15 Hollywood Ladies That Made Their Men Miserable

From sleeping around with other people to loud snoring and even hardcore physical abuse, some ladies sure know how to piss off their men. Dazzlingly beautiful on the outside, quite a number of female celebrities have proven to be unbelievably rotten on the inside. We are used to seeing the women as victims in real-life Hollywood scenarios featuring domestic violence, drug abuse, and adultery. Most of these scandalous stories receive huge media coverage and lead to vicious divorces. Sometimes, however, the roles switch, and the girl becomes the abuser. And when we say the abuser, we mean it in the broader sense– from minor nerve-shaker to major trouble-maker. Yes, female celebrities are allowed to be annoying from time to time, but some of them can act like douchebags. Their despicable behavior, especially if they find themselves in the role of freshly backed divorcees, guarantees them the status of full-time media fixtures– a fact that can only be an entertainment factor for us, the bystanders, but for their boyfriends and husbands this must feel like a living hell.

So, if you think your girl is driving you crazy, check out these 15 sweethearts, who, in fact, are not that sweet to be with.

14 Taylor Swift’s Long List Of Ex-Boyfriends


Taylor Swift is beautiful and very tall. Plus, she has a decent singing voice. If you are not a fan, you may wonder how the 26-year-old blonde has made it to the top of the World’s Most-Earning Celebrities with her $170 million in 2016. I mean, have you ever listened really closely to her lyrics?! There is a lot of crying in the rain, feeling crazy in love, and “Baby, baby”-ing going on. On the top of that, we think that it’s shallow, immature and quite phony to sing about your expectations to never ever, ever break up with your man when you have broken up literally with a dozen guys over only a couple of years. Every time one of her relationships bite the dust, she comes up with some lame excuse such as “I’m too famous and the guy just couldn’t handle it.” With her being single now, we would suggest that next time, before she clings onto some cute guy, she does some research and finds herself someone who is more low key.

13 Britney Spears’ Broken Promises


In her late teens and early 20s, she used to be a really, really bad girl. As a rule, bad girls have more fun than those who behave, but what Britney did to Justin Timberlake back when they were still dating is to be remembered as a cruel act of infidelity. The story goes that Britney cheated on Justin with choreographer Wade Robson and tried to cover her tracks. The funny part is that it was Robson himself who broke the news to Timberlake, which left the latter heartbroken and, of course, deeply humiliated. The guy was very much shaken by the betrayal, more so as Spears was a virgin when she met him and stayed so until they were into their second year of the relationship. He had truly believed her when she swore to him he’d be her one and only till death do they part. After the breakup, frustrated as he was, Timberlake added fuel to the fire with the video to "Cry Me a River"– a song about a man getting at his girlfriend for cheating. In real life though, Timberlake never took vengeful actions. Although many thought he should have!

12 Amber Heard Cheating On Johnny Depp With A Girl


In May 2016, news broke that Amber Heard had filed divorce papers and a restraining order against her 53-year-old husband, Johnny Depp. The charges included allegations of domestic abuse. The pair was married in a lavish ceremony just a year before that and everybody thought they would be living happily ever after. Alas, their marriage took quite a wrong direction. First, everybody was inclined to see Heard as a victim, but then rumors started suggesting that Heard’s bisexuality may have played a role in the awfully messy breakup. For once, nobody wanted to believe that Depp was not that perfect, romantic, free-spirited, sweet man every woman would just die to marry. His fans thought they had good reason to believe Depp was provoked to start swinging around wine bottles and throwing phones at his wife. Page Six reported that the actor and Heard often fought over her “friendship” with photographer Tillett Wright. The latter even moved into the couple’s guest house despite Depp’s objections. Actually, Wright wasn’t the only female person the actress has had a crush on in the last couple of years. While she was still dating Depp in 2013, she ditched him for model Marie de Villepin and was at the same time hanging out with ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree.

Being cheated on once is a hiccup. Being cheated on once with a girl is a bummer. But being cheated on multiple times with many girls is a disaster.

11 Ivana Trump’s 20-Million Dollar Move


If she had stayed married to Donald Trump, she could have been the new Nancy Reagen. But no, the former Czech-American athlete, socialite and fashion model played her cards far more wisely.

Before becoming Ivana Trump, Ivana Zelníčková moved to New York in 1976 to promote the Montreal Olympics, where she met her future husband. A year later they married in a luxurious wedding ceremony and quickly became one of the most eminent couples in New York high society circles. They remained seemingly happily married until the early 1990s when rumors about Trump’s affair with a former beauty queen started circulating. However, nobody expected that Ivana would hit back with such vengeance. Trump, who’s always been infamous for his fortune and annoying personality, got fooled big time by his wife! In their divorce settlement Ivana got over $20 million, a $14 million estate in Connecticut, $5 million annual allowance and $350, 000 annual alimony. A bit later she went on to marry a 35-year-old guy. Nice one, girl!

