15 Hollywood Ladies Who Keep Going After Taken Men

Everyone hates a cheater. Whenever we hear about someone cheating, our opinion of them goes down at least a little bit, even if the person cheating is someone we like. This goes double if the person cheating is a celebrity. While cheating is entirely the fault of the person doing the cheating and no one else can be blamed for their actions, the fact remains that there are some people who make it a habit to go after people in relationships or even marriages. We often think of those people as the lowest of the low, but we can find those people even at the height of celebrity.

While some of the women on this list have made their name and reputation on being homewreckers, others only ended up with a taken person once or twice and haven't done it again. Still, others have managed to turn their reputations around and reinvent themselves as humanitarians or entrepreneurs. While the accomplishments of all of these women are pretty stellar, for most, if not all of them, those accomplishments are unfortunately overshadowed by their relationships with taken men. Here are fifteen Hollywood women who are famous for their relationships with taken men.


15 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is no stranger to affairs. Her first high profile affair was when she married Billy Bob Thornton, essentially stealing him away from his then fiancée Laura Dern. Dern had been totally blindsided by the breakup, saying later that she'd gone away to film a movie and ended up coming home to a breakup. However, that wouldn't be where Jolie would end. While she was filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith, she met Brad Pitt, who was the husband of Jennifer Aniston at the time. Their affair was revealed shortly thereafter and both Jolie and Pitt dealt with a major backlash for breaking up one of Hollywood's biggest couples. While Angelina Jolie certainly has moved past her reputation as a homewrecker, establishing herself as a world class humanitarian, anyone familiar with the earlier parts of Jolie'a career knows that she had no problem breaking up marriages.

14 Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is a very successful actress and singer who's still a relevant A-lister after twenty years and counting. However, she's also very successful at breaking up Marc Anthony's relationships. She was the reason his first marriage broke up, and after they themselves got divorced. Anthony married Shannon De Lima while Lopez was linked to several high profile names. However, when the two shared a kiss at the Latin Grammys back in 2016, De Lima was beyond angry, and the fighting devolved into Anthony's third divorce. According to sources, Lopez and Anthony were very much together but keeping a low profile to avoid Lopez getting dragged through the mud again.

She's also been linked to the demise of ex Ben Affleck's marriage to Jennifer Garner. They'd been planning on getting divorced long before Affleck's relationship with Christine Ouzounian came to light, and there might be a chance Lopez was part of the reason why. The rumor was eventually debunked, but many people still wondered.

13 Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union raised a lot of eyebrows in 2009 when she started dating Dwayne Wade. That was because she more than likely started dating him while he was still with his wife, Siovaughn Funches. However, even as accusations of homewrecking happened, Union remained silent. She opened up about that to Us Magazine a few years later, saying that she just wanted to keep his kids out of the situation and keep their relationship private. "I think people mistook me taking the high road as an admission of guilt. Dwayne and I made a decision very early to not react to the negativity. And I kept feeling like the truth would come out," Union explains. "The problem is, when it did, nobody cared. What I discovered on social media is that people don't read the entire story." While she maintains that she didn't break up his marriage, Funches filed a suit saying that Union was detrimental to Wade's children (which was eventually dismissed).

12 Britney Spears


You might not remember Britney Spears' earlier relationship with Justin Timberlake, but for those that do, you probably remember it being fraught with drama. She actually cheated on him several times before they broke up. However, while she cheated on Justin, she didn't discover his affection for taken men until she got with her backup dancer Kevin Federline, who she eventually married and had two children with.

Since Kevin Federline only got really famous when he got with Britney, everyone forgot that he had a long term girlfriend who he had a child with when he left her for Britney. He now has six children: two with Britney, two with Shar Jackson, and two with current wife Victoria Prince. While it's easy to say that Britney really messed up by breaking up his relationship with Jackson, anyone who's heard Federline’s album Playing with Fire knows that Britney’s real crime was supporting his rap career.

11 Amber Heard

Before Johnny Depp was married to Amber Heard, he was in a long term relationship with French actress Vanessa Paradis, with whom he had two children. However, he never actually married her, electing to engage in a domestic partnership with her without making it legal. However, when he met Amber Heard, he married her within a very short period of time. Unfortunately, Heard and Depp’s story does not end happily.

Their marriage ended amid abuse allegations: eventually, hard evidence surfaced that Johnny Depp had physically and emotionally abused Amber Heard. The divorce was a bitter one, but Heard eventually walked away with a huge settlement, the entirety of which she donated to different charities. She eventually went on to have a relationship with billionaire Elon Musk, but that relationship ended in August 2017.

