15 Hot Celebrities Only Jerks Love

Why do some celebrity women only like a-holes? It's a fair question. But it's also a question that could be asked of many women all around the world.

Why do some celebrity women only like a-holes? It's a fair question. But it's also a question that could be asked of many women all around the world. The old adage "nice guys finish last" always seems to be true. Think back to all those great classic high school movies where the pretty cheerleader always feels compelled to date the biggest jerk, the most popular dude in school, the a-hole quarterback. Certainly, movies are movies. But in real life, this does seem to play out again and again. So many gorgeous women seem to have a craving for complete douches.

Whether it comes down to "daddy issues" or just plain stupidity, we often can't control who we love. And beautiful women, at times, seem to go down this road. They aren't the only ones either. When you think of men having the "stripper dream" or liking the sexy girls with crazy tats, the whole "bad boy/girl" thing can go both ways. We're not just going to pick on the ladies with this one. Although, they seem to start younger with their appetite for the bad boy. Men grow into their role and seem to revert to the bad girls later in life. Whether young or old, it is true that people always seem to want the forbidden fruit. This is where we circle back to those classic 80s and 90s movies stereotypes where hot girls like bad boys. And celebrity hotties are no different. These are 15 Hot Celebrities Who Like Jerks.

15 Rihanna

Rihanna's SOS landed her right in the lap of success back in 2006. Who knew that the song would be a precursor for her crazy ride with former beau Chris Brown. On the surface, Chris Brown was a regular ladies man. He was suave and handsome. Brown was the toast of the music business up until the 2009 incident involving himself and Rihanna. The two were an item, an explosive couple displaying tremendous success. On the night of February, 8th, 2009, everything changed. Rihanna had to suddenly cancel her scheduled performance at the 51st Grammy Awards. Then reports surfaced that she was attacked by her boyfriend, Chris Brown. Photographs were leaked that showed Rihanna's injuries and on March 5th, 2009, Brown was charged with assault and making criminal threats. With so much going for her, it's crazy that Rihanna had such a terrible personal issue arise. But it goes to show you that even successful celebrities are not immune to physical and verbal abuse by bad boy jerks.

14 Beyonce

She was part of the super-group Destiny's Child. Beyoncé clearly stood out with her ladies and soon after success rode in on waves, she began dabbling as a solo artist. Beyoncé's beauty, moves and style were the stuff of legend (and that butt didn't hurt either) and she officially broke away from the group format to become her own songstress. As the success piled in, Beyoncé had the world at her fingertips. She shocked the world when she started to be seen with pot-smoking musical mogul Jay-Z. Jay-Z was rolling along. He had his own label and ton of rap hits going for him. But he also looked like a dude that could easy be on the side of a street corner downing a 40 in a brown paper bag working at the local factory. What we're saying is, Jay-Z is no Taye Diggs. Jay-Z was money and success, sure, but Beyoncé had all of that on her own. So it was shocking when she bounced over to the money-making rapper.

13 Jennifer Lopez

Much like Sandra Bullock, the world was in love with Jennifer Lopez. She was such a success story. She came from being a "Fly Girl" on the hit television sketch series In Living Color and erupted on the big screen as singing great Selena. There was so much to like about Lopez and she started cooking up hit after hit on the big screen. Her music success continued on as well, the dual threat showing she had chops to bring the house down in the movie theaters and rock the stages across the world with her voice and killer rear. However, the world stepped back and tipped their head just a bit to the side when she hooked up with Puffy Daddy. P-Diddy landed the Latin hottie and with his rap-wielding tongue, seemed to land one of the hottest girls around. Lopez didn't need the extra juice, but fell for the "Bad Boy." And P-Diddy even got into a scuffle in which a gun was fired in the presence of Lopez. That turned out to be the last draw and scared her straight.

12 Sandra Bullock

Is there any female actress that is seen as more apple pie than Sandra Bullock? She is an absolute darling in the film industry. She is beloved for the variety of romantic and comedy roles she plays. She is seen as a genuinely good person. All of these wonderful attributes makes you wonder how on earth she got herself hooked up with a complete a-hole like Jesse James. Bullock had reportedly dated football stud Troy Aikman and actor Matthew McConaughey. So how did she fall for the greaseball pig James? Somehow, they ended up getting married during the summer of 2005. In late 2009, James and Bullock got into a custody battle with James' second ex-wife, actress Janine Lindemulder. Bullock and James won the custody case against the adult film actress. However, in 2010, the happy house of cards came crumbling down when SEVERAL women came forward and admitted to having numerous affairs with James while he was married to America's Sweetheart. James checked into rehab and Bullocks checked out of their marriage.

