15 Hilariously Bad Instagram Photoshop Fails

Everyone wants to project an image of perfection. Perfect bodies, perfect families, perfect vacations, etc. Well, guess what? That perfection everyone strives to achieve isn't real. It's a mirage. There is no such thing as perfect.

Vacations will suck. It doesn't matter if it’s Louis Vuitton or Martha Stewart, luggage gets lost. Bugs exist in every corner of the world—spiders, mosquitoes, bees. Oh my! Isn't it great to look back on something unexpected that happened and laugh your butt off about it? Like the waiter that spilled drinks all over your white sundress? That time the airline gave you the wrong luggage and you ended up wearing someone else's clothes for a week? Sure, it absolutely stinks in the moment. But later on, it's these unplanned moments and events that make for great memories and storytelling!

Bodies have stretch marks, dimples, cellulite, dark under-eye circles, moles, and scars. Everyone has a unique body shape—ear, apple, banana. Whatever! The shape of your body is as unique as you are. Why would you want to have the exact same body shape as someone else? Isn’t it more incredible to have a body no one else has?

Families are definitely not perfect. Every family has a leaching Uncle Eddie or goody two-shoes sister-in-law from hell. If your family has neither, I’m sorry to tell you but you're probably the sister-in law from hell or the parasitic Uncle Eddie.

Dreaming of going on a perfect vacation? Not going to happen. Striving to achieve the perfect body? It doesn’t exist. Wishing you had a perfect Brady Bunch family? No one has one. So, if these things don’t exist, why do people continue to pretend that they do?! Here are 15 hilariously bad Instagram photoshop fails—people trying to pass off perfection and failing miserably.


15 Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak is probably one of the most prolific celebrity Instagram users. She is also a multiple offender when it comes to altering her pictures.

Between her obsession with an unhealthy toddler-size waist and a thigh gap, she kind of lets her obsession get in the way of her rational thought. Yes, she uses waist trainers and diets but there are some obvious giveaways to tell if Photoshop has been used on someone’s pictures, especially a Photoshop novice like Kim. The unnatural edges between her thighs and the slight warping of her surroundings are a dead giveaway for some mad Photoshopping action.

Kim also has a daughter that’s heavily into taking selfies in front of a mirror. Brielle is also not the greatest with Photoshop. She must be taking lessons from her mother!

14 Kim Kardashian


This Instagram Photoshopping multiple offender should come as no surprise. It is none other than Kim Kardashian.

Recently, Kim lost thousands of Instagram followers and fans when pictures taken by the paparazzi were published and the pictures didn’t quite match up with the pictures Kim posts on her social media accounts.

The paparazzi didn’t bother throwing any filters on the pictures or blurring out cellulite. Nope! The pictures were raw and unedited, and they showed something shocking. Kim Kardashian is a normal human being—imperfections and all!

Quite hilariously, Kim has accidentally left off body parts during her editing sessions (i mean, where’s her arm?!). She doesn’t just fake pictures of herself, she also fakes her vacation pictures! In 2014, she tried passing off a picturesque Google image of Thailand as her own. It does make you wonder if Kim is that unhappy or unsatisfied with her own life to want to portray this fake one.

13 Lindsay Lohan

Former reigning Princess of Disney films (Parent Trap, Freaky Friday), Lindsay Lohan went off the deep end for a few years there. You couldn’t go to any grocery store without seeing her face plastered all over the tabloids. Thankfully, she’s been, for the most part, out of the public eye lately. Hopefully, that means she’s taking a much needed break and will be back better than ever soon.

Lindsay is no stranger to Photoshop but sadly, she isn’t very good at it. She should take a class or two at a local community college before ever touching another photograph...ever again. At first glance, you might think her picture is a joke. Seriously. But, it isn’t. She actually tried to pass it off as an actual picture of herself. Either something is seriously wrong with the structural integrity of her house or her butt has been enhanced by Dr. Photoshop. The latter seems more likely, no?

