15 Hollywood Nobodies Who Are Richer Than You

There are lots of famous celebrities out there who have a ton of money, which makes sense, of course. They're famous stars after all. That's why so many people want to make it to Hollywood to become famous -- so they can be rich beyond their wildest dreams. Those who are the richest in Hollywood aren't always the most famous, though. There are lots of stars that either you've barely heard of or are complete nobodies but are way richer than many actors and actresses who are way more famous.

How does this happen? How is it that there are lots of people in Hollywood who aren't very famous but still have tons of money? And who are these totally rich people whom we've barely heard of? And also, are they single and maybe willing to go out or at least buy me a nice present every once in a great while? What follows is a list that answers all of those questions... well, except for the last couple.

Here are 15 incredibly rich celebrities that you probably have never heard of or that you'll be surprised are that rich.

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15 Jorge Garcia - 15 Million

I can guarantee you that this one is going to be a bit of a surprise. Jorge, who's best known for his role on Lost, is worth an estimated 15 million dollars. Who would've imagined he'd be worth that much money? It wasn't like he was an overnight success either. He worked at Borders for 6 years while he got small roles before he ended up landing the role on Lost. This really goes to show you something when you think about it. The next time that you're in Borders and are being waited on by a totally overweight guy with a really bad haircut, make sure that you're polite to him because you never know what's going to happen down the road. He might end up being really rich and famous.

14 John Slattery - 145 Million

It isn't that John Slattery is a complete nobody. He's had numerous roles in film and in television and is best known for his role in Mad Men. Despite not being an enormous star, it seems that John has amassed a fortune in the neighborhood of 145 million dollars. This is so much money that it totally boggles the mind. When you think of rich megastars, you usually think of someone like Brad Pitt or George Clooney. You don't think of someone like John Slattery. Still, he might not have the biggest name of all of the actors out there, but John Slattery certainly has one of the biggest bank accounts, and isn't that what it's all about when it comes right down to it? Slattery is loaded.

13 Jane Seymour - 70 Million

Jane Seymour is one of the more famous people on this list, but even though you might know who she is, I'm sure you'd be surprised to find that she's worth 70 million dollars. She's well known for being a former Bond girl and for her starring role in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. She also is a successful author, but with all of that said, would anyone have guessed that she would be worth that much money? You have to think that she's been rather smart with her investments. There's no way that someone can make that much money from being Dr. Quinn! She's also been the face of Kay Jewelers, so I'm sure she's pulled in quite a bit of cash from that as well.

12 Ellen Barkin - 6o Million

Ellen Barkin is worth a cool 60 million dollars, which is a lot for someone who hasn't done a whole lot of acting for quite a while. It probably doesn't hurt that she used to be married to a billionaire named "Ron Perelman." She got around 20 million dollars from the divorce and, believe it or not, also made around 20 million from jewels that he had given her that she auctioned after the divorce. For quite a while, Ellen was a very well known and popular actress who starred in many movies, such as Sea of Love, Diner, and The Big Easy, but it seems that she hasn't been quite so interested in working since she's become super loaded. I'm not judging. Give me 60 million, and I probably would slow down, too.

11 Alexander Ludwig - 97 Million

When you think of the hunky actor Alexander Ludwig, you probably think of the movies Hunger Games, Vikings Seeker, and Race to Witch Mountain -- that is, if you think of him at all. It's not like a whole lot of people really think of him all that much. You might change your mind, though, when you realize that he's worth around 97 million dollars. It seems kind of unbelievable that someone can have such a boring career and be that rich, but Alexander is here to tell you that it can happen. Good for you, Alexander. I mean, it isn't that the rest of us all are all jealous because you have so much money. No, not at all, We're all really super happy for you. I promise.

10 Henry Thomas - 82 Million

Some of these stars made their money when they were kids and hung onto it. With all of the awful stories out there about child stars who have awful lives and wind up broke, it's nice to hear one like this. Henry Thomas was the child star of E.T., and although he's continued to act, he hasn't had any other big roles, and they also seem to be few and far between. Before you start feeling bad for him, though, maybe you should take a look at his bank account. He's now worth 82 million dollars. It seems that Henry took care of his money and didn't get involved in all sorts of bad behaviors, kind of the opposite of Edward Furlong, if you will. Good job, Henry.

9 Andrew Shue - 100 Million

There a few things that are pretty interesting about Andrew Shue. One is that he's the brother of actress Elisabeth Shue. Another is that he was one of the stars of Melrose Place, and probably most interesting of all is that he can't act at all, and I mean not even a little bit. He's horrible. Still, though, he was good-looking enough to get the job on Melrose Place even though he never really did anything else in his life as far as acting goes. He's been pretty successful in other walks of life and is now worth around 100 million dollars. So, if you're ever looking around in the world and trying to figure out why life seems so unfair, just remind yourself that a total no-talent actor named "Andrew Shue" is worth 100 million dollars, while you still have to get up and go to work.

