15 Female Celebs Who Are The Biggest D-Bags In Hollywood

We all know a douchebag or two, am I right? And we definitely all know of more than one or two famous douchebags. It seems as though any time a celebrity steps out of line, disses a fan, treats an employee badly, or does anything wrong at all, we all hear all about it. But some Hollywood celebrities go above and beyond the normal little mishap once in awhile. Some of these people have serious personality flaws that lead one to wonder if they are like that because of fame, or if they were like that before fame. I myself wonder if some of them may, in fact, be sociopaths, because it seems in some cases that these people just do not give a you-know-what about anyone or anything but themselves. Now, selfishness is not a trait that is uncommon in Hollywood, but like I said, some are more guilty of this kind of douchebagginess than others.

And just who are these douchey offenders, you ask? Well, there are many. Gillian Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, and Julia Roberts (surprising, I know) are a few whose names have popped up on lists of stars who can be bitchy. But just being bitchy doesn't quite cut it, so these ladies did not make this list. Close, but no cigar.

No, the women on this list are royalty when it comes to being douches. I sought out and found 15 women we all know well. But we may not have realized that they have a darker side than the one they show all the time. So which Hollywood stars behave in a way that may make you raise an eyebrow, cringe, or even say what the f**k? Here are the 15 ladies I am talking about. Read on to see what I mean.


15 Mischa Barton

She kinda has this b*tchy look to her, and tends to play a stuck-up or snobby character, so maybe it is not too surprising to learn that The O.C. actress Mischa Barton is like that in real life, too. Most recently she has been making movies for the big screen, but when she was on T.V. she was allegedly not so much fun to work with. Her diva behavior on set led her to not be cast as much in Hollywood, especially on the sets of the CW’s The Beautiful Life and also Law and Order: SVU. Mischa even sued her own mother for “mishandling her career” and exploiting her fame, seeking three times the amount she feels she lost, plus punitive damages. Wow- you have to be a real douchebag to sue your own mother, especially over money. And her problems do not end there; Mischa also did stints in rehab, a psychiatric hospital, and has been arrested for a DUI.

14 Christina Aguilera


I myself did not realize that Christina Aguilera was anything close to being a D-bag until I looked into it, but alas, it seems as though it is sad, but true. One example is her blatant hatred of shopping with her fans. Once, she ordered a gag gift store she was in to lock its doors while she shopped. Talk about douchebag behavior! That is inconveniencing everyone else- some of whom may have been her fans- just so she could shop for a gag gift uninterrupted. Allegedly, upon leaving the store, Christina then ignored and laughed at her waiting fans.

She is also known to be cold to interviewers, and one radio station host reported even being afraid to interview her. Even her costar on The Voice, Adam Levine, apparently called her some pretty bad names because of her behavior. This singer got her start on the happy, innocent Mickey Mouse Club, but apparently it did nothing to teach her manners or humility.

13 Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari became famous on the reality show Laguna Beach- which seems like it came out forever ago. Now she is a married mom of three, and though she had her b*tchy moments on Laguna Beach, like I said that was years ago and now she may not necessarily be the first person to pop into your head to appear on a list like this. But even so, there is a reason she earned her spot. Kristin is not above acting immaturely toward her fans, as it was reported that she made fun of a fan, even resorting to making faces behind her back, when the fan asked her for an autograph. Seriously, what is wrong with these celebrities? It is bad enough to make fun of anyone, let alone the people who love and support them, and really, the ones who gave them their careers and everything they have. Shame on Kristin and other celebs who do the same kind of thing.

12 Katherine Heigl


Everyone knows Katherine Heigl is not always a treat to work with. She is on every list there is about celebs who are rude not only to their fans, but their coworkers, as well. One of the best examples is when her character Izzy was killed off of Grey’s Anatomy. There is speculation as to why, but one theory is that because in 2008 she dissed the show’s creator, writer, and producer, Shonda Rhimes, by refusing to enter her name for an Emmy consideration. She did this because she said the writing was not worthy of an Emmy, because it was not “written well enough.” Obviously, the rest of the world disagreed, as the show is still on, eight years later. As for Katherine, her career has gone downhill since she left Grey’s Anatomy. It has not totally died, but she is nowhere near as popular as she used to be. Maybe she learned her lesson.

