15 Hot Anime Chicks All Guys Get "EXCITED" About

There are many anime shows out there that are praised for thought-provoking plots and beautiful animation... but there are also some that are known for unbelievably sexy female characters. So what makes these animated girls so desirable, you might wonder? Well, besides their lustrous bodies and revealing outfits, some of them are also very cool and intelligent. That means that many of them are eye-candies but still play a major role in a plot they are part of. For example, Nami from One Piece is actually a very skillful navigator who keeps the whole crew together. Bishamon from Noragami is a powerful warrior with unbelievable combat skills. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail is one of the strongest female anime characters who is very loyal and dedicated to her companions. As you can see, being hot is a plus, because many of these sexy girls have other things to offer as well.

Fan service is pretty common in anime nowadays and you might think that these female characters do not possess anything interesting except hot bodies, but you would be wrong. Each of them is actually quite unique which in turn makes her even hotter. You might disagree with our choices this time, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off this list either. Some of these anime chicks are so beautiful, intelligent and interesting that they seem to simply drive their fans crazy! Here are 15 of those sexy anime girls who might blow your mind. Just prepare yourself before you scroll down.


15 Revy from Black Lagoon

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Everyone knows that there is no anime chick who is more badass than Revy. Also known as ‘Two Hand’, she is a Chinese-American assassin who is famous for being cold-blooded, ill-tempered, cruel and bad-mouthed. Even though her past is mysterious, it is known that she became a thief and murderer as a little girl in order to survive on the streets. Revy is quite brutal and merciless, which can be seen when she slaughters the whole group of people… only because they provoked her. She lusts after money and does not care about anything except her own comfort. Revy may come off as a very vulgar and brutal female character, but that is exactly what makes her hot. With a tattoo that covers one arm and a hot body, she can be quite intimidating but also very sexy. She is also one of the most skillful chicks with firearms that you will ever come across in anime.

14 Bishamon from Noragami

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Bishamon, also known as Viina, is a beautiful Combat God with long blonde hair and sensuous body. However, do not get fooled because she might seem like a fragile and sweet blonde, but she is more than that, as her title suggests. In this anime, she is seen riding a lion and cracking her whip at anyone who displeases her. She also wears amazingly hot outfits such as short skits, high boots and only a bra. She is not only sexy because she is one of the most powerful Gods and fighters in this realm, but also because she is very loyal and dedicated to her servants... which makes her vulnerable. That is exactly what makes her so hot – her amazing fighting skills plus a soft and passionate personality. Make sure to go and check out Noragami if you wish to see more of this blonde beauty, you won’t regret it!

13 Nami from One Piece

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There is so much to be said about the hot redhead Nami. Also known as ‘Cat Burglar’, she is a crucial member of the Straw Hat Pirates in this adventurous anime One Piece. She is famous for being quite manipulative and for always getting the final word. Nami is also greedy because she simply loves money – and she is not afraid to take advantage of other people in order to get to it. However, she does value friendship and her crew, she is actually a very skillful navigator without whom the whole ship would probably get lost. Even though she is quite hot and lustrous, she is not very adventures and prefers to avoid fighting as much as she can. With her red hair, navigating skills, and strict personality, Nami is one of the sexiest anime pirates ever, and her confident nature and amazing body bring joy to hundreds of fans worldwide!

12 Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

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Erza is yet another powerful female warrior with red hair and brown eyes. She is very tall and busty. Her nickname is ‘Titania’ which symbolizes her magical power and strength in general. Erza almost always wears an armored suit which makes her even hotter; however, she can change as many magic armors as she wants due to her powers. She is known as a very strict person and comrade and she tends to be rough to anyone who does not answer her questions fast enough. Ezra looks the best when she is in a battle, showing off her true potential while unleashing all the magic she gets. She is one of those female characters who radiate with power and sexuality and the more powerful she is, the sexier she gets. Ezra is always complimented for her prowess as a warrior and we can see why.

