15 Hollywood Careers That Were Ruined Because Of Other Celebs

Celebrities are everyone's favorite and least favorite people in the world, right? I mean, come on. They're just people. But they're people with way too much money and way too much time on their hands. So we're used to seeing them mess up their own lives pretty quickly. Either it's drugs, or it's plastic surgery. Or maybe it's just as simple as wearing a paper bag over their head at an awards show with "I'm not famous anymore" written on it.

Either way, celebrities are pretty good at ruining themselves. There are also plenty of celebs who have been ruined by tabloids. Even when tabloids are completely full of made up sh*t. Usually, there are some small grains of truth, but it's not like the National Inquirer is the best example of journalistic integrity in the world.

But there are also a decent number of celebrities out there who have been ruined, in one way or another, by other celebrities. And that's no joke. Sometimes it's not even on purpose, but it happens. Then you have Charlie Sheen... and he was just asking for it. Say what you want about Katie Holmes, but I think she could've had a great career if it wasn't for Tom Cruise...


15 Jake Lloyd Ruined By George Lucas

Jake Lloyd was once that little boy in that Star Wars movie you hate who played Anakin Skywalker before the terrible actor Hayden Christensen took over for him. Lloyd was only eight-years-old when he took on the role and he decided, during the shoot, that he was never going to act again. And he has only done one film since then. He was well known for Jingle All The Way, but Phantom Menace broke him. He apparently had a horrible experience every time the cameras started rolling. Kids made fun of him every day at school (which is crazy because he was in Star Wars). He very quickly got into drugs and crime and it took him a long time to set his life straight. And to think, if George Lucas had just written a good script, Lloyd might even be a superstar today!

14 Harvey Weinstein Ruined By Many Celebs


Alright, so first of all, Harvey Weinstein ruined the lives of many celebrities even though he made them stars. He messed up a lot of people with his weird and very awful advances on women. That being said, now that he's been turned in and has basically lost his entire film empire, he has been destroyed by a number of women, some of whom are pretty big stars now! Kate Beckinsale, Cara Delevingne, Heather Graham, Lena Headey, Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many MANY other women have come forward with stories of their own about what the man did to them. And now, by the collective power of all of these stars (with their varying amounts of power) have brought down this big-wig film executive.

13 Meg Ryan Ruined By Getting Close To Russel Crowe

Meg Ryan had a pretty damn good career going. She's starred with some real greats and was considered pretty great herself at one point. Hell, she was even married to Dennis Quaid for damn near 10 years. But she made only one fatal mistake (technically this isn't just Russel Crowe's fault...it's Ryan's as well). During the shooting of Proof of Life, Meg Ryan ended up cheating on Quaid with Russel Crowe. Now, obviously, she wanted this as well so the blame can't just be on Crowe...but this does make him an asshole for screwing around with a married woman. Either way, the tabloids got wind of this and made a huge deal of the event. Quaid rightfully divorced Ryan and...well...name me the last box-office-smash that she's been a part of since then...exactly.

12 Kirk Cameron Ruined By Piers Morgan


Kirk Cameron used to be a well-known actor before he went totally nutcase bible-thumper. You may have seen to YouTube video where he and another crazy Christian talk about how god so perfectly made the banana just for humans...of course if you've ever seen a wild banana, you'd know that we humans were the ones who engineered the fruit to look the way it does today. Either way, it was an interview with famed CNN commentator Piers Morgan that really crushed Cameron's career. He started harping on about how homosexuality was "unnatural and destructive to civilization". Well, I don't know if you know this but there are a few gay people in the world and in Hollywood. Do any of you remember when you last saw Kirk Cameron in a film? Do you know who he is?

11 Nicolas Cage Ruined By Roger Ebert

Alright, look. To be fair to Nicolas Cage here, he pretty well ruined his own career with at least half of the roles he's taken on. And I guess you could then say that it's also the fault of so many casting directors who bothered to hire him. He's just a mess. But I think critic Roger Ebert really took the cake with this one. Sure, Cage is still out there and he still does a ton of films all over the place. But gone are the days of Conair and Gone In 60 Seconds. Ebert coined this "inner tremble" that Cage has that suggests he simply panics because he's alive. And...well you just have to look at the above photo to see that. Having a heavyweight Hollywood critic strip you of your confidence that way...it's no wonder that Cage's roles have become more and more unhinged.

10 Chris Brown Ruined By Rihanna


“I remember she tried to kick me, but then I really hit her, with a closed fist, I punched her. I busted her lip,” he recalled. “When I saw it, I was in shock. I was like, ‘F—, why the hell did I hit her?'” That's a good question. But everyone knows about this moment in time where "singer" Chris Brown punched Rihanna right in the face. The only thing that might actually save his career now? A documentary about his life that recounts a lot of what happened between him and Rihanna. I'm sure she's thrilled that he's trying to make money off of his assault. But I don't think she has much to worry about. I doubt people are rushing to the store to buy a copy of this sh*tty rapper's documentary. He punched one of the most famous singers today in the face, and that was the end of his career.

9 Katie Holmes Ruined By Tom Cruise

You know, Katie Holmes had a pretty damn good career ahead of her. She was doing very well in the 90s with awesome films like Disturbing Behaviour and her hit show Dawson's Creek. And she did manage a role in one of the new Batman films before she was simply replaced. Alright, it wasn't so simple. She decided not to come back, and she'll say it was for her directing debut but remember that she was with Tom Cruise at the time. Cruise destroyed Holmes' career and almost her life (like Nicole Kidman). Holmes was hand-picked to be Cruise's new sweetie after Kidman left. And it's a good thing that Holmes did too (eventually). But the damage was definitely already done to her career. If you start turning down big roles because of what's going on behind-the-scenes with Tom...you'll take a career hit for sure.


