance to put her in the headlines. She was also spotted on the beautiful beach of Miami trying to fix her bikini top due to a splash, which almost took it off. The celebrity tried covering herself but it was too late as the moment was already captured by the paparazzi, which were ready for such an occurrence.

One of her biggest blunders was during a holiday in Ibiza, in which her one piece swimsuit decided to uncover her top and expose her to the cameras. The swimsuit turned the afternoon into a complete nightmare as the star had to continue to adjust it for the rest of day due to the size mismatch.

11 Emma Stone

One of Emma Stone's most famous malfunctions is during her Oscar red carpet presentation in which her impressive golden dress showed more than she has intended to. The cut of the dress was higher than her expectations and the photographers had an opportunity to catch her with her guard down.

Another event was her apparition at the New York's Met Gala in a gorgeous Lanvin frock, which ripped just below the zip. The expensive piece of clothing was a fashion disaster for the designer who is to blame. The actress quickly went over the event and covered the rip with a maroon coat which she wore throughout the festivity. 

10 Kate Upton

Talking about malfunctions, Kate Upton was spotted with a gorgeous black dress which had a rip in one of the most embarrassing spots possible. This happened on her birthday in New York and the cameras focused on her uncovered derriere. This did not let the model ruin her day and she continued playing along as if the hole was never there but the inconvenient event sure circled the internet and is now imprinted on newspapers worldwide.

One of Kate Upton's most annoying wardrobe malfunction has to be during her photo shoot in Miami, her short skirt being blown by the wind in all directions throughout the entire day, a flash being imminent and the cameras not failing to immortalize the moment.

The celebrity has also been spotted in a risky black skirt which came close to revealing her chest as one of the straps almost fell down. On top of that, one of her Snapchat stories had an interesting shot in which her lingerie was pulled up way higher than it should have and was clearly visible above the black leather leggings she was wearing.

9 Gigi Hadid

Being a model is difficult, and what's even harder is avoiding annoying clothing defects, especially onstage. Unfortunately, Gigi Hadid had some really embarrassing photos to share with us, one of which being the major goof during her run on the catwalk for the Versace Autumn/Winter 2016 fashion show in which her extremely loose top slipped in front of the entire crowd.

Another one of her famous mistakes was showing up in a black slit skirt which revealed her underclothing at a photoshoot in New York City while also having a similar occurrence during the Victoria Secret fashion show, which turned from "magical" to "inconvenient" really quick for the model.


8 Rihanna

One of the many controversial singers of our age, Rihanna, had taken quite the risks when it comes to her clothing, choosing comfortable yet cheeky clothes with a unique touch to them that fascinate designers worldwide. Experimenting with different outfits often makes Rihanna a victim of fashion, as her chances of failing are high.

An example of such a miss is her appearance in an almost transparent black dress through which very little was covered. The singer also had a slip during her entrance at the Up & Down club on West 14th Street. As she was trying to fix her hair, the material lifted and her cleavage was revealed to the audience surrounding her. Another one of her many mishaps is her bikini being way too tight and therefore causing a slight slip under the fabric, forcing the celebrity to fix it back in place as if nothing happened during her visit to Barbados during Christmas.

Even so, these incidents are nothing to the international celebrity as she has posed nude various times for different magazines and thus normalizing these mistakes.

7 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian had quite the slips which broke the internet. Some of them being her really low-cut top which almost slipped off her body, as well as her "Project Runaway" flash. She's had over 30 wardrobe malfunctions throughout her career and thus making some people wonder whether these mishaps are really what they are and not just a deliberate publicity stunt.

In addition to all those "unintentional" leaks, she sure had some genuine problems with her wardrobe at many different events, one taking place in London, in which her leather skirt split itself up, forcing her to attend the event with a rip in her clothing.

6 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga by far had one of the most embarrassing experiences while on the red carpet for the CFDA awards, in which her dark, two-piece dress decided to detach from her top, revealing everything to the public, the worst part? The moment was perfectly caught by the dazzling cameras at the photoshoot which didn't fail to catch the sensational moment.

Lady Gaga is another one of those celebrities which are absolutely PRONE to wardrobe malfunctions. From concerts to events, she almost always forgets an important piece of clothing. Another famous incident happened during one of her concerts when her tight latex pants split open and she could not do anything but play it off.

Other not-so-major mishaps include one of her extremely tight tops ripping under her left arm, or a slightly more see-through outfit at a local pizzeria in New York.

5 Rita Ora

Rita Ora is clearly one of the most experienced celebrities in fashion disasters, as she manages to cover everything up just in time before anyone could spot a malfunction.

One of her most explicit appearances was during her performance at the 2012 Red Bull Culture Clash at London's Wembley Arena, in which her white oversized motorcycle jacket unzipped as a result of her sudden, energetic moves on stage which managed to divulge Ora's braless appearance onstage.

Since then, she has learned from the unpleasant experience and started being more self-aware about her clothing. In an appearance at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, Rita Ora was spotted in a white dress which got her all the looks, including that of the cameras. She was about to be on the edge of a wardrobe defect as the top part of the dress almost uncovered her bosom due to the fact the piece had no proper support.

4 Stella Maxwell

Wardrobe malfunctions do happen even to Victoria Secret angels, who always work with different types of clothing. Stella Maxwell is one of the sexiest models on the catwalk but she definitely has had a few malfunctions.

Stella Maxwell was spotted at Love Magazine's London Fashion Week party in which her revealing dress failed at covering the main focus of the whole ensemble, making her vulnerable to the many cameras around her. The major defect in the clothing did not seem to bother her as she continued walking towards the infamous LouLous bar.

The supermodel had the same issue on her way to the Moschino runway as her comfortable, cardigan-inspired sleek dress decided to fold open in front of a camera she did not even notice.

3 Bella Hadid

Uh oh, absolutely worrisome. Bela Hadid was spotted multiple times having an issue with her dresses, most often due to her racy taste in clothing which does not leave anything to the imagination.

During the Cannes Film Festival, the model showed up in a sumptuous red dress which matched the red carpet and put her in the focus of camera lenses. If that was not enough, the slit in her dress was an open door for headlines.

Bella Hadid is also a victim of transparent clothing, which has shown way more than she wanted to. The camera flashes managed to pierce the fabric, surprising the braless appearance at Paris Fashion Week.

2 Emma Watson

Emma Watson's clothes just don't want to cooperate. One of her worst malfunctions happened during her premiere of The Perks of Being a Wallflower where she showed up in a beautiful gown which slipped off the side of her body. The actress covered her breasts with plastic wrap which prevented anyone from making a fuss over it.

During the premiere of the movie Noah, she showed up in a daring halter dress with a thigh-high slit which highlighted her toned legs, as well as her Spanx underwear which she did not intend on showing. Either way, the moment was captured on camera and was posted on a diverse selection of news websites which got the photo trending for a while, even though this wasn't the first time this happened. During one of the Harry Potter premieres, she was spotted wearing a cheeky patterned dress which showed her lingerie. "At least I'm wearing underwear," she replied joyfully during an interview on the Late Show with David Letterman.

1 Marilyn Monroe

We have talked about many skirts being taken away by the wind throughout this article, but there's one woman who beats them all and that's Marilyn Monroe.

Her iconic upskirt scene in The Seven Year Itch became one of the most stereotypical wardrobe malfunction moments in history, which everyone remembered for years. But that was not the only moment the actress experienced adversity. During a photo shoot for the movie The Prince and the Showgirl, her dress strap broke in front of everyone, but she quickly managed to grab the unsecured piece, holding it in order to avoid further exposure.

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