15 Horror Movie Child Actors Who Grew Into Total Babes

One thing that we can all agree on is that kids in horror movies are just downright creepy. Mind you, some of the kids are just the innocent victims of the horror going on around them, but others become the horror that we can’t erase from our minds. There's nothing that makes a horror movie more terrifying than to have a creepy little child with a lust for murder. Whether these children are running away screaming or are the reason for the screams makes all the difference in the world for horror movies.

It’s probably because of the fact that we don’t like children to be evil. Most of us live with at least one child, and the thought that we could go to sleep at night and evil would be lurking around is just a little unsettling. We want to believe that children are sugar and spice and everything nice. We don’t want to think that they're anything but that because it’s too awful to consider anything else.

There have been many old-school movies and even ones that have come out recently that have had some pretty epic child actors in them. These kids aren’t little anymore, however, and some of the kids that used to haunt our dreams have grown up to be full-blown hotties. These celebrities aren’t going to be in your nightmares any longer.

If you've ever wondered what happened to these horror-movie children, then you must read on. Check out these horror-movie child actors who grew up to be hot.

15 The Creepy Orphan Girl

Orphan was such a creepy movie, and the only reason why it was as good as it was is Isabelle Fuhrman. She played the part of a psychotic little girl to a tee. Spoiler alert: she was terrifying in her role, and she took the creep factor up a notch when she revealed at the end that she was actually a small woman pretending to be a girl and tries to seduce her “father.” We love it! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then you're truly missing out. Fuhrman is now 20 and a bombshell in her own right. Since Orphan, she’s been in Stephen King’s Cell, The Hunger Games, and the TV show Masters of Sex. She’s a young girl who’s doing well for herself in the industry, and she has four projects in post-production.

14 Danielle Harris Brings on a New Halloween

Really, who makes a Halloween movie but doesn’t include Michael Myers in it? He was back, however, for Halloween 4, and Danielle Harris was the little girl who played his niece, and we all know how Myers liked to kill off his family members. Harris, these days, has become a regular Scream Queen, and she's one smoking hot lady. She's posed in many provocative spreads and has no issue with showing off her sexy body. She continued with the horror theme for a while, starring in movies such as the Hatchet trilogy, Hallows’ Eve, and The Town That Dreaded Sundown. She makes for a great scream queen because she completely looks the part.

13 Jodelle Ferland in Silent Hill

Silent Hill still has the potential to give us the chills. That was one creepy movie! Between the creepy nurses and Pyramid Head, it was just a very unsettling movie. Jodelle Ferland played two characters in Silent Hill, the sweet Sharon DaSilva and also the evil Alessa Gillespie. She played pretty great roles in that film, and she had the ability to creep the audience out when she needed to. It’s not the only horror role she ended up playing, though. She played in Carrie, They, Tideland, Case 39, as well as Cabin in the Woods. She’s played in a lot of creepy roles, so maybe, giving people nightmares is her thing. She had a role in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as a young vampire that meets a grisly end, and these days, she’s on the TV show Dark Matter. She has a huge social media presence, and she’s currently rocking out green hair.

12 That Creepy Ring Girl

It’s hard to believe that it’s the same girl, isn’t it? The Ring girl always creeped us out so much, especially when she started to come out of the TV; you just knew you were done. It’s still one of the movies out there that creeps us out the most. There’s just something about that black-and-white footage that we’ll never forget. She was one soggy girl, and when she came through the TV, she did terrifying things to her victims. Daveigh Chase was only twelve years old when she starred in The Ring. Since then, she’s focused more on television, and she’s appeared in the following series: Big Love, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Cold Case, and Oliver Beene. She hasn’t done great in Hollywood, but she’s been consistently working in the industry. She certainly has changed from the creepy girl, though.

