15 Hollywood Backsides That Prove Big Is Beautiful

Big booty is hot! Hollywood babes (and sometimes guys) are rushing to "butt" doctors for enhancements. Sometimes, it is fat injections. Sometimes, it's implants. Those big booties are almost never real no matter what the celebrities say. You just have to jump on Google Images and check out their "old" booty as opposed to the "new" booty. But, whether God-given or silicone, in Hollywood, big booty is the way to go. Where did all this big booty come from? Some say Kim Kardashian, the self-styled Armenian princess and reality TV star, kicked off the craze. Others say no, it was Jennifer Lopez with her perky Latina rear that set the frenzy in motion. Whoever is responsible, Hollywood is now awash with big booties. So, get ready for a bonanza of backsides in yoga pants, in shorts, in tight dresses, and more. We've picked the best of the best, the moment when it was near perfect. So, some of the pictures are historic. Here are 15 Hollywood backsides that prove to us that a big booty is the way to go. And for those of you who are aspiring butt guys, we'll explain to you how to tell one backside from another.

15 Jennifer Lopez


Speaking of JLo's butt, Jennifer Lopez is currently sporting a round "bubble" butt. A rumor was going around that she had insured it for $27 million. That's some butt. Anyway, she waded in and denied it. So, of course, everyone thinks she did insure it. So, what do you insure when you insure a butt? Damage? Sagging? Cellulite? Who knows? What we do know is that it is a very pampered butt. Why? Well, because JLo has a specially-designed, germ-free toilet seat that a) only she sits on and b) she carries around with her everywhere. Well, at least when she travels. Gosh knows what happens if she is out to dinner or something and she's got to go big time. Final JLo "butt" tale is that she's almost certainly had work done on it. You know, like silicone or fat injections.

14 Beyoncé


On to Beyonce's gorgeous backside. Gossip websites say she's had work done. Some websites say that her butt is 100% Beyonce. And Queen Bey? She says stuff like “I guess my butt is natural. But I go through stages like every woman. I like being curvy but sometimes I get curvy in the wrong places.” So, she "guesses" she hasn't had work done? If she doesn't know, who does? Anyway, what she has is called a "bubble butt." You know, rounded, like a bubble. Websites everywhere offer things like "9 Moves to Get a Beyonce Bubble Butt." If you're lucky, you'll get some hot babe demonstrating those squats and lunges and thrusts. Beyonce swears by her glute-busting Stair Master, which is fine. But it sounds too much like hard work. Of course, she tries to sell us on the idea that she doesn't use it all that often, making her perfect without any work.

13 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is sometimes credited with making big booty hot. We think her best butt period was about ten years ago when she was sporting a heart-shaped backside. It's the most feminine of all butt shapes. It's like an upside down heart shape, nipped in at the waist and then going nuclear as you descend. Just think back on all those sitting-on-a-wall-in-a-thong shots she has done, and you'll get the picture. That's a pleasant thought. These days, our Kim is already 30-something and, gossips say, in a pitched battle with her much younger (ouch) half-sister Kylie Jenner. Why, you ask? Kylie has become the darling of social media and reportedly thinks Kim should be pushed into the background so she and her surgically-enhanced booty can shine.

12 Sofia Vergara


Aha! A new kind of booty. Ever since she came to Hollywood from Columbia, Sofia Vergara's beautiful face, those F-cups, and that backside have gotten her noticed. Never mind if she has a history of hanging around with gangsters or that her druggie brother got deported, Sofia has gone from not speaking English to starring as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in Modern Family. Her backside, in a bikini, bears more than a passing resemblance to Kim K's. Those two sitting side by side on a beach wall wearing a thong bikini would be a sight to behold. Presenting Sofia Vergara's scorching inverted V backside with a hint of bubble. It's a real bombshell's butt, as you can see, nipped at the waist and then blossoming into all its glory. At 46 years old, she is still scorching hot.

11 Christina Aguilera


Did you spot the bubble butt on Christina Aquilera? Most people say that she's totally had it done. But, who cares? It still looks hotter than hot. Some performers, like Amber Rose, don't know when to stop. But this pert little bubble butt is perfect for our pint-sized singer. Now, since her Mickey Mouse Club days, Christina's career and personal life have been all over the place. She's staged comebacks and then flopped. Then, she's staged another comeback that flopped. You get the idea. She (and the rest of female Hollywood) have had leaked nude photos hit the Internet. But the real killer came when she was caught having s*x with her new boyfriend in a bathroom at a family gathering. Oops! Granny was probably not amused. These days, she is planning yet another "comeback." No, we don't think it'll go anywhere either.

10 Coco Austin

via Tumblr

It's an in-your-face, heart-shaped Kim Kardashian kind of butt, isn't it? This is Coco Austin before her latest round of butt and boob enhancements left her looking a little like Jessica Rabbit on a bad day. This booty is way hot. In this shot, she's trying to convince us that it was squats that made that backside hum. When in reality, that booty was made in Hollywood. What's wrong with this picture? Spot the stilettos. Who the heck works out in stilettos? Ice T's baby momma sometimes takes to the stage alongside her rapper/actor hubs. You better believe that booty is on display and being patted by the rapper in between songs. Well, with all the money he's put out for her "work," he deserves to have a bit of fun, we think.

9 Blake Lively


Another Kim Kardashian look-alike butt! Blake Lively is blonde and gorgeous and married to Canadian hunk Ryan Reynolds. Now, when she posted this picture of her at the Cannes Film Festival with a caption that said "LA face, Oakland booty," she got into a lot of hot water with the trolls. Why? Seems the Oakland reference was construed as a racial slur, as Oakland's population is more than half African-American/Hispanic. Then, she went on to praise director Woody Allen, who has been accused of child s*x abuse. Trust us, Blake doesn't care if you are offended by her words and actions. When she and Reynolds married in 2012, they tied the knot at Boone Hall near Charleston, South Carolina. It's a former plantation, as in slaves, and has an area known as "Slave Street."

