15 Hollywood Babes Who Are Shorter Than 5'3''

The average height for a modern woman is five foot five according to most statistic sites. Some may go a bit over, but that’s usually constant. Of course, some ladies can be quite taller while others far shorter, but it's notable how many women cling to the average height. That accounts for how Hollywood, as well as producers, often lean toward casting somewhat taller than average women when they can. After all, few things can throw off a romantic movie than the sight of the guy having to lean down majorly to kiss his love interest, and can make red carpet events awkward. Some shows can cover for height issues with blocking, but for the most part, average height is a given for some of the hottest ladies around.

However, some ladies buck that trend majorly. They can show off amazing bodies despite a rather small size. Indeed, it’s amazing how women who can be dismissed as short have better curves than women far taller. If anything, their height can enhance such curves, but it's remarkable how so many short ladies can have such long legs. It may be surprising to see how many steamy women there are who barely come up over the waist size of some men, yet pack so much appeal in that form. Here are 15 ladies shorter than 5'3'' who prove good things come in small packages.

15 Snooki: 4’8”

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 31: TV personality Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi arrives at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center on January 31, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

There’s a lot to say about Jersey Shore. Many can hate it for his contrived drama or how it basically gives the entire state a bad image of stereotypes. But one cannot deny the impact Nicole Elizabeth LaValle has had thanks to the show. Snooki was soon a hit with her outspoken manner, outlandish outfits, and love for flaunting her body off. While only four feet nine inches, the woman came off larger than life, boasting of her abilities and her in-your-face attitude, winning viewers over. Since the show ended, she’s turned it into a career with a clothing line, marketing herself smartly and still able to get headlines with her name. She’s even wrangled her way onto a WrestleMania match. True, some have criticized her out for publicity and such and her legal troubles. But you can’t deny how curvaceous Snooki is, astounding for someone her size and proof that the smaller animals can bark the loudest in many ways.

14 Shakira: 5’2”

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This is a woman whose height is actually a question. Officially, the Columbian bombshell is just over five feet tall, rather on the petite side and it shows when she’s around taller people. However, there are reports that she’s actually just under five feet tall, covering for it with heels and lifts as she wants folks to believe she’s taller. Either way, Shakira has established herself as one of the hottest singers on the planet. Her alluring voice is behind such hits as “Whenever, Wherever” and “Hips Don’t Lie”. What gets bigger attention are her concerts, the woman going all out with her sensational dancing, featuring great belly moves. Excellently toned, Shakira makes sure to be in shape constantly which adds to the grand appeal that helps make her such a huge success. The hips, the lips, the full package; it’s all fantastic so no matter what height Shakira truly is, she proves it’s no lie. She’s stunningly curvy.

13 Lucy Hale: 5’1”

Some sites have her at five foot two inches, but it seems she adds an inch for publicity. Lucy Hale has been a rising face on TV for some time, including shows like Bionic Woman and the too short-lived Privileged. Her most famous role was Aria on the long-running hit Pretty Little Liars that showed off some hot stuff. As she’s grown, Hale has gotten attention for great tight outfits, often spotted showing off a yoga body that rocks her tight pants quite nicely. Her talent is undeniable as she’s also a singing star and devotes time to charity. Hale has gotten major attention for the indie movie Dude where she goes nude on camera for the first time, revealing a very curvaceous body. While many of her co-stars on PLL have shown hot stuff, Hale just packs it in nicely. She’ll be seen later this year on TV in the CW show Life Sentence, and one can hope for more of her small but alluring frame to be shown as time goes on.

12 Reese Witherspoon: 5’1”

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From the very beginning, Reese Witherspoon has had a fantastic vibe to her. It came out in her earliest roles The Man in the Moon and Freeway, adult in many ways and got attention. As she grew, she graduated to hit status with Legally Blonde, showing off her great legs and form in hot dresses. Witherspoon also proved her acting talent, winning an Oscar for Walk the Line and was believable from romcoms to drama. Her height can be surprising, usually only noticed at award shows sharing a stage with someone else and yet looking great despite her petite size. Witherspoon also shows an astounding ability to avoid aging, looking as hot today as she did in the late 1990s. She proved it going nude in the movie Wild with a great body, and the recent Big Little Lies show has her in a nice form even in “mom’s clothing”. With that bright smile on display, Witherspoon is a favorite of fans but also shows a hot body on a small frame.

