15 Hilary Duff Beach Pics Lizzie McGuire Wouldn’t Want Us To See

Thanks to her mother who was also in show-business, Hilary Duff was encouraged to take the same steps at a young age. She would enter the world of acting, singing and ballet, early on putting her foot in the door. Looking at her career, let’s just say that she made the right choices. Duff would turn into a franchise player for Disney, reaching new levels of success with the hit show Lizzie McGuire. Despite the fact that it only aired for a limited time, that time-frame was enough to make her a mega "child star". To put things into perspective, Duff sold over $100 million in merchandise during her time on the show.

Since then, her fame has only increased, specifically in the music industry. She’s also become a huge role model for aspiring mothers; to be quite frank, she’s one hot mom that continues to get it done in all aspects of life, whether in her teens or in her late 20s, Duff remains a huge role model.

In this article, we celebrate Duff’s beach body with some steamy, “Not So PG” shots as she rocks the beach look to perfection. Back in her days on Lizzie McGuire, such photos would truly NOT make the cut. But hey, today, she’s all grown up and we celebrate that by taking a look at these smoking hot Hilary Duff beach pictures. Enjoy the list and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Let’s begin with number 15: Out of the water!


15 Out Of The Water

Out of the water during her beautiful Hawaii vacation, you’d find it hard to believe that Duff ever had a child looking superb in her bikini. As you’ll see on this list, this was one of the many instances that the paparazzi got a shot of the beauty while she enjoyed some down time on the beach. In the past, Duff has rarely said anything about the candid shots, however, back in 2014, she did lose her cool after the media snapped a picture of her kid, which was a “no no” due to the fact that she didn’t given them any type of consent to do so. Aside from that rare blemish, the former Disney star has been a gem when handling such pictures.

We’re happy she’s been so chill, cause as you’ll see on the list, these candid shots really show off her true beauty. She doesn’t need photoshop to look good!

14 Costa Rica Booty


This is a recent candid shot that’ll make you feel dizzy starring at the humble Disney star’s backside. The photo was taken recently in 2017, as she rocks the two piece white ensemble to perfection. The lucky dude featured next to Duff in the picture is Matthew Koma. Of course, Hilary is no longer with former NHL star Mike Comrie as the two parted ways years ago, finalizing their divorce in 2016.

We can’t deny the evidence from such a picture, the true hero is Duff’s booty, one of her many top of the line “assets”. In terms of “bootybuilding”, Duff credits a healthy diet and an intense training routine which features both heavy weights along with lots and lots of cardio. Her biggest message to those aspiring to look like her; don’t try to be perfect, do your best.

13 Family Day In Malibu

This picture showcases the “hot mom” side of Hilary Duff. She’s yet to hit her 30s at the age of 29 but yes, she's a mother and a hot one at that. This candid picture showcases Duff’s fantastic curves as she enjoys a day in the sun at the beach alongside her loved one, Luca. As we’ve seen in the past, Duff isn’t afraid to go out in public whether that means showcasing her fantastic curves out on a beach or in a mall; her stardom hasn’t stopped her from living, that’s for darn sure.

As for Luca, he was born in March of 2012, as Duff had her child alongside ex-hubby Mike Comrie. Duff was overjoyed at the time of his birth and she remains consistent in being the best mother possible. In truth, Duff has it all going on. She’s unbreakable.

12 Running Booty


We can picture it now, Duff running on the beach in slow motion. We watch in anticipation and then out of nowhere, a wave hits us and we fall to the ground. Yup, that’s a reality that likely happens more times than not when Duff goes for a jog on the beach. We hope the paparazzi stays as far away as possible from the water.

In all seriousness, Duff claims that jogging outside is her biggest element of success when it comes to maintaining her form. When her work schedule gets way too hectic, particularly overseas, Duff will simply go outside and get in a good run instead of squeezing in valuable time to find a gym. According to Hilary, a nice 45 minute run usually does the trick when she’s just too time crunched. So when time isn’t of the essence, just grab your shoes and start running.

11 Tiny Bikini And Booty

Rocking a tiny bikini, this is yet another candid mouth-watering shot of Duff as she enjoys the water. Of course, once again, her glute gains appear to be on full display. There’s a reason for that booty consistency throughout the article and ironically, Duff calls that the most important part of staying in shape; "consistency".

According to Duff, one of the biggest pillars to her success is keeping it consistent as best she could. Once you’re in a routine, keeping it going is the biggest key. Slipping from a workout schedule can prohibit results, especially if you get too complacent. Keeping it real week in and week out is the best solution to keep those gains going strong. For that reason, it shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing Duff’s glute and body gains in full force time and time again.

10 Beach Walking With The Hat & Shades


Where to start here. This picture truly has it all going on. From Duff’s shades, to her hat, to that mesmerizing bikini, Duff looks like a true girl-next-door sweetheart in this shot. However, the true hero of the picture is that smile. Who can forget the days of Lizzie McGuire when the same smile lifted her up to superstardom? Years and years later, she’s even more popular and rocking the hell out of bikinis time and time again. Without a doubt, once again, McGuire would be giggling looking at what she grew into.

Seems like other celebs have also taken note. Recently the high profile singer Nick Jonas, made a comment on one of Duff’s Instagram pictures, acting a little flirty with the Disney star. Jonas commented on a great looking picture and his comments were all over the headlines. With eight million followers on Instagram, he likely wasn’t one of the only people to share that sentiment when it comes to Duff’s obvious beauty.

9 Double D: Duff & Dog

Truly doesn’t get better than this, does it? Hilary Duff and what appears to be a lovable dog all in one picture. This shot features Duff enjoying some down time at the Malibu Beach, an area she visits on the regular (as you’ve seen throughout the article). Duff is very keen on keeping a positive mindset, even when it comes to her workouts; Duff claims she doesn’t do it for looks, but because it makes her feel good mentally.

