15 Hot AF Models With Hideous Husbands

You better work! Models seem to have it all. They hit the genetic jackpot, make loads of money, get to travel the world doing amazing things, and appear on billboards, in television commercials, on the pages of fashion magazines, and walk catwalks from Milan to Manhattan. They're dressed to the nines at all times and have tons of fans who worship the ground they walk on.

Models are envied by women everywhere and are admired by those who adore their above-average looks and better-than-most lifestyle. They seem to live their lavish lives with a certain ease that comes with being insanely beautiful, and we all go along for the ride.

Many models of all ages date and marry guys who are also good-looking – maybe not as attractive as they are – but at least close enough that they don’t look awkward posing together for the paparazzi. But then there are those models who have married men whom some may consider anything from “blah” looking to downright hideous. Hey, if your job is to be a model, the looks of your man are going to be up for discussion as well. It goes with the territory, whether or not it's morally acceptable.

Perhaps these models married their non-handsome men for true love, for status, for their money, or for some other unknown reason, but these bad-looking dudes come off as pretty darn lucky to have scored with such gorgeous glamour gals. Life ain’t fair, but if you can charm a model into marrying you, then you must be doing something right!

Here are 15 stunning models with husbands who are far from it.

15 Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric

MIAMI BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 15: Marko Jaric and Adriana Lima attend a party hosted by Zeelander Yachts welcoming the Zeelander Z68 during the Miami International Boat Show on February 15, 2014 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

Adriana Lima is a brunette bombshell who's a successful Victoria’s Secret hottie thanks to her perfect body, glowing skin, sexy features, and knack for being able to strut her stuff with ease and sex appeal. She’s rich, famous, and drop-dead beautiful. Her main man, on the other hand, may be successful and talented too, but he’s no model, that’s for sure. Mark Jaric is a basketball player who may have skills on the court, but you won’t be seeing him command the catwalk anytime soon. But good for him that Lima is holding her own as the “looker” in the family, and he can concentrate on shooting hoops and staying fit. He's tall and dark, but handsome? Well, at least Lima must think he is.

14 Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel

The “Uptown Girl” and the “Piano Man” may have fallen in love over a snappy tune, but nobody can argue that Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel look as different as a “bottle of red and a bottle of white.” Sure, Joel had fame, fortune, and undeniable talent when he met the stunning and statuesque supermodel (and he still does), but if he were just some “Joe(l) Shmo” walking down the street, the beautiful Brinkley would hardly give him the time of day. The two married and had a daughter who is now grown, but like many celeb relationships, this one ran its course and the two parted ways. Brinkley is still as gorgeous as ever and Joel’s looks never improved, but his musical magic makes women of all ages swoon to this day.

13 Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore

Elisabetta Gregoraci is a 37-year-old stunner who's a model from Italy as well as a well-loved TV personality. Her long brunette hair, fantastic figure, and stunning smile have made her a sought-after model and the subject of many a fella's wildest dreams. Her husband, Flavio Briatore, who's 67 years old, is an Italian businessman who may do quite well in the world of business, but he won’t be hired for any modeling jobs anytime soon. The considerable age difference is common these days, but the mismatch in the looks department is even more obvious when it comes to these two, who 've been married since 2008. Money may not buy you looks, but it can hook in a hottie who's pretty enough to represent the couple as a whole.

12 Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall

Anna Nicole Smith was larger than life during her short-lived time here on Earth, as she passed at the age of 39. But while here, she left a mark that will be forever remembered for both its positive and not-so-admirable moments. Aside from her modeling success, TV gigs, and outrageous behavior, Smith infamously married a man decades her senior: J. Howard Marshall, a wealthy oil tycoon. At the time of their marriage, Smith was a young 26 years of age and Marshall was a seasoned 89. He passed away a year later, and she was dubbed a gold digger. Aside from the age difference, the difference in the couple’s looks didn’t go unnoticed either. But Smith claimed she loved her man despite the rumors. May they both rest in peace, and perhaps, they’ve reunited at the pearly gates.

