15 Celebs Channeling Their Inner Trailer Park

Sometimes, girls like a bit of roughness, like a bad boy. And guys, if they were honest, find trashy bad girls straight out of the double wide a real turn-on. There's a bit of danger, though–the thought that I shouldn't do this, but I am going to do it anyway–about the trashy babe. Some Hollywood types channel a bad-girl vibe naturally. Others can put it on when they want to. And, the pictures they take are hotter than hot. Sometimes, our babes are rocking those Daisy Dukes and bad-girl tops. Sometimes, it's tight everything and animal print, with plenty of bling. Our trashy babes are hanging out in trailer parks or seedy bars, rolling in the hay, baring that midriff at burger joints, or walking down a country lane. For props, we get muscle cars and the like. And of course, we've got kinky boots and stilettos aplenty. So, get ready for 15 hot Hollywood types who are rocking trailer-park-trashy big time. Go on, you know you shouldn't, but you probably will.

15 Scarlett Johansson

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Everybody loves Scarlett Johansson. That's an understatement. Well, if you are a guy, then you certainly love her. If you are female? Well, maybe yes, maybe not. She's hot in a retro Hollywood bombshell kind of way. Even when she's all dressed up on the red carpet, she oozes a slightly trashy s*x appeal. Well, there is that story of her "doing it" in a 5-star hotel elevator with Benicio del Toro. He says maybe or maybe not. She says not. We'd like to think that it's true, though. Anyway, in shorts and an over-the-top top, she rocks trailer park hot. The good news? She's free and single, having been divorced from her second husband. The bad news? Well, with Scarlett Johansson, there just isn't any. Well, there were some steamy leaked photos of her making the rounds a while back. Isn't that just too awful?

14 Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner, with considerable help from Hollywood plastic surgeons, has gone from awkward teenager to trashy hot. Reportedly, both her booty and boobs have been done. And some say she's had loads and loads of fillers in her lips. But, we like the results. While older sis Kim Kardashian-West seems to channel rich Euro-trash, Kylie tends to go for all-American trailer park. And these days, she's got the booty and the boobs to pull it off. Plus, the chick, who turned 20 years old in August of 2017, is getting more and more popular on social media, eclipsing her older sisters. There are rumors she has turned diva in a big way and that she's getting down and dirty and feuding with the Kardashians. There are even rumors that she and sister Kendall Jenner may get their own reality TV show. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are probably not pleased by that disgusting development.

13 Cameron Diaz


At nearly 45 years old, Cameron Diaz has turned cougar, having married her toy boy, Good Charlotte lead guitarist Benji Madden. He's 38 years old, by the way, and a certified toy boy. She hasn't made a film since she played the wicked Miss Hannigan in 2014's Annie, saying that she needed to find her inner self. We think she has, as she channels trailer-park-hot in Daisy Dukes and a plaid shirt. Hubby's brother, the notorious dater of underage girls, one Joel Madden, is now married to Nicole Richie. We remember when he reportedly deflowered an underage Hilary Duff. So that makes Nicole and Cameron sisters-in-law. Back in 2015, before Diaz and Madden married, there was talk of tension over a prenup because Cameron's $100 million wealth dwarfed Benji's. Others said, it would never work, as Madden is notoriously messy and Diaz famously germaphobic. But, so far, so good. Besides, the grungy Madden fits the trailer park vibe to a tee.

12 Ariel Winter

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Ariel Winter's dysfunctional family is trailer park-worthy. Take her momager, Krystal, who terrorized the cast and crew of Modern Family with her fits and demands. Seems that at one point, mom thought Ariel was too fat and was withholding food, leading the staffers and actors to sneak food into the troubled young star. Then, a while back, Ariel filed suit to effectively divorce her mom, saying she had been abusive. Not so, says Krystal. Ariel was a wild child who's into underage s*x and partying and definitely needed a firm hand. From the time she "blossomed," the producers of Modern Family have expressed concern about Ariel's tendency to dress provocatively and...well...a la trailer park. Ariel, it seems, has a lot of trailer park in her makeup. And mom? She's so history.

