15 Hollywood D-Bags Who Are Somehow Still Getting Work

We're fascinated by the world of celebrities, aren’t we? And we love the actors the most because they bring life to stories and dreams on larger than life screens and give us a glimpse of a life that may never be ours, but at least feels like ours for those two hours of a movie. Some of these celebrities are true stars – they are the heroes of the movie, t he kind that give girls naughty dreams, and guys some major complexes! And some of these actors may only be character artists but are so believable in their small or big roles that we remember them years later as well.

And yet sometimes, these celebs start thinking the world of themselves and go down deep, dark paths of drugs, alcohol, racial rants and even sexual abuse that belie their often hero-like personas on screen. And once you get to know what they have done, you realize that these actors are fantastic, because they manage their Jekyll & Hyde personalities really well. These celebs are the brat pack or the bad boys of Hollywood and trust me, some of them are really, really bad!

So meet these 15 guys, these celebrities and stars of Hollywood that let their success go to their head and got arrested for their troubles. These are the baddest boys of Hollywood who, despite their misdemeanors and awful behavior, seem to be doing pretty well for themselves.

15 Matthew McConaughey: Dazed & Confused, For Real

So this one is not really a “crime” and all that Matthew did was probably forget to the shut the windows. In 1999, Matthew was arrested by the Austin, Texas police when a neighbor called in to complain about the loud music blaring from the actor’s pad that was disturbing the local peace. The cops arrived at 3 am and when they peeped in through the window, they found a dazed and confused, and seemingly high, Matthew playing bongo drums and dancing around – in his birthday suit.

When they searched the house, it was reported that they found a bowl of marijuana stems and seeds, a bong, and a pipe. And so Matthew was arrested and booked on suspicion of possession of marijuana and other paraphernalia, and also for resisting transportation (to the police station). He was charged with a misdemeanor and paid a $500 fine for noise pollution.

His success, while a bit late in coming, has been meteoric since then and all he regrets about that night in jail is that he should have shut the windows before prancing about. True that McConaughey, true that!

14 Tim Allen: The Drug-Addled Buzz Lightyear

Think Tim Allen and what comes to mind? Obviously, Home Improvement, and this warm, fuzzy family guy whole stole everybody’s hearts and gained fame and money for himself in abundance. Who doesn’t smile at his rendition of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story? He’s probably entertained all the children in the world so obviously, he could not have done much wrong, now could he? Well in 1978, this jovial guy was arrested for possessing over 650 grams of cocaine, when he snitched or rather turned informant against other dealers. So he was handed a light sentence of three to seven years and paroled less than two and half years into his incarceration. Think he learned his lessons? In 1997, he was arrested for DUI and sentenced to alcohol rehab as well as a year’s probation.

Not exactly the kid-friendly image Disney was aiming for, was it? But then we could not imagine Buzz Lightyear sounding any different.

13 Hugh Grant: A Naughty Rendezvous At Notting Hill

Hugh Grant was quite the sensation at one time – and not just for his looks or the fact that he was dating Liz Hurley. Just when he was making it big in Hollywood, he got a tad too adventurous in the naughty department. In the summer of 1995, Hugh Grant was arrested in LA for getting caught receiving oral sex from a high-class Hollywood working girl (prostitute) in a car! Hugh Grant – like the bumbling but endearing Brit that he plays in movies – surrendered to the law and accepted it all. The ridicule, the fine, the probation and even the order to complete an AIDS awareness seminar,  he did it all without any excuse or justification for his not-so-clever behavior.

And he did it with the same English dignity that has carried many a lords and ladies through many a scandal. Respect Granted!

12 Charles S. Dutton: From Murder To A Tony

If you don’t know who Charles S. Dutton is, we don’t blame you. But we’ll tell you nevertheless, he played Dillon in Alien 3, Fortune in Rudy, and even had his own TV show, Roc. All of this came later, though, because in 1968 when he was just 17, Charles S. Dutton got into a fight and his opponent never got back up again. Dutton claimed the man had attacked him but he was convicted of manslaughter nevertheless and served seven years in prison. Once released, he was re-arrested for possession of a deadly weapon and sentenced to another three years, a total of 10 years behind bars.

