15 Hollywood Hotties With A Feisty Attitude

These ladies are as hot and feisty as chilli peppers and Hollywood can't get enough of them.

If you had seemingly endless funds, all the fame you could handle, tons of adoring fans admiring your every move and basically every material need and wish, it would reason that you would be one extremely satisfied and a happy camper, content with your luxurious lifestyle. Oh, don't let me forget good looks on top of that. Beauty to make the masses jealous and talent, to boot! What girl could ask for more, right? These fifteen Hollywood ladies could, that's who. They never seem to be satisfied, are quick to complain if something doesn't go exactly their way and are ready to stir up controversy in a minute if it suits them. Don't sweat the small stuff? Forget about it! They're sweating the small, medium and large stuff and have the nerve to have a feisty attitude about it, too. These gals are here to prove that money doesn't buy serenity. From inexcusable selfishness to keyboard bullying to making demands and being rude to the people that made them famous, all of these girls have two things in common: they're as hot and feisty as chilli peppers and Hollywood can't get enough of them.

15 Christina Aguilera Is Inconsiderate And Badmouths People

Xtina has been on the Hollywood grind since she was just a kid in the New Mickey Mouse Club so maybe her excuse for her feisty behavior is that she doesn't know any other way than that of a diva attitude. But on the other hand, it's pretty inexcusable to display such consistent rudeness that someone from The Voice said, "Christina is such a terror to work with. She is frequently late and she doesn’t even seem to care or apologize for holding up the filming of the show." If it's not bad enough to be inconsiderate of the time for people she works with, she's also been known to badmouth people she no longer works with as in a former Mouseketeer to be specific. When the topic of Britney Spears was brought up, Christina was quoted as saying, "I know Britney. She’s not trailer trash, but she sure acts that way.” Didn't Xtina's mother teach her that if she doesn't have something nice to say, to say nothing at all?

14 Naya Rivera Is #SorryNotSorry

Maybe the title for Naya's new book serves a double purpose as a way to let the world know how she feels about her past and future feistiness. In Sorry, Not Sorry she spills gossipy details of Glee co-star Lea Michele's diva-like behavior on set and her annoyance of dealing with it. As if putting that information in a memoir makes Naya look like an angel. She also talks about her former fiancee, Big Sean, in less than flattering terms. Besides that, she's been accused of confronting the producers of Glee, criticize their work and throw fits if anyone wasn't ready for scene work when she was. Off set, she's been known to speak her mind and hold absolutely nothing back. In one instance, she publicly confronted (her once friend) Kim Kardashian on social media after Kim's controversial bare bottom photo shoot with Paper Magazine saying, "You're someone's mother." We think that instead of writing books and tweeting, Naya should voice her opinion in the form of mash-up singing videos and post them online.

13 Jennifer Lopez Is A Demanding Diva After All

It should come as no surprise that J. Lo landed a spot on this list but it may surprise her! She is notorious for shying away from the "diva" title and presents herself in interviews as a very down to earth and likeable woman. However, actions speak louder than words, or rather, demand lists do. One demand list from 2001 required NINE dressing rooms for J. Lo to be able to adequately prepare for ONE BBC interview. Perhaps she needed nine dressing rooms to accommodate her personal entourage of ninety! Ninety people in eight rooms (we're assuming J. Lo kept one all for herself) to help one person prepare for one interview. I'm no math whiz but it seems to me that these numbers are a bit off. She's also been known to demand everything under the sun from a toaster to red and white roses to lime blossom candles, whatever those are, for her hotel stays. Way to put a concierge to work! Add to this her other diva-like behavior on American Idol, music video sets and her famous feud with Mariah Carey and yeah... you're getting called a feisty diva, J. Lo.

12 Miley Cyrus Is Insulting And Makes Fun Of (Former) Friends

We all know that Miley has never been one to have a problem with controversy especially when it leads to getting attention but sometimes creating attention-worthy controversy can warrant a little bit of feisty behavior if you take Miley's mocking video towards her fellow former Disney princess alum members, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, for example. Sure, that's just one tiny sample of Miley's feistiness but all one really needs to do to see if Miley is a handful or not is take a trip down Disney's memory lane where this (then teenaged) star's questionable behavior was no doubt giving the Disney execs anxiety attacks on the daily. And of course, it's impossible to forget the time she insulted Asian people everywhere when she and a group of her friends took a photo making a "slanted eye pose." That offensive pic posted to social media got Miley banned from China. The worst part was she was so feisty, she never bothered owning up to it.