11 Mila Kunis


Ah! Mila Kunis showing her bad girl side, draped over a rusted-out muscle car. Ashton Kutcher's wife and baby mama may only be 5 feet 3 inches tall, but that body of hers is perfectly formed and so hot. Not many people recall that when, as a teenager, she first met Kutcher on That '70s Show, they totally did not like one another. How things have changed. Seems that when Ashton broke up with cougar-wife Demi Moore, Mila was there for him. Never mind the gossips who say that they got together before his split from Moore. Are the Kutchers blissfully happy? They say so, but then there are those snaps of Kutcher going into a massage parlor that offers "special" services; if you get our drift. It's called Ancient Therapy. As in the world's oldest profession?

10 Jessica Simpson


In the young Jessica Simpson, we have the ultimate trailer park, Daisy Duke hot babe. In 2005, she was Daisy Duke in The Dukes of  Hazzard. Back then, she was famously married to singer Nick Lachey. They divorced in 2006. Why? Well, of course, they "were very different people." But there was also a time when Jessica was dissing Lachey's equipment, saying she was forced to fake it. According to Life and Style magazine, she said, "Nick's small package was a problem sometimes, like the first time we had s*x, to tell you the truth, I didn't really feel much, I faked the whole thing, I really felt sorry for him, I still loved him though." You might be interested to know that gossips say that other members of the "small" club include Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, and Daniel Craig.

9 Kate Upton

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Kate Upton is the go-to model/actress of the moment. She's an All-American girl next door, with a hint of trashiness about her. Back in 2011, a scantily clad Upton appeared in a viral video of her doing the dougie hip-hop dance at a Los Angeles Clippers game. That same year, she hit it big when she and her Double-Ds won Rookie of the Year in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. We think Kate is trashy hot when she channels her inner double wide. And who can forget her trailer-park-worthy "F" word rant on Twitter when boyfriend Justin Verlander lost a pitching prize. Has sweet, bubbly, slightly trashy Kate become a witch diva? Gossips say, 'yes, big time.' But, she's become the benchmark by which others are judged.

8 Britney Spears

When she was a little girl growing up in the Deep South and her alcoholic father went on a rampage, Britney Spears ran to her aunt's trailer to hide. So, she comes by trailer park naturally. The troubled singer famously had a meltdown around ten years ago, shaving her head, doing totally bizarre stuff, and checking into rehab. According to her momager, Lynne, the Mouseketeer was drinking booze by the time she was 13, already having s*x when she was 14, and was into drugs soon after that. Mom made a packet off a book that dissed Britney and "told the truth." These days, Britney is under the permanent guardianship of (guess who?) her alcoholic father and raking in big bucks (which dad controls) in Las Vegas. How much are we talking? Well, according to Celebuzz, back in 2014, it was around $1 million a week!

7 Courtney Stodden


Courtney Stodden takes trailer-park-trashy to a whole new level. The reality TV star and "model" channels trashy with a natural flare. From tight everything, stilettos, lots of cleavage, and loads of animal print, she looks like a pole dancer from the double wide down the lane. When she was only 16 years old, she (yuck!) married 50-something actor Doug Hutchison. She has said that he is a "tiger" in bed. We really don't want to know. The marriage has had its ups and downs and, while we last heard the two still live together, they are "separated." WTF? True to her trashy vibe, the stacked blonde has appeared in a reality TV show called Hollywood Hillbillies. Think tacky, over-the-top, and lots of shouting and bust-ups. And after all of that, she's still only 22 years old.

