15 Hollywood Starlets Who Actually Went Bald

“Bald is beautiful.” It’s an old saying that’s usually given to men as a way to showcase how even having no hair can make a guy look attractive. Several have used that for good careers like Patrick St

“Bald is beautiful.” It’s an old saying that’s usually given to men as a way to showcase how even having no hair can make a guy look attractive. Several have used that for good careers like Patrick Stewart, Michael Chiklis and many more. It goes for sports too, like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg and others. It’s natural for a man to go bald eventually and some are able to make it work better than others. With women, though, it’s different. Hair is such a natural part of a woman’s beauty, so to see it lost would be a big deal. But in some cases, women are able to make a shaved head look, not just appealing, but damn sexy.

Usually, it’s for a role as many an actress has decided to dump wigs and just go bald naturally for a shoot. In some cases, it’s for a good cause that can be helpful to others. Other times, actresses or singers just do it on a lark and sometimes for harsher reasons. Either way, their inherent sexiness was too much to be contained even by the lack of hair and pushed them nicely. Some are hotter than others, but they all showcase how steamy a lady can be without hair and in some cases, even hotter than with hair. Here are fifteen famous ladies who looked hot without any hair and proved how bald really can be damn sexy.

15 Robin Tunney

Empire Records has become something of a cult success today for a variety of reasons. The story (about the last day of business for an old record store) shows how things in 1995 were, and the nostalgia factor is high. There’s also its cast that's well-known today, like Liv Tyler, Rory Cochrane and Renee Zellweger. Robin Tunney had only her second ever film role as Debra, the hostile employee who had just attempted suicide. Already in a foul mood, she shows up late, locks herself into the bathroom and shaves her head. Tunney looked great with this feisty style, carrying the bald look well and looking amazingly hot in her tank top and sharp attitude. The next year, Tunney got her big star-making role in The Craft and launched a career highlighted by the long-running TV hit The Mentalist. But that early role remains one of her best to show how hot bucking the system can be.

14 Jessie J

The British songstress has become a great star in her native land and rising up internationally. Mixing rock and pop nicely, she’s known for her dark hair and great style that’s been showcased in various ways. She got major attention performing with Queen at the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. She then hit major fame teaming up with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj for the hit Bang Bang. In 2013, Jessie took part in the annual Comic Relief in England and shaved her head as part of the big charity drive. She looked just as hot with her rocking body and great style and would push her newly shaved chrome for her act. She’s grown it back shorter and enjoyed dying it a variety of colors. Jessie J is among the hotter singers around and even with no hair, is one very sexy songstress.

13 Kellie Pickler

Pickler rose up as a contestant on season 5 of American Idol where her blonde hair and great Southern charm quickly won her a following. She didn’t win, but the fame carried her on as she enhanced her image with a lot more sex appeal in revealing outfits. That led to major success in the world of country music as a CMT award winner with several hit albums. She also showed her dancing moves by winning Dancing With the Stars with her beauty a key to her success. In the fall of 2012, Pickler was on Good Morning America to talk about the cancer struggles of her long-time friend Summer Holt Miller, who had lost her hair to chemotherapy. To the surprise of everyone (including Miller), Pickler shaved her head on camera to show solidarity with her friend and others like her. She then sold the hair off to raise money for charity and was hailed for such a move. Pickler still looked fantastic as going bald did nothing to ruin the charm that makes her a great gal in music.

12 Britney Spears

In terms of going wild, this was a pretty big move. Spears had exploded onto the scene in 1999 with her mega-hits like Hit Me Baby, One More Time. She was soon shifting to an incredibly hot presence with her blonde hair, toned physique and fantastic dancing and singing making her a huge star. By 2007, Spears had endured a harsh divorce from rapper Kevin Federline and checked herself into a rehab center for drug use. That was followed by her shaving her long blonde locks off, a shocking sight for her fans. Britney then got into altercations that included smashing a car with an umbrella that turned her into a total joke. It was revealed that she suffered from bipolar disorder, but has since regained control of herself. She has rebounded with some successful albums and tours and even her own contract gig in Las Vegas. But it's Britney, so even without hair and being a hot mess, she could still be super hot and pull off the bald look.

