15 Hollywood Hotties Who Love Wearing Booty Shorts

The Urban Dictionary classifies short shorts as "shorts worn short enough for your junk to hang out" and "expose parts of the leg that are not meant to be exposed." That sounds about right, and they do a damn good job of it. Celebrities know it too, that's why they're always walking around flaunting it. And of course, we love it.

Short shorts do a fantastic job of showing off women's "assets", just like the tank top does for the upper half of the body, and if you combine the two - throw in a pair of heels- you'll get the desired effect and all the attention you can handle, which is basically the intent anyways. Then they wonder why everyone is staring at them. Ridiculous.

Anyways, it's gotten to the point where many women are now doing anything and everything they can to upgrade their backsides including taking pills, using creams, enhancers, getting' lifts' and even using butt pads or padded shorts to enlarge themselves, much like the famous boob jobs, or stuffing of the bras.

And there are many different types of short shorts such as denim shorts, athletic, spandex, leather, casual, stylish, low-rise and hot pants (which are the shortest). No matter what style, they all look hot.

So now lets check out some of the most popular celebrities wearing short shorts just for our viewing pleasure. It doesn't matter whether they're big or small, or real or fake, they all look better in a pair of short shorts.

15 Kylie Jenner

I know what you're thinking. Not another freaking Kardashian. Well, she's a Jenner, but close enough. At least we didn't include big sister, Kim. We've had enough of her. But she does have a ridiculously large rear that would fit in well here.

You're probably also thinking that her ass isn't even real, which is true. In fact, I don't think anything about Kylie is real. She's literally one surgery away from being a full-blown cyborg. A good looking one, at least.

Have you seen the before and after photos of Kylie from her early teen years compared to today? She went from a nerdy looking plain Jane, to a real life Barbie doll-including all the plastic, of course. The difference is staggering. Amazing what a few million dollars can do for your looks.

14 Mila Kunis

The Ukrainian born Milena Markovna Kunis is quite the opposite of Miley. She's actually very low-key, especially compared to other celebrities. Mila has natural beauty, so she doesn't need to rely on enhancers, cosmetics and dressing up and acting like an attention seeker.

We always knew she would grow up to be a hottie from her days on That 70's Show. Now she's doing movies and has found love with her long time friend Ashton Kutcher. Lucky guy. The couple is also expecting, so maybe now isn't the best time for short shorts. Actually, anytime is a good time for Mila.

After all, Mila is a hot celebrity, and those short shorts can be rather comfortable, so the good news is there are plenty of pictures of her doing the town in our favorite shorts. We can't complain.

13 Selena Gomez

The little Texan heartthrob always seems to be in the limelight these days, and it can't be for her singing, or her acting, or the fact that she dated that moron Justin Bieber. But they did help put her on the map and turn her into a full-blown celebrity.

Selena is very attractive, and she's well aware. That's why we can often see her parading around town showing off her 'assets' and soaking up the attention.

According to IMDB, she was "discovered by Disney in a nationwide casting call" and she hasn't looked back since. She's young, famous and has an entire career ahead of her. She also looks damn good in a pair of short shorts, so we often see her turning heads with her tight package. Carry on, Selena. We approve of this behavior.

12 Jessica Simpson

Say what you want about Jessica, but she helped put Daisy Dukes back on the map. Perhaps the pioneer of modern day short shorts, Jessica Simpson has a lot of singing gigs and acting jobs on her resume, but her role in the Dukes of Hazzard movie is her real claim to fame.

So obviously she has no choice but to continue her legacy by wearing short shorts as often as possible. At this point she should probably have the jean shorts trademarked.

Simpson famously kept her virginity until her wedding night. Unfortunately, her marriage to Nick Lachey didn't last long, but her shorts wearing fame should stand the test of time. So we'll be seeing photos of Jessica wearing hot-shorts for years to come. Yeehaw!

11 Taylor Swift

You knew she was trouble when she walked in, especially with those short shorts she so often wears- trouble, trouble. In fact, Taylor can be seen almost everywhere in some sort of  short shorts, displaying those long legs she was blessed with.

Taylor Alison Swift, aka T-Swizzle, needs no introduction. The multi-Grammy award-winning singer has amazing talent as a songwriter and musician, and she happens to be very attractive, as well.

She may create some enemies along the way, like Kanye West, but there is no denying that her 5'10'' frame looks good in a pair of short shorts. Whether she is working out, or wandering around New York shopping with her friends, she loves to display those legs and butt, and we love it too. Thanks, Taylor.

10 Miley Cyrus

Love her, or hate her, either way, Miley loves the attention. She may have even been born with a pair of short shorts attached to her, and tons of makeup. Miley would  probably dress up just to go to 7-11 for a pack of cigarettes and alert the paparazzi so she can milk the occasion.

She's also the center of controversy with her sexual displays on stage and in public, but that doesn't change the fact that she looks hot, especially in a fresh pair of short shorts, which is a personal favorite of hers, as she is often seen wearing as little as possible.

9 Lindsay Lohan

Okay, we've had two Texans in a row, now it's time for the Bronx- and there's another one on the list from the Bronx. I'm sure you can guess who. There's also a lot of former Disney child stars on the list, what's the deal with that?