11 Ariana Grande

Don’t be fooled by that perfect, angelic face. No, Ariana Grande may be one of the hottest pop stars around right now, but she is not always the sweet girl she looks to be. Looks can be deceiving, eh? Ariana earns her spot on this list of douchebags because she is two-faced, fake, and mean. Yes, all three negative traits apply to her! According to a rumor from the New York Daily News, one day when Ariana was at a meet and greet, she was super-nice and smiley to all of her adoring fans… until the second she walked backstage and said (and I quote), “They should all f***ing die.” Whoa! Them’s fightin’ words! What the hell, Ariana? Those people are her fans and love her. I don’t understand what her problem was that day, but there have been other similar reports of this attitude problem with her. Luckily, she is only 23-years-old, so let’s hope that she will grow up a little in the coming years.

10 Kylie Jenner


Now, raise your hand if you are not surprised to see this little princess on the douchebag list. No? Yeah, me neither. Kylie Jenner is pretty much known for her bratty antics these days, so no one will be shocked to learn that she is, in fact, a douchebag. To be honest I do not really even know where to start with this famous-for-being famous plastic surgery queen. Maybe she was screwed from the beginning just because she was born into the Kardashian clan. But I will not make excuses for bad behavior, and I don’t think the public will, either.

One instance I can cite of Kylie behaving poorly is when she was out and about one day and was heard saying, “Look at all these worthless peasants who flocked to bask in my presence”. I am appalled that anyone would say such a thing, but that is so insulting, and so freaking self-righteous of her that I am almost thankful it was Kylie who said it; at least some star I actually like and respect was not caught saying something like that. I can take hating Kylie for it because she makes it so damn easy every other day of her life.

9 Jennifer Lopez

It really makes me sad to see J. Lo on this list, but I have to speak the truth, and the truth is that she belongs here. For such a talented and beautiful woman, it is a shame to have to break the news to you that she once had a maid fired for… wait for it… asking for her autograph! Wtf? First thing’s first: to even have a maid kind of makes you a douchebag to begin with. But secondly, obviously if someone is asking for your autograph, it means they like you and respect you and support you. Does asking for an autograph not mean the same thing to celebrities as it does to us common folk? Plus, that was someone’s job she took away for nothing- it was their income and they probably relied on it to support their family. For any person, especially a mother like Jennifer, to do that is pretty cruel and heartless. ‘Tis a shame.


8 Kim Kardashian


A list such as this could never be complete without a full-blooded Kardashian sister in the mix. Again, I doubt anyone is surprised. Even though I personally think Kourtney is the bitchiest in general, I think Kim is the douchiest. There are oh so many examples to choose from, but let’s go with how she acts toward her fans (mostly when the cameras are not around). She openly admitted to “selecting” which fans she gives autographs to, which has me all like, wtf? Why would it even matter? A fan is a fan. And how the hell does she “select” who gets the privilege of her signature on a piece of paper, anyway? She obviously thinks quite highly of herself, though we all knew that a long time ago. I pity her poor children, not only for their ridiculous names, but because between Kim and Kanye, they are going to grow up with quite the complex, most likely a God complex, if I had to guess.

7 Beyonce

I have never been a Beyonce fan, but I have also not disliked her. I basically have no opinion of her, so when she popped up in my search for douchebags, I became curious. It turns out that she is one! This singer known almost as much for her booty as she is for her voice was called the “most difficult celebrity ever” by the 2013 Superbowl officials. That is quite the title to bestow upon someone who is usually so loved, but they had their reasons. It was stated that her list of demands for the performance was so absurd that it was impossible to accommodate. On the list were things such as $6,000 worth of imported cigars for her husband Jay-Z to smoke while she performed, as well as having her daughter Blue Ivy’s $233,000 carriage flown in. To even have a carriage worth that much money earns her a spot on this list, just by itself. That is just plain ridiculous!

6 Naomi Campbell


Supermodel Naomi Campbell is known as one of the downright meanest supermodels in the history of supermodels. Ever. Now, I don’t know what originally earned her this title, but she openly admits she has anger issues, and that she goes to therapy to try and better herself in that department. One example of her meanness is when she famously went on The Tyra Banks Show to apologize to Tyra for “terrorizing” her during their early modeling years together. Yikes. I do not really want to know what this so-called "terror" was. No, just kidding. I do. In any case, it must have been pretty bad for her to go on national television and apologize to a woman that for the most part is loved in the public eye, and to admit she did horrible things to her. Hey, at least she owns it. If nothing else, there is that. Though, I do hope that she not only owns it, but changes it. It seems like she is taking steps to do so.

