15 Horrible Jobs Famous People Actually Worked

Contrary to popular belief, celebrities we know and love today didn't become famous out of nowhere. Okay, fair enough, some of them may have, but a lot of them worked 40 hours a week dead end jobs lik

Contrary to popular belief, celebrities we know and love today didn't become famous out of nowhere. Okay, fair enough, some of them may have, but a lot of them worked 40 hours a week dead end jobs like the rest of us do. Fortunately for these individuals, they were able to catch their big break and bring in the big bucks. Some of them became beautiful and brilliant actors, while some just take a spot in a movie every 10 years.

Sometimes people like to say we should always consider celebrities just like the rest of us and we should show them some respect. While I agree with that particular mindset, they just aren't like the rest of us. They bring in the big dollars, they showcase their skills in big blockbuster movies, and some even go on to form a legacy around their acting. All the while the rest of us are struggling to survive. So boohoo if an actor can't go out on the street without the paparazzi getting in their way. They made their bed when they accepted the terms of being famous, so they should be forced to deal with it much like we are forced to deal with the hardships of life.

Anyway, now that I've thrown a bit of normal life angst into the equation, I'd like to put forward 15 actors that have worked some of the worst jobs known to man. I wouldn't want to meet the particular celebrity with these jobs on their resume, I'll tell you what.

15 Hugh Jackman (Party Clown)


We all know Hugh Jackman because of his statue like facial features and ripped muscles, but were you aware that he wasn't the manly man we all see today? Yes, believe it or not, Hugh Jackman had easily one of the best jobs any normal person could ever have (at least in my opinion). If you've seen a familiar face dressed up as a birthday clown traveling around the internet, you'd be correct in assuming the face is of Hugh Jackman. Yep, several sources and pictures have concluded that Hugh Jackman did indeed work as a birthday clown before he got his big break. Now, I'm all for embarrassing yourself for monetary gain, but although I think it'd be a lot of fun to perform as a clown for a crowd of people, I can't imagine what it must be like to be an A+ actor and having this in your resume. Must not be easy to be considered a serious actor.

14 Kanye West (Sales Associate)

You either love Kanye West or you hate Kanye West, but one thing is for sure - Kanye loves Kanye. Now given his entire musical career and "acting" endeavors, you wouldn't think for a second that Kanye of all people has some things to be embarrassed of. Well, as it turns out, much like a lot of artists in their prime, Kanye has some explaining to do. Apparently before he became this big shot "full of himself" conceited a-hole, he was a sales associate at Gap. I don't know about you, but the sheer thought of watching Kanye West help someone out with their purchases paints a hilarious yet beautiful picture in my mind. I can see it now. Not only that, but can you imagine Kanye West helping someone else out when it doesn't benefit him in the slightest? I don't think that's possible at this point in his career or at any point in his life for that matter.

13 Christopher Walken (Lion Tamer)

When you think Christopher Walken, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Of course it's lion tamer! Yep, the good ol' Christopher Walken whom we've come to know for his way with words on and off screen used to have a job as a lion tamer in a circus. Now, some may not consider this the absolute worst job in the world, but when I think lion tamer, the first thing I think is "I'm inches from death!" I can understand if Christopher Walken isn't necessarily pleased with himself for putting himself through such rigorous tests of life while doing this job, but I certainly respect the man a lot more for doing a job not a lot of people would ever think to do. The thing is, I can't possibly think of any other job that would fit better than Christopher Walken being a lion tamer. Something about him and the nature of that job go together like toast and butter.

12 Ray Romano (Bank Teller)


I swear, every single time I look at Ray Romano, I can't help but feel giddy inside. There's something about his character in Everybody Loves Raymond that turns him into this one guy that everybody knows. Much like Jerry Seinfeld in Seinfeld. Now, before he actually got into comedy (if that's what you could consider his work) he actually worked as a bank teller. Back in 1982, Ray Romano worked at the Williamsburg Savings Bank in New York where he met his wife Anna Romano. I've never really worked in a bank nor have I ever been close to ever applying for a job at one, so I really don't know how terrible one could consider this job. All I know is, the man can be funny, which is probably why he's found success in comedy. Like I said before though, I've always thrown Ray Romano in the Seinfeld category. He's funny, but he's a certain kind of funny that only certain people will relate to.