8 Frances Fisher - 145 Million

Frances Fisher had a long and successful career in movies. One of her most well-known roles was in The Unforgiven, which is a movie that also starred Clint Eastwood. She and Eastwood had a long relationship together that lasted 6 years. They even had a daughter together named "Francesca." Frances is worth an estimated 145 million dollars. It's hard to tell how much of that money came from her own career and how much came from Eastwood and the fact that they had a child together, but it doesn't really matter a whole lot when you think about it. All that matters is she's filthy rich -- so much richer than you or I could ever possibly be in our lifetime.

7 Jessica Szohr - 150 Million

Are you kidding me? This woman has it all going on. Not only is Jessica super hot, but she's worth 150 million dollars, too? Well, yes, that's apparently the case. The star of Gossip Girl, who was also in Piranha 3D, I Don’t Know How She Does It, and The Internship is as rich as you could possibly imagine. To top it all off, she's still only 32 years old and hangs out with Taylor Swift. Alright, all you women out there who are reading this list... you know that you hate her. Just come right out and say it. Just admit it. There's no point in pretending that you like some woman who's totally hot, is friends with Taylor Swift, and is worth 150 million dollars. We'd all know that you were lying.

6 Peter Stormare - 215 Million

This one is a bit of a surprise. How is this guy possibly worth 215 million dollars? Yes, he was in The Big Lebowski, Armageddon, Chocolat, Bad Boys II, and Prison Break and is a Coen brothers favorite. But still, that's a lot of cash.  Speaking of the Coen brothers, his role in Fargo was one of his most acclaimed, but still, Peter is a very good example of what this list is all about. Even if you recognize him, it's highly doubtful that you know his name, and even if you go that far and really know who he is, would you ever possibly have any idea that he's worth over 200 million dollars? If you say yes, I know you're lying. There's no way that anyone would think that he's worth that much.

5 Sasha Alexander - 215 Million

Sasha Alexander is another actress that you would never have guessed is worth as much money as she actually is. This chick is seriously loaded. She's had major roles in Dawson's' Creek and NCIS,  but she also is married to a man who's the son of Sophia Loren, who's one of the wealthiest and most famous actresses in history. So, maybe, that's where all of that money comes from. Either way, no one would ever guess that Sasha's as rich as she is. If she were going to go out to lunch with Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, then Sasha might be the one who'll pick up the bill. This lady is seriously rich, which no one would've guessed considering how famous (or not really that famous) she is.

4 Scott Speedman - 245 Million

Oh, come on... you're going to tell me that Scott Speedman is worth 245 million dollars? Yes, he is. Scott has appeared in many things, most notably The Strangers, Barney’s Version, The Monster, Felicity, and Underworld, but one would still never suspect that he's made so much money acting over his career that he could have a nest egg that big. He now stars in a show on TNT called "Animal Kingdom." I have to be honest -- if I had that much money, I wouldn't do much of anything ever again, but I suppose if someone really loves what he does, he'd keep doing it no matter how much money he has. Anyway, good job on being totally loaded, Scott. We all hate you.

3 Paget Brewster - 245 Million

I would think that the words "Paget Brewster" and "245 million dollars" wouldn't go together all that well, but apparently, they do. She first became well known on Friends and became really famous with her role on Criminal Minds as well as starring in many other roles over the years. When it comes to some of these people, it's rather mind-boggling that they have as much money as they do. One might think a star such as Paget lives in a nice home but not a home like someone who has 245 million would live in. Maybe, after she reads this, she'll have us all over for a pool party so that we can see what kind of place she lives in, but I truly doubt it. One can always hope, though.

2 Patrick Wilson - 230 Million

Patrick Wilson has long had a nice career as an actor. He's starred in The Phantom of the Opera, Watchmen, Insidious, and The Conjuring. But even with that sort of career, it still wouldn't be my guess that he's worth 230 million dollars. That's just insane. I'm not even sure what I would do if I had that much money. Think about it: you could give one million dollars apiece to all sorts of friends and members of your family and still have 200 million dollars left -- although I have to admit that I probably don't have the maturity that I need to take care of 230 million dollars. In fact, I'm sure that I would blow it on all sorts of bad habits. Patrick is obviously a better man than I am.

1 Jami Gertz - 2 Billion

This one is probably the most surprising of all. Jami Gertz was in a lot of movies back in her day, such as Sixteen Candles, The Lost Boys, Less Than Zero, and Quicksilver. Then, it seems she just vanished from the face of the Earth. This isn't really a sad story, though. She married billionaire Antony Ressler when she was just 22 years old. This is the kind of thing that tends to stall an acting career. Here you are playing all sorts of small and medium-sized roles in movies, then, all of a sudden, you marry a billionaire. What's a girl to do? Well, probably, act a lot less. While Gertz has appeared in some movies and TV shows over the last few decades, for the most part, she's just been sitting around being totally loaded.

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