15 Hot Actresses Who Have Even Hotter Sisters

Beautiful actresses are everywhere we look. These days, it's more difficult to find an average-looking actress than it is to find a gorgeous one. It just comes with the territory. Now, we're not complaining, but it's our fault things are this way. We, as the general film-viewing audience, enjoy watching attractive humans. If we're going spend a sunny Saturday afternoon in a theater sitting through a drama about two people falling in love and then one of them dying in the end, we better have some super gorgeous people to look at. Otherwise, what's the point? Oh, that reminds us. Right about now, let's all take a deep breath. We're going to be talking about people's looks here. No need to get your nose all bent out of joint because we're judging people.

As we discussed, many actresses are hot. This is clear. Attractiveness comes from our biological parents blending their genes together. It stands to reason that, where there's one attractive child, there is often another. Sure, sometimes Mother Nature mucks this all up and one sibling is hot and the other is a goblin. That kind of cruelty happens, but it's rare. That understanding got us thinking. What if hot actresses have even hotter sisters?

On this list, we're going to be partaking in an exercise that is kind of silly. We'll be comparing the looks of incredibly hot women. Yes, the title implies hotter than, but can we really say that one sibling is better-looking than the other when they're both gorgeous? Sometimes, yeah, but it's tough. Instead, we'll just be looking at which actresses have really hot sisters. These aren't the well-known siblings either. For the most part, each of the siblings on this list have done well to stay out of the limelight. While their sisters have been off becoming millionaires and gaining incredible fame, the sexy siblings have just gone about their normal lives looking really good. For some, "normal" might not be the best descriptor of their lives. Some are less well-known actresses; some are models. No matter what they do, all are stunning.

Here are 15 Hot Actresses Who Have Even Hotter Sisters.

15 Audrina Patridge – Casey Patridge

Audrina Patridge might not be what we like to call a traditional actress, but in this day of reality television, anyone can do it with or without proper training. Audrina rose to fame on The Hills and has done a few movies and television spots since then. She also models and shows up places being a hot person. Her sister, Casey Patridge, is like the edgy version of the uptight persona Audrina plays on TV. They even kind of look alike. Maybe she isn’t edgy at all. We just think that because she has plenty of great tattoos and she's married Freestyle Motocross star, Kyle Loza. She must know how to let her hair down. Who can say for sure? She looks edgy. That's what's important. She's got her own makeup line and does some other stuff too. She's also really good-looking.

14 Sienna Miller - Savannah Miller

They don't make 'em much better-looking than Sienna Miller. Her sister, Savannah, sure puts that to the test, though. Savannah is a fashion designer who has developed a couple of different labels, including one with Sienna and her most recent, appropriately called Savannah. Savannah is older than Sienna, but she's aged extremely well. Now, Savannah doesn't have the same type of s*x appeal as her younger and more famous sister. There's a wholesomeness to Savannah, whereas Sienna seems to be more of a bada*s. At least those are the little stories we've created about these sisters in our heads. Yes, they've both had amazing careers so far, but their parents should be prouder that they made such beautiful women like the two. Everyone knows that nothing could be more important to a parent.

13 AnnaLynne McCord - Angel and Rachel McCord

Whether you know her better from Nip/Tuck or 90210, even if you have no clue who she is at all, you understand that AnnaLynne McCord is really hot. Just look at her. Did you know that she has an older sister who looks frickin' identical to her? It's true. Angel is her name. Now Angel is an actress as well. Sure, you've never seen any of her work, but she has acted, not well, but she's acted. The films she has done are some of the worst ever. Nah, we have no idea. We've never seen them. We know Angel from her lifestyle. Before Angel married her husband of only four months, she was caught making out with a Miss USA contestant outside a club. This got a lot of people talking. It was a pretty sweet moment. There was also that time when the McCord sisters had a really intimate kiss on the beach. That one was kind of strange. We like seeing sisters getting along, but these two appear to get along a little too well. Yet again, this one got people talking. They also have another sister who looks nothing like them. Her name is Rachel, and she might be the best of the whole bunch.