12 Britney Spears


Oops! She did it again. Britney Spears has gone through some major ups and downs over the years, in both her personal and professional life. For someone who was once the darling of the pop music industry and well-known for her trademark six-pack abs, it was a bit of a wake up call when she appeared at the MTV VMAs in 2013 looking bloated and overweight. Since that embarrassing event in which she herself said she looked like a “fat pig,” she's taken on the challenge of getting herself into the best shape of her life.

Sadly, she doesn’t see how great she looks and has opted to Photoshop her pictures. Take a look at the curvature of her back. Britney’s in dire need of a chiropractor. Someone would have a very messed up spine if that curve was real! But as you can see, the water in the gap between her back and the ground, that was added in because it should be the cement that can be seen there, right?

11 Miranda Kerr

Why so serious, Miranda Kerr? The ex-wife of Orlando Bloom and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr, is a stunning woman. There is no doubt about it! However, she feels the need to look even better because she's a multiple Photoshop offender too. Surprised?! Errr...not.

Miranda has Photoshopped many, if not most, of her Instagram pictures and this one of her dressed in a formal gown is no exception. She drew in her already super small waist and legs and trimmed down her arm. How can you tell? Check out the carpeting and the uneven wall above her bent arm.

It only goes to show you that no one, not even a supermodel, is 100% confident in their own skin. Hopefully, one day, Miranda will realize that a 24-inch waist doesn’t equate to ultimate happiness and feelings of contentment. She needs to take her own advice and feel comfortable with her body and not feel the need to make changes to it.

10 Kylie Kardashian


You would think after the fourth or fifth time, someone would be a little more careful before posting Photoshopped photos or at least maybe hire a professional to save yourself from the embarrassment of being called out in front of millions of people for faking your pictures. Well, not Kylie Jenner.

Kylie is not a fan of her natural looks. If you take a look at a picture of her pre-surgical enhancements days, you would hardly even recognize her. Her lips used to be thin and her jaws were apparently altered just a tad bit. And did I ever forget to mention that her breast and butt enhancements were so out of this world? Well, IT IS! Sadly, even after undergoing enormous amounts of plastic surgery, she is still unhappy with her looks. Kylie altered her picture to make her curves more prominent. You can tell because the molding on the wall is really messed up. It's about as bad a Photoshop job as you can get! Kylie, why?!

9 Beyonce

Either Beyonce has some really, really strange thighs or she needs to hone her Photoshopping skills. The thigh gap she gave herself is ridiculous and makes her picture almost cartoon-like.

Beyonce once loved her booty so what the heck is with her Photoshopping thigh gaps into her pictures? This isn’t her 1st rodeo with bad Photoshopping. She’s done it many times and even after being called out about it, she continues to do it.

Is a thigh gap more important to you than appearing phony? How can fans trust someone who tries to pass of a severely altered image of themselves as the real them? They can’t! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!


8 Aubrey O'Day


You might remember Aubrey O'Day from her time as a member of the pop group, Danity Kane. She was also on Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother 18. She’s appeared in men’s magazines like Playboy, too.

The beautiful Aubrey O'Day is a natural curvaceous blonde bombshell. You wouldn’t think that after posing in Playboy, she would be ashamed of her gorgeous body! Sadly, like many other female celebrities, she must be incredibly insecure with herself. The altered waist, slimmed down face and arms—she might have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for the original picture from the event also being circulated. The side-by-side comparison definitely makes the editing pretty darn obvious.

7 Lil Bow Wow

Now this is just downright comical. Rapper Lil Bow Wow posted a picture of his private jet and said that he was on his way to NYC for a press run. Well, it wasn’t entirely untrue. He was going to NYC for a press run but it wasn’t on a private jet!

Lil Bow Wow was caught by someone flying coach on a commercial airline. He was also sitting in coach playing on his iPhone! The person put two and two together and realized Bow Wow had posted that he was on a private jet so he posted his photo of Bow Wow sitting in coach with the rest of the steerage. Bow Wow’s fans blew up in hysterics and he turned into a huge laughing stock. A hashtag started going around where people would post stupid things they were obviously lying about and write #bowwowchallenge.

When confronted with his obvious faux pas, he played it off like he knew what he was doing and that he was just playing a joke on his fans. Riiiiiggghhht, Lil Bow Wow. You keep telling yourself that’s what it was and we’ll keep having tea with the Queen every Sunday afternoon.