11 Rias Gremory from High School DxD

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Rias Gremory is a busty, sexy and beautiful redhead who belongs to the house of Gremory so she is also called the ‘Crimson Ruin Princess’. She possesses the power of destruction which means that she can create and release energy that destroys matter, making her one of the most powerful characters in High School DxD. This power allows her to destroy almost anything which is, you must admit, pretty cool. Her brother possesses the same power. Rias is famous for her ultra-busty body, but that is not the only unique thing about her. Believe it or not, her bust is powerful as well – she is able to release a red light from her breasts which in turns temporarily shrinks them, but after some time they get back to their normal size. Rias is also considered to be one of the prettiest girls in this anime, and the fact is that she is definitely the sexiest.

10 Shizuka Marikawa from Highschool of the Dead

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Highschool of the Dead is a famous action-packed anime about a group of high school friends who join forces in order to fight zombies. This busty blonde is called Shizuka Marikawa, the popular school nurse who is famous for her large bust size. She is obviously used as a comical character in the anime, but she is not useless – she opens her home to the high school students during the outbreak of zombies so they can hide and she always takes care of everyone and makes sure to keep them healthy. However, she can be very clumsy, sensitive and emotional… even though she is the only adult in the group of survivors. Shizuka definitely deserves a place on this list because she is unbelievably hot, and not only because of her large breasts, but also because she is very cute and hardworking… and that counts as well, right?

9 Meiko Shiraki from Prison School

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Almost everyone has heard about Prison School, the scandalous anime about a group of boys who end up locked up in an all-girls high school and get mistreated by the girls there on a daily basis. Well, Meiko Shiraki is the sadistic and busty vice principal of the student council that is responsible for throwing these boys in prison. She wears glasses and walks the campus in a short mini skirt and tight shirt. She is very voluptuous and busty but she is known as a man hater. She is also very strict and rigorous and if somebody makes her angry she does not hesitate to use her whip or the heels of her boots. Meiko is a skillful fighter and she is one of the sexiest girls in the anime. Believe it or not but many fans have shown a desire to be locked up by Meiko and to become her victims.


8 Hestia from DanMachi

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Hestia is the goddess of the family and hearth, but have you ever wondered what would the anime version of Hestia look like? Now you can see that she is presented as a petite, beautiful, cheerful and busty brunette in a provocative white dress. Her hair is black while her eyes are round and blue. She is always kind and energetic but also jealous of other pretty girls. In this anime she is shown as a lazy and immature goddess who very often becomes petty and lewd. However, Hestia loves her friends and can be hard-working when she finally manages to focus on something. She is also considered to be one of the sexiest anime goddesses, which is not surprising, especially when you look at her figure and the way she dresses. Make sure to check out DanMachi if you would like to see this, rather comical, anime version of Greek mythology.

7 Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki

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Yuno Gasai is one of the main characters in the futuristic and action-packed anime Mirai Nikki. She is very cute with pink hair and hot body; however, she is known as one of the craziest female characters ever. She is in love with a clumsy boy Yukiteru, which is more of an obsession than love because she has always been possessive of him. She plays the role of a model student perfectly and many see her as a kind and intelligent girl. However, she is actually a very intelligent stalker who only has Yukiteru on her mind. There is nothing that would stop her from having him, even death. She is also one of the strongest players in this deadly game, mostly because of her intelligence, diligence and need to succeed in everything she does. No matter how beautiful, you would never want to cross Yuno Gasai, trust us.

6 Alex Benedetto from Gangsta

via Anime Characters Database

Alex Benedetto, also known as Al-chan, is a beautiful and busty girl with dark skin, blue eyes and long black hair. She lives and works as a prostitute in a fictional city of Ergastulum which is set in a world of mob families and corrupted cops. She is actually a very kind and emotional girl who has a beautiful voice. Her life changes when Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo save her and employ her as their secretary. After that she becomes a singer at a brothel. Al-chan soon learns to trust other people and to heal wounds from her past, which is quite mysterious. It is soon discovered that she has a younger brother with whom she has lost contact. If you would like to learn more about this blue-eyed beauty, then make sure to check out Gangsta and its cruel world of mercenaries and fallen women.

