15 Hot Actresses Who Act Like Dudes

Right off the top, let us say this: we fully recognize that thinking a certain manner of acting, speaking, or moving is "like a dude" may sound close-minded and stereotypical. We get that, but we also realize that there are certain things that society as a whole associates more with one gender than the other. We may pretend like that isn’t the case but we’re guessing that when you read the title of this article certain actresses immediately jumped to mind. We would like to make it abundantly clear that we fully support everyone’s right to act in any way that they see fit no matter their gender, race, religion or age, as long as it doesn’t infringe on others.

At first blush, you may presume that we put together this list to point out how odd it is that these beautiful female actresses are regularly cast in roles that see them act in a more masculine way. The opposite is true, though we decided to look at fifteen famous female actors who’ve managed to break the mold and portray roles like that where they still remain as attractive as ever. We are here to celebrate the fact that modern actresses get to take on characters that would have traditionally been held by men and hope that continues for years to come. We love the idea that in years to come the young women from the current generation will likely have many more female role models in every genre of film when that wasn’t always the case.

In order to be considered for this list, an actress first off needs to be someone that the majority of people would consider to be hot. Then, they need to have been cast in roles that have seen them play characters that in years past would have much more likely gone to men. In order to ensure that was the case, we only considered films that came out after 1980, as we see that as the cut-off for a more modernized look at the acting world. Finally, they need to have performed the part in a way that has been accepted well by the masses because they were seen as believable.

15 Katee Sackhoff


14 Charlize Theron


13 Gina Gershon


12 Anne Heche


11 Katherine Moennig


10 Glenn Close


9 Jodie Foster


8 Grace Jones

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7 Hilary Swank

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6 Tilda Swinton


5 Lucy Liu


4 Sigourney Weaver

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3 Linda Hamilton


2 Michelle Rodriguez

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1 Angelina Jolie

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We’re just going to come out and say it, we fully expected Angelina Jolie’s face to leap into the minds of our readers when they saw the focus of this list. An actress that is without a doubt one of the most sexualized people who is also famous around the world for her acting, it is pretty difficult to argue against the idea that she is a beautiful woman. Often cited as the crush of people of both genders, she has been in a bevy of films that showed her in all of her glory which is something virtually everyone enjoys seeing.

Looking at her filmography is also an exercise in appreciating roles that totally fit the mold of the ones we were looking for in order for someone to qualify for inclusion in this list. Hackers, Gone in 60 Seconds, Taking Lives, Alexander, Beowulf, Wanted, Salt, and The Tourist are but a sampling of films that relied on her looks as well as her more masculine persona. Quite possibly the most famous female action star the world has ever seen, she has made a career for herself out of taking on and redefining roles that would have previously gone to men. We love her for it and completely applaud the way she has changed the industry she called home for so many years.

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15 Hot Actresses Who Act Like Dudes