15 Hot Alexandra Daddario Pics That'll Make You Want To See Baywatch

As we make our way through awards season and those less than desirable movies in the January humdrum cinema calendar, one particular film that is certainly set to rear heads is Baywatch. The reimagining of the classic television star starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson is getting a new lease of life with a whole new crew of hot talent, including Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson and Kelly Rohrbach.

But there is one particular star of the upcoming film that is certain to catch the eye and attention of many an audience member with her natural beauty and stunning physique that is perfect for her character Summer Quinn. That person is Alexandra Daddario, the actress re-teaming with her San Andreas co-star Johnson to heat up the beach and have us wishing we could throw ourselves in the water just to be saved by her.

Daddario has come a long way since her breakout performance in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, having slowly made her way to much bigger things, having continued in the franchise she made her name in, starring in TV shows such as True Detective, Parenthood and White Collar, and even leading the way in disaster flick San Andreas, even with the WWE star turned actor making his presence felt. If the young actress can create waves even in the presence of greatness then you know you have someone special you're watching on screen. And talking of special, Daddario has produced some truly wondrous photos along the way and we're here to show you some of the best.

15 Funny and Beautiful

Back in 2011, Daddario was given the opportunity to showcase her sheer beauty in a photo shoot with Esquire, just an early sign of just how incredibly photogenic and beautiful this woman really is.

But to add to the beauty, Daddario is also very funny, as she showcased in a video for the magazine entitled 'Funny Joke From A Beautiful Woman'. Showing that she's not just a one-joke kind of girl, the actress would give us the pleasure of two jokes, with one a slightly longer one about an old married couple and the second a rib-tickler involving elephants falling off a cliff.

She has since showed off her comedic side having starred in films such as Hall Pass and Burying The Ex, and there's no doubt she'll be providing some laughs when Baywatch hits us later this year.

14 The Perfect Date

In a shoot for GQ Magazine, Alexandra Daddario was asked about the whole idea of dating and what her opinion was on it in this day and age. Explaining how she was amazed at just how many people she knew that were in long term relationships through Tinder (her sister included), Daddario went on to explain that she's never really had to use an exit strategy on a date. That alone makes her amazing.

Then she went on to describe what would be her perfect date, once again leaving us in awe of how awesome she really is. Explaining that something casual would be her perfection, the Baywatch actress cited a nice hike or someone joining her for some yoga as something that would tick her boxes.

She certainly thinks outside the box but that's part of what makes her so appealing.

13 Fashion Conscious

Appearing in a shoot for Cosmopolitan in 2013, Alexandra Daddario paved the way for her much talked about nude scene in True Detective with a rather appealing set of photos that proved that she was as much about fashion as showing off her exceptional figure.

Donning a cool Calvin Klein jean top that showed off her assets in some respectable underwear, Daddario looks like a stylish young actress ready to have some fun with her hair flowing freely and that trademark glint in her eye.

If you look carefully at the picture you'll find yourself slowly but surely hypnotised by those gorgeous blue eyes. And they said Daniel Craig had eyes you could swim in...

12 The Perfect Lifeguard

There is so much to look forward to with regards to Baywatch. The fact that it's R-rated. Dwayne Johnson. Zac Efron. Kelly Rohrbach. The cameos of Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff! And yet we're instantly drawn to Alexandra Daddario, especially with her getting in the mood for her role as Summer in this picture.

With the American flag emblazoned on her lifeguard's chair, the actress looks at home in a royal blue bikini and a serious look in those dreamy blue eyes. She looks as casual as they come with the wind in her hair and the beach in her sights.

We have no doubt that when the release date comes, we'll have nothing but our eyes on her. We'll be ready...

11 Premiere Dazzler

As an actress who is both talented and beautiful it's not just about those scantily-clad photo shoots but also the time for looking elegant. Daddario showed she can transition with the utmost ease in this photo shoot for Standard Magazine.

Donning a stunning dress that would be welcome at any awards ceremony, the star looks extremely elegant, especially with those lips shining brightly in a powerful red and her hair styled to mirror some of the classic bombshells of Hollywood days gone past.

We cannot wait for the day when she is a big-hitting awards winner and we can cast our eyes on those incredible outfits on the Oscars red carpet. That day, we feel, may not be too far away if she continues on her current trajectory.

10 The Perfect Passenger

via Vanity Fair

While promoting her 2015 disaster epic San Andreas, Alexandra Daddario took the time to enjoy some time in a convertible as she posed for Vanity Fair in a stunning figure-hugging white outfit that once again showed us what an incredible figure she possesses.

Here is a woman who is quite simply every guy's dream and in the film itself she proved that she certainly wasn't a damsel in distress by no stretch. Admitting that her character was a lot tougher and more heroic than her real-life self, Daddario forged a great on-screen partnership with Dwayne Johnson that will once again be reignited this year.

Having proved a hit at the box office in 2015, one can imagine that their second outing together will result in yet more success and a legion of even bigger fans.

9 Black And White Beauty

Even without a colour pallet lighting up those hypnotic eyes, Alexandra Daddario is a sight to behold. In this black-and-white photo shoot for Interview Magazine she simply simmers in all her innocent beauty, yet another sign of this woman's striking features.

