15 HIMYM Moments That Made Us Absolutely Hate The Characters

Without a doubt, How I Met Your Mother was the sitcom to watch for people growing up in the 2000s. It was the Friends of a new generation and almost everyone has caught an episode or two on TV. The show was on Netflix for years which made it easy to watch the best moments from the show over and over again. Though the show was recently removed from Netflix in North America, it's now available to watch on Hulu so you can watch the polarizing finale over and over again. Seriously, had the show ended in the eighth season as opposed to the ninth, How I Met Your Mother would have gone down as one of the best sitcoms of all time.

The writers of the show did a fantastic job at creating a group of friends that are ridiculous stereotypes but have a number of flaws that make them believable. For as many great moments in the show, there is an equal number of moments that made fans yell at their screens. Even though we grew to love the gang, here are 15 moments that made us absolutely hate the characters from How I Met Your Mother.

15 When Robin Snubbed Ted In A "Thank You" Speech

Before Ted and Robin started dating for real, Robin was nominated for a Local Area Media Award (LAMA) s,o she invited the gang to attend the banquet. Ted brings a smoking hot date named Mary who he believes is a prostitute. But, in reality, she's just a paralegal. Robin brings news anchor Sandy Rivers as her date in an attempt to make Ted jealous. Her plan backfires when she witnesses Ted and his date hitting it off, so she resorts to snubbing Ted in her "thank you" speech. How could you stoop so low, Robin?

After further failing to make Ted jealous, Robin pretends to leave with her date, Sandy. She implies that the two are going to go home together as a last attempt to make Ted jealous and once again, she fails. Robin always wants what she can't have. Whether it's Barney, Ted, or a cigarette!

14 When Ted Cheated On Victoria

Cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other is one of the worst things that you can ever do. If you want to be with someone else, just end your current relationship. It's not fair to your soon-to-be-ex or your new lover. Ted lost a little bit of everyone's respect when he tried to cheat on Victoria with Robin. It's not necessarily that he wanted to be with Robin that's the problem, it's how he went about doing it.

In the episode, Ted receives a call from Robin after 2 a.m. where she invites him over to bake. Ted, who's drunk and lonely, decides to go over, despite knowing better. Things get a little spicy when Ted arrives. Robin, not wanting to be with someone who cheats, asks Ted to break up with Victoria. Ted said that he already has. He then grabs his phone and slips into the bathroom and tries to call Victoria to dump her. When he looks at the phone, he realizes that he grabbed Robin's phone by mistake. He leaves the bathroom to find that Robin had answered a call from Ted's phone, thinking it was hers, which turned out to be from Victoria. Oops!

13 When Lily Left Marshall For San Francisco

Throughout the first season, Ted is struggles to win over Robin whereas Marshall and Lily have a seemingly perfect relationship. It seems like the two are hopelessly in love (which they are) and that they never want to spend a moment apart. But, at the end of season 1, when Ted finally wins over Robin, Marshall loses Lily out of nowhere. With her own interest in mind, Lily abandons Marshall to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and moves to San Francisco.

For the next few episodes, Marshall is an emotional mess while Ted, Robin, and Barney try to help him put his life back together without Lily. Just as Marshall starts getting over Lily, she comes back from San Francisco and finds Marshall, who takes her back almost instantly. It's absolutely ridiculous. Lily moving to San Francisco is hands down one of the most selfish things any TV character has done — ever.

12 When Lily Stole A Baseball From Hammond Druthers

At the end of season 1, Lily quit her job as a kindergarten teacher to fly across the country and pursue an art career. At the start of season 2, we discover her plan didn't work out. She ended up back in New York, and was struggling to find her next passion and also a way for her to pay the bills. She bounced from job to job until Ted offered her a position at the architect company where he worked. Ted's boss, Hammond Druthers, rubs Lily the wrong way and disrespects just about everyone. To get back at him, Lily steals one of Hammond Druthers' most prized possessions: a baseball signed three times by Pete Rose. She leaves a note in the baseball's place demanding Druthers to treat his employees with more respect.

When Druthers discovers the note, he asks the thief to come forward — threatening to fire people until the person comes forward. Ted begs Lily to return the ball, but she refuses. Ted is forced to fire her, because, let's face it, "Aldrin Justice" is incredibly frustrating to watch. She put her friend's career, and the careers of other innocent people on the line, just to attempt to prove a point. It may work in kindergarten, but it will never work on adults, Lily.

11 When Lily And Marshall Drag Everyone To Atlantic City

After Lily and Marshall get back together, Lily doesn't have the courage to face Marshall's family at a wedding. Out of fear, Lily convinces Marshall to elope with her to Atlantic City to get married. The soon-to-be newlyweds invite Ted, Robin, and Barney to come along. Ted, who just got a promotion at work, is practically begged by Marshall and Lily to come because they claim he'll regret it if he doesn't. Being the great friend that he is, Ted puts his job on the line to accompany Marshall and Lily to what was supposed to be the most memorable day of their lives.