10 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is something of a serial monogamist. She’s been linked to numerous men in Hollywood, some of whom are also linked to friends of hers. One major example of that is when she got together with rapper Kanye West. However, he’d just come out of a relationship with Amber Rose that had ended very badly. Kanye West had even gone so far as to say that his goal had been to marry Kim in the first place, but she refused to consider dating him until he took a ton of showers to get the Amber Rose off of him. That prompted Rose to fire back on social media about West’s sexual preferences. Kim stood out of that fray, but it was definitely awkward for her considering she and Amber Rose have mutual friends. Amber Rose then revealed that Kim was the one actively pursuing Kanye, publicly calling her a homewrecker, then inexplicably apologizing for it.

9 LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is married to Eddie Cibrian, who she has no problem admitting that she stole from Brandi Glanville. Her prolific singing career has been overshadowed by her relationship with him, which she's handled in really poor taste. She's gone so far as to stalk Glanville and encourage others to harass her on social media, uncaring as to how her kids will handle the situation.

Unfortunately, Rimes seems to like Twitter drama because it's kind of what she's good at right now: her more recent albums haven't done so well, in part because of this drama, but continuing to harass her husband's ex-wife keeps her relevant. She's spent the last few years giving some very awkward interviews, where she claims to be a spokesperson for homewreckers everywhere. "I don't know if a lot of people in that situation have the guts to even talk about it. I don't know if I would've had the guts to fully embrace all of that if I hadn't gone through it as publicly as I did. Sometimes you've gotta say, 'Screw it.' You've gotta own it."


8 Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is known for making decent music and being the long suffering ex-girlfriend for professional jerk Justin Bieber. She's been cheated on and dumped by him more times than we probably know about, and because of that, it's easy to sympathize with her. However, she's given just as good as she's gotten: she's at the root of some of Bieber's other failed relationships. Not only has she been linked to the downfall of Bieber's relationship with Sofia Richie, she's also been linked to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!

According to a source, Pitt had a ton of photos on his phone that made Jolie angry. “She found photos on his phone with everyone from flight attendants to biker babes at a motorcycle convention to Hollywood ingenues like Selena Gomez,” the source told OK! Magazine. Gomez's photos on Pitt's phone don't seem to be her fault though. What is her fault is getting caught making out with Orlando Bloom, who was in a very public relationship with singer Katy Perry at the time. This isn't even taking into consideration her relationship with the Weeknd, who was quickly snatched up from ex Bella Hadid. From what we can tell, her relationships are just really dramatic.

7 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was linked to NFL player Eric Johnson while he was still married to Keri Johnson, and according to Star, she was with him the day he met her. According to a friend, Keri was in for a major surprise when she decided to take a break from her marriage due to a rough patch in the relationship. “Keri told me, ‘I always hoped Eric and I could iron out our problems and make it work for good. Then I started hearing rumors that he and Jessica were spending time together!’ It was like a cold, hard slap in the face – and it’s really difficult for anyone close to Keri to see Jessica as anything but a man-stealer!”

Unfortunately for Jessica, she's gotten this reputation as a homewrecker somewhat unfairly. Eric was separated from his estranged wife when they started dating and he immediately got a quick divorce when the relationship started looking serious. There's a good chance Jessica thought Eric was totally single when things began, but the homewrecker reputation has still stayed with her.

6 Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner was just 17 when she caught the eye of rapper Tyga. They spent a long time denying that they had a romance before finally coming clean. However, this put the kibosh on Tyga’s long term relationship with Blac Chyna, who was a friend of Kylie’s sister Kim and with whom he already had a child. The revelation shocked people but considering their poor attempts to hide the relationship, no one was surprised.

However, everyone was shocked and surprised when Blac Chyna started dating Kylie’s brother Rob. Even Tyga was shocked. The move raised Chyna's profile much higher than Tyga's and landed her a reality show of her own. No one thought it would last, so their drama was always front page news. Chyna went on to have a child with Rob, and she would have married him, becoming Angela Kardashian, had Rob not released revenge porn of her after a fight. As for Kylie, her romance with Tyga fizzled out, and she went on to be linked to several more rappers, including two named Savage 21 and Savage 22.

5 Claire Danes

Claire Danes' homewrecker cred comes from her three-year long relationship with Billy Crudup. The problem with their relationship was that Crudup was with then seven months pregnant Mary Louise Parker, with whom he'd had a relationship for seven years. As for Danes, she'd had a six-year long relationship with Australian musician Ben Lee. Crudup and Danes were in Stage Beauty together and got together in 2003 before breaking up three years later. She spoke to Howard Stern about the relationship, explaining her mindset. "I was just in love with [Crudup]," Danes told him."And needed to explore that and I was 24... I didn’t quite know what those consequences would be."