The actress first made her on-screen debut in 2002's TV show All My Children before making her feature film debut in the animated The Squid And The Whale. She would then go on to make appearances in shows such as The Sopranos and Law & Order before hitting the higher realms of Hollywood and becoming the star that she is today.

8 Fancy A Swim?

Just as a tantalising teaser for things to come in Baywatch (well maybe not to this extent), Daddario took to the water for this particularly free-spirited photo shoot in which she posed fully naked.

It's a sight that also got pulses racing when her character Lisa Tragnetti gave Woody Harrelson's Detective Marty  a rather tantalising reminder that the woman he was having an affair with was something truly remarkable.

Of the nude scene, Daddario explained, "I really wanted to be part of the show, and I understood why the nudity and all of that was required of the character.... The character is really different from anything that I've done before. The nudity was just part of that."

7 Hot And Heavy

Clearly Alexandra Daddario is a woman who is more than happy to put in some strict exercise and keep her figure at its peak, especially taking into consideration this photo from her GQ shoot. Here we see a rather hot and heavy Daddario taking a breather against a bike, with it very clear that the actress is quite happy to remain in shape.

Showing that she's certainly not afraid to get her hands dirty, the hiking enthusiast was one of many of the San Andreas cast members who had to undertake their own stunts in order for director Brad Peyton to maintain the authenticity of the events unfolding within his movie.

6 Summer Is Coming

If you didn't know by now, a Baywatch film adaptation of the classic television show is coming and, among the hot young talent involved in the project, our favourite Alexandra Daddario is one of the pinnacle figures.

Playing Summer, love interest to Zac Efron's Matt Brody, it would be impossible to doubt the Percy Jackson star's ability to woo the guys to see this one and one of the posters for the movie does the job pretty much immediately.

Nicely playing on her character's name, the post features Daddario in full classic red swimsuit and wearing snow boots as the poster reminds us that this woman is here to hot things up, even if it is a bit chilly outside. Marketing done perfectly!

5 Heaven and Hell

Whether it's a shot of her on her own or with other stars, it's hard not to notice Alexandra Daddario on screen or in a specific photo shoot. This particular poster for Baywatch is no different.

Teasing us that her character Summer could well be a bit devilish come the film's release in May, the poster features the new-age C.J. Parker, Kelly Rohrbach, franchise viagra Mr. Dwayne Johnson and of course, Daddario herself.

It's another great poster for the upcoming film, with both men and women drawn into the promise that this film is going to be littered with good-looking people from the very first minute to the end credits.

Daddario indeed looks ready for the role, promising us that she will keep those devil horns well hidden but maybe she'll crack out the whip if she needs to...

4 The Innocent Look

Okay so that title may be deceiving taking into consideration that Daddario is posing right by a sign that points to the men's room, but there is something about her young beauty that tells us that the actress has that sweet, innocent look that simply draws us in.

That being said, the actress has been rather candid about her involvement with boys from a young age.

Recalling one of her first acting gigs, Daddario went on to explain how being at an all-girls school meant when male attention was there she would take advantage.

"I went to an all-girls school for part of high school, and the idea of boys was amazing to me, like, all I ever wanted to do was kiss boys and be around boys. The audition was me and one other guy. I would have chocolate syrup in my mouth, and the boy would put milk in his mouth, and we'd make out. And then, we'd come up from the big make-out, and we'd have chocolate milk mustaches, and we had to be like, 'Got milk?' or 'Got chocolate milk?' or something."

3 Horror Chick

Not content with being one of those chick-flick girls or find herself typecast as a YA adaptation go-to girl, Alexandra Daddario changed things up a little in her career when she turned to horror, and most notably 2003's Texas Chainsaw.

The movie saw her spearheading the charge against Leatherface as Heather and it was quite possibly one of the most intense performances from the young actress at the time, with the past notions of scream queens clearly an influence on her.

Unfortunately, the film performed poorly, with a 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and less than kind reviews from critics within a genre that is often short of ideas. Thankfully though, Daddario came out stronger on the other side and has since gone on to greater heights in her career.

2 A Future Star

At just 29, it's clear that Alexandra Daddario has plenty of years left in her Hollywood career to truly make her mark and reach that pinnacle where she can be considered for awards and the overwhelming plaudits that come with such things.

Thankfully, the star's career path is hitting a trajectory that sees her starring in what could be one of the year's most surprising, funny and entertaining blockbuster movies, meaning that her stock will only rise once her portrayal of Baywatch's Summer hits theaters.

She's already shown in the past that she can mix it up with some of the best, including Woody Harrelson and current go-to man Dwayne Johnson so it'll be an interesting few years in the Daddario household where her career could simply sky rocket.

1 A Winter Warmer

If there was ever someone who could simply warm your heart at the sight of her beauty it's someone like Alexandra Daddario. This picture itself is one that fills you up with love, with the star posing topless but still donning that cosy, warm winter hat for that extra warmth.

Here we clearly have a woman who is not afraid to flaunt her stunning beauty to the world and also have some fun with it too.

Hopefully we can see that fun emanate on screen through her character in May's release of Baywatch. The film itself certainly looks like a tantalising prospect, with a combination of a beautiful cast, R-rated comedy and so much more ready to be put on show.

This is one film we cannot wait for!

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