15 Hollywood Divas Nobody Wants To Work With

In Hollywood, it seems like the more famous you are, the more of a right you have to be a total nightmare to work with. Whether they're a chart-topping rapper or a trashy reality star, this list of di

In Hollywood, it seems like the more famous you are, the more of a right you have to be a total nightmare to work with. Whether they're a chart-topping rapper or a trashy reality star, this list of divas never fail to shock us with their outlandish demands and downright rude behavior. We can't help but wonder what causes this air of entitlement in so many of Hollywood's biggest stars. Is it the pressure of pleasing millions of fans? Is it the endless supply of SmartWater? Or maybe it's the 30-person hair and make-up team that follow them to the bathroom? Whatever it is, these famous divas make it their personal mission to make life a living hell for anyone attempting to work with them.

Perhaps we're being too hard on these dramatic actresses, musicians and reality stars. They live practically their entire life in the spotlight and are scrutinized about every little thing they do. However, it's really hard to have sympathy for someone who trash talks their own movies or refuses to shower in the gym unless all the leftover water has been drained out. Below is a list of 15 of the biggest divas in Hollywood and all the reasons why they're an absolute nightmare to work with.

15 Lea Michele


Lea Michele played the resident diva of her high school's theatre department on the hit show, Glee-- but was she really acting all that much? According to co-stars like Kate Hudson, Leah Michele was extremely unpleasant to work with. Kate apparently referred to Leah as a nightmare who snapped her fingers during a shoot saying, "hurry up, let's go! I have plans." Even Lea's co-stars had a hard time dealing with her dramatic behavior. Naya Rivera (who plays bad girl Santana on Glee) spoke openly about not getting along with Lea. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Naya was getting bigger storylines and therefore more screen time? We always thought Lea played the part of Rachel a little too well.

14 Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow may look sweet on the outside, but she's definitely a diva. Gwyneth loves making crazy demands in order to accommodate her needs. Like the time she demanded the gym shower be washed out and dried so that her feet didn't have to touch someone else's water. Gwyneth also requests that she have bottled SmartWater, and that the gym should have it fully stocked at all times. We've come to recognize Gwyneth as a hoity-toity self-important celebrity who preaches her way of life to us, peasant folk. Her blog,, lets readers in on fun tips and articles regarding clean living, recipes and travel hacks. Healthy lifestyle isn't the only thing Gwyneth likes to talk about. She's been known to speak freely about other actresses and judge them. Like the time she called out Reese Witherspoon for doing too many romantic comedies just to further her status and wealth in Hollywood.

13 Lindsay Lohan


Ah, nothing screams hot mess like our favorite redhead, Lindsay Lohan. While we loved her in teenage flicks like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and cult classic, Mean Girls; something strange happened on her road to adulthood that changed her completely. Thanks to Lindsay's tardiness, bad attitude and partying ways, she's earned herself a rotten reputation. In 2007 while filming I Know Who Killed Me, Lindsey claimed she had appendicitis and removed herself from the production for a couple weeks.... and ended up admitting herself into rehab shortly after. During filming for Georgia Rule, Lindsay would oftentimes not show up on time--if at all-- causing the film's director to call her unprofessional and claimed she was "acting like a spoiled child". More recently, Lindsay's role on Ugly Betty was cut down because she couldn't manage to get along with the show's lead, America Ferrera.

12 Mariah Carey

It's hard to hear the word, "Diva" and not instantly think of Mariah Carey holding her bedazzled microphone. Sure, Mariah has some serious pipes, but she apparently is a real pill to work with. No matter what's happening, Mariah insists on being the star of the show at all times. This was made clear during a performance on Good Morning America in 2008, when she stopped mid-song to tell her back-up singer to stop singing her part. Not convinced of Mariah's diva behavior yet? During the filming of the low budget film, Tennessee, Mariah was asked to fly coach instead of first-class. So what did she do? Buy every seat of the plane of course! It was made clear that Mariah was impossible to get along with during her short-lived stint on American Idol alongside co-host Nicki Minaj. Mariah wasn't aware there would be another female on the judge's panel and just couldn't handle having to share the spotlight.

