15 Hilarious WWE Pictures Vince Doesn’t Want You To See

As you’ll see with these hilarious images, fans catch everything.

It's hard to find a fanbase like the one the WWE Universe has; wrestling fans are just a different breed of human beings. What makes the landscape of sports and entertainment so unique is the fact that it's ongoing 24/7. The company never takes any break or has an off-season like other pro sports. Along with that, the rumor mill is constantly churning making the business must-see stuff both on and off screen.

Fan involvement is great and something the company encourages, but at times, we believe Vince would rather the viewer not catch every single little thing. It’s hard for anything to go under the radar nowadays whether it’s a production error from the guys in the truck or a misspelling of someone’s name, as you’ll see with these hilarious images, fans catch everything.

From Gronk getting stopped by a female security guard to ‘Taker and Reigns botching a Tombstone spot, these are moments that gave us a good laugh, but we can’t say the same for Vince. We even sprinkled some hilarious memes and gifs in the article just to add to the laughter. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure the share it with a friend. Here are 15 hilarious WWE pictures Vince doesn’t want you to see!

15 Gronkowski Gets Stopped By Security

It wouldn’t be WrestleMania without some pointless celebrity involvement. Thankfully in this incident, it took place during the pre-show and not the actual event. It also provided a hilarious moment that Vince likely didn’t want us to see.

As Gronk towered over the barricade, a female security guard apparently didn’t get the memo that it was all a work and proceeded to handle Rob with some serious force, shoving him against the barricade. Refs and WWE personnel stormed the security guard demanding she let the NFL star go. Poor woman was just trying to do her job!

Following the hilarious moment, Gronk entered the ring assisting his real life buddy Mojo Rawley, during the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. The moment was decent and well received; but the security guard stopping Gronk was far greater. It provided us with a hilarious memory that Vince likely doesn’t want us to see.

14 Misspelling Nakamura’s Twitter Handle

It turns out the WWE media team wasn’t exactly ready for Nakamura making his main roster debut. The company has an obsession with social media and they now decided to include Twitter handles when a performer makes their way to the ring. The likes of Vince aren’t concerned with the WWE’s ratings nowadays because of their online presence making them huge all over the world on platforms like Twitter.

Well, that’s all great, but you might want to make sure you get the Twitter handles correct. The WWE Universe catches every little thing, especially when it comes to the production of a show. In this instance, Nakamura’s handle is clearly misspelled referring to the social media handle as “ShunsukeN” instead of his actual name Shinsuke. It’s a hilarious blunder that proves the WWE isn’t perfect, but don’t tell Vince though, cause it’s likely someone might lose their job over the minor gaff.

13 Roman & ‘Taker Botch The Tombstone Spot

When it comes to WrestleMania, all eyes are on the main event of the night. On the norm, we expect a polished matchup and usually, one we’ll remember for a long time. Botches in such a bout aren’t acceptable and if they do occur, they’ll likely be remembered for a long time. Who can forget Lesnar botching his Shooting Star spot at WrestleMania XIX in the main event? Seriously though, why would you even attempt that with Angle laying halfway across the ring? Much to Vince’s dismay, that main event was remembered for all the wrong reasons that year.

This incident wasn’t as bad and considering 'Taker’s age, we give these two a pass. However, it still provided a hilarious moment and one Vince likely didn’t want us to see. The spot saw Roman try to lift ‘Taker up for a Tombstone. As you see, the two failed miserably and it got so bad that they actually gave up on the spot all together, something you rarely see during a match. Reigns tried to salvage it with a spontaneous Superman Punch but the damage was already done.

12 Kurt’s America

The return of Kurt Angle was very well received by the WWE Universe. Rightfully so, he stole the show at the Hall of Fame ceremony giving the fans yet another priceless moment by chugging two gallons of milk on the HOF stage. The milk went all over the place and it was all truly awesome. With Foley stepping down as RAW GM, the WWE went a little further with Angle’s return, naming him as the new General Manager. Since returning, it seems like he hasn’t missed a step nailing his promos like it's ten years ago.

