15 Hot AF Pics Of The Girls In Taylor Swift's Squad

Superstar Taylor Swift is one of the hottest “it” girls of the moment. And her “moment” doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. From cute and curly-haired country girl to sexy and sleek pop singer, Ms. Swift has taken the music industry by storm, despite any opposing feelings Kanye may have.

Not only is Swift a wonderfully talented singer and stellar songwriter, but she’s also got the drop-dead good looks and soaring height of a supermodel. She’s toned and fit, long and lean, and one of the most attractive performers out there. She's adored by fans of all ages from many walks of life, and her popularity is always on the rise. She's as rich as can be, as successful as any performer could hope to ever become, and has loads of famous and beautiful friends who've been dubbed her “squad.”

This super-cool squad seems to be exclusive and hard to join. Most of its members are insanely hot, young, rich, and popular. Swift and her sexy squad vacation together, chill at one of Swift’s many homes, go out for nights on the town to the hottest clubs, and post their pics on social media, making the rest of the world green with envy. Sure, we can buy Swift’s music, but we just can’t buy her affection.

Although we won’t likely ever become part of this private posh posse, nothing is stopping us from enjoying pics of some of the sexiest members of Swift’s sizzling squad. Must be nice to have friends in high places!

15 Taylor Swift

We can’t start this squad coverage without showing off a sultry photo of the main squad siren, Taylor Swift herself. Here, the beautiful blonde bombshell is performing for an excited and delighted crowd, and she's obviously giving it her all. Money well-spent for this pleased audience. In a sexy black stage ensemble and glitzy high-heeled booties, the sexy Swift crawls across the stage like a lovely lioness ready to rumble and roar. Those lucky fans in the front row certainly got an eyeful as Swift got down on hands and knees and belted out one of her many popular songs. She's definitely not afraid to get down and dirty, even when she's all made up and dressed up for her sold-out show. Audiences are never bored at a Swift concert, and it's easy to see why.

14 Karlie Kloss

24-year-old Karlie Kloss is one of Swift’s besties, and they not only have a lot in common but kinda look alike, too. We first got to know this stunner as a Victoria’s Secret model, but now, she’s all over the map, walking cat walks and appearing in photo spreads in magazines and on billboards worldwide. Standing at an impressive 6’2”, Kloss is a tall drink of water – even taller than her squad-mate, Swift. In this hot and sexy pic of the model, she shows off her relaxed side in a slinky tank top and revealing ripped tight jeans. Her smile is contagious, and her eyes are captivating. Kloss has a body to die for, and she looks like she knows her worth. How one can make a simple tank and jeans look so hot is a mystery, but Kloss obviously has the magic touch.

13 Lily Aldridge

If anyone out there is actually reading this section and not simply staring at the drop-dead amazing body and fabulous face of model Lily Aldridge, you’ve certainly got a lot of willpower. Whether she’s totally nude or lightly wrapped in a thong string bikini, Aldridge is so sexy, it should be outlawed. From her wavy hair to her perfect shape, this breathtaking brunette beauty is one of Taylor’s hottest squadmates by far. She's 31 years old and hails from California, but this alluring beauty seems to have a more exotic look about her than the average beach babe. We've seen Aldridge strut her stuff as a VS model as well as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model, and with her killer body, it's easy to see how she got the coveted gigs.

12 Serayah

Serayah is on fire in this stunning gray swimsuit that's far too sexy for the pool. As the actress, model, and singer poses in front of the window, there's nothing more breathtaking than the view we’re getting. The deep V-neck and plunging sides of her barely-there swimsuit leave little to the imagination, but who could possibly dream up anything hotter than this look anyhow? Serayah is best known for her breakout role in the hit TV series, Empire, but at just 22 years old, this is only the beginning for what’s sure to come for the ridiculously hot rising star. Being part of Swift’s squad means that Serayah is already part of the cool crowd, but this California cutie was surely super-cool even before she got with this group of girls.

