15 Hot Actresses Who Love Wearing V-Necks

If you do some research, it is truly amazing how many types of neckline options you’ll find available for women’s shirts. There’s the boat neck, cowl neck, crew neck, halter, keyhole square neck, and many more, but for this article, we’re just going to highlight our favorite, the V-neck. There are varying degrees of plunging involved with the V-neck, and that’s why we like them so much. Sometimes the thin fabrics that accompany the V-neck are also attractive. The V-neck feature can be found not only on t-shirts, but also in swimwear, blouses, and evening gowns as well.

All the hottest ladies in Hollywood enjoy wearing an alluring V-neck from time to time, and we’ve captured their best images on this list. These are actresses, triple threats, has-beens and wanna-bees who are tired of competing with each other. Tired of the endless paparazzi. They are fed up with setting the latest trends. Sometimes they have to dress radically, but other times they just want to relax, and wear a sure-fire hit. Donning a deep V-neck is a guaranteed way to satisfy everybody without question. It’s an instant classic that everybody loves.

The guidelines for this list were pretty simple. We are not textile experts. Anything that appeared to be V-shaped in the front, basically got the thumbs up. Sometimes shirts that are intentionally left unbuttoned look like a V. Works for us. This is not a fashion website, mind you. It’s for entertainment only, so please enjoy.

15 Blake Lively

Here is a beautiful image of one of our favorite actresses, Blake Lively. In this image Blake looks gorgeous without even trying, like she’s just hanging out at Starbucks or something and looking so pretty. Blake has been in a few good movies but none of them have overshadowed the success of her television career. Blake made her official rise to fame on CW’s Gossip Girl. She owes her success to her parents who are both behind the scenes in show business and even worked as acting coaches. Blake is currently married to Ryan Reynolds who she met on the set of Green Lantern, which is regarded as one of the worst superhero films ever. Reynolds and Lively have two daughters, Ines and James. Yes, James. It’s a girl. Cute, right? Maybe.

14 Britney Spears

Yes it is true, Britney Spears is an actress. She appeared in Crossroads in 2002, during the peak of her fame, and the film grossed over $37 million. Not bad for a bunch of novice actors and a low-budget bubble gum script. If you have seen the film it is doubtful that you remember anything except for the beginning, when the pop princess bounced around on a mattress in her undies. Not long after the film, Britney had a failed marriage, and head-shaving meltdown that the media ate up like popcorn. Britney admitted that the press had gotten to her, and she had lost the blind ambition that she had in the beginning of her career. But Britney is back now and better than ever. Her Vegas show got her back in shape, and back to doing what she does best-- looking great performing onstage.

13 Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter came up on Modern Family. We all knew her as the nerdy middle sister, with the big glasses, who always had her nose in a book. Then she grew up, and while her character stayed nerdy, her real life persona went rogue. It is a well known fact: she likes to show off her body. Meanwhile, it is a little known fact that Ariel Winter is Pugsley’s little sister. It’s true! Pugsley, the goofy looking kid from The Addams Family movies, is Ariel’s big bro, and he even attempted to gain custody of the starlet when she divorced from her show-biz jaded mom. Pugsley failed however, and Ariel wound up in the custody of another sister, who is obviously not against Ariel posting red-hot photos like this one on Instagram. So keep posting, girl, while the posting looks good, and before the Pugsley family resemblance starts to show.

12 Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is the queen of sitcoms, starring on Modern Family, and earning the highest income on TV for several years now. Her comic timing is excellent, and her beautiful appearance cannot be beat. Sofia hails from Colombia and interestingly enough is from the same town as music icon, Shakira. There must be something in the water there that increases beauty and talent. Sofia has been in the business long before Modern Family. She had a son before fame, did some Pepsi commercials, and even modeled as a Miller Light girl for a while. Lately she can be seen on infomercials for complicated espresso machines. Everybody knows Colombians love coffee, and it seems Sofia just couldn’t resist plugging this fad product. Coincidentally, George Clooney, another A-lister, and newlywed, also plugged a lame coffee machine. Strange. Now married to Joe Manganiello, we are certain that Sofia’s new hubby approved of this outfit with its plunging V neckline.