Sometime in those years, Dutton decided to turn his life around. He got clean, got his GED, and started a prison drama group as well. All’s well that ends well – and Dutton ended up with a Tony nomination and made his career as an established character actor.

11 Nick Nolte: The Most Notorious Mugshot Ever!

So Nick Nolte has been known for his drug and alcohol abuse for a while now, and even though we have liked him in various roles and movies, he’s sort of turned into untouchable poison for most producers and directors. His 2002 DUI arrest in Malibu produced what is perhaps the most famous snap of any actor’s arrest, the classic definition of a celebrity mugshot.

Nick here is not a stranger to being arrested. In 1965 when Nick was 24, he was arrested for selling counterfeit documents. He was slapped with a $75,000 fine and handed a 45 year suspended jail sentence (which come to think of it, ended just seven years ago in 2010). Because of this Nolte, couldn’t enlist and serve in Vietnam, which in turn made him feel like one bad dude in his 20s. Of course, he never really turned a new leaf and has been arrested plenty and rehabbed equally plenty. Oh Nick, no saint, are you?

10 Danny Trejo: The Real Deal Machete

So Danny Trejo is one scary and (is it politically correct to say ugly? No? Okay…) not-so-good-looking badass who mostly plays the characters that best suit his...uh... physical characteristics. You would most probably remember him as Machete in Robert Rodriguez's movie by the same name. He was also in HeatCon Air, and in Desperado. He basically makes a living out of playing scumbags, jailbirds, and rather distasteful characters in various movies. We may sound a bit mean, but this may also be because Danny Trejo is the real deal. He is a thug and has served 11 years in jail for an assortment of charges that include (but are probably not limited to) drug, murder, and robbery.

He was released in 1972 and while in jail he turned over a new leaf and became drug-free. Since then he has kept his nose clean and his path straight… Good for him, and great for Hollywood!

9 Rip Torn: The Name Says It All

Wondering who Rip Torn is? Well if you were unlucky enough to catch the first two Men in Black movies and remember Agent Zed, well, now you know. More than his roles or his movies, Rip Torn, who was born as Elmore Rual Torn Jr., was known for his rather infamous knife and fork fight with Dennis Hopper. He has also been arrested many time for DUI offenses, but perhaps his most serious crime has been his notorious bank break-in where he drunkenly broke into a closed bank branch waving a gun. The law too had had enough of him and so he was charged with a litany of offenses: possessing an illegal weapon, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, first-degree burglary, second-degree criminal trespass, and to top it, third-degree criminal mischief!

The then 79-year-old Torn was given a two and half year suspended sentence along with three years of probation. Since then things have been quiet. Maybe he got better or maybe, he got old!

8 Andy Dick: If The Name Fits!

Comedian Andy Dick is known more for his controversial behavior than for actual comedy. In 1999, he drove his car into a utility pole and was charged with the possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, DUI, and hit-and-run driving.

Shockingly in 2004, he exposed his buttocks at a local McDonald's and was arrested for indecent exposure. Then in 2005, he dropped his pants at a comedy club during his performance and exposed his genitals to the audience. In 2008, he was arrested for sexual battery after he groped the breasts of a 17-year-old girl. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and drug possession and was sentenced to a three-year probation, $700 in fines, and was ordered to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet for one year.

He didn’t stop though and in 2010 was arrested from a bar after groping the bartender and a patron. While he wasn’t formally charged, both the women have filed civil suits against him. His exposing streak seems to have continued without stop though and while his career is not going great, he keeps getting two-bit roles in movies every year.