11 Gigi Hadid

Blonde and beautiful, Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular models of the moment. She’s a beachy California girl with a rare beauty that puts her heads above the rest. As part of a famous family, Hadid is used to being in the spotlight, but when she’s walking the cat walk or posing for the camera, all eyes are on her. And who could blame anyone? This girl is a 10! As part of Swift’s squad, Hadid only further proves that she's part of the elite crowd, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. At just 22 years old, Hadid has lots of modeling opportunities ahead of her, and by the looks of her, she will only get hotter. In her colorful bikini on the hot sandy beach, Hadid looks like a mermaid washed ashore. Whoever was on that beach the day of this shoot surely got a breathtaking view. And it’s not the ocean we’re talking about!

10 Ruby Rose

Edgy and exciting, Ruby Rose is definitely one to watch. In this provocative pic, she’s pouring water all over her toned and tattooed body, but she doesn’t care who's watching. This rockin’ beauty hails from “Down Under,” but her talent and good looks are appreciated around the globe. Rose is an actress, model, DJ, and more, and as part of Swift’s squad, she’s also part of the coolest crowd around. You may recognize this unique beauty from her role on past seasons of the hit series, Orange is the New Black, or perhaps you’ve seen her modeling for clothing or makeup products in magazines or on billboards. But no matter where you see the awesome Aussie, you'll do a double take because she’s simply exquisite. Sexy and strong, confident and creative, this Rose sure smells sweet to us!

9 Zendaya

Zendaya is all the rage these days, and at just 20 years old, this young woman is more mature than women in their 30s and 40s. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to chill out and have tons of fun with the sexy Swift squad. This exotic beauty is an actress, singer, and dancer, and is tall, slim, toned, and all-around gorgeous. Her fabulous looks are only matched by her amazing talent, and we're sure to see so much more from the beauty in the years to come. She started her career as a Disney darling, but as you can see, she’s broken away from that cutie-pie image and has come into her own. And we’re digging it! With her long and shiny hair, knock-out nails, mesmerizing eyes, and all-over glow, this squad member is a gem. From A-to-Z, Zendaya rocks it.

8 Cara Delevingne

Fit and fantastic, the marvelous model Cara Delevingne has abs that are firm and foxy and a unique look that's unstoppable. She's one of the hottest models of the day, and she’s only getting better. As an actress as well, Delevingne is seen all over -- in magazines, on TV, and on the big screen. She’s a London-born beauty who has looks that make people from all over the globe stop and stare. Famous for her thick and luxe eyebrows, this hottie is causing a serious stir in the fashion world. She’s only 24, so many years of success still lie ahead for this stunning Swift-squad member. She’s not the tallest model in the world – she’s 5’8” – but Delevingne’s powerful presence makes her appear to be 10 feet tall. And that midriff? Enough said!

7 Martha Hunt

If you haven't yet heard of model Martha Hunt, you certainly won’t ever forget who she is after seeing this alluring bikini-clad pic of the perfect princess. In her bright string bikini, the blonde beauty from North Carolina looks like a warm ray of sunshine, yet she seems so cool and collected. Her beautiful blue eyes are piercing, and her smooth and supple skin is like butter. The 28-year-old is a former VS model who's gone on to model for many of the hottest brands and has walked countless runways. She's a star in Swift’s squad, adding even more beauty to the already super-glam group. Like many of the Swift squad members, Hunt was in Swift’s much-talked-about music video for “Bad Blood,” but there's certainly nothing bad about this sexy woman!

6 Blake Lively

Don’t worry about the beautiful Blake Lively in this seemingly alarming pic -- it’s just for a role in a movie where she kicks butt while looking fit and toned all the while. You may know the lovely Lively best from her role on the hit TV series, Gossip Girl, but there’s no gossiping among the secure Swift squad. Lively is 29 years old and is a California girl through and through. She's happily married to actor Ryan Reynolds (sorry fellas) and has two kids, but that doesn’t stop men from adoring the blonde bombshell. Lively’s looks are exquisite, whether she's on the red carpet in a sexy designer evening gown or as she’s seen here, in a swimsuit while roughing it on set. Reynolds is one heck of a lucky guy to have such a hot and talented babe on his arm. Jealous much?