6 Kris Jenner


Following in the footsteps of her daughters, we have the lovely Kris Jenner. Kris and Gordon Ramsay had their picture taken. The original unaltered picture is on the left. Well, Kris felt she looked a little too old in the picture so she did a little Photoshopping of her own and the results are a little bit ugly.

Kris didn’t just smooth out her own facial features and get rid of tell-tale age lines, but also did Gordon a courtesy of smoothing out his face! Why, Kris? Why? They both look like blurry figures that belong in Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.

Unsure if Gordon appreciates Kris’ handy work but Kris liked her picture enough that she posted it to her social media accounts. It didn’t take long for people to realize the difference between her picture and the original.

5 John Mayer

It’s not just the ladies that can have body image insecurities. Guys can be a bit insecure too. Singer John Mayer is proof of that. John Photoshopped this picture of him hanging out with a male friend so much that it almost looks like a watercolor painting—a terrible one at that! It’s actually downright creepy. He could be a serial killer!

It makes you scratch your head in amazement that someone could do this and not think anyone would notice it was edited...heavily edited. John may have some singing talent but he definitely does not have any talent whatsoever for Photoshop. Stay away from the Photoshop, John Mayer. Photoshop is not your wonderland. Photoshop should be left to the professionals.

4 Selena Gomez


This one is funny and a little strange. Selena Gomez is gorgeous. It makes you wonder what’s there to be Photoshopped...especially in pictures that are chest up. There is some obvious Photoshopping going on somewhere, though, because the wall is just a little warped! You can see the unnatural curvature in the wall directly behind her.

The question is, “What was done to her face?” Could her face have been slimmed down? Her hair given more volume? Shoulders more narrow? We’ll probably never know for sure what someone could have possibly seen that would have made them run to Photoshop.

It’s unknown if Selena knew about the Photoshopping action that was taken on her selfie but if she did know, she didn’t delete it or make any comments about it...yet. If she didn’t know, then shame on the person who did it. It’s unnecessary to make alterations to an already beautiful lady.

3 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s album covers have kind of become a joke in recent years. They look absolutely nothing like the once reigning Queen of Pop. It’s really no surprise that she doctors all of her pictures including this one from Thanksgiving. She either had some sort of surgery on her shoulder and it’s pretty messed up or she went a little overboard on the Photoshop.

Mariah’s looks have changed over the years and she’s lost her youthful All-American glow. Gone are the jeans and plaid shirts. Now, it’s figure-hugging clothing that makes you wonder how she got herself into them.

The plastic surgery doesn’t help her appearance and neither do these awful botched Photoshop jobs! She needs to learn to embrace her looks before she really does a number on herself with more surgery. Photoshopping shouldn’t need to be done on this songstress. She goes to so many different events that unedited pictures taken by the paparazzi are all over the place so people do know how she looks or how she is supposed to look, without all the Photoshopping.

2 Paris Hilton


Socialite and reality television star, Paris Hilton, trimmed down her already enviably thin waistline for this vacation snap she posted. Her upper left arm also looks like it’s missing a chunk out of it, and her left hand is just kind of floating in the air next to her hip. It looks like she may have been holding on to her hip at one point before it was digitally trimmed down.

Some people should just leave the photo editing to the experts because clearly, when amateurs try their hand at it, the result is pretty atrocious. The person looks unnatural and usually has some bizarre lines and edges. The other option they have is just leaving the picture alone. But when you have millions of followers and people watching your every move, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that celebrities feel pressured to be “perfect.”

1 Lady Gaga

Kind of unexpected to find Lady Gaga on this list considering she has written about so many body-confident topics. Sadly, she isn’t immune either to the pressures of attaining the perfect physique as evident in this picture she posted. Notice anything strange going on with the mirror? A bit distorted on the bottom, isn’t it? This is a tell-tale sign of someone having fun with Photoshop. Most likely, she was not “Born This Way.” She most likely Photoshopped her arms to be leaner. She also probably pulled up her midsection as well, as you can see the dark line where the floor meets the ceiling isn’t completely straight.

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