15 Hollywood Actresses You Shouldn't Expect To See Anytime Soon

Hollywood is a fickle place. Many of the 15 actresses you're about to read about were once considered some of the biggest names in the entire industry. Their paycheques for a week of work was more than you've ever earned, they won prestigious awards (including an Academy Award) and were fawned over by seemingly every guy.

But if you were hoping to get a glimpse of these starlets, your best bet is going to be on our list or their past classics, and not in an upcoming film or television series. All 15 of them are currently "unemployed", many of whom we're sure are going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Which means if you'd like to see Lisa Kudrow, for instance, you're probably better off looking for her in Central Perk. Time will tell if younger stars like Beth Behrs is going to be able to overcome her series cancellation. Something that, as you'll read, Danielle Fishel failed to do. Though Alyson Hannigan may have also said her goodbyes to Hollywood and she managed to do two very successful shows, so perhaps there is hope? You'll also get to read why Kathy Griffin thinks she has been blacklisted from the entertainment industry.

We just hope you won't see too many favorites on our list because there is no denying that these are 15 Hollywood Actresses You Shouldn't Expect To See Anytime Soon.

15 Courteney Cox

Whether on Friends or Cougar Town, it's clear that Courteney Cox is one of the most accomplished females to ever step on to the television screen. Even if Monica can get pretty annoying at times!

Cox is also part of the hilarious Ace Venture: Pet Detective and the iconic classic horror film Scream - but both films are over a decade old. Now with an excessively large bank account from past success, Cox appears content to kick her feet up and enjoy retirement.

She has however had a small role in Drunk History (two episodes) which was renewed for a 5th season. In her personal life, Cox married David Arquette in 1999 but they were divorced in 2013. They had one child together.

14 Danielle Fishel

There might not be any one actress who is identified with "one role" as Danielle Fishel and Topanga Lawrence (later Topanga Matthews). She was probably a huge part of your childhood with Boy Meets World and was more than happy to re-join the Universe with Girl Meets World which ran from 2014-2017 before being canceled.

But sadly for Lawrence fans, that's the last they've seen of her and seemingly, that may stay the case. Especially when you consider once the spin-off dies, there's rarely any life left to a franchise. Even sadder, no movie she has appeared in is worth bragging about which is extra disappointing as fans would surely have given her a shot. If you're desperate, she has a non-leading role in National Lampoon's Dorm Daze.

13 Alyson Hannigan

Many Americans are finding themselves devastated by the news that Netflix has removed How I Met Your Mother. The show had several strong performances, and while Lily could get super annoying, it's hard to fault Hannigan for the writing of the show.

Hannigan may also be a staple in your household for her role as Michelle in the American Pie franchise or Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Hannigan's seemingly last role as an actress, at least unless things change, came in 2016 when she appeared in Do You Take This Man alongside Anthony Rapp.

12 Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates is always going to hold a fond place in many people's hearts for her role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. She struck gold again two years later when she appeared in Gremlins.

Nothing she ever could have done was going to live up to those roles, which may have been why she spent much of the 90's and 2000's failing to land roles that would allow her to continue as an actress. We wonder if that makes those roles particularly hard for her to watch as a sign as to how promising her career could have been.

She did, however, appear in The Anniversary Party in 2001 that was written and directed by Jennifer Jason Leigh who also starred in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

11 Emma Watson

If you plan to check out Emma Watson anytime soon, it might be on your local tabloid news site and not on the big screen. Following her recent film, The Circle, Watson has kept her acting future completely open. Which might not be the best news for her fans when you consider the film was a huge disappointment - at least according to critics - coming away with a score of 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. Her cameo in This is the End is pretty tremendous though.

We're sure that even if Watson completely steps away from acting that her role in the Harry Potter franchise will keep her in the public spotlight for the rest of her life.

10 Eva Mendes

Some of the actresses on our list were not actively hoping for their film or television career to dry up. But for Eva Mendes, it was an active decision to step away from the industry and focus on being a tremendous mother.

If she wants to step back in, we're sure she'd be able to do it seamlessly when you consider her husband is Ryan Gosling! The two have been married since 2011 and have two daughters together. Mendes' last film was Lost River in 2014, but she has several classics on her resume such as Hitch and The Other Guys.

Perhaps once their kids get a little bit older we'll see a re-emergence of Mendes!

9 Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley started becoming a household name when she landed a leading role in Saved By The Bell which ran from 1989-1992. Which means she might still be a pretty active part of your household if you still watch the reruns!