Anyways, despite all the drama, run-ins with the law, partying and drug use, Lindsay is still hot. Her bad girl persona also adds to the mystique that is LL. She's toned it down recently and for good reason, as we'd rather see her out in public wearing short shorts than behind bars- but a jail outfit including short shorts would be hot too, just saying.

Lohan admitted in her bio, "It's hard in L.A. not to go out; it gets lonely. Being an actress is lonely, and I never want to be alone. I hate sleeping alone." So expect a lot more pics of Lindsay, hopefully in the shortest shorts possible.

8 Pamela Anderson

What is Pamela up to nowadays? Not sure. But you can still see plenty of the Canadian Baywatch beauty on the internet.

Most people think of breasts when they hear her name, but she isn't lacking in the backside either. She may be past her prime, but the actress who's been on the cover of Playboy an astounding 14 times, has now entered MILF status. Nothing wrong with that.

Did you know she married Tommie Lee only 4 days after they met? Pretty crazy. What's also crazy is the fact that she married Kid Rock. Hey, nobody's perfect. And she isn't the brightest tool in the shed, but she is still hot, especially in a pair of short-shorts.

7 Nicki Minaj

In keeping with the fake butts theme, we had to follow up with Nicki. I like big butts and I cannot lie. For some it's a turn off, and for others, big juicy butts, real or fake, are hot af.

If you have no issues with fake breasts, which are super common, especially in Hollywood, then you should have absolutely no problem with fake butts. It's just some crème, pills, injections and enhancers; don't be such a pansy. You've seen what's inside of fake breasts, so this shouldn't bother you.

Nicki is not only famous for a few hit songs, but also for her crazy huge butt, which is literally the size of a city block. You could seriously get lost in there. Strap on a pair of short shorts and prepare to have your mind blown. Sir Mix A Lot would be proud.

6 Kate Upton

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model impresses everywhere she goes. She's tall like Taylor Swift (both 5'10), but far more voluptuous. She isn't known for having an exceptionally gifted back side, but rather the entire package- face and body. Her husband, professional baseball player Justin Verlander, is one lucky guy. I'm sure he's aware of that too.

At least we often get to see her out and about in her new hometown of New York City, often wearing those sexy short shorts. There's plenty of her online as well, from all the modeling gigs, or even her popular videos.

5 Ariel Winter

This little 5'1'' native of California is busy turning heads all over the streets of Los Angeles. Ariel is an up-and-coming star who is the youngest member of our hottest celebrities in short shorts list. The actress is the new face (and ass) on the scene, and although she's barely legal, that doesn't stop men from drooling over her every chance they get.

Born and raised in LA, she can be seen out on the town at all the local hot spots with some of her other hot, young celebrity friends. Luckily, there is no shortage of her wearing those hypnotizingly hot short shorts. She may be young, but she's already a seasoned vet when it comes to driving the boys crazy and soaking up as much attention as possible. Prepare for many more years of Ariel Winter.

4 Katy Perry

Speaking of California, while many new stars like Ariel Winter are well on their way to fame and glory, Katy Perry is currently at the top . It will take some time for all these wannabes to dethrone the legend.

The singer is not only famous for her catchy tunes, but for her sex appeal. She combines her good looks and fashion to perfection to maintain the buzz that always seems to follow her. She's come a long way from her pre-teen years of singing in church and making Christian records. No wonder there are so many perverted priests- no offense.

Again, it's her sex appeal and style that keep her at the head of the pack. She also loves wearing colorful outfits and wigs, with outrageous heels, and of course, those mouth watering short shorts.

3 Carmen Electra

Carmen the legend has more sex appeal in her pinky toe than most people have in their entire body. Carmen has been at the top of the game before most of the stars on this list were even known, or born. Carmen has had a long illustrious career and she's still kicking ass and taking prisoners. If she tells you to jump, you ask how high. Heck, if she told me to jump off a bridge, I'd seriously consider it.

She's in her mid-forties now and clearly alongside Pam Anderson in the MILF department. There's no denying that she still has what men want and has no problem continuing to do what has gotten her this far, and that's dressing as sexy as possible and keeping all eyes on her.

2 Beyoncé

Talented and hot af, Beyoncé is a beast- and we mean that in a good way. Her music, her dancing, her Super Bowl performance, her beautiful face, and her sexy body are just a few reasons why we love Beyoncé. She is an amazing entertainer and she also has an amazing booty.

If you don't think she is hot and talented, you definitely need to get your head examined. Easily one of the best performers of our time and with a gifted sense of fashion, Beyoncé never disappoints, even when she's out in public. So whenever we get a chance to see her in her favorite short shorts, it's a bonus for all of us. Be thankful for once. Beyoncé is the total package. Game, set and match.

1 Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo is famous for many things, but her butt is her number one feature and she knows it. Yes, she is a good singer, dancer, actress, host, American Idol judge etc etc...but that ass is legendary. Nobody gets more attention for their rear end than Jenny from the block.

While many are doing anything they can to enhance the size and shape of their buttocks, Jenny was born with it. She takes 'shake what your mama gave you' to a whole new level.

It's insane to think that this Bronx beauty is almost 50 years old and she still looks as good as she did many, many years ago. J-Lo and her famous butt have stood the test of time and we still marvel at not only how hot she is at her age, but how sculpted her ass is, especially when she wears some tight short shorts.

Source: IMDB.com

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