She didn't talk much about the relationship until recently, probably to get ahead of Parker's upcoming memoir, where she wrote to 34 different men in her life, including Crudup and her Weeds costar and former fiance Jeffrey Dean Morgan. She might not have needed to worry about Parker: even after Crudup had left her, she still named their child William despite him leaving her, and he wasn't mentioned in the book explicitly at all. As for Danes, she's one of the few who actually acknowledges that her relationship started off with cheating and doesn't appear to have done it again, so props to her.

4 Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys found herself in very hot water when her song "Blended Families" dropped. Reviewers and bloggers were calling it the "heartfelt homewrecker song" because of how it addressed her relationship with her husband Swizz Beats, who she had an affair with while he was married to Mashonda. The song is actually meant for Mashonda. She would regularly refer to Keys as a homewrecker, even going on a tweet storm about it in 2009: "You know the role you played and you know how you contributed to the ending of my marriage. You know that I asked you to step back and let me handle my family issues. Issues that you helped to create… As a woman, I expected so much more from you. I never had intentions on reaching out to you this way but after reading your twits tonight, and the constant disregard, you left me no choice."

The song showed that the two managed to work things out, even taking their children on a vacation with Beats that they took as one big family. That might seem weird to the rest of us, but it seems to work for them and it's rare that a story about cheating ends so happily, so it might not be so bad.

3 Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is perhaps best known for her tumultuous relationship with Dean McDermott, but when she'd met him, he was already married to Mary Jo Eustace. She met him on the set of a Lifetime movie, and while she was promoting a Lifetime reality show (True Tori), she admitted that she'd slept with McDermott the day they met. That meant that she's actually a bonafide homewrecker and an admitted one. Keep in mind that she was also married to Charlie Shainan at the time as well, making them both cheaters."I was called a home-wrecker and a husband-stealer," she told Us. "I remember thinking, 'If this ever happened to me, I'd be pissed at my husband.'" They had four children together and their marriage seemed fine...until Dean McDermott eventually cheated on her with Emily Goodhand and he went public with their sexless marriage. While she was angry, she wasn't wasting any angry for Goodhand, an innocent bystander in her opinion. "I have never held Emily Goodhand responsible," Spelling said. "Dean did this, not her."

"I was called a home-wrecker and a husband-stealer," she told Us. "I remember thinking, 'If this ever happened to me, I'd be pissed at my husband.'" They had four children together and their marriage seemed fine...until Dean McDermott eventually cheated on her with Emily Goodhand and he went public with their sexless marriage. While she was angry, she wasn't wasting any angry for Goodhand, an innocent bystander in her opinion. "I have never held Emily Goodhand responsible," Spelling said. "Dean did this, not her."

2 Meg Ryan


Meg Ryan is known for her prolific acting career, but she's also known for being the woman who put an end to the relationship between Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. However, while that's Ryan's most famous affair, she's been linked to a number of married men in Hollywood. Back in 2009, Perez Hilton reported that she'd been involved in a relationship with married movie producer Graham King, whose wife Valerie and two daughters were none the wiser. Valerie insisted that it wasn't true when asked. “Graham’s not dating Meg Ryan. He’s with me.”

Before that, she had a brief affair with Russell Crowe while she was married to Dennis Quaid. However, in an interview with Insight Magazine, she accused Quaid of cheating on her and letting him control the narrative on their divorce, which is why she's seen as the homewrecker and not him. "Dennis was not faithful to me for a very long time, and that was very painful. I found out more about that after I was divorced." For Quaid's part, he denies that ever happened.

1 Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel isn’t the most famous woman on this list, but she is notorious for ending celebrity relationships. You might know her as the woman who had an affair with world famous golfer Tiger Woods, upending his entire career, not to mention his marriage. She's still cashing in on this affair thanks to an upcoming documentary about the affair. However, when that relationship went south, she didn't stop there.

She also got involved in an affair with David Boreanaz while his wife Jaime Bergman was pregnant. He admitted to the affair but denied Uchitel's claims that he planned on leaving Bergman for her.  Uchitel has made her reputation on getting with taken guys, and on top of that, she’s shown no signs about feeling bad for that either. While many of the women on this list ended up breaking up a relationship once, then never did it again, she’s one of the ones who makes ending relationships a habit.


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