11 Denise Richards

Let's see if this sounds familiar. A sexy starlet on the rise decides that she wants to date a bad boy. He has a bit of a history with women and prostitutes. This beautiful woman then marries this bad boy and things aren't quite as rosy as she would have hoped. This is the story of Denise Richards. After being in Wild Things the world knew exactly who Denise Richards was. She became a Bond Girl shortly thereafter. With a pivotal and hilarious appearance on Friends, Richards was soaring with popularity. Then came the Charlie Sheen crazy train pulling right into her station. The two started dating and married in 2002. The epic chaos that ensued is legendary. First off, Sheen can't help being a womanizer and drug and alcohol abuser (well, he can, but rehab hasn't done much for him). They separated while Richards was pregnant with their second child. Then came temporary reconciliation, a restraining order, a custody battle, dropped custody and then a final divorce. Sheen remarried and he and his next wife, Brooke Mueller, got so wasted and messed up, that Richards took their two kids in as well while they attempted to sober up.

10 Kim Kardashian

Well, this doesn't seem surprising at all. Kim Kardashian of course is on top of the world. Her success comes from being famous for being famous. There isn't a lot to it. KK takes pictures of herself half-naked and shoots them up on Instagram. From there, she is able to maintain her rep and keep the likes coming. We naturally make fun of her success because it doesn't seem earned. But Kim is calculating and has taken all of us back to our 'Rear Window' so we can watch her show her goods. It has worked masterfully and she has continued to exploit herself again and again. And as she is making $100 million what does she do? She starts a relationship with rap delinquent and Trump advocate Kanye West. West is an idiot. There, we said it.

9 Pamela Anderson

Well, this one's going to be a very long list! Pamela Anderson is famous for being THE Baywatch girl. And as you look at the picture above, we can certainly understand why. Pamela is ridiculously hot but she also made some poor choices when it came to men. Pamela brought every dirtbag around to her door. Tommy Lee was one. You would think that after she married a drummer who was known for three distinct things: 1) a global dong, 2) partying like crazy, and 3) women, Pamela would learn from her mistakes. Nope. After Tommy Lee, she somehow became attracted to Kid Rock, who pretty much is the same as Tommy Lee without the giant dong. Then she married a degenerate gambler whose biggest claim to fame was dating celebrities. Pamela Anderson is hot, but she also dates jerk after jerk.

8 Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes became our favorite "girl next door" when she landed the role of Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek. When Katie emerged at her bedroom window with Dawson needing her shoulder to cry on, our relationship with Katie Holmes was so beautiful. She was the "every girl" we all wished we could meet in our lives. She seemed carefree and beautiful all in one. She seemed fresh and perfect, and then came the wrecking ball called Tom Cruise. That's right, Captain Couch emerged as the choice for America's young sweetheart. It was crazy watching Cruise jump and down, gleeful in front of Oprah Winfrey over his relationship with Katie. We were dumbfounded. And Cruise's crazy Scientologist ways finally overwhelmed Katie, and leaked information about Cruise's borderline crazy and abusive ways finally drove Katie out the door along with their child. We're hoping Katie has learned her lesson. It's not too late, Joey Potter!

7 Halle Berry

Is there any star quite as timeless as Halle Berry? The former beauty queen has been a knockout for decades now. She is regularly listed as one of the hottest actresses of all time with her natural curves that kill and her gorgeous face and skin. Halle is truly awesome in almost every way and even made it to the level of Bond Girl (although we're not applauding that performance all that much). In addition to being gorgeous, she has had crappy luck with men. It is rumored that her ex-boyfriend, actor Wesley Snipes, beat her so badly that she lost 80% of her hearing in one ear. Then she hooked up with massive ego baseball player David Justice who was a well-known a-hole through many circles. Halle also stated that Justice abused her during their short marriage.

