15 Horror Movie Chicks Who Shouldn't Have Survived

Hey, who doesn't like a good horror flick? They can be fun and scary all in one. In fact, one of the most classic go-to moves for a date is to take a girl you like to a horror film. For one, it forces a guy and girl to get closer together. So we all know that's a good thing. There are also other valuable gifts of the horror genre. We often get a good dose of humor in some of the films as well. So whether it's a horror/comedy or just a crazy horror film like The Ring, there are all kinds of fun to have with this movie genre. In addition to providing great benefits for a fun date night, horror films can also be pretty cool.

There is an ample list of stereotypes that go along with the horror genre. The 1970s and 1980s classics rolled out legendary characters like Pinhead, Freddy and Jason, just to name a few. The movies always had two young lovers who seemed to get killed just as they were getting it on. The movies also had a habit of killing "certain" people first. It was expected, if not comical, how the stereotypes played out on the big screen. Some of the movies sought to keep alive the one shining white girl/woman who could continue to carry the series forward. There were characters we rooted for amidst the carnage of killing, but in certain instances, it was just so unbelievable they were able to survive. And sometimes, we all quietly wished inside that an annoying character or two may have gotten theirs instead of surviving. Either way, these are 15 Horror Movie Chicks Who Shouldn't Have Survived.


15 Neve Campbell

How about we have a little scream session. The Scream movies were an awesome blend of comedy and horror. The original was directed by horror legend himself, Wes Craven. The impressive cast did a great job of both scaring the audience and bringing them to tears with humor. The witty dialogue was provided by both high school and collegiate atmospheres that drew the young audiences in. Neve Campbell's character, Sidney Prescott, is the focus of the films. We follow her growing up in Woodsboro, California and she becomes the target of a twisted killer's game. The mystery combined with smart humor made the movie a massive success. Despite being constantly hunted by a terrible killer, Sydney is able to survive over and over again.

14 Sigourney Weaver


Anybody see an alien lately? Sigourney Weaver starred in this epic sci-fi/horror film. Her character, Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, gets entrenched with highly dangerous alien creatures again and again. The 8-foot aliens are monsters of epic proportions. They use humans as embryos to harvest little aliens who burst out of their human hosts' chests. The creatures quickly grow exponentially and have serious anger issues. With colonies falling to these monsters who spread like a crazy aggressive virus, it's a wonder that Ellen Ripley seems to be able to survive time and time again. Well-trained military fighters are taken down but Ripley survives. The action is awesome and the movies both scare and thrill.

13  13. Jennifer Aniston

Sure, these days we would want Jennifer Aniston to survive a nuclear war and be the final woman standing if need be. Aniston has been like fine wine over the past decade. She has seemingly had more and more fun on the big screen and looked hotter and hotter. Nobody can deny her sexiness in the steady steam of comedies she has appeared in like the Horrible Bosses movie series or We're the Millers (a second film is in the works!). As she has eclipsed the 40 mark, Aniston's popularity has seemingly remained steady beyond her Friends days. But prior to all this, an unknown Aniston appeared in a little horror film called Leprechaun. Now, a young Aniston was more like her spoiled Rachel Green character, an annoying New York socialite who you want to kick more than listen to. And that was Aniston in her one horror film. I know I was praying the little guy stuck his gold in her belly. But alas, Aniston survived the ugly little green monster and lived to see another day. But make no mistake about it, we were kinda wishing she got hers.

12 Tara Reid


Is there anyone you have wanted to see bite it more?  It's funny how Tara Reid has gone from the raspy-voiced star of American Pie to a punchline. She was a blue-eyed blonde beauty who appeared primed to make it big on the big screen. Reid had one shining moment with a co-starring role in Van Wilder (although that's mostly all Ryan Reynold's brilliance) and then it all seemed to go downhill. Reid had a run of garbage movies followed by an ill-advised boob job. She was made fun of by the tabloids and then made a fool of herself on reality television. In between all that, she was the star of the silly horror film series Sharknado. Somehow, she has been able to avoid these crazy sharks but we all wish Jaws would come along and do her dirty.