8 Eva Longoria

via Zimbio

Eva Longoria, everybody's favorite Desperate Housewife, is booty hot in this sparkly little number. The 40-something recently turned up with media mogul hubby Pepe Basten to the Billboard Latin Music Awards in Florida wearing a daring white pant suit with an open front jacket. It was clear that she had left the bra at home. Guys were probably following her around hoping she would bend over. Longoria's backside is bombshell-worthy in the style of 1950's hottie Marilyn Monroe. She is not resting on her assets. Not one little bit. She's one busy actress with multiple projects on the go. And yes, she, together with most of Hollywood, has had nudies leaked. Sensationally, she blamed Apple. Sounds like a great lawsuit to us.

7 Iggy Azalea

via Mirror

Iggy Azalea is a blonde Australian rapper. That makes her stand out in the crowd. She's had mixed success in the American market. So, maybe that's why she decided to enhance her tush. Everybody was doing "before" and "after" pictures of Iggy a while back. It was just totally obvious that she had enhanced that nice little tush of hers. TV bore Wendy Williams got all hot and bothered and dared the rapper to come clean. Of course, our Iggy ignored her completely. What she didn't ignore was the video footage of her boyfriend basketball player Nick Young admitting he had cheated on her. One of his Lakers teammates caught the candid confession and posted it online. Good bye, Nick.

6 Scarlett Johansson

via Pure People

We think this shot makes Scarlett Johansson look as if she has a mini Kim Kardashian butt. The woman who rocks that skintight jumpsuit as Black Widow in all those Marvel flicks makes big boot look scorching hot. That backside pairs nicely with her 32DD's. Yes Double-D's. Fans loved her Ivanka Trump turn on Saturday Night Live and can't wait to see her in the Black Widow skintight get-up in 2018's Avengers: Infinity War. Twice married and twice divorced Scarlett is blissfully single. Her first marriage to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds ended in divorce in 2011. But did Reynolds take up with Blake Lively before or after the split? Opinions vary.

5 Jen Selter

via Twitter

Bubble butt alert! It's Insta-famous Jen Selter whose butt has gained her over 11 million followers on Instagram. Last year, Maxim ran a piece called "20 Reasons Why Jen Selter Has The Best Butt On Instagram." They simply ran twenty of her Instagram posts! Enough said. Jen is the queen of the "belfie," the butt-selfie. The 20-something has been sharing her backside on Instagram since 2012. Celebrities like Rihanna follow her. So, why is she doing it? Her millions of followers have translated into promotional deals with bottled water outfit NY20 and Game Plan Nutrition. She even did a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Yes, she's made a lot of money. Yes, she's bought a place in the totally-expensive Hamptons. She's rubbing butts with the rich and famous. Hey, the Kardashians go there too.

4 Ciara

via Pinterest

Singer/songwriter Ciara has some bootylicious booty on display. She was loved up with rapper Future, but dumped him when he cheated on her. Then, she hooked up with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. They married, and pretty soon, Ciara is giving fans updates on their s*x life via social media. So, why was it such a big deal? Before they married, the couple hit the headlines and broke the Internet when they said they were not going to "do it" until they were married. When they made the announcement, they even had a pastor in tow. Seems that after the wedding, they were posting videos of some description. Wonder what the pastor thought of it all. Guess what we're doing tonight, Rev.

3 Minka Kelly


You're looking at part of the reasons why Esquire named Minka Kelly the "Sexiest Woman Alive" in 2011. Hollywood is a town of "small box" (TV) actors and "big screen" actors. Minka is very much a TV kind of babe, with stints on Friday Night Lights and Jane the Virgin. Straight out of high school in New Mexico, she hit Los Angeles and was doing a test shoot for a modeling agency when a former Playboy  Playmate approached her. The former Playmate wanted to manage her and got Minka a job working as a receptionist for a plastic surgeon. The Playmate cum manager had struck a deal with the doctor—breast augmentation for Minka in exchange for hours worked. She ultimately said thanks, but no way will I get the surgery. She was unceremoniously fired. So, the enterprising wannabe qualified as a surgeon's assistant. That put food on the table while she continued auditioning for acting gigs.

2 Lucy Mecklenburgh

Lucy Mecklenburgh is an Essex girl and is best known for her stint on English TV's The Only Way is Essex. Think Snooki and Jersey Shore transferred to England and you've got the general idea. The stars have lots of money, drive flashy cars, and spend their time arguing and going on holidays to exotic locations. We should point out that in addition to adorning herself with bling and fake fur for the TV show, Lucy also does a nice job of being a glamour model. That means little to no clothes, tabloids, and lots of guys slobbering. Her bubble butt is probably the result of the long, long hours she spends in the gym. She got toned down to a fine science. Play your cards right, and she could be your personal trainer or give you advice on diet and nutrition.

1 Marilyn Monroe

via IGN.com

Marilyn Monroe is the classic big booty big boobie dame, and her Kim-style booty fills out this sparkly little number in a way that had the boys begging for more. Marilyn was the s*x symbol of the 1950's with memorable hot turns in films like Some Like It Hot and The Seven Year Itch. But her life was a tragedy. She wanted to be taken seriously as an actress. Give us more cleavage, Hollywood said. She wanted to find love, but was married and divorced three times. She was notoriously difficult on set, often doing a Lindsay Lohan and arriving late or not at all. Her brief affair with President John F. Kennedy and its aftermath probably tipped the fragile star over the edge. She was fired from her last picture and died in 1962. Many believe it was suicide.

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