6 Evelyn Lozada

Much like Kim Kardashian, Lozada is more famous for reality television than actually having talent of her own. But be that as it may, Lozada is one hot piece of eye candy. First, it was basketball star Antoine Walker who carried on a long relationship with this beauty. Then came football star Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. Dating a basketball player is suicide enough for a beautiful woman. But when you jump into bed with the circus that was Chad Johnson, you are asking for trouble. The two got married and had a reality show of their own planned when he, just over a month into the marriage, lost his mind and head butted her. The incident cost Johnson his football career and his marriage (and a hell of a lot of coin). Evelyn has rebounded nicely after getting violently attacked and has remained relevant on the reality television circuit. And she is really hot too!

5 Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is the member of Destiny's Child not named Beyoncé who has found some success. She went on and released her own solo album and sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. Then came starring movie roles for Rowland who looked as if she was blowing up. One of her hit singles was with R&B artist Nelly. During the course of her successful run, Kelly had the bad fortune of dating Nelly's former manager, Cuda. She was abused for years before anyone knew about it. Rowland is now on Empire, the hit television series continuing her very successful entertainment career. Whether it is singing, movies or television shows, Kelly Rowland has found success wherever she has gone.

4 Katy Perry

"California Gurl" Katy Perry actually is not much of a Perry at all. She is actually Katy Hudson and interestingly enough, released her first album under her real name. Katy used to sing in church as a child and wanted to initially pursue a career in gospel music. As time went on, Katy "Kissed a Girl," had some "Teenage Dreams" and even launched her own "Fireworks" of success. Play on song titles aside, Katy Perry is a busty brunette beauty who killed it with hit after hit. She is worth over a hundred million dollars which begged the question: What the hell is Katy Perry doing with Russell Brand? Brand is a comical actor known more for slurring his British words and unleashing many sexual jokes. He also boasts about the countless women he has slept with and somehow, Perry saw it fit to marry this disaster in 2010. Their wedding bells quickly quelled and divorce found them just two years later. This "good" girl definitely needs to avoid the bad boys.

3 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez seems like a real good egg. We say that with the utmost respect. She is a beautiful young woman who has made quite the name for herself. She rose to prominence on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place back in 2007. She rode the small screen wave of success through 2012. As the show came to an end, Selena had much more up her sleeve than some Disney fun. As her star was rising, she found a new avenue to conquer the entertainment industry, music. Selena released her first album in 2013 to big applause and critical acclaim. She followed that up with the 2015 release of Revival, and album that saw the first 3 singles released all top the Mainstream Top 40 chart in the US. Selena also has a line of clothing through Kmart that launched in 2010 and a fragrance released in 2013. The gist is, this girl really has it going on. She is beautiful, young and talented. So why the hell did she end up with that little kid called Bieber? Justin Bieber can hardly be called a bad boy. He worked hard on his rep with the R&B world because he sang like a choir boy.

2 Megan Fox

Oh, man, Megan Fox is SOOOOO hot! Yeah, that's pretty much where we are at. She started off catching the world's eyes with her role in the Transformers movie series. Her freckles and deep blue eyes tore men's hearts out all around the world. And then Megan got a bit of a "bump" when she got a boob job. She can be seen with these remarkable assets in the film This is 40. Without a doubt, Megan Fox is one of the hottest around in Hollywood. As awesome as she is on the big screen, we definitely have to question her choice in men. First, her husband Brian Austin Green seems more like a tool than anything. There were numerous rumors about Green being incredibly controlling. On top of that, it was rumored that Megan dated enormous a-hole Shia LaBeouf. One step away from becoming a caricature of an actual human being, LaBeouf is completely insane in the way that you can't take your eyes of a train heading toward broken tracks above a giant gorge. Megan, you pretty much can have your pick-of-the-litter. Make good choices!

1 Angelina Jolie

This one falls under the category: it takes crazy to know crazy.  We all know Angelina Jolie is a lit bit nutty herself. From kissing her brother awkwardly on the lips at an awards show to wearing vials of blood around her neck, she isn't always all there. And then she went Madonna on the world and adopted as many children from every continent she visited. We begin with her chaotic romance with Billy Bob Thornton. He was a habitual drinker and crazy weirdo. Then she entered into a romance with married man, Brad Pitt. Now, Pitt has been rumored to be a bit full of himself and out there. Their marriage lasted quite a while until it recently imploded over accusations of Pitt's drug use and verbal abuse of their children. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Who knows what's going down there, but one thing is for certain, the super-hot Jolie needs to stay away from large egos in Hollywood.


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15 Hot Celebrities Only Jerks Love