12 Liv Tyler - Chelsea Tyler

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Liv Tyler and Chelsea Tyler may only be half sisters, but there is a lot of resemblance between the two beauties. They both clearly got their father's mouth in the gene exchange. That father would be Steven Tyler, the front man for Aerosmith, the man who could swallow your entire head without even splitting the corners of his mouth. Both of the Tyler girls have a generously-sized mouth too, but they make it work. Much more than Liv, Chelsea is a spitting image of her father, albeit the much more attractive version. When she's at home, she's a musician, a model, and she seems very intelligent. From our point of view, this one looks like the whole package. But she's married so don't go getting any ideas.

11 Malin Akerman - Jennifer Akerman

Jennifer Akerman, the younger sister of actress Malin Akerman, may not be as famous as her sister, but she has done well for herself. She's a model. She's also a singer and she was a celebrity dancer in Let's Dance 2013. Most importantly, she's very good-looking. Jennifer has that cute Cabbage Patch Doll face, which is a nicer way of saying she has chubby cheeks. They're not chubby really. The girl is very built. Her cheeks are just very round, which gives her a young look. Mind you, she's only 27, so she is young, just not chubby-cheeks young. Enough about the cheeks. Jennifer will probably never be as famous as her sister, but with looks like those, she's already won at life. Now that's something she can tell her grand kids.

10 Jessica Lowndes - Jackie Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes is not the most familiar name in Hollywood, but if you watched 90210, you will know her. Lowndes played Adrianna Tate-Duncan, and she looked nearly perfect doing it. It turns out that this beauty also has a gorgeous sister. To be quite honest, we don't know anything about Jackie, Jessica's hot blonde sister. We saw her in some pictures and decided we had to include her on this list. Hell, there's even some debate if the girl pictured is actually Jessica's sister, that's how anonymous she is. They both were born in and grew up in British Columbia. Then, while Jessica went off to become a famous actress, Jackie went to school and got into business. Other than the fact that she is really attractive, that's all we know.

9 The Zima Sisters

Remember Madeline Zima? She was the little girl from The Nanny and The Hand that Rocks the Cradle who grew up to be insanely hot. Most recently of note, she was in Californication and she blew our minds. Well, she's got two sisters, Yvonne and Vanessa. Both of these sisters are actresses and both are wildly good-looking. Vanessa might be known to some of you. She was in The Baby-Sitters Club and a couple of other '90s films. She's probably the better-looking of the sisters now as well. Yvonne is really hot too. She's been in plenty of big movies but almost always in tiny little roles. One thing is for certain, though; there are some strong genes in that Zima family.

8 Shannyn Sossamon - Jenny Lee Lindberg

Shannyn Sossamon is a very unique creature. She is so interesting-looking and beautiful that she is more memorable than she probably should be. Even though she may not be the biggest actress on the planet, she's easy to pick out of a crowd. Don't get us wrong, Sossamon's had a great acting career, but she's just got one of those faces that is easy to picture even if she does go long stretches out of the limelight. Well, she's got a very interesting-looking sister as well. Jenny Lee Lindberg is probably best known for her band Warpaint, which has done quite well on the indie scene. In fact, Sossamon used to be in the band as well. Either way, we're here to talk about looks, and Lindberg is an odd little duckling, but she is super hot. To match her rock persona, she likes to change up her style quite a bit, which can be distracting, but she cleans up very well. The faded pink hair thing takes time to get used to for some, but she pulls it off.

7 Cara Delevingne - Poppy Delevingne

When Cara Delevingne moved from the world of fashion to film, plenty of people had their doubts about her ability to perform, but no one ever questioned her beauty. It's what made her famous. Her acting isn't the worst either. Not the greatest, but not wholly terrible. She was alright in Paper Towns and Suicide Squad, her two biggest roles to date. She's also got a sister in the industry, Poppy. Like Cara, Poppy started off in fashion but made the move to film. Recently, Poppy is actually doing extremely well for herself, appearing in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and the upcoming Kingsman: The Golden Circle. She also happens to be incredibly gorgeous like her sister.