11 Christina Aguilera: 5’2”

It’s well known how the 1990s Mickey Mouse Club gave the world a slew of famous future stars. Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears; they all got their start there. Christina Aguilera was among them, already known for a fantastic appearance on Star Search. In 1999, she broke out with “Genie in a Bottle”, soon renowned for a glorious voice that earned her a Grammy. In 2002, she shocked the world by remaking herself with her “Xtina” phase, getting down and dirty in videos, including posing nude on the cover of Rolling Stone and other wild events. She’s cleaned up her image since and suffered some accusations of weight issues. But Christina remains a knockout with a tight and toned body, amazing curves that never seem to quit, and whether performing or judging on the Voice, she’s a fantastic star. She’s probably the best of that Mouseketeer clan, and even if not “Dirrrrty” anymore, Aguilera has a great form to enjoy.

10 Ariana Grande: 5’0”

Sexy Ariana Grande Boots

It’s amazing how a lady with such notable legs can be so small. Ariana Grande has exploded into true stardom over the years. At first, she was known as the bubble-headed Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon teen comedy Victorious, showing a funny side but also looking great. That led to a spin-off, Sam & Cat that seemed promising, but clashes between Grande and co-star Jeannette McCurdy ended up leading that show to be axed. Since then, Grande has emerged as a huge recording star with sellout albums and tours. She’s also blossomed as a beauty icon with her tight outfits that flaunt her legs in heels. Critics hail her astounding voice and she’s emerged as a huge hit with her concerts. True, Grande gets criticized for things like diva behavior and the infamous “donut” video. But Grande still shows a great form, clearly enjoying her success and one has to admire a body so small packed into outfits so tight.

9 Kylie Minogue: 5’0”


A woman whose beauty seems timeless, the pint-sized Kylie Minogue has been a fantastic starlet for several decades. In the 1980s, she broke out with “Locomotion” and other hits, establishing herself as a hit recording star. This led to bits as varied as playing Cammy in Street Fighter to more hit songs. She had a revival in the 2000s with “Can’t Get You Outta My Head”, and lived through a battle with breast cancer. Those knockout legs are still terrific, with Minogue able to show them off dancing and a variety of acting roles. She even pokes fun at her height at times. When she guest-starred on Doctor Who, she improvised a bit of standing on a box to give David Tennant a kiss and laughs about how small she is. But that frame is still terrific, looking as hot at 49 as she did in her 20's and proof that maybe a smaller woman can carry her beauty far longer.

8 Ariel Winter: 5’1”

It’s hard to find someone who’s had a bigger growth spurt than this on TV today. When Modern Family began, Ariel Winter was the choice for Alex, the genius of her family with spectacles and bulky outfits. She was cute but clearly not a knockout like her sister, Hayley (Sarah Hyland). But as time has gone on, Winter has grown majorly in the part in more ways than one. Indeed, puberty hit her so majorly that she needed a breast reduction, which is amazing given how large her bosom is. The show has been forced to note how Alex has grown, making the woman hotter and even giving her a boyfriend despite how they try to push her as the “nerd” of her family. Winter has weathered her own issues, like infamous family troubles, but in public, she loves to flaunt a terrific style with very revealing outfits that put her curves on full display. The quiet nerd turning into a sexpot is a reality after all and Winter is burning hot at her size.

7 Adrienne Bailon: 4’11”

The feisty lady came to fame in the Disney Channel hit movie The Cheetah Girls. The original movies soon transformed into a really successful band showing off great singing and dancing. Bailon has come out as the star of the group in several ways, showing off on Dancing With the Stars and a variety of good albums and more. She got attention dating Rob Kardashian and even getting his name tattooed on her rear end. A variety of reality show appearances followed before Bailon’s regular gig on the talk show The Real. This has included everything from interviews with celebrities to fashion shoots to a famous bit where she had Rob’s tattoo removed as a warning to other ladies. The woman comes off fantastic in person with her great style and very nice body, so while she may not reach five feet tall, Adrienne roars when it comes to looking hot.