In truth, many future trainees should think about that statement as it's insanely accurate; workouts should be designed to improve your mental game just as much as your physical repertoire. At the end of the day, having good and strong vibes following a workout is what it’s all about. The looks are secondary. Duff has both going on.


8 Gone Fishing


We know Lizzie McGuire wouldn’t be too keen on going fishing, but Hilary Duff appears to be a fan. Duff is the outdoors type, as you’ve likely noticed based on the photos in the article. However, her time outside isn’t just limited to beach time, as she’s a huge fan of surfing (as you’ll see a little later), and she even recently took a liking for fishing.

She posted this shot a couple of months back as she posed with the fishes. She made a joke stating that she didn’t feel too terrible about taking their lives given the fact she was eating them for lunch. LOL. Duff is no fool when it comes to the benefits of fish; it’s regarded as a super-food that features limited amounts of fat, along with high grams of protein (of course, that’s dependent on the type of fish).

7 More Recent Hawaii Shots

She looks very "McGuire-like" in this shot as she gives that classic Disney show look. Duff’s life changed for the better back in January of 2001 when she appeared in the lead role on the show Lizzie McGuire. The Disney series became a massive hit, averaging over two million viewers per episode, which was a dream for the network. Of course, that was in large part because of Duff and she would soon skyrocket as a type of “teen idol”, becoming a world-recognized face. Soon enough, her face was on just about everything as Disney went all in with the young star.

Although the series lasted only two seasons, they did manage to produce 65 episodes which is a heck of a lot. That time frame was also enough to propel Duff to new levels of success and fame.

6 The Thumbs Up


This picture pretty much sums it up as Duff gives the paparazzi the old school thumbs up. Life is good for the former child star nowadays. Along with her impressive $25 million net worth, Duff is also residing in a beautiful Beverly Hills home estimated to be worth close to $4 million. Yup, she’s a beast and still yet to hit her 30s. With success both on-screen and musically, her future still remains incredibly bright. Not to mention she can now add "fitness icon" to her repertoire as her beach pictures continue to go viral time and time again.

A big reason why the pics go viral is the story behind her body. Duff gives it her best and isn’t striving to be perfect like most of the other “beach bums” in Hollywood. She credits exercise for mainly health purposes, and she even credits exercise for allowing her to make better food choices. It’s just all relative, folks!

5 One Piece Throwback Selfie

We throw it back for this picture as we take a look at Duff last year, posing for a steamy summer picture. Duff has it all going on in the photo and the view seems to be quite revealing to be honest. We’ve celebrated Duff’s booty throughout the article, but it seems like her “bench press” abilities are the true hero of this picture. All we can say is... cleavage.

Not too shocking, the picture received close to 120K likes which we think isn’t even close to what it actually deserves. It’s just yet another fantastic shot and what makes it even greater is the fact that Duff took the shot all on her own, so it was not taken by some creepy paparazzi lurking in the shadows. We tip our hat to Hilary for this fantastic one-piece selfie. Well done, Lizzie.

4 Denim & Motherhood


This photo looks like it was taken on the set of a movie. Duff stars in a film where she overcomes being a single mom; yada, yada, yada. However, this is simply another great candid picture of Duff on the beach alongside Luca. Again, she doesn’t seem too happy about the paparazzi snapping a picture while her child is present. For that reason, his face seems to be blocked off. Hilary looks like a true bada*s in this shot. If a photo was snapped of Luca, it was likely immediately deleted!

The picture is something the old Lizzie likely wouldn’t want you to see as Duff rocks the biker chick look with the bandana and jean shorts. In truth, McGuire would be giggling at such a picture, and she’d be proud to see how darn well she could rock a bikini.

3 Hot Surfer In Hawaii

So it’s safe to say that Duff really lived it up during her recent Hawaii trip. Celebs love to go overseas and spend days just relaxing and lounging around on some island. However, Duff isn’t that type as she really enjoys her time with numerous activities when on the beach. Kudos to her for that.

We discussed her love for jogging, but it also extends to other activities, as you see in the picture above. Yup, you can add surfing to the amazing Duff resume as she rides the waves in this stunning candid shot taken recently during her trip. The photo has it all going on; surfing takes a great deal of lower body strength and evidenced by the photos above, we can all agree that Hilary has what it takes in that department!

2 Multi-Colored Bikini Walking Down The Beach


Looking happy and healthy, Hilary struts her stuff down in the sand as she oozes with confidence in this picture. Again, Duff loves the fact that she lives a normal life and tries her very best; striving for perfection is not an option for Duff and we applaud her for having such a strong mind-set when it comes to the well-being of her body. She’s really helping to start a new trend of what it means to actually be fit. It’s not about skin and bones, but more about health all around.

Duff credits making small changes in her life, as well as enjoying a cheat meal when needed. Depriving herself is not an option as she stated in her interview with Shape Magazine. She also credits carrying around her child over her shoulders as a great workout!

1 Red Bikini & Luca

We close out the article with this fantastic candid shot that features Hilary with her child. Her booty gains are on full display in this picture. She’s truly a super-mom that has it all going on.

Nowadays, she’s all grown up from her days as a Disney star. Back in her prime days in Lizzie McGuire, she sold over $100 million in merchandise which really shows just how much of an impact she had on the youth. What’s even more encouraging is the fact that she didn’t deviate or spiral at any point, unlike so many childhood stars. Duff remained a huge role model throughout her career, even after her Disney fame. Looking at the job she’s doing as a mother, one can say she’s an even bigger role model today than she was back in her teen days.

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