15 Hot AF Team-Ups In Marvel And DC

Read on, everyone, and don't say we didn't warn you. Hotness lies within...

When it comes to comic book superheroes, everybody loves a good team-up. Both the Marvel and DC Universes are chock-full of wonderful characters with differing ideologies, purposes, fighting styles and missions, and it usually results in a compelling story if two or more of these characters are thrown together in an exciting scenario. It's just fun to see how they react to each other. For instance, whenever Batman and Superman team up, it's always great to see how the hopeful Superman copes with the more cynical Batman. Or when Captain America and Iron Man are thrust together, we love to read how the highly moral Steve Rogers gets along with the rogueish Tony Stark.

But this article is about another brand of team-up altogether: this is about the hottest team-ups in comic book history. There are countless gorgeous, sexy female heroes and villains in both universes, and we're going to spotlight some of their best team-ups. From all-female superteams to the unexpected collaborations between two heroes who couldn't be more different. We've also thrown in some of the greatest romances in comics history, and a few relationships where the sexual tension between the characters could be cut with a knife!

Read on, everyone, and don't say we didn't warn you. Hotness lies within...

15 Birds Of Prey

Birds Of Prey is a DC Comics superheroine team, which has featured many members over the years, though the core group tends to always include Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and Black Canary. They were the two heroes who originated the team, back when Barbara was confined to a wheelchair and was operating under the alias of the computer expert Oracle. Other members of the group, which often has a rotating roster, have included Huntress, Catwoman, Katana, and Hawkgirl, as well as Hawk and Dove (which made Hawk the first male team member).

When DC launched their Rebirth initiative in 2016, the comic was relaunched as Batgirl and the Birds Of Prey, featuring a streamlined roster of Batgirl, Black Canary and Huntress. This team features many of DC's hottest and most kick-ass ladies, which has helped make it a fan favorite title since its debut in 1996. It was adapted into a short-lived TV series in the early 2000s, but the concept is crying out for a big-budget version on the silver screen.

14 Cyclops And Emma Frost

This team-up (which might be better categorized as a torrid affair, actually) between Cyclops, the stoic, steady leader of the X-Men and Emma Frost, the former supervillain and noted temptress, was a core aspect of the early 2000s' New X-Men run by writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely. Up until this point, it would be fair to say that Cyclops was seen as a safe character; some might have even said boring. He obeyed the rules, lead the X-Men with distinction and loved his wife Jean Grey.

But then things with Jean became strained, and Cyclops began receiving psychic marriage therapy from Emma. This led to a non-physical, psychic affair. Which would've been a good way to avoid getting know, if your wife isn't also a psychic. Jean caught Cyclops and Emma in bed together in their minds and in a rage, used her psychic powers to humiliate Emma. After Jean later died, Cyclops and Emma began a true relationship and became co-headmasters of Xavier's School. Which the other X-Men were not cool with, by the way.

13 Fearless Defenders

The Fearless Defenders was a series that focussed on Valkyrior, a team of female warriors based on the valkyries of Norse mythology. Initially, they appeared in Thor comics, but in 2013 were given their own series. They were led by Valkyrie (also known by her real name Brunnhilde) and Misty Knight (who was recently seen in the Luke Cage TV series).

The base concept was that Valkyrie was tasked with forming a new Valkyrior, but couldn't choose fellow warriors from Asgard; she has to choose heroes from Midgard (Earth). The dichotomy between a goddess and a very street-level crimefighter made for some great stories, and they were also joined on the team by Dani Moonstar and Warrior Woman. This team-up had a very strong core fanbase, and that was thanks to the strong, powerful women who made up the team.

12 Gotham City Sirens

Gotham City Sirens, the team-up of the three hottest female Batman villains (Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy) is soon to become a feature film directed by David Ayer, who also directed Margot Robbie's Harley in last year's Suicide Squad movie. Fans aren't sure if the movie will follow the comic book series of the same name, which ran for 26 issues from 2009-11, or whether it will simply pit these villainous vixens against the heroic Birds Of Prey. Either way, when this much hotness teams up, you can be guaranteed that fans are going to pony up the cash to see it on the big screen!

Interestingly, one plot point from the comic involved Ivy and Harley wanting Catwoman to tell them Batman's secret identity (which she knew, given that she and Batman are on-again off-again lovers). Ivy tried to use a plant-derived truth serum, but it was no use; Catwoman revealed Talia Al Ghul had used mind-control techniques on her to prevent her ever revealing this information about her 'beloved' Batman.