11 Kim Kardashian West

Really? Another not-quite-an-actress entry? Oh no, my friend, Kim Kardashian may be the best actress of them all. She made her whole family famous due to that amateur film starring herself, Ray J, and a mattress. Then she acted like she was in love with Kris Humphries and even married the poor guy for a few hours. And also, reality TV is not reality. There are plenty of people who work on Keeping Up as “story editors”, also known as writers. Then the directors read the script, tell Kim where to go, and she runs with it. She’s like an improv genius. Kim does have legitimate TV credits to her name, though. She starred in CSI, 30 Rock, Beyond the Break, Drop Dead Diva and more. To keep her improv skills sharp, she married Kanye West, who says the strangest things on the planet, and then she has to somehow react accordingly.

10 Emma Stone

Emma Stone has got to be the Hollywood 'it' girl of the moment thanks to rave reviews of La La Land. Stone has that kind of beauty that really sneaks up on a guy. At first glance she seems plain, if not nerdy, and then her look grows on you the more you see her and pretty soon she a favorite. Stone stars in La La Land as an out-of-work actress who fails, and fails and fails, and then once she does finally find success (SPOILER) she has to dump her boy, Ryan Gosling, to pursue it. Of course the characters say they’re going to get back together after she returns, but they don’t. And then they see each other in his jazz club, and she’s now married, and they still don’t hook up. Arg! And that may be one of the worst endings in cinematic history. Titanic won 11 Oscars with a hated ending and La La is on track to beat that record.

9 Amy Adams

Amy Adams is the Meryl Streep of the next generation. This girl can act like a cartoon Disney princess one moment, and then switch gears and be a drug addict townie in the next flick. BUT what people get lost in the acting chops is the fact that this girl is actually very hot when she wants to be. Adams is nominated for awards every year and this year she gets nods for Arrival. The film was pretty good. Jeremy Renner is in it too, another great Hollywood actor. Arrival is the most anti-climactic alien flick you will ever see, but Adam’s performance is spot on. She plays a linguist professor who tries to learn a drastically different alien language, and once she understands it (SPOILER) she can see the future. Then there’s that Sixth Sense type of whiplash moment, where you want to watch the flick again so you can notice all the clues to its ending.

8 Kat Dennings

Can you believe this girl, Kat Dennings, from the crassest show on TV, 2 Broke Girls, was dating the king of sissy songs, Josh Groban? Talk about opposites attract. Did these two have anything in common? It’s amazing they lasted as long as they did. Kat’s another star that has been in the Hollywood game years longer than you thought. In 40 Year Old Virgin she played the goth-ish daughter of the woman who finally nails the film’s hero, played by Steve Carell. Random bit of trivia here, her real name is Katherine V. Litwack. Definitely an upgrade to Dennings. This actress has been accused of poor acting, but her comic timing is that of a seasoned expert.

7 Bella Thorne

Here’s a girl that seems to be posting more skin than anybody on social media. She has the flawless skin to do it with that’s for sure. And she works hard for her looks too, always posting shots from the gym or running around the neighborhood. Bella got her star to rise thanks to the Disney factory and Shake it Up, alongside Zendaya. She has stayed busy ever since, starring in a number of TV shows and feature films. Lately however, her presence on social media seems to be accelerating her career more than anything else. And then there’s the question of her sexuality which seems to change teams from day to day, to keep all the young men fantasizing. Also she just announced on Instagram that she got her nipple pierced. Ok, it just feels like we’re being baited by a self-promotion master now.

6 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has gotten drunk from the fountain of youth. There is no other explanation for how she could look so good and be the age she is. We were just talking about Bella Thorne. That girl was born in 1997 during the 3rd season of Friends. That show was just getting popular. Jen is always going to be remembered for that incredible ensemble sitcom, but she has had a great film career as well. Not as great as other actresses in Hollywood, but better than any other Friends cast member, that’s for sure. And what else could Jen ask for? You know those actors are all seriously competitive, that why the show was so damn good. And there must be some leftover animosity or else there would have been a reunion show, which would have made bank! Cox lobbied for $1 million per cast member, per episode for Friends, so could you imagine the price tag for a Friends reunion or film. Too bad. Will never happen.