11 Ellen Page

Page has built a good career for herself with the occasional big-budget film role (Kitty Pryde in X-Men), but also liking the lower budget indie movies. She’s also become a standout talking of her coming out and LGBT rights with a TV show focusing on those groups around the world. In 2005’s Mouth to Mouth, Page plays a member of a street gang in Europe that begins falling apart when one member dies in an accident. It was a daring role with her portraying the dark side of addiction and cutting her hair off. As the movie went on, her cut got deeper until she was basically clean-shaven by the end of the film. That same year had Page in her breakout role in Hard Candy that led to her star-making performance in Juno. It showed her surprising sexiness as well as her great talent.

10 Demi Moore

Even at the height of her fame, Moore was a lot more famous for her looks than real talent. She had big hits like Ghost and Indecent Proposal and made herself an A-list star. She also gained some major attention with stuff like posing naked and pregnant for Vanity Fair. However, Moore’s stock dropped majorly with the reviled The Scarlett Letter becoming a bomb. That was followed by her being paid a then record $12 million for Striptease only to have that be a flop as well. To try and get herself back on top, Moore starred in G.I. Jane as a woman trying to join the Navy SEALs. That included shaving her head for the role and Moore proudly showed it off in public. The movie was a mild success, but Moore’s stock never quite recovered. Still, seeing her bald and well-built was memorable and showed that Moore could be more than just a pretty face when she tried.

9 Karen Gillan

The Scottish actress rose to fame as Amy Pond on the long-running sci-fi hit Doctor Who. With her fun charm and great, red hair, she was a hit with viewers and her time on the show regarded as high point. Gillan moved onto the too short-lived ABC comedy Selfie that played with a fun edge. When she was cast as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, it was a surprise, but promised to provide some pretty fun stuff with action and a hot edge. At Comic Con, the cast was meeting with fans with one asking about how the comic version of Nebula was bald with blue skin. Admitting it, Gillan stated “I may have done something a little bit crazy” and removed her red wig to show she’d shaved her head for the part. It paid off with a good role in a major hit film. Word is that Gillan decided to simply have a bald cap on for her role in the sequel but either way, Gillan showed her spark even without her red hair.

8 Cate Blanchett

Blanchett has shown from the start of her career she can be a fantastic actress. After minor roles, she came to the forefront in Elizabeth as the Queen, hailed as a terrific turn that earned her first Oscar nomination. Over her career, she has balanced roles that have won her two Oscars with big-budget fare like The Lord of the Rings movies. In 2002’s Heaven, Blanchett plays a teacher who becomes a fighter against drug lords after her husband and students are killed by one. It was a daring early role as Blanchett doesn’t do much action but pushed herself onward. That includes a long segment where she and a pilot are captured and imprisoned, Blanchett’s head shaved as part of her punishment. That does nothing to silence how sexy her smile is and her amazing presence making the part work. It’s not as well-known as her other movies but Blanchett proves her astounding talent and beauty well no matter the lack of hair.

7 Charlize Theron

For the first several years of her career, Charlize Theron was known for her stunningly gorgeous looks in movies that usually featured her showing off her body a lot. While a good star, she wasn’t seen as anything serious as an actress. That changed in 2003 when she gained forty pounds to play Aileen Wuornos in Monster. The performance earned her massive hails from critics and won her the Oscar for Best Actress. It pushed Theron as both a serious actress and a star and led to her casting for Mad Max: Fury Road. As Furiosa, Theron already had to work with a fake artificial arm and in brutal heat. It was her own idea to shave her head and George Miller loved it. The movie was a huge hit with Theron’s fantastic performance hailed as one of the hottest badasses to ever be seen on screen and the sexiness of Theron on full display for all of it.

6 Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan has always played by her own tune in various ways. She rose up as an actress in roles like Scream and other indies, but really gained fame with her late ‘90s relationship with rocker Marilyn Manson. That included the infamous bit of her at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards in a “dress” that was little more than a few strands of cloth together. McGowan found even more fame with her role as a witch on the long-running hit Charmed that showed her off in various sexy outfits. In 2015, McGowan surprised many by showing up with a newly shaven head. There was no reason for her to do it, not a role or medical effect of any kind, but just a move by her own accord. And it worked for the best as McGowan still has fantastic sex appeal that shines even without hair with that wicked smirk on full display. A lady who knows how hot she is, McGowan proved that no hair does little to keep this Rose from blooming.