10 Amy Irving’s Ridiculous Prenuptial Agreement


If you thought Ivana Trump’s move to divorce her billionaire husband was a clever one, check out what actress Amy Irving did to Steven Spielberg in order to make him suffer. She married Spielberg in 1985 and divorced him only four years later. So far, nothing unusual or shocking that Hollywood hadn’t seen. However, their divorce case turned into one of the most pricy celebrity divorce cases in history. In fact, Irving managed to rip her famous husband off not without the help of a judge, who, in a highly controversial manner, vacated a prenuptial agreement that she had written on a … napkin. In the divorce settlement, Irving received an estimated of $100 million and a shared custody of their son. It’s just the place to remember what Robin Williams, God rest his soul, once said, “Divorce comes from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet.”

9 Stormy Daniels’ Stormy Personality


Some might think that being married to a mega busty award-winning adult film star is a gift from heaven, but there is one guy who definitely won’t agree on that. Michael Mosny, the husband of the super famous adult film actress Stephanie Gregory Clifford, a.k.a Stormy Daniels, has a lot to complain about his marriage. On July 25th, 2009, the actress was arrested for beating her spouse. Later, it was revealed that her rage was instigated by Mosny’s lousy laundry skills and a few unpaid bills. Daniels was not happy about the fact that their bank account had been frozen and that her panties were not washed according to her requirements, which led to her smashing some candles, throwing a potted plant into the sink and hitting her man in the head several times. At the time of her arrest, she was furious and refused to sign the sworn statement. She was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail and later released on $1, 000 bond. The funny thing about the whole situation was that the report revealed that it wasn’t even Mosney who did the laundry that day. It was his dad! At the end of the day, the guy must have been really happy that his angry daughter-in-law hadn’t gotten him, too.

8 Kelly Bensimon’s Punching Skills


Here is another lady with anger management issues. On March 5th, 2009, Bensimon, a former model, a marathon runner, and an actress known from The Real Housewives of NYC, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after attacking her boyfriend Nick Stefanov. She reportedly punched him in the face, giving him a black eye and a gash on his cheek. Stefanov went straight to the police precinct and filed a complaint. The guy also claimed that this wasn’t the first time he got hit by Kelly. Except for breaking his face, Bensimon had also repeatedly broken his heart. During their on-and-off three-year relationship she never stopped seeing other people. Despite all the suffering he’d been through, however, Stefanov tried to reach out to her after the charges were filed, and in an exclusive interview said he still loved Bensimon.

Ah, men and their tender souls!

7 Heidi Klum’s Banging “The Help”


An embarrassing number of celebs constantly fall for the help– baby-sitters, personal assistants, drivers. The statistics show that the percentage of the women who cheat with the personnel is very small, but Heidi Klum compensates for the disproportion. In 2012, her already ex-husband, the English singer and song writer Seal, revealed that she decided “to fornicate with the help”, meaning her bodyguard Martin Kirsten. Klum, on her part, swore that she never looked at another man while she was still with Seal despite his accusation that she boned the bodyguard before they were legally separated. After the divorce, which left the singer deeply hurt and disappointed, the former model began an 18-month relationship with Kirsten. Somehow she managed to also wreck his life, and it didn’t come much as a surprise when in May 2014, Kirsten dumped her. He didn’t want to share the reason behind his decision, but a friend of his claimed that the ex-bodyguard was “sick of being a house-husband.”

6 Kim Kardashian’s Vindictive Ex-Husband Speaks Out


There hasn’t been a single list that goes without Kim K. being mentioned. And she, of course, stars also in this one, only now she is not presented in the best possible light. A person from her past has shown up with the intention to get even with her by spitting out the truth about the most famous reality star. Her ex-husband Damon Thomas, to whom she was married from 2000 to 2004, gave an interview to In Touch magazine, putting on display all of Kim’s dirty underwear. The guy must have had a really tough time being married to her, because not everyone would speak with such despicable sentences about his ex. He said, “Desperate to be famous, Kim doesn’t seem to care whom she hurts, whether it’s friends, lovers, or family. She can’t write or sing or dance, so she does harmful things in order to validate herself in media. That’s a fame-whore to me, and it’s not cool at all.” He further revealed that it was he who filed for divorce first, not her– she accused him of abuse only to get a lot of money out of him. Damon wanted a divorce primarily because she was cheating on him with “multiple guys”. Kim somehow managed to lure him back into the relationship for a brief period, during which, he claimed, she made him finance extravagant shopping sprees and insanely expensive plastic surgeries.”

Well, we guess, at some point the guy just had enough and called it quits.

