15 Hot AF Gamer Girls You Can Find On YouTube

A good chunk of these girls could probably whip most men in shape when it comes to the games they play... and most men would probably not mind.

YouTube is chock full of some pretty sensationally hot people. Pretty people of all walks of life make appearances online now, and if they've got the looks, they definitely get more than a mere fifteen minutes of fame. This article will prove that, for sure.

Now there are sporty girls, goth girls, music girls, medical girls, legal girls, religious girls, new age girls, risqué girls...and those wonderfully nerdy, gamer girls! Gamer girls come from all of the aforementioned walks of life, with just two terrific things in common: they play video games and everyone loves watching them do it.

Below are fifteen fantastically formidable gamer girls who just happen to be hot as Hell. Not that most readers will care, but there's something more about these girls than their looks. A good chunk of them could probably whip most men in shape when it comes to their particular games of choice...and most men would probably not mind getting whipped by them anyway.

15 Sssniperwolf

Before anyone gets really worried as to why this girl is holding a Playstation 4 over the toilet, do be aware that it was for an April Fools prank. She swore she had given up gaming. Very untrue. This 24-year-old has been playing video games since she was only six years old. And what was the first game that got her hooked? Why the very game that gave her her name's sake: Metal Gear Solid.

Though that might be her very favourite game (or at least the most nostalgic game for her), Sssniperwolf spends most of her time filming Call of Duty game play...and giving fans some great cosplays to ogle at. Of course she has gone out of her wheelhouse to play some fun games like: Grand Theft Auto Online, Happy Wheels, Until Dawn, and The Evil Within. Having been a part of the YouTube community since 2013, Sssniperwolf has accrued well over six hundred million views, and she's not very far now from five million subscribers! And it's pretty clear as to why.

14 KittyPlays

MEOOOOW! Or maybe RAAAWWR! Either way, what a pretty little kitty. Now, to be fair, KittyPlays might just be a bit more well known for being a Twitch gamer, but she certainly has a YouTube presence. With over three hundred thousand subscribers, and over thirty five million views, KittyPlays may not have the fan base of Sssniperwolf, but she's got a different sort of wheelhouse than the wolf. This pretty kitty loves to talk about all manner of things. Sure, she's a gamer, and she loves gaming, but there's so much more to her. She does videos on rock climbing, on dancing in Iceland, on new health technologies...she even makes videos about being stabbed during sword practise! Yes, this YouTube gamer also does fanciful things like fencing! There's something about a gamer girl who loves also to go out and adventure, and not just be stuck with her face to the screen, that is really quite attractive...not to mention the leather cat suit she's wearing in the photo above.

13 Melonie Mac

"Gamer, anime lover, tech enthusiast...I'm pretty much a grown up professional child. Please subscribe for awesomeness!" This is the simplest pitch and description for a YouTube gamer. And it must be said...based on the photo of Melonie Mac above...she doesn't need anything complicated. Even her look screams simplicity, in the sweetest of ways. Hardly any makeup, brown eyes, brown hair, porcelain skin...she even has a video, showing her makeup routine on her YouTube channel. And considering that she talks her audience through it, and with the intro and outro of the video being less than fifteen minutes, it's pretty clear she doesn't require much.

This lovely lady covers everything from Tomb Raider to The Walking Dead to her own tattoos...and then eventually lip injections. Sure, after some time she may have become more concerned about her appearance on her channel, but she certainly never needed to worry. With well over three hundred thousand subscribers and twenty seven million views...she's doing pretty damn well for herself.

12 KayPeaLol

There's something about icy eyes, set off by black leather that just gets this author going. Add to that the magical mist settled behind this gamer girl and there is a marvelous match made in...whatever realm this nerdy gamer likes. Also a Twitch personality, KayPeaLol is so involved with her online community that she is even dating a fellow Twitch gamer. However, this article is about her YouTube experience.

Nothing but streams and streams of League of Legends runs, KayPeaLol makes this one game seemingly endless fun. Between clusters of videos, she will upload a video of nothing but the goofiest moments in her playing. This is a great way to keep people interested (even if they're not a League player). With nearly six hundred thousand subscribers and almost seventy one million views, it is more than clear that this leather-clad, computer gamer is doing something right for her audience. Playing only the one game, it cannot just be her looks that hold interest. She makes the game more interesting than perhaps it otherwise is.

11 Kaceytron

Kaceytron is a busty and beautiful game girl who has taken an incredible amount of abuse from the gaming community. This is not, by any means, a rare thing in the gaming world. Women have always taken a hit in some way. They're either thought to be really amazing because they're women and they play games (two things that many men are very into), or they're hated because their channels only get views for showing skin and bouncing their breasts.