11 Jennifer Aniston


We were a bit surprised to see our favorite 'friend' make it on to the list of divas. Sitcom legend, Jennifer Aniston is apparently not the easiest to work with on set due to her anti-social behavior. Apparently during lunch on set, Jennifer is quick to grab and go and avoid chatting with co-stars. And it isn't rare to see Anniston riding around in her own transportation on set separate from everyone else per her request. During filming of the movie, Squirrels and Nuts a couple years back, Jennifer flipped out because one of the characters in the movie was named "Angie", a name she hates. She threw such a fit that the name actually got changed. Another reason industry people don't like to work with Jennifer? She requires that they pay for her hair stylist, Chris McMillan for the entire duration of the production. Did we mention he costs $50,000 a week? No wonder her hair always looks incredible.

10 Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl is easily the most disliked actress in Hollywood these days. Thanks to her big mouth, she's slowly kissed her acting career goodbye, one role at a time. We first learned of Katherine's sassy attitude after she filmed Knocked Up, with Seth Rogen. In an exclusive Vanity Fair article that featured the actress on the cover, Katherine referred to the hit movie, Knocked Up as "sexist". During an interview on The Howard Stern Show, Katherine talks about her character, Alison saying, "I liked the movie a lot. I just didn't like me. The character... She was so judgmental and uptight and controlling and all of these things." That wasn't the only time Katherine spoke her mind about a role she played. The actress also publicly declared that she didn't deserve an Emmy for her role in Grey's Anatomy because the writing was so poor. Ouch.

Asides from Katherine's public and quite frankly, offensive outbursts, she's also apparently quite a diva on set. According to multiple sources, the actress will delay filming due to having an opinion about absolutely everything. According to Radar Online, Katherine's mother (who also served as her manager) was even more of a nightmare to deal with due to her f-bombs and air of entitlement.

9 Nicki Minaj


It's no secret that rapper/pop-star extraordinaire, Nicki Minaj is larger than life-- but she can display some pretty nasty diva behavior. In interviews, Nicki can often have a sour attitude and likes to dismiss the questions she doesn't like-- she really doesn't have time to be polite. During a photoshoot for Paper, a popular art-driven magazine, Nicki was anything but easy to work with. According to Paper's Mickey Boardman, the rapper insisted on having her own team of makeup artists and hairstylists, and would storm off if she didn't care for the pictures. Boardman even had to get an AIM account to communicate with Nicki because she wouldn't answer his phone calls. Nicki displayed similar behavior during the filming of Barbershop: The Next Cut, where she demanded anyone she didn't know or recognize stand on the opposite side of the room as her. She demanded a cell-phone ban while on set so that no one could take any pictures of her and post them on social media.

8 Madonna


It's not hard to believe Madonna is difficult to work with. She has been known to work her back-up dancers and production crew to the bone in order to make her shows just the way she wants them. Madonna's back-up dancers have publicly spoken about the fact that working alongside Madonna was extremely grueling and difficult. But we'd expect nothing less from the diva that insists on having a giant entourage of hairdressers, make-up artists and assistants with her at all times. Back in 2015, Madonna's entourage made quite a scene when she appeared on set of The Ellen Show. Not only was her entourage extremely obnoxious, Madonna insisted that the studio pay for all of them even though they offered their own team of stylists to her. Madonna also required that she approve every part of the talk-show's script from her episode-- something no other guest was ever allowed to do. Now that's what we call a diva.

7 Shannon Doherty


Shannen Doherty's breakout role on Beverly Hills, 90210 back in the '90s earned her character the nickname, "Bitchy Brenda"-- but the character wasn't far from the actress's true personality. Producer Aaron Spelling spoke about the young actress in an article from People magazine saying, "She is a very honest person who wears her emotions on her sleeve. If you ask her a direct question, she’ll give you a direct answer." Well, that's sure a nice way of saying she's unpleasant to be around. Shannen was so difficult to work with, they ended up writing her out of the show by sending her to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Shannen also starred in Aaron Spelling's drama Charmed, where she seemed even harder to get along with. Shannen left the show after three seasons, and apparently wouldn't even speak to her co-star, Alyssa Milano toward the end of her time on the show.