11 Marisa Miller and Griffin Guess

Since 2006, guys around the globe threw in the towel upon learning of the marriage of the super-sexy VS model, Marisa Miller, to entrepreneur and producer Griffin Guess. Perhaps his not-so-model-like looks were what pissed these guys off or just the fact that their extremely slim chance of ever meeting and impressing the model turned into a dream that would never come true. Not that it was ever going to, anyhow. Guess what? The 37-year-old lucky b*stard is still with his blonde bombshell, and it’s a good guess that he'll never give his “angel” up. Apparently, Miller finds her fella to be foxy, but many others just don’t see it. Maybe being around so many models all the time has warped her view of what the “average” person looks like!

10 Stephanie Seymour and Peter M. Brant

Stephanie Seymour was one of the hottest supermodels of the ‘90s and is still a stunner to this day, even at the age of 48 (which is basically ancient in supermodel years). She married Peter M. Brant in 1995 and was with him for about 15 years before the marriage fizzled. Brant is far from model material, but his success in the field of business, as well as his work as an art collector and philanthropist, was what evidentially won the heart of the sexy Seymour. Or perhaps, it was his maturity, as he's significantly older than his ex, but it surely wasn’t his looks, unless she has an oddly unique taste in men. But money and power can bring even the most sought-after supermodel to her knees (figuratively) and he got down on one knee (we assume) to ask the brunette bombshell for his hand in marriage. Till death? Not exactly, but their marriage lasted longer than most couples’ in the public eye.

9 Elle Macpherson and Gilles Bensimon

Leave it to a suave French photographer to woo his way into the heart of a much younger supermodel and win her over to the extent that she’s willing to say “I do.” Or at least for a solid three years, anyhow. Yes, Gilles Bensimon, now 73, was once hitched to the impeccable Elle Macpherson – the object of every red-blooded man’s desire since she had her first spread. 20 years his junior, it isn’t hard to see why the photog was smitten by the supermodel, but what she saw in him, behind the lens, ran far deeper than what was on the surface. Maybe she was temporarily blinded by the flash of the camera when she agreed to that first date, but Bensimon surely had something to him that Macpherson was intrigued by. But that three-year itch got the best of her, and he moved on to another model, Kelly Killoren. But, alas, they split, too.

8 Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn

The blonde and beautiful supermodel, Claudia Schiffer, is a goddess on Earth with looks that are a genetic anomaly. Her hubby, Matthew Vaughn, on the other hand, while not hideous, could never compare to his wife in the looks department, even with the best lighting and a heavy dose of Botox. Vaughn, a British movie producer, director, and screenwriter is a behind-the-scenes type of fella, and it's a smart choice to have Schiffer steal the spotlight under the bright shine of the camera and the video lights. The two have been married since the early 2000s, and for a celeb romance, that may as well be an eternity. Surely, he's smitten with his insanely beautiful wife, and she must love his movies. A match made in celeb heaven? Looks that way for this couple!

7 Heidi Klum and Seal

Heidi Klum is considered one of the most beautiful women on Earth, and even though she’s well past the stereotypical “prime” for a supermodel, Klum is still going strong as a sought-after model and TV host with the most. Her ex-hubby, musician Seal, is not exactly eye candy, although some people find him to be a stud. Klum surely once did, but that relationship ran its course after the two had some kids and said their goodbyes. Seal has the talent and the charm to woo any woman -- whether or not she finds him physically appealing -- but it's a rare day that a guy will deem Klum unattractive. Models and musicians go hand-in-hand, but this couple fizzled out before they had the chance to grow old gracefully. Sealed with a kiss only goes so far.

