15 Hot 90s Stars Who Got Hotter With Age

Oh, the '90s.  It was a time for crop tops, an overuse of denim, weird hairstyles, a lot of hair gel, and weirdly shaped swimsuits.  There were some seriously sexy celebrities in the '90s that were so

Oh, the '90s.  It was a time for crop tops, an overuse of denim, weird hairstyles, a lot of hair gel, and weirdly shaped swimsuits.  There were some seriously sexy celebrities in the '90s that were somehow able to take the weird styles of the time and make them absolutely stunning.  Of course, a lot of those celebrities were in the prime of their career: Britney Spears, for example, has never been as hot as she was in the '90s; Christina Aguilera, either, or arguably Tom Cruise.  Ever since then, it's been a downhill battle.

Some celebrities fared with better luck.  Consider all the celebrities that blew up in the early 2000's: Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt, and Oprah, for example.  They certainly weren't rocking weird 90's styles, but they figured out how to rock the evolving styles of the 2000's to stay in the public eye.  They've all started to fade from popularity nowadays, so who's taking their place in the public eye?

These 90's stars finally figured it out.  They realized they weren't hotter when they bleached their hair blonde; they figured out that you don't really have to wear socks up to your thighs to draw attention to them; they decided to hang up their denim suits in favor of something (anything) better.  They are looking better than ever.  Check them out: here's 15 90's stars that are even hotter today!


15 Christina Ricci - Doesn't Look Like The Same Person


Christina was a favorite child actor of ours when she was in Casper, making friends in a haunted house, or when she was April in The Addams Family, refusing to make friends in a creepy house. Christina has done a lot of growing up, and she's become quite a babe in the meantime.

14 Candace Cameron - Remember DJ?

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Remember Candace?  She played the responsible and loving older sister DJ on one of our favorite childhood shows, Full House.  She was a pudgy little girl, though it was completely endearing and adorable back then.  The show ended before she'd gotten very old, around the time she would've been graduating high school.

13 Jodie Sweetin - Full House's Stephanie


Speaking of Full House, remember the slightly more precocious younger sister?  No, not Mary Kate or Ashley Olson, but Jodie Sweetin.  She played the middle sister, Stephanie.  What's she doing these days?

12 Tia (or Tamera) Mowry - Sister Sister


Candace and Jodie weren't the only TV sisters that got better with age.  Tia and Tamera played twin sisters in the show Sister Sister.  The two have done plenty of movies and shows together since, rarely leaving each others' sides.  They've always used each other as their greatest assets on screen.

11 Amanda Bynes - Hot Despite Personal Issues


Amanda Bynes was one of our favorite childhood sweethearts.  From All That to The Amanda Show, from Big Fat Liar to What a Girl Wants, we all loved Amanda's movies.  She was our beloved Amanda!  These days, she's quite the bombshell.

10 James Van Der Beek - No Longer A Douche


James got his start on Dawson's Creek as Dawson Leery, a fluffy haired dream boat for any young lady looking to plaster their walls with posters of cute guys.  These days, he is dreamier than ever.

9 Michelle Trachtenberg - Remember Buffy's Little Sister?


Remember Michelle?  She played Buffy the Vampire Slayer's little sister, Dawn Summers.  She's starred as a regular in several series since then but, more importantly, she's gotten older and hotter.  She's got a classic beauty, though she can look pretty scandalous when she wants to.

8 Joseph Gordon-Levitt - He's Far From The "Sun"


Joseph has stayed so busy, it's easy to forget that he got his start as a young actor in the '90s!  Remember his roles in Roseanne, 10 Things I Hate About You, or Dark Shadows?  He was plenty busy as a young actor, but he's stayed busy as he's gotten older, smarter, and sexier.

7 Christina Applegate - Got Her Start On Married With Children


Christina got her start on the sitcom Married With Children as the ditsy and slightly promiscuous teenage daughter.  She was one of the only tolerable characters on the show (the others were unbearably annoying caricatures) and she was the embodiment of ridiculous '90s era fashion.  Since then, she's gone on to better and sexier days.

6 Gwen Stefani - Grown Out Of Punk Style


Gwen Stefani, lead singer of the 90's punk-reggae/ska band No Doubt, always had a flair for trying out new and unusual styles.  She always had weird hairstyles and tried odd colors of lipstick and wacky clothes.  It definitely gave her a unique image, back in the day.  However, now that she's a bit older and wiser, she's opting for more classy and natural looks and it suits her well.

5 Stacey Dash - A B-Lister Who Got Hotter


Stacey made her mark in 90's films, usually appealing to teenage and young adult audiences.  Perhaps her best known/most memorable role was Dion alongside Alicia Silverstone in the movie Clueless.  She rocked some of the latest and greatest 90's fashion (which, looking back, wasn't so great).  Nowadays, she's looking better than ever.

4 Katie Holmes - Bye Bye, Joey


Katie got her start on Dawson's Creek as the playful yet gorgeous tomboy, Joey.  She's been in the spotlight ever since, between her growing popularity and her celebrity marriage (and divorce) with Tom Cruise.  Despite all the attention and stress she's undergone, she's been able to keep a fine physique.

3 Justin Timberlake - Remember The Curly Hair?


Justin Timberlake won all of our hearts in the '90s when he joined the pop sensation boy band group, NSYNC.  The group eventually evolved into being more of his backup singers until he finally went solo.  Justin had an interesting look back then: he kept his hair short and dyed it blindingly blonde, as per the 90's style.

2 Tiffani Thiessen - Saved By Her Beauty

Tiffani was one of our favorite students in Saved By The Bell: she played Kelly Kapowski, the sweet and preppy friend.  She also starred in Beverly Hills, 90210 as Valerie Malone.  She was extremely busy in the '90s!  Since then, she's gotten less acting work but way hotter.

1 Jennifer Aniston - Like Fine Wine


Ah, yes: Jennifer Aniston.  We all knew she'd make the list.

Jennifer Aniston's career took off when she got the role of Rachel on Friends.  She was relatively unknown before the sitcom began and the show launched her career.  She was known on the show for rarely wearing bras and for trying out weird and different hairstyles (usually something to do with how she parted the hair on her scalp).  She was hot then, but that's no comparison to how hot she is now.

Jennifer is busier than ever.  She was just in the critically acclaimed Cake and starred in the Horrible Bosses sequel.  Soon to be released are her projects Mean Moms and The Yellow Birds.  She's also constantly in the news, just for being a total babe and an awesome actress.  It's not hard to find an opportunity to check this chick out.

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15 Hot 90s Stars Who Got Hotter With Age