5 Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann

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Gurren Lagann is an award-winning anime series about two boys who discover a secret weapon and name it Lagann. Their paths get crossed by this fiery redhead Yoko Littner who is an expert when it comes to guns as she wields a massive firearm all the time. She joins them on a journey to explore the surface and fight against the robots called Gunmen. This is a story of a brave trio that is going to save humanity and deepen the bond among each other. Yoko is a hot fighter who is more mature and responsible than the boys. What makes her interesting, besides the scanty outfit, is definitely the way she handles weapons or guns. She is very skilled and experienced when it comes to fighting Gunmen as well. Her favorite firearms include a long range sniper rifle that she takes everywhere she goes and a couple of hand guns.

4 Anna Nishikinomiya from Shimoneta

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Anna Nishikinomiya is the president of the student council and also a very strict, determined and kind of a naive girl. She lives in a society that is oppressing its citizens by forcing them to wear necklaces that monitor their each movement. Since this society forbids anything that is vulgar or impure, everyone must pretend to be innocent and naive. Anna’s role is therefore to get rid of any suspicious materials and to make sure that everyone behaves properly. However, as you can guess, this cute blonde is not really 100% pure since it appears that she harbors impure thoughts as well. When her childhood crush enters her school and her feelings emerge, everything will get complicated and just plain crazy. If you would like to see a prim and cute council president go crazy, fall in love and start liking naughty thoughts, then make sure to check out Shimoneta!

3 Leafa from Sword Art Online

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Leafa is the system’s name of Kirigaya Suguha, Kazuto’s adoptive sister. As Leafa, she is completely different from her real life persona– she has long blonde hair, green eyes, elf-like ears and a bigger bust size. In reality, she is a cute high school girl with short black hair, dark eyes and muscular body who loves practicing kendo. However, when she plays the game, she is more energetic and playful and also one of the fastest players. Many people get captivated by her beautiful looks in the game and as Leafa she is definitely more sexual than she is in reality. If you are a fan of Sword Art Online and its spin-offs, you could not have missed her, but if you did, make sure to check out this anime series again. You will definitely get mind blown by how sexy, positive and fragile at the same time she is.

2 Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop

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One of the most famous femme fatale in anime, Faye Valentine is a sexy, mysterious, cunning, and dangerous brunette. She is a member of the bounty crew at the spaceship Cowboy Bebop. She suffers from a memory loss so it is unclear where does she come from, but it is sure that she is used to treachery and getting her way throughout the galaxy. Faye appears to be quite greedy and self-centered because she is only looking for new ways to get money and leave everyone else behind. She does not hesitate to use her impressive looks in order to achieve her goals. However, Faye does have a softer side which she tries to conceal as much as possible. This hot and sarcastic bounty hunter will eventually become an important part of the crew and she will come to care for other members as well.

1 Nana Osaki from Nana

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Nana Osaki is famous for being a tough punk rock singer, which makes her one of the coolest and sexiest female characters in anime industry. She is an independent and strong woman who may look tough with her piercings and tattoos, but is actually quite emotional and sensitive. She has short black hair, dark eyes and a slim figure. Having in mind that Nana’s favorite fashion icon is Vivienne Westwood and her favorite band is the Sex Pistols, so now you can understand her clothing style better. What makes Nana so unique and alluring is definitely her scary behavior but kind heart beneath. She is very loyal and devoted to the people she loves but she is also very opinionated and does not like being ordered around. She is definitely someone you would like to have coffee with. That is why Nana deserves a place on this list and her talent would definitely blow you away.


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