11 Lindsay Lohan Lists Lovers And Is Impossible To Work With

Seeing as how leading police on a car chase, however brief, is extremely saucy behavior, I feel that it would be remiss of me not to at least mention Lilo's DUI drama and her feistiness in court but that's old news that you've heard rehashed a dozen different ways. And no worries because this sassy lass is in no danger of running out of bad girl behavior examples any time soon. Remember when she made a list of the thirty-six Hollywood hunks that she's slept with for her friends to read? Among the list are Heath Ledger, James Franco, Adam Levine, Colin Farrell and Justin Timberlake, just to name a few. What happened to kissing and not telling, Linds? I'm betting that some of these guys are not super thrilled to be named on her now very public list. If naming secret lovers isn't bad enough, she's also famous behind the scenes for being terrible to work with. Even Oprah claimed she was next to impossible with her wish-washy attitude and inconsideration for the time of crew members.

10 Mila Kunis Is "Kind Of A Douche"

That can't be right, can it? Mila's such a fan favorite and seems so sweet and down to earth in interviews, it's hard to believe that she can be feisty. But according to a Redditor who is the daughter of an assistant producer and now apparently works in the industry herself, she has had contact with Mila on the set of Ted and witnessed her feisty behavior for herself. The Redditor claims that Mila's attitude was just barely below "douche" level but just barely. From constantly walking around with an entourage on set (is that necessary?), to taking several breaks to acting as if other people not on her VIP level don't exist, it's easy to see what this Redditor was talking about. But she certainly has redeeming qualities. Ukraine-born Mila who speaks fluent Russian, is a firecracker when she feels someone is going after her co-workers. Check out this clip from a Russian interview for Friends With Benefits. Nobody puts Justin in a corner!

9 Ciara Finds Baby Daddy Drama And Files A Defamation Lawsuit

Singer Ciara was in hot water with her ex, rapper Future and fans alike when she posted photos showing her brand new boyfriend of just a couple months, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, pushing their son, also named Future, in a stroller. Future Sr. was upset that she introduced another man to their young son's life so quickly, before the relationship had time to be solid. It's been widely speculated that she posted the domestic snap in an effort to get back at Future Sr. or make him jealous. If that was the case, it seemed to have worked because he gave plenty of interviews expressing his disgust in the matter. Ciara fired back last summer with a $15 million defamation lawsuit, claiming that lyrics from one of Future Sr.'s songs hint at gun violence towards Russell Wilson. Clearly, when it comes to Ciara's family, she's not afraid to back down.

8 Madonna Texts Her Way To Bad Etiquette

As a seasoned veteran of the diva world, Madonna still reigns supreme when it comes to her loyal fans and her famous sassy attitude, or "sassitude" if you will. Of course Madonna was a girl with a rebellious spirit in the 80's (sort of a Miley Cyrus of that decade) but most recently, what's gotten this diva mom into trouble is her social faux pas when it comes to her cell phone. Most of us, whether we'd like to admit it or not, have addictions to our smartphones. After all, that tiny piece of technology holds the link to our worlds. But when it comes to being polite in, say a theater, most of us know better than to check our phones especially during the performance. Apparently, most of us does not include Madonna, who texted, tweeted, scrolled through photos, played Candy Crush or found something to do on her iPhone that was more interesting than watching a performance of the musical, Hamilton in a coveted and expensive seat. Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda responded by booting Madonna for her bad behavior. Do you think that she should have had more respect being a stage performer herself?

7 Beyoncé Gets In Hot Water With The Police

This is a controversial topic but one thing is for sure when it comes to Beyoncé's video for her 2016 hit, "Formation" and that is that she was sending a very clear message in support of the important Black Lives Matter campaign. But to some people and to some members of law enforcement, the message goes deeper. Some say that specifically her 2016 Super Bowl halftime show carried a serious anti-police, pro-violence message. Some think that Beyoncé's back up dancers wore costumes that looked strikingly similar to Black Panther outfits and worried that insinuations in the lyrics could send dangerous messages to people to commit violence against police officers. Of course, there are two sides to every story and there are those who think that Beyoncé is right in taking the stand that she did in her artistic way to send a plea for peace. The fact remains that Beyoncé is a gutsy gal willing to lend her feistiness and fame for a cause that she believes in.

6 Rihanna Is Constantly Late, Throws Down With Her Microphone And Remains "Unapologetic"

According to sources, Rihanna is constantly late, even to meetings that she sets. Being late to her own record release parties is apparently common practice for her plus she's displayed chronic tardiness for her very own concerts. Her fans must be very patient or very forgiving, possibly both because that's awfully annoying for fans after spending their hard-earned money on concert tickets. If it happens on a regular basis, that's just downright rude. Some other shadiness that she has displayed at her concerts and events involved hitting grabby fans in the audience with her microphone (even though she was surrounded by bodyguards) and stopping her performance mid-song to complain to her crew or the audience, if they act out of hand according to her standards. Most performers adhere to the basic rule of "the show must go on" but for Rihanna, the show doesn't go forward unless everything is copacetic in her book. Once, she threatened to end her concert if fans kept throwing roses and small gifts on stage. Where's the love for your fans, Rihanna? If her 2012 album title is any clue, she's feeling pretty "Unapologetic" about it all.