7 Kiefer Sutherland: A DUI Too Many

From movies like Freeway, A Time to Kill, and Article 99 to acclaimed TV series 24, Kiefer Sutherland (who is actor Donald Sutherland’s son) has done well for himself be it for his acting or singing skills. That, however, has not stopped him from having booze problems. Since 1989, he has been arrested a total of four times for DUIs, and the fourth arrest in 2007 was the last straw that the broke the camel’s back or the judge’s patience. Keifer pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 48 days in jail – which he served consecutively.

In 2009, he also head-butted fashion designer Jack McCollough at a fundraiser and surrendered to the NYPD. Weeks later, both he and McCollough issued a joint statement in which Kiefer apologized and McCollough forgave and so the police also dropped the charges. Since then, Kiefer has been walking a straight line, and is on a new hit show, Designated Survivor.

6 Christian Slater: From DUIs To Sexual Abuse

So sometimes, celebrities start thinking the world of themselves a tad too much and that’s probably what happened with Christian Slater. Success came to him early on with movies like The Name of The Rose (with Sean Connery), Heathers, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Broken Arrow, and Hard Rain as well as the cult film True Romance.

But his success cost him! He was arrested in 1989 for drunk driving and assault and sentenced to 10 days in jail. Five years later, he tried to board a commercial flight with a gun in his luggage and got off lightly with community service. In 1997, he assaulted his then-girlfriend Michelle Jonas under the influence, and then assaulted a cop too – and for his bad behavior got 100 days of rehab on bail, a three-month jail term and three months of residential rehab.

Do you think that stopped him? Nope, in 2005 he was arrested for sexually harassing a woman on the street and charged with third-degree sexual abuse. The charges were dropped on the condition that he keep out of trouble for at least six months. So far he has – I mean no news is good news, right Slater? Lately, he's been starring on the show Mr. Robot.

5 Johnny Depp: More In Than Out Of Trouble

Long before Johnny Depp’s short-lived and bitterly-ended marriage with Amber Heard ended in divorce amidst allegations of verbal and physical abuse with Amber Heard’s battered images breaking the Internet, his run-ins with the law have been a long list of repeated bad behavior.

We agree, he’s an awesome, talented actor and has carried roles that we would not want anyone else to do, and he’s easy on the eyes too, but that doesn’t give this original bad boy of Hollywood leeway to behave atrociously!

He was arrested in 1989 in Vancouver for assaulting a security guard who was trying to end a loud party in his hotel room. In 1994, he was arrested after trashing his hotel room that he was sharing with then girlfriend Kate Moss. The charges were settled when he paid damages. He was arrested in 1999, again, for publicly brawling with partner Vanessa Paradis. In 2012, disabled UC Irvine medical professor Robin Eckert sued Depp and his bodyguard after she was attacked by them at a concert. Depp settled with Eckert for an undisclosed amount. In 2015, Depp and his then-wife Amber Heard breached Australia’s biosecurity laws and flew in their Yorkshire terriers without the stipulated 10-day quarantine period, making for the highest profile “criminal” quarantine case in Australia ever!

Tired? Well, just one last bit – since 2016 he and his now-fired management company have been suing each other as well for “mismanagement.” Phew, Depp’s troubles are deep indeed! But obviously, it hasn't harmed his career at all.

4 Mel Gibson: Anti-Semitism That He Calls A Nervous Breakdown

Mel Gibson is charming. From his rough-around-the-edges cop character in Lethal Weapon to his direction/production of blood, gore and violence-loaded movies like The Passion of Christ, Apocalypto, and the recent Academy Award darling Hacksaw Ridge. His devilishly charming movie persona has hidden deep underlying issues like alcohol abuse and manic depression. He started drinking at 13 and in 1984 was banned from driving in Ontario for three months after rear-ending a car. In 2006, he was arrested in Los Angeles for DUI while driving his vehicle at high speed with an open bottle of alcohol – and then he went into his infamous anti-Semitic tirade. Unfortunately for him, the arresting Sheriff’s deputy was Jewish. Many controversial statements followed and Hollywood blacklisted him, thawing only when Robert Downey Jr. advocated forgiveness for Gibson.