11 Ozzy Osbourne (Slaughterhouse)

Please don't act surprised, because what other job would you have thought the prince of darkness would have held before he became one of the best rockstars that has ever lived. But yes, look it up, I did. Ozzy Osbourne used to work in a slaughterhouse. The funny thing is, unlike a lot of actors or rockstars that have had jobs that don't fit them at all, this one actually makes the most sense. Just imagine right now if you will: Ozzy Osbourne sitting in the slaughterhouse and a bat comes flying in. He then proceeds to grab the bat and bites its head off. At that point, the internet explodes. Of course, I'm just painting a picture as I don't really know whether that would've actually happened. The only thing to really take from this is that Ozzy Osbourne is nuts.

10 Madonna (Dunkin' Donuts)

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I really don't like to throw shade at Madonna since she's made a pretty great name for herself. But what I can do is talk about the fact that she used to work at a Dunkin' Donuts. Apparently she didn't last long because she did what a lot of us would've done: got fed up and squirted jelly filling all over someone. Funny enough, this was of course before she ever got famous and as a result of dropping out of college and moving to New York, she had to find the first job that would pay her to get by, and of course that was Dunkin' Donuts. Now, I'm no expert on whether it's fun to work at Dunkin' Donuts, though I can't imagine it can't be terrible considering you're surrounded by donuts all day. However, how funny would it be to be the manager today knowing you fired the same Madonna from your store that exists today? Not a smart choice, Mr. Manager.

9 Matthew McConaughey (Chicken Coop Cleaner)

Famous or not, cleaning out chicken coops is up there when it comes to discussing the absolute worst jobs any living human being can have. But, unfortunately this particular job couldn't escape the grasp of a now famous actor. Yes, Matthew McConaughey of all people held the title of "chicken coop cleaner". Now, seeing as this isn't necessarily a popular career choice for most people, what exactly is a chicken coop cleaner? Well, in the simplest of terms: Shovel and scrape all of the manure, dirt, shavings, cobwebs, and feathers out. That's just one of many jobs the cleaner is responsible for. I can just picture in my head what it'd look like to see Matthew McConaughey of all people cleaning up chicken poop for cash. I gotta tell ya, it's a pretty hilarious and saddening picture to be thinking about. Nothing about cleaning up poop from any animal or human for that matter sounds like fun.

8 Brad Pitt (Chicken Costume)


I mean, let's be real for a second. Never in my entire life would I consider wearing a chicken costume a bad thing. However, given the circumstances with Brad Pitt and this being a job he had to hold before making it as an actor, I guess you could consider this a pretty terrible way to live especially compared to his life now. Though, if I am walking on the street and I see a man in a chicken costume, I'm going to go up to them right away and give them my number. Even if it's just some random dude in a chicken costume, they could very easily and very likely be the next Brad Pitt. You gotta leave your options open for an opportunity to stay in touch with someone of fame. You just never know who you'll run into these days. And if you're lucky, maybe it'll be Brad Pitt's long lost twin brother.

7 Danny DeVito (Hairdresser)

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You're probably thinking what I'm thinking. Really? Danny Devito? Yes, believe it or not, this now bald funny man was once a hairdresser. Can you imagine what that must have felt like for the people who scheduled appointments with him? The minute they walk in all they see is a stubby man with presumably no hair preparing for an out of this world experience. I know literally nothing about being a hairdresser, unless you count two full days of hairdresser schooling. I do know that it can be an extremely competitive job and for someone like Danny Devito to not only have this on his resume, but also succeed in his acting career afterwards, it says a lot about what he's willing to put up with. I don't think this man could have a mean bone in his body. Just don't expect him to reach the top of your head. Maybe that's why his current hairstyle looks the way it does.