One of her biggest roles after that was her embracing her sexuality in a major way for the titillating, and often very revealing film, Showgirls. But the back half of Berkley's career has been largely either forgettable or spent with stretches of unemployment. If we wanted to give her some credit, she did make a cameo appearance in New Girl. Though as of now, that cameo is serving as her final appearance.

8 Jennifer Love Hewitt

If we wanted to talk about Jennifer Love Hewitt's film career, there would, unfortunately, be several examples that we're sure she'd rather have turned down. Such as Jewtopia which came away with a pitiful score of 10%. But that might seem like an Oscar winner in comparison to Truth About Love which didn't impress a single critic. Something tells us that people who love those movies might not exactly be in it for the plot though!

Hewitt has been far more successful on television, including Ghost Whisperer and The Client List, both lasting for multiple seasons. While there's no television or movie studio out there that's currently going to take a shot with Hewitt, we're sure you wouldn't mind if they tried.

7 Cameron Diaz

In past interviews, Cameron Diaz has stated that her break from Hollywood following her 2014 film Annie is self-inflicted.

"I just went, 'I can't really say who I am to myself,' which is a hard thing to face up to," but the real reality that many people may agree with is that people no longer seem interested in Cameron Diaz. Critics at the very least haven't given her a passing score with a movie in nearly a decade; including Annie scoring 27%.

It's possible Diaz may still return to Hollywood, but as of now, she is not signed onto any project and it's hard to see what type of role she can fit into now.

6 Beth Behrs And Kat Dennings

Beth Behrs, alongside Kat Dennings, helped propel 2 Broke Girls to 6 seasons and 138 episodes. Which meant that people got plenty used to checking these women out on a regular basis. But perhaps Behrs was being smart with her money and is using the show's cancellation earliest this year as an opportunity to take some time away from the spotlight. If not, you know the headlines are going to have a field day with "Former Star of 2 Broke Girls Becomes Broke Girl".

Dennings also is at least physically staying out of the spotlight, as her most recent role in Big Mouth is a voice-over. While the show has been a success, it remains to be seen if she'll be able to translate back into the world of physical acting. Her most prominent roles prior to the series were in Thor and 40-Year-Old Virgin.

5 Halle Berry

Halle Berry was the best actress in the world, at least as far as the Academy was concerned, back in 2001 when she appeared in Monster's Ball. But her career has been full of duds, with perhaps her most disappointing coming with her most recent effort in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Critics scored the film almost 25% worse in comparison to the 1st one - 74% to 50% on Rotten Tomatoes - and several people have voiced how they felt Berry was one of the weaker parts.

Perhaps another Kingsman film will pull her career back, especially as the 2nd one did still make a ton of money, but as of now, she has nothing on the horizon and appears to be finished.

4 Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester may have been on Gossip Girl as one of the lead actresses, but the latest gossip about her is that she is currently unemployed!

She did have several appearances in the television series Making History in 2017 that while critically well-received, was given the boot after only one season. It's definitely not easy to try and live up to the success of her character Blair Waldorf, something that Meester may be learning the hard way.

With over 4 million followers on her Instagram account, we're sure there are plenty of people out there who are rooting for some potential project to sign her on for one of the main roles.

3 Kelly Rowan

Kelly Rowan was one of the biggest stars of the early 2000s for her role of Kirsten Cohen on The O.C. that aired for 4 seasons and 92 episodes. While she also found moderate success with the show Perception, any potential aspirations to become a movie star beyond that have never been realized. But at least she'll always have those fond memories to look back on? Especially because the stability of a successful television show must have been pretty awesome.

Plus, it's not like she didn't try to make it in the movie industry. Rowan appeared in several made for TV movies including her latest project; a 2016 film titled Tulips In Spring.

2 Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin spent years with most of the control on her show Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List. She has also had various cameo roles through the year, often playing herself (or some version of a comic). Perhaps her most memorable coming with her appearance on Seinfeld.

But life isn't going so smoothly for Griffin anymore, especially after she posed for a photo with a bloody imitation Trump head. Whether you believe her or not, Griffin believes the backlash from the incident has left her blacklisted for her career. But when you consider things weren't exactly going great for Griffin before that, perhaps she is just looking for a reason that'll garner her sympathy.

1 Lisa Kudrow

You might check out Lisa Kudrow on a daily basis because Netflix conveniently offers Friends. But let's be honest, are there really any other memorable performances that have come from Kudrow?

Hollywood may not think so, as she currently is left with nothing but free time at least as far as her film and television future looks. It is worth noting that she appeared in Table 19 back in March, but the movie earned under $10 million and was panned by critics. She did, however, lend her voice to The Boss Baby which made close to $500 million at the box office.

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