11 Wonder Woman And Batwoman

Wonder Woman is probably the hottest woman in comics. In fact, there's no 'probably' about it. She is the hottest woman in comics. Most of her team-ups over the years have been with members of the Justice League, like Batman and Superman (both of whom she's had romantic entanglements with at different points). But she has also teamed up with some edgier heroes from time to time, like one particular story in which she and Batwoman joined forces to combat some terrifying monsters.

Co-writer and artist of the Batwoman comic at that time, J.H. Williams, said how he was excited to tackle the most iconic female hero of all time in this story. He felt that placing Wonder Woman alongside Batwoman juxtaposed the style and nature of both characters; Wonder Woman is bright and vibrant, whereas Batwoman is shadowy and withdrawn. In fact, he felt their common sense of purpose, despite their differences, made their character interplay every bit as compelling as when Batman and Superman team-up.

10 Rogue And Gambit

Rogue and Gambit's relationship is one of the most famous and beloved romances in comics history. It was characterized by their uncontrollable attraction to each other, but also by the fact that it was incredibly difficult for them to consummate their relationship, given that if Rogue touched Gambit with her bare skin, it might kill him. It's a testament to their commitment to each other over the years that they've found ways to work around this!

Rogue, with her Southern belle charm, and Gambit, with his sexy Cajun thing, were fan favorites, especially in the 1990s. They both have had their own solo comic series over the years and were an integral part of the X-Men animated series. We'd wager that when most fans think of Rogue, they think 'sugah', and when they think of Gambit, the word 'cherie' comes to mind. Hot.

9 Catwoman And Batgirl

Catwoman and Batgirl have tangled a few times over the years, but not as often as you would think. Especially considering they're two of the hottest women in the DC Universe, and both patrol the rooftops of Gotham City every night!

Their last significant encounter was in the Batgirl Annual in 2012. In this oversized issue, Batgirl is investigating a series of arsonist strikes in Gotham, at the same time as Catwoman is tasked with breaking a Talon out of prison. Who or what is a Talon, I hear you ask? Talons are the undead reanimated assassins used by The Court Of Owls, a shadowy group of high-society villains who have controlled and shaped Gotham over the centuries. Naturally, Batgirl and Catwoman's separate missions end up intertwining and it leads to all sorts of ass-kickery in tight, form-fitting leather. Nice.

8 Mr. Fantastic And Invisible Woman

Reed Richards and Susan Storm are arguably the most famous married couple in comic books, and they somehow manage to make marriage look hot! They are the de-facto mom and dad of the Fantastic Four, as they play 'parents' to their unruly 'children'; Sue's brother Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) and Reed's best friend Ben Grimm (The Thing). This dynamic is what has always set Fantastic Four apart from other comics, and it's one of the things that has kept the team in fans' hearts for so many years.

Reed and Sue's wedding was detailed way back in Fantastic Four Annual #3 in 1965! In this classic issue, written by the legendary Stan Lee and drawn by arguably the greatest artist to ever draw comics, Jack Kirby, their wedding day doesn't exactly go off without a hitch. The ceremony is attacked by pretty much every villain the FF had faced at that point; Doctor Doom, The Red Ghost, Super Skrull, and The Mandarin to name but a few. But don't worry, their guests were able to thwart the villains. Those guests? The Avengers, X-Men, Doctor Strange, and Daredevil!

7 A-Force

A-Force debuted in 2015 and was an Avengers team comprised entirely of female heroes. Led by the mega hot She-Hulk, the team initially featured Captain Marvel, Medusa, Dazzler, Nico Minoru, and Singularity. Written by G. Willow Wilson and Margeurite Bennett, the comic was described as 'decidedly feminist', and it took place in an environment named Arcadia, which writer Wilson described as a 'feminist paradise'.

Though the all-female roster 'rules' were relaxed somewhat as the series went on, and new writer Kelly Thompson stated that she didn't want to write stories solely unique to women, the comic was still an important series for both the women of the Marvel Universe and for female fans of these characters. This was a series in which women were the driving force, and each team member was as unique and different from her teammates as it was possible to be. This series helped show that female characters were just as interesting as male ones, and in an industry that is still very male-dominated, that's pretty important. And hot.

6 Kate Kane (Batwoman) And Renee Montoya

Batwoman was created in 1956 to act as a love interest for Batman, mostly to combat accusations of Batman and Robin's homosexuality, which arose from the book 'The Seduction Of The Innocent' by psychiatrist Dr. Frederik Wertham. The character wasn't overly popular, though, and she was removed from continuity in 1964. It took until 2006 for Kate Kane to return to DC continuity, and this interpretation of Batwoman has proved immensely popular. And, in a fairly ironic twist, this Kate Kane is a lesbian and the highest-profile gay superhero in DC's history!