After discovering they can't legally get married in Atlantic City, Marshall and Lily use Barney's gambling addiction to win a massive sum of money to pay for a wedding on a boat off the coast of Atlantic City. Just before they get legally married, Marshall and Lily back out. They essentially wasted thousands of dollars and everyone's time because they decided they want to get married in front of their families (which they don't actually end up doing).

10 When Ted Made Robin Get Rid Of Her Dogs

There were a lot of red flags in Ted and Robin's relationship. In season 2, Robin starts an argument with Ted over all of the stuff in his apartment that was given to him by ex-girlfriends. Robin wants Ted to throw out all of the stuff that she sees as junk, but Ted is reluctant to. When Ted finds out Robin got all five of her dogs from ex-boyfriends, he asks Robin to get rid of them and she hesitantly agrees to.

First of all, the fact that Ted can even compare Robin's dogs to any of the novelty decorations in his apartment is appalling. You should never try to get between your partner and their pet because it's a losing battle. The fact that Robin was so willing to send her dogs away speaks to how manipulative Ted can be. Even the gang disagreed with Ted's argument and said that Robin should keep her pets. After all, boyfriends will come and go but your dogs will always be there to comfort you when things don't work out. After Robin got rid of her dogs, they are rarely mentioned throughout the series. They pretty much don't exist after this episode.

9 When Lily Hid Her Credit Card Debt

The writers of the show must have felt that Lily needed to be hated by everyone because her character just got worse with every season. In season 3, when Marshall and Lily are looking at buying an apartment together, Lily tells Robin that she has massive credit card debt. Robin, being rational, tells Lily to tell Marshall, but Lily refuses. Marshall only became aware of the situation when the two of them went to the bank together to get a loan, only to be declined.

To make matters worse, after Marshall becomes aware of Lily's massive debt, Lily continuously guilt trips Marshall for taking a job at Goliath National Bank rather than at an environmental firm. It had been Marshall's dream since college to become a lawyer to save the environment, but he turned down an internship position so he could earn more money to pay off Lily's debt. Lily's debt is pretty much skipped over throughout most of the series, but over the seasons, Lily nagged Marshall time and time again for not being an environmental lawyer.

8 When Lily Admitted To Sabotaging Ted's Relationships

Without a doubt, Lily is the most selfish character in the gang. Some of her worst acts of selfishness can be found throughout the entire time that she's known Ted. In season 4, Ted discovers that Lily has been sabotaging his relationships with women over the years because she doesn't want to end up hanging out with that person for the rest of her life. Lily claimed that she purposefully ended many of Ted's relationships because she didn't see them passing "the front porch test." This test is essentially Lily imagining what it would be like to hang out with Marshall, Ted, and Ted's girlfriend on a porch when they were in the last years of their life. Lily claims  she never tried to break Ted up with women that could have become the mother of his children, but admitted that she accidentally gave Ted and Robin the words that would lead to their breakup.

The "porch test" is pretty inexcusable. Lily can pretend that she was looking out for Ted, but she had her own enjoyment in mind. She caused Ted a lot of heart break over the years. No wonder nobody likes her!

7  When Ted Agreed To Help Stella And Tony

For the most part, How I Met Your Mother was a realistic show. Every now and then, an episode would dabble in something unbelievable. From Barney's insane plays to Marshall somehow supporting himself without working while in law school, the unbelievable moments were at least entertaining — except for one.

After Stella ditches Ted at the altar to be with the father of her child, Tony, the three bump into each other one day and Tony tries to set Ted up with a job as an architect. Ted, not wanting Tony's charity, tells Tony that he won't take any of the architect jobs and is happy to be free from Stella because she treated him poorly. Tony, thinking Stella treats him poorly as well, decides to dump her. Stella asks Ted to put her and Tony back together and Ted refuses at first, but agrees to help after Stella offers to drive him to New Jersey to bail Barney out of prison. Really, Ted? Letting her drive you to New Jersey made you forgive her for what she did to you?

Of course, as How I Met Your Mother fans will know, Tony and Stella thank Ted by painting him in an unflattering light in Tony's movie, 'The Wedding Bride.'

6 When Robin Dated Her Therapist

In season 7, Robin assaults a woman who is trying to meet Barney for a date. As a result, she is sentenced to court-ordered therapy sessions. Robin starts crushing on her therapist, Kevin, who says it would be inappropriate for him to date a patient. Kevin then tells Robin that he's moving to Alaska and will have to stop seeing her. A few days later, Robin sees Kevin eating a meal at a diner and confronts him. The two then "accidentally" meet at the diner every day for a week or so. They want to date but can't because Kevin was Robin's therapist. In a nutshell, Robin becomes Kevin's therapist for an hour so that he confides in her the same way she confided in him. After doing so, Kevin and Robin start dating and just about everyone in the show realizes how messed up it is.