6 Penélope Cruz - Monica Cruz

There's something unexplainable going on in the Cruz household. Both Penelope and her younger sister, Monica, are over 40 are still looking fantastic. Like big sis, Monica is an actress. She also is a dancer, so she's twice as talented as Penelope. These two are very similar—equally as beautiful. When Penelope was shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, she was pregnant, so Monica stood in for her. Filmmakers were ecstatic about that because, when looking from any distance at all, the two were indistinguishable from each other. Outside of that film, Monica's hardly done anything of note, but sweet lord, she's a beauty. It's hard to say anyone is better-looking than Penelope, but if you ever get a chance to look at photos of Monica from her late 20's to early 30's, do yourself a favor and look hard.

5 Gemma Arterton - Hannah Arterton

Hannah Arterton is the younger sister of actress Gemma Arterton. Now, Hannah is an actress in her own right, but you may not have seen anything she's been in. But trust us when we say that you should, not because the movies or TV shows are any good—oh no, they're no good at all—but because Hannah is really good-looking, and a beauty like that deserves to be seen by as many eyes as possible. To be blunt, Hannah is a strange case. For every five incredible photos of her, there is one in which she looks odd. That's not to say that she looks bad in any photos, just different than the way she usually looks. Then again, for every five attractive photos, there is also one photo that goes in the other direction, one photo in which she looks so amazing you won't believe it's the same woman.

4 Naya Rivera - Nickayla Rivera

Naya Rivera is most famous for playing Santana Lopez on Glee. She is–or was–also a host on The View. We also remember that she said something really stupid once. What was it? Something about showering and how white people are the only ones who do it daily. Dumb or not, Naya has done well, but it isn't just her who's done well in the Rivera family. The entire group of them have been incredibly successful. The brother, Mychal Rashawn, is a tight end for the Oakland Raiders. Their sister, Nickalaya, has a tight end. No, that was a joke. She is a beautiful runway model. Of everyone in that family, she's the one we're most interested in right now. With about 60,000 followers on Instagram, other people seem to be interested in Nickalaya as well, if only because she posts sexy photos of herself everyday. Sadly, that's it. That's all we know about this leggy 23-year-old. She posts photos on Instagram.

3 Victoria Justice - Madison Grace Reed

Madison Grace Reed is the half-sister of Victoria Justice, the Nickelodeon star. Currently, Madison is an Instagram model. Is that a career? She has over 400,000 followers who watch her take sexy photos of herself, her sister, and her friends doing rich people things. She may be a singer as well because she did perform a duet with Victoria at one of her shows a few years back. She's also acted in a couple of things, including a small film that just came out. It's not for certain that she ever reaches the level of fame her sister did, but if she continues to age as well as she is currently, by 30, she may be the most attractive woman on the planet. We have to surmise that the mother that Madison and Victoria share, Serene, must have been alright in her prime years.

2 Bella Thorne - Kailie Thorne

Kailie Thorne is the younger sister of actress Bella Throne. Kailie is an actress as well, but she's been making a name for herself through modeling. Compared to all the siblings on this list, Kailie is the one that is the farthest ahead of her sister in looks. Now, don't confuse things. We think Bella is absolutely stunning, but Kailie is in a league of her own. At 25, Kailie has become something unbelievable in the last few years. She's really blossomed into one of the most gorgeous women walking around today. She also does nude and semi-nude photo shoots which help her case. Not with us–we're bigger than that–but with other less-civilized people.

1 Rashida Jones - Kidada Jones

Kidada Jones is the very beautiful and very successful older sister of Rashida Jones. Since Rashida is one of our favorite good-looking humans, we can't quite say Kidada is better-looking. It is close, though. Kidada is a well-known fashion designer who has her own design line at the Walt Disney Company called "Kidada for Disney Couture." She's also worked with plenty of massive celebs like Tommy Hilfiger and Snoop Dogg. Yeah, the sisters' father is Quincy Jones, so she may have had an in, but she's got the talent to go with her beauty. But we won't let her looks take away from her success. The craziest thing is, of all her great successes, Kidada might be most famous for dating Tupac Shakur. She had been dating him for only about four months when he was shot and killed in Las Vegas.

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