6 Mischa Barton


You may remember Mischa Barton from hit teen soap opera, The OC, who apparently was a huge pain in the butt to work with. Actor, Tate Donovan spoke about how difficult it was to work with the young actress on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, back in 2013. Tate told the show's host, Andy Cohen that she was the biggest diva on the show. A handful of actors who appeared on The OC have come out since the show's end expressing how horrible the dramatic Mischa was to work with. Since the end of the show, Mischa seems to have fallen of the face of the earth--well, at least the public eye. Although she took some time to handle some personal issues, she didn't seem to change much when she came out the other end. During her stint on Dancing with the Stars in April of 2016, she avoided speaking to most of the other cast and crew, and was rude to just about everybody. Maybe Mischa should step back out of the limelight for a while.

5 Christina Aguilera


While Christina Aguilera has been in the public eye for quite sometime now, only recently has she been labeled one of the biggest divas ever. While starring on NBC's hit show, The Voice, Christina made some pretty incredible demands of the cast and crew. She reportedly demanded that she review all footage to make sure all the angels were flattering--and if they weren't, off to the cutting room floor they'd go! She also requested that she be the only female judge on the panel and that Gwen Stefani not be asked back because of her relationship with fellow co-star, Blake Shelton. The voice-belting diva seemingly loves to be the center of attention, and insisted on having her own team of hair and make-up people while on set. Basically if it's not all about her, she's not interested.

4 Ariana Grande

While Ariana Grande has undeniable singing talent, she usually is making headlines with her diva-like behavior. During one of her shows, she demanded the camera crew only shoot her left side and if they used any red light, she would "kill herself." She's been known to give photographers long lists of demands including that only her left side be photographed, and that she must approve of every single shot-- most of which, she hates (wow, shocking). Ariana also reportedly insists on being carried around if she feels too tired-- yes, you read that right. Ariana is also notoriously rude to fans, and even made a young girl delete the photos she consensually took of her on her phone because they didn't portray her "good angles". Ariana then told her security team to make sure the girl deleted her special photos. Let's say it all together now, BLEH!

3 January Jones


Most of us know January Jones as the stone cold housewife married to Don Draper (Jon Hamm) on Mad Men. But according to various sources, January isn't the warmest person in real life either. The young actor that played her son reportedly said that the actress wasn't as nice as the rest of the cast, and took her job really seriously...o kay, so she's not that bad, right? While comedian, Zach Galifinakis has been praised by January, he didn't have the nicest things to say about her back. According to this article in Entertainment Weekly, January was extremely rude to Zach at a party. January asked Zach to sit down and chat, and after ten minutes it was time for him to be dismissed. I guess January really is the coldest month of the year.

2 Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell graced the stages of some of the world's most influential fashion shows back in the day. While she was known for her sleek look and fabulous walk, she was also known as a total pain to work with. Over the years Naomi has faced various legal charges due to her sometimes violent behavior. She's been accused of throwing a cell phone at her assistant and even kicking and slapping her secretary-- just to name a few. Back in the '90s the model had an ongoing feud with the ever-fierce Tyra Banks and even went as far as to ban her from certain fashion shows. After some years of soul searching and anger management courses, Naomi has seemed to calm down a bit. But something tells me we never want to get on her bad side.

1 Farrah Abraham


It's safe to say Farrah Abraham is one of the worst people on TV. Farrah became famous after starring in MTV's 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom and now Teen Mom OG (along with a string of other reality shows). Farrah is a woman who isn't afraid to let her opinions known, even if that means looking like a truly, awful person. We've witnessed her snap at her castmates and her crew, boyfriends and friendly store-clerks. But the most disturbing thing to watch is the way Farrah speaks to her mother, Debra. Sure Debra is no winner herself, but she sure takes a lot of heat from her hot-headed daughter. Farrah is known to make the MTV crew use porta-potties when filming in her home and doesn't let them step foot in her home's bathroom. Farrah also makes the crew wait to film and go by her schedule, something that fellow Teen Mom, Maci Bookout became fed up with at this last season's reunion special, resulting in her walking offstage in protest.

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