11 Sleepaway Camp Babe

Wow, who remembers Sleepaway Camp? That was such an old and rather gory movie. It’s definitely one of the better slasher films of its time, though, a true classic. It was really low-budget, but it had an insane plot twist at the end that was truly memorable. Not too many twists can compare to the ending of Sleepaway Camp. Poor Felissa Rose... There aren't too many girls who can pull off terrified like she can. She gave an amazing performance that left us all terrified and our dreams filled with nightmares. She went from being a mediocre looking thirteen-year-old to being a hot girl in no time flat. Although she hasn’t been in anything major since, she's been one busy girl. She's still acting and even pumped out ten projects in 2017 and has almost just as many in post-production.

10 Kristen Stewart - Panic Room

Remember Panic Room? It’s hard to believe that it was Kristen Stewart who played in that movie. She was so young, and back then, she looked like a little boy. These days, she's turned into a real fox. She went from these long gorgeous locks to shaving her head almost bald then dyeing it a bright white. Panic Room was about a mother and a daughter who have to take refuge in the safe room of their new home when they're being hunted by dangerous men. That scene when they have to slide into the room just as the men are about to grab them is truly terrifying. It was a great movie. Stewart has certainly come a long way since that movie. The Twilight franchise put her on the map, and she’s been going strong ever since. She’s made four or five movies every year in the past three years.

9 Kyle Richards Screamed in Halloween

Kyle Richards played Lindsey, a little girl in the movie Halloween who was being babysat by Annie. Annie went out to meet her boyfriend and left Lindsey and her brother with Jamie Lee Curtis’s character. Poor Lindsey saw Michael Myers firsthand, and she and her brother ran out of the house screaming to look for help while Curtis was on her own with her brother. These days, she's one of the vixens on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she’s grown up to be quite the hottie. You may also be surprised to know that Richards is Paris Hilton’s aunt. Small world, right? Richards has said that she loved working on Halloween because it was a “classic” movie that became “timeless.” Watching the movie at the premiere, though, shook the young girl. "It was just really scary, and I really did sleep with my mom until I was 15 years old after that. I was terrified."

8 The Amityville Horror Sweetheart

Chloe Grace Moretz was just a cute little girl in 2005 when she starred in The Amityville Horror. Even back then, you knew that she was going to be a looker because she was just so adorable. This was the remake of the 1977 version of The Amityville Horror, and in the reboot, Ryan Reynolds played the father who goes crazy and tries to kill his family. It’s like most horror movies; an unsuspecting family moves into a new home in a small town unaware that the house is haunted. Moretz was only eight at the time, and she played the daughter to Reynolds. She actually got an Academy Award nomination for her role in the film. Moretz has also done well for herself in Hollywood since playing in movies such as Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, The Equalizer, Kick-Ass 2, Texas Killing Fields, Let Me In, and Carrie.

7 Emily Perkins Was Ginger Snaps

Look familiar? With the release of Stephen King’s reboot of IT, it takes us back to the original. Emily Perkins was part of the original cast, the only girl in the group. She was the terrified girl who grew up to be a full-blown hottie. She's familiar with playing in horrors; she also played Brigitte in Ginger Snaps, the werewolf trilogy that added a dose of teenage drama. Back in the day, Perkins was a plain Jane, but these days, she’s turned into quite the beauty. These days, Perkins works consistently in Hollywood, bouncing between TV series and movies. She seems to have a love of horror, as she has appeared in many creepy projects like The Twilight Zone, Blood: A Butcher’s Tale, and The X-Files. She hasn’t been seen in anything since 2014, and that’s because she decided to take some time off to focus on motherhood.

6 Drew Barrymore is The Firestarter

Drew Barrymore was quite young when she starred in Stephen King’s The Firestarter. She’s obviously had a long career in Hollywood. She got her rise to fame when she was a little girl starring in E.T. in 1982. In The Firestarter, Barrymore played Charlie, a little girl who could set you on fire if you got her angry. This evil child could telekinetically set things ablaze if she got a little hot under the collar. She was obviously a cute little kid, and she grew up to be a gorgeous woman. She’s had a hell of a career in the industry, playing in movies such as 50 First Dates, Charlie,s Angels, Scream, Never Been Kissed, and Whip It. These days, she's been more interested in producing and is doing less acting. Over the past seven years, she's been involved in producing over 20 films and TV series.