6 Vanessa Hudgens: 5’1”

Like the rest of her co-stars in the 2006 Disney Channel movie High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens had no idea the film would be a huge smash hit. It inspired two sequels (the latter on the big screen) and represented Hudgens, a cute presence, as a brainiac. As time has gone on, Hudgens has amped up the appeal majorly, including her fantastic toned body always on display. She’s graduated to more adult fare like Spring Breakers, but still uses the musical chops such as touring with Broadway’s Gigi. Hudgens also won hails for going on stage for the live performance of Grease a day after the death of her father. Her sultry looks have grown with age, showing off a great form that lends itself to dancing but also some fun shots. Paparazzi love to follow her as even just in yoga pants and sweats, Hudgens is a hot body and growing nicely.

5 Kristen Bell: 5’1”

On an episode of the classic cult series Veronica Mars, Veronica is fixing a flat tire when a guy comes to help, asking, “flat?” Veronica replies, “Just as God made me,” referring to her thin form. As time has gone on, however, Kristen Bell has transformed into a nicely shapely and beautiful lady. Many still adore her as the teen detective to the point they raised millions for a big-screen movie version. Bell has gone on to more fame like Heroes, House of Lies, and the current hit The Good Place. That’s not to mention movie roles in various romantic comedies and voicing Anna in the mega-hit Frozen. Her fun humor is always on display and motherhood has enhanced her curves, giving her a great body to a nice degree while a delight on talk shows flaunting her looks. She may play the innocent at times, but Bell is wickedly funny and very hot, and there’s no mystery that Veronica has become one hot lady.

4 Hayden Panettiere: 5’0”

Hayden Panettiere was a kid when cast in the breakout role of the football-obsessed little girl in Remember the Titans. Roles followed like in Ally McBeal before Heroes made her a star. As the indestructible cheerleader Claire, Panettiere was a huge hit, launched as a hot face and body with her great legs and nice build. After the series ended, she wasn’t out of work long, landing the role of Juliette Barnes on Nashville. This has involved her dressed in very hot outfits performing and showing a great vibe as she does. She’s gotten curvier after having a child (despite a battle with depression afterward), showing off nicely on the red carpet and the occasional bikini post. Her bright smile and fantastic manner win folks over massively and thus, a decade after her breakout role, Panettiere is still wowing fans to show that she’s only five feet tall but packs a ton of appeal to that package.

3 Eva Longoria: 5’1”

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Marc Cherry is the first to admit that in real life, Eva Longoria is not the pick for a supermodel. Most of them are quite tall and dominate the catwalk, and while Longoria is appealing, at just over five feet she doesn’t match that. However, she imbues just about everything else needed for the role of Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives, with her attitude, humor, and especially her appeal. Longoria helped make Housewives a smash hit, winning raves for her turn as the often selfish Gabby but also balancing it with some heart and humor. She’s also moved on to success, producing hits like Ugly Betty and others, and while her TV comeback of Telenovela didn’t last long, it’s hard to imagine her ignored long. This is a woman who looks amazing with beautiful legs and hair framing her face, so while she may not have the height of a supermodel, Longoria is sure believable as one.

2 Sara Jean Underwood: 5’3”

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On an episode of Attack of the Show, Sara Jean Underwood declares she’s going to do a bit showing what she can do while jumping on a trampoline. She slides off her high heels, which has the effect of dropping her head from the same level as co-host Kevin Pereira to under his shoulders. He just blinks before remarking, “There’s a difference with those shoes.” A former Hooters waitress, Underwood’s lovely form was featured big time in the pages of Playboy and that got her attention. She then landed her AOTS gig that made her a beloved face for geeks, especially when she dresses in steamy costumes or even bits like a naked bike ride. Underwood remains popular even after the show ended, still popping up at conventions and terrific with her humor. With her long legs and nice build, Sara Jean shows that she may be small but rocks a costume better than most her size.

1 Kristen Chenoweth: 4’11”

She is a fantastic contrast. A woman with the curves and body of a supermodel yet not even reaching five feet tall. Kristen Chenoweth broke out with her turn as Sally Brown in a revival of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, winning her a Tony award. It led to fame with smash musical hits like Wicked and others. TV roles followed such as a short-lived sitcom and a turn on The West Wing (where in one episode, she has a  meeting six foot Allison Janney who remarks, “How are we the same species?”). In 2007, Chenoweth began her turn as Olive Snook on the beloved cult series Pushing Daisies, her wonderful musical voice and comic brilliance winning her an Emmy for the role. She’s continued on Broadway but also appears on shows like Glee, The Good Wife, and more. Chenoweth amazes us, still looking fantastic at 49 and a true knockout to prove how much humor and beauty can be packed in such a small frame.

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