It doesn't really matter that Robin played doctor for Kevin to level the playing field. He's a professional. As a therapist, he's not allowed to have any romantic interaction with his patients for the first five years after seeing them. And even then, would you really want to date your therapist? Kevin could have (and should have) lost his therapy license! It was the weirdest relationship on the show.

5 When Robin Doesn't Break Up With Her Therapist

A few episodes after she started dating Kevin, Robin cheats on him with Barney, who is dating Nora at the time. The two couples have to spend an evening together just a few hours later on a river cruise. During the cruise, Barney and Robin bounce back and forth between feeling guilty about what happened and wanting to date each other again. Both Barney and Robin agree to dump their current partners so they can meet at MacLaren's hours later and talk about their relationship.

Barney follows through on his word and ends his relationship with Nora to be with Robin. Robin tries to tell Kevin, but he says that he loves her and what she wants to say doesn't need to be said. Barney waits for Robin at MacLaren's and is heartbroken when she shows up with Kevin. Barney then looks at Robin puzzled and she just shakes her head. How could you hurt the Barnacle?

4 When Ted Convinced Victoria To Ditch Klaus

The saga of Ted and Victoria is a lengthy one. While the dynamic of their relationship changed time and time again, one thing stayed the same: Ted treated Victoria terribly. His relationship with Victoria wasn't toxic or anything like that, but he flipped back and forth from being madly in love with her to being madly in love with Robin. After all, Robin is why Ted and Victoria broke up the first time. When Ted dumped her, Victoria fell for a man she met in Germany named Klaus, who, we learn, decides to eventually marry.

Ted, who always wants what he can't have, tells Victoria that the two of them can run away together and that she should ditch Klaus. It's despicable how fast Ted convinces her to ditch her groom, considering that Ted himself was left at the altar. Ted even talks to Klaus at a train station about love, destiny, and "lebenslangerschicksalsschatz." The worst part? After Victoria ditches her groom and starts dating Ted, they break up just a few episodes later because Victoria realizes Ted still loves Robin.

3 When Barney Proposed To Robin

Barney had done a lot of terrible things throughout the series, but he rarely hurt the people close to him. He would run schemes from his infamous Playbook for his own entertainment and to prove to himself, and his friends, that he could seduce a woman in just about any situation. But, Barney's most famous play from The Playbook is one of his worst.

In season 8, Barney proposes to Robin through one of his most complicated plays ever. To start, Barney told Robin he loved her at the worst time imaginable — when the two of them were leaving a strip club. When Robin told Barney she had feelings for him in a later episode, he rejected her, saying that he was done trying to win her over. Barney then started dating Patrice, one of Robin's co-workers who she absolutely hated for no real reason. He purposefully manipulated her emotions to make her realize that she was still in love with him. It worked — but that doesn't mean Barney isn't an a**.

2 When Barney Was A Bad Friend To Ted About Robin

Three weeks before Barney and Robin's wedding, Barney and Ted were sitting in their booth at MacLaren's. Barney tells him he can't wait to see Liddy, his wedding planner, at the wedding, because of how hot she is. Ted tells Barney that he better not get caught staring with Robin around. Barney responds by saying that Robin is cool and won't care. Ted tells Barney that Robin isn't as cool about things as Barney thinks. This causes Barney to snap on Ted, telling him that he knows Robin better than Ted does because she decided to marry him, not Ted.

When Barney snaps on Ted, it was rage inducing. Barney was just blowing off Ted's feelings to boast that he had won and gotten the girl. He said it so maliciously, too. But there were so many moments between Ted and Robin that Barney never saw. To be honest, Barney never really bonded with Robin the way Ted did. She would share things with Ted that she knew she couldn't share with Barney. One of these things being that she hates it when Barney stares at other women!

1 When Marshall Became A Judge

Marshall is pretty much the perfect guy. Depending on your sexuality, you either want to date him or you want to be best friends with him. He constantly supports Ted throughout the show and even indulges in some ludicrious antics with Barney. Marshall is nothing but loyal to Lily, and can't even fantasize about being with other women. There's really only one annoying thing Marshall ever did, and it wasn't until the last season of the show. Marshall is offered a job to become a judge but doesn't tell Lily before he accepts. Meanwhile, Lily believes that her and Marshall are going to move to Rome for a year so she can continue to work as an art collector for The Captain.

When you're married and have a kid, you can't just make life-altering decisions without talking to your significant other. Nobody knows this better than Marshall, who was destroyed when Lily moved to San Francisco without consulting him about it. To put it bluntly, he was being a bit of a hypocrite when he accepted an offer for his dream job.


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