5 Dunst Was the Original Vampire

It’s hard to believe that Kirsten Dunst was ever in Interview with a Vampire. It was so long ago. It was her first major role in Hollywood, along with so many others in her career. At that time, it was one of the creepiest roles for a child because she had a doll-like appearance but a big appetite for blood. Could you imagine being stuck in a child’s body forever? That was the frustrating reality for this vampire who was bitten as a child. Dunst also received her very first kiss on set, which makes it even creepier. She had the desires of an adult, but she was trapped in that child’s body. Dunst has had much success since then and has transformed into quite the Hollywood beauty. We’ve seen her in Bring It On, the Spiderman trilogy, Bachelorette, and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. She’s also appeared on the TV series Fargo.

4 Lindsey Haun is Damned

Village of the Damned was such a creepy movie, and it was mainly because of all the creepy bright-eyed devil children. Lindsey Haun was one of those creepy children, and she was certainly hard to forget because she was the leader of the crew of children who wanted to take over the human race. That’s no small feat, but they were well on their way to succeeding. She played Mara Chaffee, an evil child who was completely and psychotically emotionless. In 2016, she told Cosmopolitan that she was inspired by Jack Nicholson in The Shining, and she drew from that when she thought of her character. The '90s must've been a wild time for the producers because instead of getting the kids wigs for their characters, they literally bleached all their hair, which seems really extreme to us. Haun grew up to be a blonde bombshell, and she’s still involved in acting.

3 The Odd Christina Ricci

There’s no doubt about it: Christina Ricci grew up to be a stone-cold fox. She was a normal-looking child when she acted in The Addams Family, and these days, she's just sizzling. The film was released in the '90s when all the classics seemed to come out. The movie wasn’t a straight-up horror movie, but many people found the characters in the movie to be strange and creepy. Ricci played Wednesday Addams, and the movie went on to have two sequels: Addams Family Values and Addams Family Reunion. Since then, Ricci has had a successful career in Hollywood, starring in films such as 200 Cigarettes, Sleepy Hollow, and Prozac Nation. She's appeared in TV series such as Ally McBeal, Saving Grace, Joey, Grey's Anatomy, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, and most recently, Z: The Beginning of Everything. She’s been one busy girl.

2 A Young Michael Myers

Will Sandin turned out to be quite the hottie as an adult, but he was sure one cute little kid. He had a small part in Halloween, but it had a powerful impact. He played the young Michael Myers in Halloween who murdered his sister with a butcher knife. The movie ended with him standing on the sidewalk outside of his home wearing a clown costume and holding a bloody knife when his parents returned home. He was only six years old when he played the part, and he retired right after. Maybe the role was a little too traumatizing for him. He hasn’t done anything since until the year 2000 when he became involved in a documentary called The American Nightmare, wherein he played himself. He also did a documentary in 2008 called Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film and then lastly, in 2010, another documentary, Halloween: The Inside Story.

1 Gage Came Back to Life

The role of Gage in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary was one of the creepiest in the horror world. What was once a sweet little boy turned into a creepy, evil, and monstrous one. He was an '80s horror child, and he was one of the most memorable characters at that time. He was so little, and yet, he was deadly with a scalpel and killed multiple adults with very little effort. It was basically a bloodbath around this one. Miko Hughes was a creepy little boy, but he’s not that anymore. He’s handsome and also still acting. He hasn’t been in anything major, but he’s been working consistently since his first film in 1989. He’s been in a few TV series, such as Boston Public, Veronica Mars, Roswell, and Life with Louie. He’s also got a few projects in post-production for 2018.

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