6 Robin Williams (Street Mime)


Although this isn't too surprising, it's bringing back memories of how much I and everyone else absolutely loved Robin Williams. It was a severely depressing day when the news of his passing came to light, and of course many news outlets were reporting on his positive way of expressing himself, even if he himself wasn't in a great state. Surprisingly though, Robin Williams worked as a street mime. The only reason I really find this surprising is because I can't seem to put "street mime" and "Robin Williams" in the same category. Sure the man was funny and extremely successful in everything he did, but street mime? Jobs like that seem like a job a homeless man would attempt in order to get by. I'm not saying it's the worst job in the world by any means, but it doesn't really seem like the most gratifying job in the world.

5 Harrison Ford (Carpenter)


The fact that I'm the biggest Star Wars nerd should in no way influence how I talk about this man, but it does. Harrison Ford is the mastermind behind a lot of my all time favorite movie characters, especially Han Solo. Now, little did I know, he wasn't always the star studded actor we know and love today. In fact, he used to work as a carpenter. Although I've heard that working a carpentry based job can be extremely satisfying in regards to pay, I've also heard that it can strain your body more than any other job out there. And considering that type of work pretty much sucks when it's hot as absolutely crap outside, I can only imagine how much frustration fuelled within Harrison Ford. Luckily he caught his break in films and became a pretty well received actor in every movie he's been in. But nobody can say he didn't fight to get there.

4 Jon Hamm (The Other Industry)

Jon Hamm has been considered a sex symbol internationally and has become very well known for his work in Mad Men. He's also been recognized and awarded several different times. However did you know that this guy also worked briefly in the softcore adult entertainment industry? Yes, Jon Hamm, the guy who was named's Sexiest Man Alive in 2007 worked briefly in that industry as a set designer. I really have no knowledge whatsoever what this type of job entails, but I can't imagine it's the absolutely worst thing in the world. However, given that this was a brief moment in his life, it has become a defining judgement in his career. Of course, this also prompted him to finally set a time in his life to succeed in Hollywood. So whether or not this is the worst judgement call this man has ever made, it allowed him to become one of the most memorable and favorable actors in Hollywood.

3 Amy Adams (Hooters)


Before Amy Adams became a very renowned actress, she worked as a Hooters girl. If the men looking at this article know anything, it's that we love to learn about well renown actresses working as a Hooters girl. Before you go getting your socks in a twist, she worked as a Hooters girl when she was 18 because she was trying to make enough money to afford a car. It's admirable to say the least that someone of her fame nowadays had to work in a rather degrading fashion in order to make good money. Judging by photos that storm around the internet, and her overall look nowadays, there would be no surprise that she'd be at least good at the job she did. It's a strange dilemma, because Hooters does get a lot of flack for catering to the needs of men, but at the same time, it's something you should know before going into the business.

2 Sean Connery (Milkman)


C'mon now, you love Sean Connery; there's really nothing about him that you can't love. He's Scottish, he's won an Academy Award, and he's an overall bad ass. However before he was commonly known as a film bad ass, he also worked as a milkman. Something about Sean Connery being a milkman still allows me to see him as the bad ass he is today, except far more-so due to my own imagination of what he must be like doing said job. Although being a milkman was his first actual job, Sean Connery is also known to have joined the Royal Navy. Upon being discharged from that, he then went onto working as a lorry driver, a lifeguard, a laborer and a model for Edinburgh's College of Art. If there is anybody on this list that deserves to have an impressive background and resume while simultaneously working dead end jobs, Sean Connery would fit the bill ten fold.

1 Tim Allen (A Dealer)

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And now we wrap this list up with perhaps the worst of the worst in regards to jobs. Tim Allen, known for his work in Home Improvement among many other things is also known to have held an illegal job of drug trafficking, specifically cocaine. The other inclusions on this list are bad sure. I mean, I wouldn't really want to sit in the sun in a chicken costume, and I certainly wouldn't want to be a carpenter in the hot weather, but nothing comes close to pleading guilty to drug trafficking. Fortunately for the rest of the world, he did indeed plead guilty and provided names of other drug dealers that he was working with. I don't care who you are, but working in the illegal drug department is among the top worst jobs any man or woman can see themselves included in. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

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15 Horrible Jobs Famous People Actually Worked