While the sex appeal is a truth to perhaps most of the game girl streams, Kaceytron has received perhaps much more hatred than a good swath of the community for it. A frequenter of 4 Chan since she was fourteen, it's not like Kaceytron didn't have an idea of the vitriol that exists out there. But it seems that a lot of people really like to, for some reason or other, not only call her a slut for showing off her cleavage, but also call her fat given the size of her breasts. She seems damned healthy to this author and she's got one hell of a wicked character personality when it comes to her channel. With not even seventy thousand subscribers she has still managed over ten million views.

10 Pamcakes

Ok, so Pamcakes is predominantly a Twitch girl, but she does have a YouTube account and that's certainly enough for this busty brunette (or blonde, depending on when one started watching her) to make the article. Her YouTube channel is probably the most pitiful of all the fifteen lovely ladies who grace this list. In spite of that though, she is still priceless. She doesn't even have two thousands subscribers, nor even sixty thousand views, and yet she is still the first to pop up in a Google search. And considering there is a cupcakery that also holds the name Pamcakes in Philadelphia...that is saying quite a lot! And we're talking a gourmet cupcakery. Regardless, watching Pamcakes getting chased by grizzlies in Just Survive, or freaking out about finally receiving a special knife in Counter Strike (until she realizes it's not all that great), is pretty hilarious. She certainly knows how to keep people engaged. Just a word of warning to those who have yet to watch her videos: don't wear headphones and keep the volume to a minimum...she likes to scream.

9 iJustine Gaming look at iJustine, it is no surprise that she is one popular gamer girl. With almost seven hundred thousand subscribers and over sixty-three million views, it is no shock that, somewhere in there, someone has a hate on for her. Again, this oh so typically ridiculous thing of harping on female gamers. Several jealous gamers talked about how much of a fake she is. Why, were they jealous? Because she didn't play League of Legends as much as they did, but she was still invited to a game convention and tournament (of course she's a gaming personality, so why would Joe-Blow-Nobody be asked to attend?).

She responded by discussing how instead of saving for a vehicle when she was sixteen, she opted for an Apple G4. Then she put RAM and a Windows emulator on her Christmas wishlist. Why? So she could play PC games. She sounds like a pretty committed and legit gamer to this author. She's got a big thing for shooter games, but also digs in to Mario and Minecraft as well. Quite an all-rounder, it seems that those who hate on iJustine really are just jealous because they aren't as attuned, beautiful, committed, or diverse.

8 Chloe Lock

Before getting into any sort of negatives about this gamer girl, it really must be said...those icy blues, that cocked eyebrow, and the sensually aloof, parted lips really do wonders. She is just definitively gorgeous. Now that aside, most videos of her on YouTube are posted by other online gamers who have had the fun of playing with her (or getting completely wasted by her in Counter Strike).

While she is certainly beautiful, one must say that she is kind of a neglectful and mean person. Her looks, topped with her British accent, really do dissuade people from thinking so, but it's true. In one of her videos, she is caught up playing Counter Strike, fully aware that her dog needs to go out for the call of nature. Once she does finally die, during a round, instead of using that time to let the dog out, she continues playing (all the while ensuring the dog that they will go out soon). Then, of course, the dog that doesn't speak English and has waited long enough, goes right there beside Chloe. Lock then gets upset and even hits the poor dog. Sometimes real life really does have to come before gaming.

7 LD Shadow Lady

This adorably cute, British babe, is a one hell of a popular YouTube gamer. With nearly three million subscribers and almost one billion views, LD Shadow Lady has been posting her gaming videos for the past seven years! Of course she also streams on Twitch and has her own official website, but it seems to be that she gets the most action on YouTube. It's no wonder why this is the case though.

Aside from both how adorable she is, and how sexy she is, she also plays a ridiculously large number of games. Surely there is something that appeals to gamers of all shapes and sizes; of all genres and systems. Minecraft, Sims 4, Pokemon GO, are just a few of them. She doesn't really dig into shooter games, so maybe there's not something for everyone in terms of game choices, but then again, there is still her appearance. Realistically she does deal more with Minecraft than any other game, but she makes it hilariously engaging for those who otherwise find the game to be annoying or dull.

6 DizzyKitten

DizzyKitten is rather new to the YouTube thing. Starting her channel in 2014, DizzyKitten only has just under nineteen thousand subscribers and just over three hundred and thirty thousand views. She is a big hit on Twitch though, and also has a freak out with regards to receiving a knife in Counter Strike like Pamcakes.