5 Nicki Minaj

I have heard stories about this one before. I think it is kind of common knowledge that she can easily be a douchebag in her everyday life, so let’s delve into that a bit more, shall we? Nicki Minaj is wildly successful, but all the success in the world cannot un-douche you, sadly. While she always thanks her fans for their support, the same cannot be said for the people that work for her. What is that quote? You can tell a person’s true colors by how they treat the people who work below them? Well, it’s something of that nature, and I tend to agree. Nicki is a “handful”, according to a source. Even the uber-famous Mariah Carey, who worked with her on American Idol, did not like her. I side with Mariah on this one though, because apparently, when Nicki felt Mariah was getting more attention than her on the show, she made threats to her family! Whoa, that is one huge no-no. Shame!

4 Taylor Swift


There is much speculation over whether or not Taylor Swift is as sweet and innocent as she seems to be. She has grown up in the public eye, from the sweet little country girl who played the guitar and wrote her own songs, to a pop princess of sorts who is world famous and writes songs slamming other people, most famously all of the men she dates and dumps. She is being called a “mean girl” for recent behavior that has even her fans questioning how nice she really is. One of them even called her a “mean, greedy, fame-seeking cow,” and another admitted they love her music but are starting to not like her as a person. There is no one instance that points to her being a mean girl, but it is kind of just her attitude, in general. At least, that is what I gather. People do not like her A-List group of friends that include the Hadid and Jenner sisters, or that she hops from relationship to relationship so quickly and seemingly without emotion. She also gets into a crazy amount of “feuds” with other celebs (like Katy Perry, for example) for someone who is supposedly so nice.

3 Anne Hathaway

“Unlikable,” “Most Hated Celeb,” “Everyone Hates Anne Hathaway,” “The Most Horrible Person Who's Ever Lived.” The internet is rife with Anne Hathaway haters (called "Hathahaters"- yes, really. It’s a thing). But why? I admit she kinda rubs me the wrong way too, but until now I never really got why. People say she comes off as fake and smug, which I can totally see. She is accused of trying too hard, talking too much, whining about having to lose weight for every role, being melodramatic, toothy, pretentious, having pointy nipples, and having a “word vomit” problem. Geez, can the woman do anything right?

But I am sorry, people do not gain a hashtag just for their haters (#hathahate) for no reason. They just don’t. If all of the above were not enough to clarify my hereto forth unknown reasoning behind disliking her, she does things like send her eggs back four times because they were not exactly how she wanted them. This, on the set of a Japanese commercial she was filming, not even at a restaurant! Rude. And by the time she got the right eggs, she changed her mind about which kind of eggs she wanted. This has happened several times with Anne, and she has even halted filming until her breakfast could be served correctly, sometimes not even touching it when it is finally correct. She has also requested that no one talk to her while at a charity event. Um, yeah. Sounds like a definite douchebag to me.

2 Kristen Stewart


Oh, K-Stew. I knew it. It seems like the general consensus is that people dislike the Twilight actress, kind of the way they do Anne Hathaway. And it is not unwarranted. Besides the fact that she just has a total resting b*tch face, Kristen Stewart is awkward and has a bad attitude (she also cheated on Robert Pattinson with her director, which is a total d-bag thing to do). She has been called abrasive, rude, sulky, inconsiderate, ungrateful, and probably a whole lot more. She has slapped a reporter in the face, and told one autograph seeker to “Get the f*** out of my face.”

It seems to me that if you are going to be famous, you need to learn how to appropriately handle yourself in these situations, especially when you are a role model to young girls, like Kristen is. And she cannot expect people to leave her alone all the time; it comes with the territory. But she hates being famous, and even admits it. I pretty much am of the opinion that she just doesn’t give a f***, and because of that, she is seen a certain way, but she also behaves a certain way.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow

She is called the “Reigning B*tch of Hollywood,” and she is at the top of every list ever that you will find if you Google "bitchy celebs," or anything of the sort. And she is most definitely qualified as a douchebag. Gwyneth Paltrow may be a talented actress, but she is also very well known for being high-maintenance. There are whole lists dedicated to the pretentious and ridiculous things she says and does. For example, she once went on a “food stamp diet,” which sounds both insulting and ignorant of her. Then there are all the times she makes dramatic, ridiculous statements like how she would rather die than let her child eat Cup-a-Soup, and she would rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin. She has insulted Reese Witherspoon (and really, anyone who makes romantic comedies), admits to “drinking like crazy” when her kids were babies because “how else could I get through the day?”, and has a weird thing about how the English pronounce “pasta,” as in she has brought it up more than once and does not want her children speaking "that way." She also says her being on set is much harder than having a job is for “regular working moms.” Yep, total douchebag.


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