5 Sigourney Weaver

A pretty famous case for this list. In 1991, after massive rewrites and slews of confusion, Alien 3 could finally start filming. The movie has since become more famous for the backstory on the epic battles between director David Fincher and the studio that led to a pretty rough final cut. However, Weaver couldn’t be blamed for reprising her role as Ellen Ripley, the heroine now dealing with another attack by the alien creature. Crashing on a planet that’s a prison, Ripley shaves her head to keep from getting lice and other diseases and Weaver took the razor herself. It was a daring move as it wasn’t done that often in 1991 and the shots of Weaver in public with a nearly bald head were pretty amazing to see. The movie was a rough flop but most still credited Weaver as the best part of it and showcased how she threw herself into Ripley more than other roles.

4 Natalie Portman

From her debut in The Professional, Natalie Portman showed a skill at acting far greater than her years. She was smart and amazingly beautiful which carried her to roles such as Padme in Star Wars and various indie movies. Her casting in V For Vendetta was a bit of a surprise, but she managed to pull off a perfect British accent for Evey, the young woman who finds herself involved in a revolution in a dystopian London. A harrowing sequence is Evey kidnapped and subjected to a brutal imprisonment and interrogation during which her head is shaved. Portman put up with that on camera to make it believable and kept to the bald look for some time afterward. She made it look quite alluring and showed her talent, which paid off with an Oscar win for Black Swan. Portman continues to shine in films and no matter her look, she’s a hot lady.

3 Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton has always been a striking presence on screen with her beauty but also ability to slide into almost any role with ease. It’s ironic that her only Oscar nomination (and win) was for a more straight-up performance as a corporate shark in Michael Clayton as she specializes in unique parts. An immortal who switches genders (Orlando), the White Witch (The Chronicles of Narnia), an unrecognizable ugly rich lady (Snowpiercer), Swinton is an expert in making a part all her own. Still, her casting as the Ancient One in Doctor Strange was a surprise given how the comic book character had been shown as an Asian male. But, as always, Swinton threw herself into the part, including shaving her head bald. She kept it secret, going out in public in wigs and caps as she wanted it to be a surprise when the first trailer came out. Despite the outcry on the casting, Swinton was hailed as one of the best parts of the movie and made the role her own for a mega hit. Proving no matter her accent or hair choice, Swinton shines in any part.

2 Persis Khambatta

A truly gorgeous native of India, Persis Khambatta made her way to Hollywood after some stardom in her native country. With her alluring eyes, exquisite features and nice voice, she seemed on her way but could never crack true stardom. One role, however, has made her a famous icon. In 1979, after years as a beloved cult series, Star Trek finally made the jump to the big screen with a major motion picture. With the entire cast back, the producers decided to add in a new character, the ship’s navigator, Illia, played by Khambatta. She thus had her head shaved for the part, a very striking image that stood out well for the cast. Her character had rough stuff, abducted and replaced by a robot, and the movie itself was seen as too slow-moving for many fans. It was a hit but she never returned and this stands as Khambatta’s biggest movie role. It was memorable to prove how sexy bald can be, no matter what century one lives in.

1 Anne Hathaway

At first, Hathaway seemed destined for family films like The Princess Diaries, with her lovely smile and overall good looks. In 2005, she shifted herself up majorly with roles in Havoc and Brokeback Mountain, which included going nude. Balancing big-budget fare like The Dark Knight Rises with smaller films, Hathaway showed her growing skill as an actress. That came to the fore when she was cast as the doomed Fantine in Les Miserables and went all out for it. She had her long hair cut for real for the role and her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream was hailed as the highlight of the film. It earned Hathaway every single Supporting Actress award there was, with her hair still short as she accepted the Oscar. While she has her haters, Hathaway showed that even bald and in wretched clothes, she stands as one of the hottest women alive and her gold worth the effort.


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15 Hollywood Starlets Who Actually Went Bald