8 Charlie Sheen Ruined By Chuck Lorre


Everyone here knows who Charlie Sheen is. He's the man with Adonis ancestors and tiger blood flowing through his veins (and a lot of cocaine in that bloodstream too). Now, you may all remember his famous few years of psychotic breakdowns, his weird appearances on the Food Network and some strange interviews. But those are actually not things that ruined his career. They made him a little less approachable, but they did make him famous at a time his star was fading. No, what really kicked Sheen in the ass out of Hollywood were his anti-Semitic remarks to show creator Chuck Lorre (who was the creator of Two And A Half Men). That was enough for the network to shut down Charlie Sheen's "winning", and I don't think he's ever recovered.

7 Richard Gere Ruined By Sylvester Stallone

You know that rumor that everyone knows about with Richard Gere and that gerbil? Well, it turns out that it's completely false. Which I'm sure everyone must have known. I mean...who could actually picture that working out ok for either Gere or the gerbil? It also turns out that Sylvester Stallone may have been the one to start that rumor. And that sort of makes sense. Only someone who has been hit in the head that many times could come up with something so ridiculous that people sort of believed it for a long time. Before he was recast, Gere worked on The Lords of Flatbush with Sly. And they fought all the time. It got to a point where Gere intentionally covered Stallone in chicken grease for some reason. Sly elbowed Gere in the head and got him thrown off the project. And then a famous rumor was born! And how often do you see Gere in films now?

6 Mel Gibson Ruined By Himself...


Alright, this is sort of cheating but Mel Gibson is a celebrity who ruined his own celebrity so it still holds true to the spirit of the article. And we just had to talk about this nutcase. Does anyone remember that three-hour film of torture and gore that he made a while back? Sorry, that's a lot of his movies. I mean specifically The Passion of the Christ. Well, that film, mixed in with all of his crazy drunken antics and his intense amount of anti-Semitism has really broken his career. He even said in interviews that The Passion would ruin his career (hinting it was because Hollywood was full of Jews who would blacklist him). It takes a special sort of guy to destroy a career like that. But we all know he likes to cause himself pain. Just watch Braveheart, or The Patriot or...What Women Want!

5 L.L. Cool J Ruined By Jamie Foxx

Does anyone remember that football movie that had Al Pacino in it for some reason? Any Given Sunday? Well, if you do remember it, you'll remember that the characters L.L. Cool J and Jamie Foxx play were always at each other's throats. The interesting thing about that? That was actually how the two actors were behind-the-scenes as well. Cool J likes to think of himself as a method actor...which basically means he's a professional asshole. So, after "cut" was called, he kept fighting with Foxx and it got so bad that Foxx actually filed for assault charges. Cool J defended himself by saying it was the character who was fighting and not him. Well, Jamie Foxx has made some big name films since then...Cool J is still on NCIS. 'Nuff said.

4 Jean-Claude Van Damme Ruined By... Jim Carrey!?


Yeah, that's right! You wouldn't think that a comedian like Jim Carrey could ruin a hilarious "actor" like Jean-Claude Van Damme...but it's true. Not in any direct way though, I have to admit. The truth of it is that Van Damme was jealous of Jim Carrey and wanted to be making just as much money as the funny man. What's really funny is that Van Damme must not have realized that people all laughed at him too, but not for the same reasons. After Time Cop came out, Van Damme was offered a $12 million studio deal. But he was greedy and asked for $20 million to match Carrey. He even said “Jim Carrey was being paid a fortune. And I wanted to play with the system. Like an idiot. Ridiculous.” And that's how Jim Carrey ruined the career of Van Damme forever!

3 Jay Leno Ruined By Conan O'Brien

Some of you may be too young to remember when Conan O'Brien took over for the long-chinned Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. I think it was a good move, personally. Leno needed to retire. But, thanks to shifting ratings, Leno decided to come back to "save the show". Breaking promises to O'Brien, Leno came back and got Conan booted off the show. But that's ok. You know why? Ever since then, O'Brien has been doing great as a money-making celebrity. And Jay Leno's tired antics have caused the ratings of the show to plummet even more! Ever hear of Jay Leno's Garage? Neither had I until this article. But everyone knows about Conan, the late-night show O'Brien still hosts and runs. Sorry Leno, you should have kept your promises and gone out as a legend. Not a has-been.

2 Rosie O'Donnell Is Ruined By... Donal Trump


Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump have had an on-going feud for more than a decade now. Which is pretty crazy. And somehow only Rosie has been the one to have a heart attack between the two of them. But it does seem that Trump has some sort of dementia, so maybe Rosie will eventually win the feud down the line. Either way, ever since O'Donnell called Trump out about his morals and financial dealing during a run of Miss America, Trump has been blasting her with mean tweets and pretty awful remarks in interviews. Sure, we can't definitively say that Trump caused the heart attack, but just after the fact, Rosie tweeted this to him "i must admit ur post was a bit of a shock ... r u trying to kill me ?" She is a comedian, but I have a feeling there was more truth in that question than she might want to admit.

1 Jim Caviezel Ruined By Mel Gibson

That's right! It turns out that Mel Gibson didn't just ruin his own career. He also destroyed the once amazing acting career of Jim Caviezel. Which is so sad because he was truly amazing in The Count of Monte Cristo, starring alongside Guy Pierce. But, once Caviezel decided t take on the role of Jesus Christ in Gibson's Passion, that was pretty much the end of his career. What's crazy is that Gibson even told Caviezel that it could ruin him. But good, bible-thumping Jim said it would be his "cross to bear". And I guess he'll bear it for a good long time because I can't remember the last time I saw the man in a starring role in anything... and Passion has been out for 13 years now. So, I guess Caviezel knew the risks, but Gibson certainly dealt the killing blow.


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