6 Coco Austin

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In Coco Austin, we have another pole dancer in the double-wide type of babe. Coco Austin has boobs and booty that are "matched" by design. Think lots of silicone, lots of money, and very few clothes. Coco is a big-booty-and-big-boobie babe who is married to rapper/ TV star Ice T. They seemed genuinely loved up in their reality show, Ice Loves Coco. When she is not doing stuff with Ice T, Coco is the kind of babe who plays Bo Peep in Las Vegas' Peepshow. It's a burlesque, bare-all kind of show that ran from 2009 to 2013. While in Las Vegas, without hubby, she caused a bit of a stir when snaps showed Coco with rapper AP.9. Seems like they were in a clinch, and he was nuzzling her face and neck. Ice T was not best pleased, and Coco fell all over herself apologizing. So, does Ice still love Coco? Apparently so.

5 Pam Anderson


Believe it or not, Pamela Anderson has lived in a trailer park! No, it's not your typical dirt road, muscle-cars-in-the-yard kind of place. The Malibu, California park is called Paradise Cove. It's upmarket luxury "trailers" that can run up to thousands of square feet and sell for millions. So, Pam was in good company. Reportedly, at one point, she was even dating an electrician! Now, from the early days with rocker Tommy Lee, Pam was a trashy kind of rocker babe who channeled in-your-face bad girl. And she rocked that red swimsuit in TV's Baywatch. These days, sadly, she's putting out the cougar vibe and trying to rock hot when many say she is not. But, we remember the Baywatch and, later, trailer park days.

4 Anna Nicole Smith

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Anna Nicole Smith was a busty and lusty Texas lass who, in the early 1990's, hit the pages of Playboy. She was a kind of "personality," seemingly larger than life. She was a 20-something year old and had been working in a Houston strip club when she married 80-something oil man J. Howard Marshall. Yes, he was old enough to be her grandfather and, of course, stinking rich. It did not end well, though, as the old coot left her nothing when he died in 1995. Of course, she took the estate to court. That did not end well for her either. She played big busty blondes in a few forgettable films, had a daughter, and did some TV. But there was a problem, she was addicted to various prescription drugs and was out of it a lot of the time. So, while it was a shock, nobody was surprised when she was found dead of an overdose in a Florida hotel room in 2007.

3 Lindsay Lohan

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Poor Lindsay Lohan. She's on just about every "bad" list out there. Her trailer park vibe is the party-hard babe who gets so drunk that she doesn't show up for work the next day... and maybe the next. The former child star has had a tough ten years or so, with DUI charges, missed court appearances, "orange is the new black" jail time, and a total estrangement from her dad, Michael. She has a reputation for being so totally unreliable on a TV or movie set that she was, for a time, unemployable. She's also the kind of nearly-broke chick who runs up huge 5-star hotel bills that she doesn't pay. Has she turned a corner? Recently, she was in London filming TV's Sick Note with Harry Potter's Ron Weasley, aka Rupert Grint. Fans hope so. But we wonder.

2 Christina Aguilera

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She was a cute Disney Mouseketeer, who swapped s*x tips and pot with the likes of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Later, she was a pop princess and a big star...but only for a little while. Christina Aguilera channels Italian-American bad girl. She's the chick who used to live in the single wide, whose family graduated to a double wide. Tabloids love her, hinting that maybe she is an abusive mother. Talk about the trailer park vibe! Then, there were rumors of boob and butt work and a leaked photo scandal. OK. She's planning another comeback. No, we don't think it will happen either.

1 Snooki


If there was ever a queen of the classy, trashy trailer park babes, it would be Jersey Shore's Snooki. She is only around 4 feet 8 inches tall, but makes the most of what she has by covering every inch of her body in tight and short clothing, bling, jewelry, and makeup layered on with a trowel. And don't forget the big, big hair. True to her trailer park vibe, Snooki went on to host WWE Raw, and all 4 feet 8 inches of her did her best at WrestleMania XXVII in 2011. She's the kind of babe who gets arrested for disorderly conduct (in New Jersey) and for running into a parked police car (in Florence, Italy). And she'll sue you at the drop of a hat. Like we said, the queen of the trashy, trailer park celebrities.

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