About his anti-Jew tirade, Mel later apologized and stated that he was loaded and angry. He went on to say that the recording made was illegal and he claims that it was a nervous breakdown and the police and the press simply profited from his downfall.

3 Shia LaBeouf: Getting Crazier With Age

Once upon a time, there was Even Stevens, in which a fresh-faced boy played Louis Stevens and even won a Daytime Emmy for the same. Then the same fresh-faced boy also appeared as Sam Witwicky in Transformers and the world fell for him.

Then the boy fell down a deep, dark hole. Figuratively, at least. In February 2005, LaBeouf rammed his car into his neighbor’s car and threatened him. Hours later, he came back to the neighbor’s doorstep waving a knife and was arrested. Then in 2007, he was asked to leave a Chicago Walgreens by a security guard and he flat out refused, and was arrested for a misdemeanor criminal trespassing. In 2008, an arrest warrant was issued after he failed to make a court appearance in relation to unlawful smoking in Burbank, though his lawyer settled that the next day. In 2008, Shia was also involved in a car crash that crushed his left hand and while he was arrested for misdemeanor drunk driving, the accident wasn’t his fault. He called the accident an eye opener and yet, in 2011 argued loudly with another patron at the Mad Bull’s Tavern and got punched in the face.

Then for some insane and inane reason, he urinated on the wall of The Local Peasant restaurant in 2014 and was consequently banned from it. In the same year, he was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass at New York’s Studio 54 Theater where he spat and used impolite slurs against the arresting police officers.

He’s also been involved in many plagiarism accusations when it comes to his short films and comic books. In November 2014, he also stated that a woman had stripped off his clothing and raped him at his art installation. We are sorry Shia, and you should be too for your outrageous behaviour.

2 Robert Downey Jr.: The Iron Man With Grit

We are all familiar with Robert Downey Jr.’s multiple arrests and legal issues that plagued him through the 1990s. In trouble with the law over cocaine, heroin, and marijuana possession, as well some weapon-related offenses, and despite his meteoric popularity Ally McBeal, he was fired from the show. He slowly, painfully climbed his way back to the top but by then he was a high-risk and could not get insured – and that meant no roles for him. It was then that yet another “bad boy” of Hollywood bailed him out – Mel Gibson paid for his insurance for the movie The Singing Detective. And then Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man happened and Robert Downey Jr., addicted to drugs for years because his father introduced him to them when he was not even a teen, finally resurrected himself.

And Hollywood so loves an anti-hero, doesn’t it? Like a Phoenix risen from its ashes, Downey was down but not out, and now pretty much on top.

1 Mark Wahlberg: A Racist & Violent Past

The ninth child of Alma and Donald, the Dorchester neighborhood he lived in was perhaps plagued by the Wahlberg brood. Three of his brothers and a sister had had multiple run-ins with the police. Mark followed them loyally, he was a regular little gang sh*thead who threw rocks and racist epithets at school kids and then even violently attacked two Vietnamese men. And when the police arrested him, he kept shouting even more racial slurs. So not a good kid, at all. He was charged with attempted murder and pled guilty to assault. Marky Mark was sentenced to 2 years in prison but served just 45 days. That didn’t stop him, and when he was 21, he fractured his neighbor’s jaw. Then he finally decided to clean up his act, dropped Marky Mark, and became Mark Wahlberg, the actor. Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights was a great breakthrough for him and since then, he seems to have polished up his act. He speaks about his crimes and his guilt often, though one of his stoning victims refused to forgive him saying “once a racist, always a racist.” Guess we’ll just have to wait and watch.

Oh and honorary mentions: Sean Penn, Keanu Reeves, Will Smith, Russell Brand, and Mickey Rourke. Sorry guys, you just weren’t bad enough. Maybe if you just put a little more effort into it? Or then again, maybe not!

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