15 Hot AF Cougars Who Can't Be Tamed

Roar! There are some women in the public eye who just don’t seem to want to date (or marry) men their own age. We’ve come to call such ladies “cougars” and their younger lovers “cubs.” Aww, how sweet.

Some of these older women embrace the term “cougar,” while others find it offensive, but no matter what you refer to these women as, the fact remains that they have a taste for gents many years their junior.

Of course, there's a huge double standard in society today. Men have been dating women half their age since before anyone can remember. This “May-December” dating dynamic seems perfectly “normal,” and nobody bats an eye when they see an aging gray-haired chap with a perky 20-something on his arm. Yet, when we see a wrinkling woman with a strapping young fella walking by her side and holding her hand, we find the pairing to be unnatural and disarming.

But times are changing and cougars are ready to pounce. Why date an old geezer when a fine fresh piece of meat is willing and able to fulfill a woman’s desires? Not every woman is looking for someone “age appropriate.” Many would rather have a companion who's sexy, fun, smart (or not-so-smart), and vibrant. And these younger guys want a worldly woman with intellect, experience, class, and dignity.

Here are some famous cougars who have dated men far younger, some even half their age. These cougars cannot be tamed, nor do they wish to be. Watch out, young men… granny’s comin’ for ya!

15 Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is one of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers, so we all follow her dating life and its ups and downs closely. But do you recall the time when she dated the handsome actor Ryan Gosling? He’s 16 years younger than she is, but the age gap didn’t stop the two from falling for one another big time. Hey, they're both sizzling hot, super-famous, and undeniably talented, so they’ve got those things in common. Plus, who could resist the adorable Bullock, who is down to earth, super-funny, charming, and sweet? And she’s certainly no ugly duckling. As we know, the relationship ran its course, but at least she can check “cougar” off her bucket list! The two did make for a cute couple, but cute gets boring fast, especially in Hollywood.

14 Madonna

Madonna is a true cougar at heart and seems to find plenty of young men to call her cubs. She famously dated a man named Brahim Zaibat, who is 30 years younger than the pop diva. Before this tabloid-flavored romance, she dated a 21-year-old and a 26-year-old, so this cougar isn’t playing games. Sure, she has a college-age kid who would be the more appropriate match for these young studs, but “Madge” likes to keep her sex life hot, and older men seemingly don’t really do it for her. She can have any young guy she sets her sights on, so if she’s willing to take these cubs into her cave of riches, who are they to resist? She’s no longer “Like a Virgin,” so perhaps, she can teach these young guys a thing or two!

13 Paris Hilton

It seems like the socialite Paris Hilton is always dating someone new, but for a while, the blonde beauty was dipping into cougar territory when she starting dating River Viiperi, who's over a decade younger than the hot heiress. Sure, it may be fun to date a guy in his early 20s, but if Hilton wants to settle down and marry and perhaps have a family one day, this may not be the right man for the job. He’s barely a man at all! But Hilton is a woman of the world and can date any guy she picks out from a crowd. Most men would surely love to get together with her, and she can have her pick of the litter. How long will this cougar behavior last? Probably until she bores of the young lad and moves on to more mature gents.

12 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez looks way more youthful than her actual age, but she dips into even younger territory when she dates 20-something guys. Yes, she’s linked to baller A. Rod now, but before this match, she was hooking up with one of her much younger backup dancers, the 20-something Casper Smart, who's a whopping 18 years younger than J. Lo. She didn’t mind the age difference or the gossip spouted by celeb magazines. Her feelings for Smart were real, and his youth didn’t matter to the mom of two. Lopez is a real catch, so the young Smart must have felt like a total stud for landing the woman of millions of men’s wildest dreams. But the romance is now over, so perhaps Smart will seek out a gal his own age. But who could compare to J. Lo? He’s been ruined!

11 Robin Wright

There was a time when the lovely actress, now 50-something Robin Wright, was married to actor Sean Penn, who was in her age bracket. But after that public split, she eventually moved on to a man far younger -- the 30-something Ben Foster. The two met on the set of the film Rampart and were smitten, making her a cougar and him, her kitten. The couple even got engaged to be married, but the romance fizzled, and the couple called it quits, releasing Wright back into the wild to find another man-child to seduce. OK, a man in his 30s isn’t that young, but he could practically be her son, after all. Then again, Wright is gorgeous, talented, youthful, and interesting -- just what a man would want, no matter his age. Maybe the two will rekindle their romance, and he’ll realize that she’s the wright gal for him!

10 Ivana Trump

President Donald Trump’s first ex-wife, Ivana Trump, is a hardcore cougar. She married again after splitting from “The Donald” and went on to marry Rossano Rubicondi, a man over 20 years younger than she is. Apparently, the cougar thing is something Trump is good with since it's alleged that her current fella is also younger than she is, by a decade. The gap may have closed somewhat, but younger men suit Trump just fine. She's not ready to settle for some aging 70- or 80-something. She wants to have her cake and eat it, too, by being rich and fabulous all while having some shiny man-candy on her arm. Hey, as long as the guys are into an older woman, why shouldn’t Trump go for the gold and show off her cougar prowess?

9 Demi Moore

They’re divorced now, but there was a time when actress Demi Moore was hitched to the hunky actor Ashton Kutcher, who is 16 years her junior. They were married for 6 years – 6 longer than lots of people had expected the relationship would last. While the two seemed to be genuinely in love, there were rumors that Kutcher cheated on his wife, and soon after, the marriage went kaput. Heck, Kutcher wasn’t even that much older than Moore’s 3 daughters from her marriage to Bruce Willis. Since her split with Kutcher, Moore has allegedly dated men in their 20s. Once a cougar, always a cougar, so it seems. As we all know, Kutcher went for a gal closer to his own age and married Mila Kunis. Is Moore jealous that her ex-cub found a kitten? Sounds purr-fectly reasonable.