11 Marilyn Burns

We're dipping back to 1974 and it's Leatherface time. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an epic twisted movie. So many times we watch these horror movies and watch the characters getting picked off one at a time. That is the story of what happens here and Texas Chainsaw kind of established the mold that so many other movies copy. As Leatherface and his twisted family start mutilating Hardesty's friends, she is captured and given a terrifying inside glimpse of the horrors of Leatherface's pad, and it ain't a pretty sight. Hardesty showed great mental toughness but pretty much ran for her life and won the lottery in living. It was the start of a long line of damsels in distress who somehow were able to avoid imminent danger and certain death.

10 Kristen Connolly


Welcome to The Cabin in the Woods. Dana Polk is the most vanilla of the characters who encounter one of the strangest cabin getaways around. Played by Kristen Connolly, Dana Polk isn't as easy to peg as the other generic characters she is surrounded by. There is, of course, a slut who gets taken out. There are other characters, the jock, the aforementioned slut, the brain and the fool. These college students encounter sadistic human puppeteers who aim to wage an odd experiment.  Different monsters are sent in to attack the college students. If it's not enough to have monsters coming at you, the group of college students were being dosed in a variety of ways. At the same time, the grounds were being controlled by the underground puppeteers. Dana Polk is the one who survives this sadistic torture routine.

9 Lar Park-Lincoln

Welcome to Friday the 13th! Lar Park Lincoln is a horror film veteran. It all started with the 1987 film, House II: The Second Story. But we're championing her appearance in the 1988 horror film Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. She played Tina Shepard in the film and she would be a heck of a lot higher on the list if not for the fact that this was Part VII. She faces off against Jason Voorhees. Lar's character has cool telekinetic powers that are heavily integrated into the story. With an abusive father in the mix, the movie has a few interesting subplots. It's the Tina Shepard character that brings it all home as nobody believes the things she senses and has witnessed. In the end, it's a crushed hockey mask and Tina Shepard just surviving that ends this journey.


8 Danielle Harris


Calling Mr. Michael Myers! Danielle Harris isn't nicknamed the "Scream Queen" for nothing. Harris headlined four chaotic ventures into the Halloween movie series. She started out with 1988's Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. She followed that up with three more appearances in the series. She also appeared in Urban Legend, Stake Land and the Hatchet movie series. The character Harris portrays is a replacement for Jamie Lee Curtis' famous character. Harris played Jamie Lloyd, the daughter of Curtis' character, Laurie Strode. She is the prime target for Myers in the films. In each film, Myers attempts to kill Harris' character of Jamie, but isn't successful. And Jamie is a twisted figure herself, and somehow always seems to survive. The apple definitely didn't fall too far from the twisted tree.

7 Lisa Wilcox

Nightmare on Elm Street isn't the safest of places. Lisa Wilcox played Alice Johnson in the fourth and fifth movies of the Nightmare on Elm Street series. She busted out the role showing a silhouette of her tight body in the shower and she got us hooked. She was sexy as hell and normally that means doom for a pretty girl in a horror movie. Often times, it is the most attractive ones that get it (and normally they get killed as they are doing it!). So when Alice Johnson was able to find her way safely navigating Elm Street and narrowly circumventing the evil clutches of Freddy Krueger, we were all surprised. Seriously though, if you ran into Freddy and his nightmares, I don't think there is a chance in hell any of us survive.

6 Shauna MacDonald


The Descent came out in 2005 and is about a group of friends who go deep into a cave for a fun excursion. But the spelunking adventure comes a year after a devastating loss for Sarah, played by Shauna Macdonald. Sarah lost both her husband and son in a terrible accident. She heads out with her friends attempting to move on but as she and her friends head deep into the belly of the earth the cave collapses behind them. The group ends up deep into an unknown cave system misled purposely by one of their friends. It seems as though Sarah is dead to rights but amazingly is able to survive the strange creatures attacking them. The ending of the first film has a swarm of confusion with an hallucination involved. However, once the film grossed $57.1 million, the final scene of Sarah at a dead end with crazy creatures approaching her morphed into her surviving covered in blood.