5 Ariana Grande And The Doughnut Incident

Where to even begin? For someone who looks so sweet and innocent, Ariana is certainly racking up her fair share of feisty moments. I mean, it's feisty alright to spit on doughnuts that were to be sold to the public and it's also pretty feisty to make anti-American comments but Ariana's feisty girl behavior goes waaaaay back. Ariana admitted once in an interview that her mother thought she was weird as a child and that she might grow into a serial killer. Nice childhood anecdote! There was the time that she had a complete meltdown/tantrum while on the red carpet after she heard about fans making mean comments online about her fluffy hair. She also threatened to sue Perez Hilton for tweeting her, alleging that she might be into drugs. She's publicly lashed out to her Nickelodeon co-stars on social media and is known to treat fans poorly on the regular. Hmm, maybe Mrs. Grande was off on the serial killer vibe but she definitely seemed to predict her daughter's nasty attitude.

4 Julia Roberts Is Difficult To Work With And Expects Special Treatment

Julia Roberts is undoubtedly Hollywood royalty. Unlike some other Tinseltown royal members, Julia relishes her privacy. No kid photos posted on Instagram every five minutes for this mom and actress. She doesn't make waves in the media for outlandish behavior either but between producers, directors and movie crew staff, Julia can be one feisty lady. On the set of 1991's Hook, director Steven Spielberg was about ready to make the actress walk the plank due to her consistently rude behavior. She would show up late constantly and demand that they get started shooting immediately. She had a bad attitude towards the crew, so much so that she earned the nickname Tinkerhell. You have to work extra hard to earn a nickname like that. Spielberg talked publicly about his dislike for her inconsiderate actions and vowed that he would never work with her again.

3 Nicki Minaj Will Call You Out!

Nicki is no stranger when it comes to tossing a little (or a lot) of feistiness around. She's quick to let her opinions be heard on social media, in interviews but most ESPECIALLY at award shows! For some reason, award shows seem to be the place where all of Nicki's pent-up frustration is vented. Award show therapy? Maybe. There was that time at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards where Nicki concluded her thank you speech with, "And now back to...." *pause for dramatic effect* "this b**** who had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. Miley, what's good?" VMA Host (and fellow feisty lady) Miley was clearly caught of guard but she recovered with a sort of explanation/comeback. That same year at the American Music Awards, Nicki was seen on camera giving a weird, unimpressed face as she watched Jennifer Lopez dance to her song, "Anaconda". Not a fan, Nicki? Sheesh!

2 Carrie Underwood Is Carrie, Carrie, Quite Contrary

There are some people who get Carried away and let fame go to their head. American Idol winner and country star Carrie Underwood appears to be one of them. While she's given interviews and talked candidly about her lack of openness and general warmth (she once jokingly remarked, "I'm not a sociopath") it still doesn't excuse the fact that there have been multiple and I do mean multiple accounts of Carrie being ridiculously rude to fans. From refusing to talk to them to actually going out of her way to be mean to the people that support her music, the Carrie/fan horror stories are abundant. If that's not bad enough, she's been known to be rude professionally to her fellow celebs as well. Once at the Country Music Awards, presenter Leighton Meester was told to "get out there and don't f*** up" by the sweet-seeming Carrie. When confronted with this? Carrie didn't deny it and further cemented her feisty rep by stating, "she'll get over it." Ouch!

1 Mariah Carey Is Easily Lit Up

When it comes to feisty divas, Mariah is always at the top of the list. And let me tell you, the top of that list better be well-lit and in such a way that is favorable to Ms. Carey or else... I don't really know what else but I assume it's pretty bad because no one has had to find out since she's always had the well-lit environment she assumes she deserves. Rumor has it that Mariah will have her people scout out any location in which she is slated to appear to make sure that the lighting will suit her. Even for a simple radio show interview. Apparently, being well-lit matters even on the radio. Who knew? There was the time that she accepted an award for her role in 2009's Precious in which she played a very down to earth role. But Mariah proved that she is not her character by accepting the award in a seriously drunken and not down to earth state! I could also mention the time that she slammed J. Lo in a very passive-aggressive way by simply stating, "I don't know her" but I'm running out of space to talk about Mariah's feisty ways!


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