This girl has some sharp eyes for gaming though, Counter Strike aside. And one can see how she could be rather dizzying! Playing through crazy games like Super Hexagon, and The Impossible Game, she has got some cat-like reflexes, and maybe some sort of precognition. Regardless, she's a kickass gamer in that respect. And watching her do an extensive play through of Layers of Fear is fantastically funny.

DizzyKitten really is a character all of her own. That being said, she's not afraid to share very important and helpful tips with would-be streamers. In that respect, she is incredibly down-to-earth and humble in a way that one might not expect from someone who is so frequently in the eye of the gaming public.

5 Tara Babcock

A resident writer of Impule Gamer, Tara Babcock admittedly spends "about 90% of [her] free time on video games". It might be something fun to know that Babcock's article and review section on Impulse Gamer is entitled "Tara's G-Spot". If that's not exciting for readers, especially after looking up at the incredibly geeky, and gratifying photo above...then this author knows not what is wrong. This glorious gamer girl also works on photography, editing, and coding.

This typically blonde bombshell (though redhead in the above photo), is no stereotypical blonde. Not by any means. " I want to push boundaries and go where no big boobed blonde has gone before! I have a crazy sex drive and I use that to get my clients the most erotic, sexually-charged images they've ever shot without even taking off my clothes." That's just what she has to say about her photography. Given that she spends so much of her free time gaming, imagine the kind of passion she must have for video games! Sure, Tara might only have just over one hundred thousand subscribers, and only over ten million views...but what a view.

4 YOGSCast Hannah

There's just something about nice blue eyes and gaming girls that seems to really make a winning combination. Surely the beautiful British accent doesn't take away from this combination at all either. With almost one and a half million subscribers and over three hundred million views, YOGSCast Hannah (Hannah Rutherford) is doing fairly well for herself.

Hannah has a great many "let's plays" on her channel that are of both short and incredibly long games. Mass Effect: Andromeda, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7, The Last Guardian, and Skyrim to name only a few of the games Hanna has played all the way through. As a gamer girl, Hanna is incredibly well spoken, quick-witted, and thorough. There's nothing better than a mixture of all of those qualities, plus the winning combination mentioned at the top of this entry. Hannah really does make for a wonderfully vicarious game play experience.

3 PressHeartToContinue

There really does seem to be a very fantastic trend with many gamer girls. Video games, and blue eyes...again, there's just something about that combo. Just shy of a million subscribers, with over one hundred million views, it is clear that Dodger at PressHeartToContinue really has got something going on. Devoid of the British accent of some of these lovely ladies, these eyes do at least certainly work in her favour.

One of the most wonderful things about Dodger, versus the rest of the gamer girls on this list, is that she does more than just game. Sure, some of the other girls will give tips about their makeup, or how to stream and things like that. But Dodger has a regular segment called Gaming Newz, as well as a segment called Anime Newz. Having that informative side of the channel, along with the game play side, really does help flesh out a fullness that is sadly lacking in most gaming channels in general. She certainly deserves more subscribers than she has, but it's pretty clear people watch, even if they don't click that Subscribe button.

2 Aphmau

With over two and a half million subscribers and well over one billion views, Aphmau has been a YouTube sensation for five years now. Entirely a Minecraft gamer, Aphmau has created an entire webseries, all based within the game play of the Minecraft universe. If there was any wonder as to how she received so many views, that fact may very well dispel any and all of that wonder. To be sure, she is also incredibly adorable, but the game focus, and creativity around that focus, certainly must contribute to her huge following.

There are some videos that have a little less to do with the game itself, but they are few and far between. Perhaps one of the most hilariously silly videos of hers is the pick up line video. Fans of, and voice actors from her Minecraft series, shared over ten minutes worth of pickup lines. The fun part of the video isn't really seeing the characters from the game posing and dishing out the lines. Oh, no. The fun part is getting to watch Aphmau's reactions throughout the video. Perhaps it's worth a quick Google search?

1 Lucahjin

"Welcome! Think of me as your weird, older sister that's reliving all the games she missed out on in her life! Help me play through a million games for the first time, using your direction to finish them! Let's hang out and play games!"

Given the above photo, it shouldn't be too hard to picture Lucahjin as weird...but older sister might not be something a lot of gamer guys want to think about when they think about this gorgeous gamer girl. Especially with those doe eyes and that head of red hair.

She may have only one hundred and sixty some subscribers, but she's just shy of forty-six million views and that's not too shabby (though she did join ten years ago). The great thing about Lucahjin is that she really does "blind" gaming. Not in that she is blindfolded, but in that she will tackle a game without looking up what to do and without doing any sort of research on it. And she's always looking to her audience for suggestions on what games to play and indeed how to go about playing them. Now that's a wonderfully interactive game girl!


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