5 Ashley Laurence

Here comes Pinhead. The star of the Hellraiser series, Ashley Laurence plays Kristy and somehow manages survive against the likes of one of the most sinister and evil film villains ever created, Pinhead. Pinhead is the creation of Clive Barker, a kind of devil entrenched in the underworld of a locked puzzle box. Chains and blood fill this film of gore and intensity. There are strange monsters that emerge to torture and torment the living, dragging them into the darkness. With someone stealing someone else's skin, a man coming back from the dead to drink the blood of those alive and Pinhead's monsters trolling about, the darkness feasts on the innocent (and not-so-innocent) through intense portions of the film. Somehow, Kristy finds her way to survive in the first film, and the next, and the next, and the next.

4 Jamie Lee Curtis


Happy Halloween! One of our most favorite victims of all time has to be Jamie Lee Curtis in the Halloween movies. Curtis plays Laurie Strode, the young high school student who is being stalked by Michael Myers. Myers, now 21-years-old, has escaped from a Sanitarium where he was being held. A 6-year-old Myers dressed up in a clown costume and mask and murdered his older sister with a kitchen knife. Now he is out for more fresh blood in his search for his next victim, Laurie Strode. Laurie suffers a slash from Myers, but is able to narrowly escape at every turn. They refer to Myers as the "Boogeyman" and he sure was. Scary as hell, Myers seems to be able to kill nearly all in his path but Laurie Strode. And Curtis' characters is able to evade him again and again spanning numerous films in the series.

3 Heather Langenkamp

More nightmares! Heather Langenkamp played the role of Nancy Thompson in the Nightmare on Elm Street film series. Wes Craven's masterpiece launched a monster movie series with Freddy Krueger leading the madness. Krueger is a former child killer who has the ability to stalk high school students in their dreams and kills them. Krueger was buried alive by his parents and is seeking revenge against any and all. Naturally, all the teenagers who are about to have sex together were destined to be brutally murdered. Nancy seemingly rises to the occasion in the film by surmising that Krueger's powers are predicated on fear. She shows no fear and seemingly does him in, pushing his nightmare away. Although, like many great slasher films of the era, the ending is more ominous with more murder and Krueger still on the loose. Nancy miraculously survives...for now.

2 Tippi Hedren


Sometimes, birds aren't just scary because you think they could drop a deuce on your head. In this Alfred Hitchcock classic, Tippi Hedren, playing Melanie Daniels, is brilliant as she runs for her life as birds all throughout her town seemingly lose their minds. The small creatures fly chaotically, as if possessed, attacking relentlessly in great numbers. It seems no one is safe in Bodega Bay. The birds, led by the crows, frenetically attack everyone and anyone in town. It seems Melanie Daniels is at the center of all the action as she attempts to stay alive while saving others. In this horror/thriller film, in classic Hitchcock style, the film starts subtle and eases into a thunderous snowball of thrills and action that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Radio reports have the birds attacking in nearby cities and it seems as if no one and no place is safe. Melanie and others narrowly escape but not before being sliced up by the nasty flying rats.

1 Shelley Duvall

"Here's Johnny!" The Shining is an epic and twisted film that has drawn praise from just about every film fan and critic alive. There were so many crazy performances in this movie classic. It was an absolute mind-trip and if you haven't seen it, we strongly recommend you get on board this crazy train. Jack Nicholson is obviously awesome in this movie. Everyone has seen his movie clips in which he is sadistically crazy, something he does quite well in films. Then you have Shelley Duvall who does a phenomenal job playing off Jack. First off, Nicholson playing Jack Torrance, chases her down as a possessed crazy man. She is running for her life and at every turn, seems trapped and destined to get axed in the face. Duvall's character, Wendy Torrance, is Jack's wife and as he becomes more and more erratic, she starts to sense things are very amiss. Things are clearly breaking down in the mental maze and she runs for her life. He is slamming axes through doors and chasing her down, cornering her only to lose her. Her survival is shocking in the midst of the madness. But the movie itself is absolutely awesome and to die for!


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