8 Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has been in the public eye since she was a wee one, so we always keep an eye on what the pop singer is up to. Sometimes, she goes into hiding, but the press always uncovers what the talented Jackson woman is doing. She most recently gave birth at the age of 50… wow! But the big news before that was that she was married to a younger man, Wissam Al Mana, who is about a decade younger than she is. The two seem to have recently split, leaving Jackson to have the freedom to use her cougar charm to find another younger fella ready to be a step-dad. It seems she has a thing for younger men, as she once dated the 7-years-younger Jermaine Dupri. Hey, she's one youthful-looking woman, so why should she age herself? Go for a cub, Janet, and keep roaring as you’re soaring through the charts!

7 Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone turns the heads of men of all ages and has done so since she stepped into the spotlight. She was likely catching plenty of attention before she was famous, too; we just didn’t know about it! But this actress is a cougar, and she was most recently dating a fella who's 30 years younger than she is! Her ex before this current dude was 11 years younger, but apparently, he wasn’t quite young enough to satisfy Stone’s craving for a “boy toy.” Of course, no one can disagree that Stone looks far younger than her age and is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, so it’s no wonder that a strapping young man would want to get a piece of the action, even if she’s going through menopause. Hey, they say blondes have more fun, and Stone proves the fun doesn’t end when you join AARP.

6 Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox may be a fox, but she’s also a cougar. Some years ago, she went for the much younger rapper 50 Cent, who was totally down with getting together with an older, more sophisticated woman. Of course, we all know that the relationship didn’t last forever, but they did hold on for about a year before they went their separate ways, but it goes to show you that men don’t only go for young and hip chicks; they're also willing to date the older set as well. Fox was also once engaged to another fella who was in his 20s when she was in her 40s, so it looks like Fox has a type… a guy from a younger generation. Hey, she’s got the looks, the talent, and the sex appeal to charm anyone, young or old. So why not go after a cub if you think they’ll bite?!

5 Katie Couric

The famous newswoman, Katie Couric, is making news herself by being a years-long cougar. Her current hubby is 6 years younger than she is, and before that, she was dating a man a notably 17 years her junior. Plus, her ex-husband was 15 years younger than she is. It's safe to say that the perky Couric likes younger guys because she's so youthful herself and has a certain contagious energy and vivaciousness that may not suit a man her age or older. If the shoe fits, wear it, and it seems Couric’s shoes are designed with a sexy cougar print! She seems to be perfectly happy being the older woman, and her men seem to enjoy the company she gives. Have you heard the news? Couric is a cougar. Oh, and that will be tomorrow’s news as well!

4 Susan Sarandon

Actress Susan Sarandon seems to be a lifelong cougar. She was with actor Tim Robbins for many years, and he's a decade her junior. Then, she dated Jonathan Bricklin, a fella who's over 30 years younger than the actress, although they called it quits recently, too. She must have a connection with the younger generation, and it seems that men in their younger years appreciate Sarandon as a mature and worldly woman. Hey, it certainly doesn’t hurt that she's rich, famous, beautiful, and talented, and she seems to be youthful at heart. Surely, men her own age find her intriguing, but it seems like Sarandon is all-cougar, all the time. Why go for a man headed for the nursing home when you can have a spry guy without the need to hide a bottle of Viagra up his sleeve? She’s living it up as a cougar and is having a ball with her boys!

3 Halle Berry

As one of the sexiest women in the world, it’s not a shock that a younger man would have the hots for the breathtaking Halle Berry. She looks far younger than her actual age, and she's so gorgeous that it’s almost unreal. For a while, she was paired up with a much younger fella, model Gabriel Aubry. Their relationship lasted for about 5 years until they split. They have a daughter, and perhaps, one day, she'll follow in mom’s footsteps (or shall we say paw prints?) and go for younger men herself. Berry is a rare beauty and seems to defy age, so when she’s with her younger men, the difference isn’t all that noticeable. But we can always Google their age to find out the truth. And the truth is, Berry is a berry sexy cougar!

2 Mariah Carey

She may only call herself “fabulous,” but the rest of us are calling the diva a cougar. Mariah Carey has split from her ex, Nick Cannon, but her cougar ways landed her in the arms of the over-a-decade-younger TV personality and actor. The two married and had adorable twins – a boy and a girl – but even that couldn’t keep the two together. Perhaps it was Carey’s “queen-like” attitude or the large age difference, but the relationship was a bust, and Carey moved on to a billionaire… but that relationship ended as well. If you watch Carey’s oddball reality show, there’s a plot line where she’s interested in a much younger backup dancer, but some speculate this is a fabricated relationship created to make the show more interesting. Who knows if it's real? But we do know Carey has cougar written all over her.

1 Kathy Griffin

The red-headed comedian, Kathy Griffin, was in all sorts of hot water recently after her failed and stupid joke about beheading the President, but it’s no joke that the funny woman is, in fact, a raging cougar. Her main man, Randy Bick, is 20 years younger than she is. He's in his 30s, and she's in her fabulous 50s. Bick must find his honey’s humor to be sexy, or maybe he’s always been into older women. A guy needs to be ready for anything if he's going to date a spitfire like Griffin, so it seems a younger man is the right match for the crazy comedian. Wonder if he thought that poorly delivered Trump joke was a winner? If so, it seems like these two are the perfect match, despite the decades between them.

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