Kate had a relationship with Renee Montoya, a Gotham City cop and long-established supporting character in the Batman comics. Renee was initially created for Batman: The Animated Series in the early 90s and was one of the main stars of Gotham Central in the 2000s. It was in this series that she was outed as a lesbian and faced some discrimination from her police colleagues. Her relationship with Kate was very important for both characters, and even more important for real-life LGBT readers who were crying out for representation in the comics they read.

5 Powergirl And Supergirl

Powergirl and Supergirl are both presented as being really, really ridiculously good looking in the comics. Both costumes are favorites for cosplayers at conventions, and it's easy to see why. And while some fans might simply know Powergirl for her famous, um, assets, many mightn't know her history. Like, for instance, that she is actually the Earth-Two version of Supergirl who became stranded on the main DC Earth and was forced to bond with her counterpart!

She later carved out her own superhero identity, separate from her dimensional counterpart, once they were forced to co-exist. Though they are biologically the same person, Powergirl is older, more mature and level-headed than Supergirl, and has a more aggressive fighting style. She chose the name Powergirl because she didn't want to be associated with Superman, preferring to be her own independent hero. Right on, sister.

4 Wolverine And Jean Grey

When it comes to unrequited love, few comic book 'couples' are as iconic as Wolverine and Jean Grey. It's a tale as old as time; the girl (Jean) is married to her husband (Cyclops), a dependable and solid man, but she is desired by a dangerous, sexy love rival (Wolverine), and can't deny that she feels an attraction to him as well. This scenario was played out well in the X-Men films, especially because the sexual tension between Famke Janssen and Hugh Jackman was palpable. And maybe also because the filmmakers portrayed Cyclops as a boring stick-in-the-mud who got beaten up by every villain he came across. Poor guy never stood a chance against Hugh Jackman!

In Grant Morrison's New X-Men series, Jean and Logan addressed their long unspoken mutual attraction, but decided it was better not to act on their feelings. In fact, in all the years of continuous publication of X-Men comics, they've never consummated their relationship. Instead, they'll always want what they can't have.

3 Spider-Man And Black Cat

Spider-Man's main squeezes in comic book history have always been Gwen Stacy, followed by Mary Jane Watson. Everyone knows that. But there is also the matter of the sexy cat-burglar that he tangles with from time to time: Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat. She is an anti-hero with loose morals who constantly vexes the straight-and-narrow superhero, and both have an undeniable attraction to each other.

If any of this sounds familiar, it's probably because Batman and Catwoman have pretty much the exact same relationship! Writer Marv Wolfman, who created Black Cat in 1979, says that he initially created the character as a female foil for Spider-Woman, not Spider-Man, and thusly was not thinking of the Batman/Catwoman relationship at all. He says he got the idea from a Tex Avery cartoon, 'Bad Luck Blackie'. Whatever the case, Black Cat is super hot and we always get a kick out of seeing her causing trouble for the ol' Webslinger.

2 Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy

Earlier, we detailed the Gotham City Sirens, which is the team-up of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. However, before Selina Kyle came calling, Harley and Ivy had been best gal pals for years in the comics, and have always been one of DC's most popular character pair-ups. Their relationship began in Batman: The Animated Series, and carried over into the comic books, and these days they're nearly inseparable.

So inseparable, in fact, that in 2015 a long-rumored romantic relationship between the characters was confirmed by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor, who are the writers of Harley's ongoing solo title. In a Twitter Q & A, they revealed that they consider Harley and Ivy to be "girlfriends without the jealousy of monogamy". They went on to say that "when Harley falls in love, she falls in love hard and loyally, no matter who they are". The two villainesses had been shown to flirty and emotionally supportive of each other over the years, but have never been shown to be in a sexual relationship. So, even if DC won't let it happen in the pages of the comics, the writers clearly consider it an important part of the characters.

1 Daredevil And Elektra

Daredevil has the worst track record with romantic relationships of any comic book superhero. Seriously, it's like the guy is cursed. He fell in love with Mary Walker...who turned into the supervillain Typhoid Mary and tried to kill him. He married Milla Donovan...who then annulled their marriage and wound up being confined to a mental institution. Then there was Karen Page, who became a heroin junkie porn star who was eventually killed by Bullseye.

So, yeah, that's a decidedly chequered love life. But perhaps the best (or worst) of all, is his tortured relationship with Elektra Natchios, who holds the key to his heart (and his pants). Elektra was Matt Murdock's college sweetheart, but was the one that got away. Until she returned as a deadly assassin in the employ of The Kingpin! She and Matt have done the horizontal shuffle many, many times over the years; in fact, sometimes it seems like she's a drug that he is addicted to. And hey, we almost forgot! She was killed by Bullseye too! She came back, of course, but still.


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15 Hot AF Team-Ups In Marvel And DC