6 Iman and David Bowie

May the musician David Bowie rest in peace, and surely, his widowed wife of many years, Iman, must miss him dearly. That said, as talented and cool as Bowie was up until the end, not many would consider him a “10” on the attractiveness scale. Iman, on the other hand, is a stunning supermodel who seems to be ageless and gets more beautiful year after year. Her unique and classy look is what made her famous and is also what likely caught Bowie’s eye. She's 61-years-old now -- if you can believe it -- and still looks picture perfect. She and Bowie married in 1992 and were partners and lovers until the end of his amazing life in 2016. From Somalia to the states, Iman is a legend as is her late husband.

5 Milla Jovovich and Luc Besson

Milla Jovovich is a real stunner and has had major success as a sought-after model as well as an actress in films such as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Survivor, A Perfect Getaway, and No Good Deed, to name a few. She was married to Luc Besson, a French film producer and director and screenwriter, from 1997-99. While the two may have had a common interest as far as movies were concerned, Besson’s average-at-best looks could never compete with Jovovich’s glitz and glamour. Jovovich is now remarried and has two kids, and perhaps she didn’t want to carry on Besson’s genetics to a new generation, thus the split pre-kids. Her current hubby is in the movie biz, too, so it seems she has a type, regardless of their outward appearances.

4 Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek

Paulina Porizkova was an “it girl” back in her modeling heyday, and even at the age of 52, she's still one of the most enchanting women in the world. Her perfect bone structure, tall and statuesque frame, and enviable facial features made her one of the most well-known and sought-after models of all time. Since 1989, she's been married to Ric Ocasek, a musician most well known as being part of the band, the Cars. While he may have raw talent and sex appeal due to his rock-and-roll lifestyle, he’s nothing to brag about when it comes to his appearance. He surely doesn’t give a hoot -- he’s hitched to one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s so attractive that it wouldn’t even be fair for her to have a mate as good-looking as she is. There must be some balance, no? Again, a case of model-meets-musician, and the rest is lust-worthy history. Good for them for making it through all these years in the spotlight.

3 Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie

You may know the exotically lovely and beautiful Padma Lakshmi from her hosting gig on her popular TV cooking competition show, but her start in the limelight was as a world-class model, and she wowed her way to the tippy top. She was once married to a man who was the “December” to her “May,” so to speak, and they looked like a total mismatch, despite their romance that lasted until 2007. Salman Rushdie may not be a winner in the looks department, but as a novelist and essayist, he's one of the very best in the biz. Lakshmi may be the hottest dish on Top Chef, but she was apparently too hot to handle for the now 70-something Rushdie. Opposites may initially attract, but in this case, they eventually repelled one another.

2 Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy

Brooke Shields has been in the limelight since she was a wee one, and her modeling career has lasted over the decades. She was an adorable child, a lovely teen, and is now a sexy and sophisticated adult who's not only a household name as a model but as an actress, spokesperson, and TV personality as well. Her husband since 2001, Chris Henchy, is not as well known, although he's in the biz, too -- as a screenwriter and producer. While he’s no hideous hag, he's nowhere near as attractive as his stunning and spectacular wife. The two have two cute kids together and have been going strong for years, which is rare in the weird world of Hollywood. Shields is a super-stunner, so it would be hard to find a man who could match her beauty, but Henchy must be counting his lucky stars to have met a gal as pretty as his mate.

1 Kelly Le Brock and Victor Drai

Kelly Le Brock is now 57, but in her prime, she was one of the hottest commodities around as a model and actress. You may remember her from her roles in Hard to Kill, Weird Science, and The Woman in Red. Her long and flowing hair, sultry looks, and camera-readiness made Le Brock one to watch, and she's still a stunner. She was hitched from 1984-86 to Victor Drai, who's now 69. He's a nightclub owner, film producer, and entrepreneur who hails from Morocco. He may have fame and riches, but he wasn’t quite as blessed when it comes to his outward appearance. Le Brock must have loved his personality and talent, but beauty's in the eye of the beholder, so perhaps, she was taken with his looks, too, or at least until 1986.

Source: Wikipedia

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