5 Emma Roberts Gets Blood On Her Hands


All the pictures of those two showed the cutest couple ever – young, fresh, and heading at full throttle towards a bright future together. Until things got ugly. In July 2013, actress Emma Roberts, then 23 years old, was taken in custody after getting in a fight with her boyfriend Evan Peters in their hotel room in Montreal. When the cops arrived after a guest of the hotel called to report screaming coming from the room next door, they found Evan with a bleeding nose and bite marks. Roberts was immediately arrested. The American Horror Story actress was released hours later. The guy must have been really blindly in love with her back then, because, despite the physical abuse he went through (which probably wasn’t the first time), he not only didn’t want to press any charges against his abuser, but didn’t walk out of the relationship, either. The couple is still an item, although the two have shared more drama during the four years they’ve been together than some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster couples.

Some guys just like their girls tough…

4 Demi Moore Stalking Her Ex


Demi Moore and the 16-year younger Ashton Kutcher ended their eight-year long marriage in 2013 on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences”. And while Kutcher easily slipped into the next phase of his life by building a family with actress Mila Kunis, the 54-year-old Moore doesn’t seem to have moved on. She is reluctant to get herself involved in a new relationship and obviously prefers to stay a part of her former husband’s life. An anonymous source reveals to In Touch that Moore “lost it” when the newlyweds confirmed that they were expecting their second child (their daughter Wyatt was born in 2014). The life of Kutcher must have turned into a nightmare at some point because Demi hasn’t stopped calling him. The baby boy hasn’t even been born yet, but she has already managed to cause a rift between Kutcher and Kunis! Just last month, in November, Moore sent as a gift to her ex-husband a silver baby rattle from Tiffany & Co.. People close to the family claim that Kunis was very upset by the present and said that it was a very tacky gesture of Moore’s. She got even more upset when Kutcher wasn't willing to return the present.

The plot of the family drama is getting intense, so make sure you stay tuned for what’s coming up next from both rival camps.

3 An Innovative Approach To Putting Her Ex-Hubby On The Spot


If you haven’t had enough so far, we can assure you that there are some really crazy women  out there that would do anything to turn their men’s lives into a wreck. Meet one of them– her name is Siohvaughn Funches and she is the ex-wife of the Chicago Bulls player Dwyane Wade. This woman became infamous for her audacity to sit on the Chicago streets claiming that she is homeless and penniless although she is being paid $25,000 a month for alimony! Funches received a sum of $1 million when their divorce was granted in 2010 after a two-year acrimonious court battle. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for the greedy girl. Wade and Funches were childhood sweethearts, but it seems that everything good about their relationship is buried in the past, because she never misses a chance to publicly demonstrate how much she hates her ex. Wade is currently dating actress Gabrielle Union.

We hope that at least she has a place of her own to live …

2 Elin Nordegren’s Golfing Skills


Come on! Nobody actually believed that Tiger Woods' ex-wife used his golf clubs to save his life when he got trapped in his SUV after a minor car crash. Here is some background to the “accident”. In October 2004, Woods married the Swedish model and daughter of former minister. They had two children and everything seemed to be going just heavenly for the couple. Until November 25, 2009, when The National Enquirer published a story about Woods having an affair with a New York nightclub manager. Two days later, while driving (under the influence of prescribed drugs), Woods collided with a fire hydrant and was taken to a hospital with facial lacerations. Later, he released a statement on his website taking full responsibility for the accident and crediting his wife for helping him out of the car. What really happened that day, though, was that he had to undergo plastic surgery to cover up the injuries inflicted by Nordegren who struck him in the face with a nine-iron golf club after a nasty row they had in the SUV. The blow was so strong that it fractured Woods’ cheekbone and almost knocked out two of his front teeth.

Who’s the golf champion now, Tiger?

1 Sherrie Daly’s “Fulfilling” Life As A Married Woman


Pro golfers obviously have one thing in common– they tend to fall for crazy chicks! Another shining example is the stormy relationship of John Daly and Sherrie Miller. From being involved in gambling circles and physically assaulting people with various weapons to serving time in prison, the former Mrs. Daly does have some stories to tell. She first had serious troubles with the law in 2004 when still married to Daly. She and her parents were charged with money laundering involving a drug ring and illegal gambling. Miller pleaded guilty. Six month later she was charged again, this time for structuring transactions to evade reporting requirements. Miller pleaded guilty again! As a result, she served six months in prison. In 2007, John Daly informed the authorities that his wife tried to stab him with a steak knife, as a result of which he had red marks on his cheeks. In 2015, she was arrested again for attacking her then boyfriend with a golf club. This same year, she once again served herself up as a reminder to her ex-husband by filing a lawsuit against Daly’s fiancé at that time, Anna Cladakis, on the grounds that she was the reason their marriage ended.

And some of us can’t even pluck a chicken for dinner!

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