5 Hailee Steinfeld

Well, this former child star sure grew up! Hailee Steinfeld is an actress, model, and singer, who, at age 20, is rocking the entertainment world to its core. Showing off her toned midsection and gorgeous face and figure, we can all admire the brunette’s beauty that shines brightly from the inside out. She was recently in the acclaimed film The Edge of Seventeen and was nominated for a Golden Globe, so you know this chick’s got stellar acting chops. Plus, her singing career is taking off like a space shuttle. It’s no wonder she wants to stick by Swift’s side to get the inside scoop about making it big in the biz. Since Steinfeld is only 20, she has so much time to become even more well-known and successful, although it seems like she’s been in the spotlight for a long time already. Not that we’re complaining!

4 Lorde

Oh lord, have you seen Lorde lately? She came to light as a teenager, but now at age 20, this gorgeous gal is killin’ it. Just look at those fishnets and “Daisy Dukes!” The lovely Lorde is a singer-songwriter who hails all the way from New Zealand, but she's come a long way from her starting point and is now well known globally for her music. She has a lot in common with Swift, making her admission into the sacred squad understandable. Lorde is best known for her chart-topping hit “Royals,” which catapulted the then-teen into the spotlight. Fans can’t seem to get enough of this unique brunette babe, and she'll surely keep producing hit after hit as she matures and gains even more die-hard admirers. Swift may be the queen of the squad, but she can still have a Lorde by her side!

3 Sarah Hyland

Actress Sarah Hyland is best known for her role on the hilarious hit TV comedy series, Modern Family. While the show is all fun and laughs, this pic of the sultry star is serious business. She looks sexy and sophisticated in her plunging black gown and strappy heels. The 5’2” celeb is 26 years old and hails from Manhattan, NY. Heck, if she made it there, she can make it anywhere, and that’s just what this cutie did. There's no bigger show than Modern Family, and she’s part of the grand success. Hyland’s big and beautiful eyes and great figure are hard to miss, and even though she’s petite, she has a huge presence on TV and as part of the elite Swift squad. This talented lady is headed for even more fame and fortune, so if and when Modern Family calls it quits, she'll surely be sought-after for more roles fit for a hottie like Hyland.

2 Ellie Goulding

British babe Ellie Goulding looks super-sexy in this provocative pose and plunging neckline. Her blonde hair and fab figure are hard to turn away from, and her come-hither gaze is nearly hypnotizing. Goulding hails from London, England, and her music is adored worldwide by her throngs of fans. She’s 30 years old and has had 3 hit albums from 2010-2015. Since she's a singer-songwriter like Swift, it makes perfect sense why the two hit it off, and Goulding was welcomed into the precious squad. Both love to put their innermost thoughts on paper and share their phrases for the whole world to sing along to. Both are blonde and beautiful and have adoring fans who worship the ground they walk on. Wouldn’t you like to have these things in common with the ladies, too?

1 Hayley Williams

Every squad needs a spunky redhead who's hot like fire, and Hayley Williams fits the bill to a tee. In her cute shorts and bright pink tights, this cutie looks like she’s super-fun and up for anything. Williams is a southern sweetie from Mississippi and is 28 years old. She's a singer with the popular band Paramore. The playful babe loves to rock out in outrageous clothing and often changes up her hairstyle and color. She never plays by the books when it comes to conventional style, but what fun would that be? As a dynamic performer, she never lets her audience down, and she and her band are hotter than ever. Williams is married, but it's reported that she's currently separated. Maybe there’s some room in Williams’s heart for a new love? There’s always hoping!

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