5 Kaley Cuoco

Here’s another big fan favorite who likes to show off her beautiful curves on social media. Kaley Cuoco got her start on 8 Simple Rules, which became even more popular, sadly, due to John Ritter’s death. Cuoco went on to star in Charmed with all those hot witches, before eventually making the big bucks on Big Bang. The Big Bang Theory is a great show to watch when you can’t find anything better on. The show has been on for so long that the actors just seem to be going through the motions. Sure the show has been a success, but is it even close to being as good as the greats like Friends? Cuoco has the most charisma out of all of them, and she’s no Jen Aniston. What many fans don’t know is that this actress was a staunch Republican for years, even attending rallies when Bush beat Gore back in the day. Her conservative Christian upbringing may be to blame. However, since she’s gotten older, and since divorced, her political loyalties have subsided and she steers clear of religion as well..

4 Selena Gomez

This actress/singer is going out with the Weeknd, the last time we checked, which made his ex, Bella Hadid, totally flip out and post a bunch of hot pics on social media. And the question is: how does the Weeknd pull in these gorgeous young women? Most of his songs are about drugs, specifically the nose candy, and that doesn’t seem too attractive, right? He’s not a good looking dude either. His voice is the closest thing in years to Michael Jackson, so maybe that’s it, who knows. As we all know, Gomez is no stranger to dating high profile celebrities. She had an on-again off-again thing with the Biebs for years. Then Bieber told her via song that she should go love herself, and that his mother didn’t even like her. That’s just wrong, bringing moms into it, dude, come on. Selena seems like an extremely self centered, yet very sweet, beautiful girl; I’m sure that ma couldn’t have hated her that much.

3 Jennifer Lopez

This attractive woman has been around since In Living Color, the sketch comedy show that launched the careers of the Wayans brothers, and goofiness master, Jim Carrey. Jennifer Lopez starred as a Fly Girl, a group of hot hip-hop dancers who did a brief routine, which was shown during transition into commercial breaks. Soon after that, Lopez appeared in a hot Janet Jackson video, and then she starred as Selena in Selena, about the latin music star who was assassinated by the leader of her own fan club. Then Lopez dated Puff Daddy, who gave her the super cool monicker of JLO. He was also her date to the Grammys when Lopez donned one of the deepest cut v-necks in the history of the world. This outfit was talked about for weeks, but years later it seems rather mild, even prudish compared to what Kylie Jenner wears when she goes out for Starbucks.

2 Emily Ratajkowski

Here is an actress who starred in Gone Girl with Ben Affleck. If you have seen the flick, it is very confusing and at times disturbing, and (SPOILER) the ending is both awful and unbelievable. One of the best scenes in the film is when Affleck’s character, accused of murdering his wife, and whom the audience still is unsure about, sneaks off to his sister’s house and opens the door to this young, fine coed, who walks in and takes off her top. Then Ben takes a motor boat ride, and the rest of the film pales in comparison. Emily likes to flaunt her assets. She appeared in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video, and in the unedited version, strutted around with the confidence and the rack of a goddess. Emily is so revealing on her social media accounts, that sometimes it is difficult to find a picture of her fully clothed.

1 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is one of the most searched women online. She is an actress, a mother, and a successful businesswoman. The Honest Company, which she founded with a couple partners, has become a billion dollar corporation. They sell everything from hand cream to juice, appealing mostly to young mothers like Alba herself. On the acting side, Alba has never been critically acclaimed. She has done dancing movies, comedies and other films where she is sure to look good. There is no denying that Jessica has a killer body and she is smart enough to flaunt that fact in every project she takes part in. She has been quoted as saying: “My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing.” Seems like her theory has really paid off for her. Confidence is definitely sexy.

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