Fans are very creative when it comes making memes or even realizing things not even the WWE took note of. In this hilarious picture, the fanbase laughs as Kurt has made some adjustments to the roster since joining Raw. In Donald Trump-like fashion, Angle has deported some of the international stars including Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Jinder Mahal, Rusev and Sin Cara. The hilarious meme made the rounds online and it's likely Vince had a chuckle but wasn’t too pleased.

11 Bayley’s Disastrous Elbow

One aspect the WWE doesn’t get enough credit for is the fact that the show is Live each and every week. Whether it be Raw on Monday, SmackDown Live on Tuesday or the monthly PPV on Sunday, the show is not edited and completely Live for the audience to see. With that said, the likelihood of seeing a mistake is quite high, but generally, the matches are very smooth. Props to the performers for that.

However, that isn’t always the case and we’ve seen some cringeworthy moments in the past, whether it be A.J. Styles ripping his pants during a main event PPV match, or, a Superstar completely botching a spot. We hate to do this to Bayley, who we love dearly, but this failed spot was just too hilarious to pass up. Attempting a springboard elbow, Bayley confused herself attempting the move, leading to a couple of botches. To her credit, she failed and tried again, only to fail again. Since it’s Live TV, we’ll give Bayley the pass, but man was that ever hilarious. For Vince, not so much...

10 Paige & Xavier Playing Twister

Looking at the biggest stories from 2017, as of right now, the Paige leak probably ranks atop. Her personal life was exposed as pictures and videos were made public coming from her past. In one of the videos, an odd pairing of Paige and Xavier Woods was made public. Since the leak of the adult video, numerous memes have been made about the situation as fans had a little fun with the ordeal.

In this hilarious picture, Paige and Xavier are seen playing a game of Twister which basically sums up their relationship: twisted. A John Cena picture just puts the cherry on top as he looks on with a blank stare in his eyes. As the poster boy of the WWE, this picture couldn’t be any more perfect. The WWE fanbase likely got a chuckle, but Vince isn’t laughing all that loud as the WWE tries to steer clear of controversy nowadays, being a publicly traded company and having to please numerous high profile investors.

9 Undertaker’s Botched WM 33 Pyro

It’s likely the WWE pyro guys won’t be missing The Undertaker as he rides off into the sunset. In the past, his entrance has proven to be quite problematic, whether he caught himself on fire walking through the flames or the entrance way catching fire. Well, it was only right that his entrance would cause a problem on his final night, as he made his way to the ring for his dramatic walk, the fire got a little too crazy as it spread like crazy on the side of the stage. Numerous fans took pictures and videos of the massive flames which certainly wasn’t a part of the show. It was pretty funny and thankfully, it didn’t get worse as the WWE staff was quick to extinguish the mess.

With such a glamorous stage, probably one of the very best in the history of the show, the company is certainly happy such a debacle took place during the final entrance. However, Vince isn’t laughing too much thinking of how bad it could have been.

8 Brock’s WWE Status

Lesnar winning the Universal Title came with mixed reviews by the WWE Universe. His credentials are undeniable, but the fact that he works part-time isn’t the greatest for business. The brand needs a champion, and it seems like Raw is going to have to settle with a part-time champion that shows up once in a while.

Fans have voiced their displeasures with some hilarious memes online. This is one of the most recent ones showing Brock at home watching TV with the Universal Title. In all likelihood, he’s probably not even watching Raw. Given that he’s residing in Canada, he probably has the Stanley Cup playoffs on the tube rooting for the nearby, Calgary Flames team.

All jokes aside, we can almost guarantee Brock wasn’t doing anything wrestling related. Heck during his ‘Mania build up against Goldberg, he was seen at a Jets game which took place on a Monday. Obviously, Vince doesn’t seem to be bothered by all of this.

7 The Lights Go Out During Raw Talk

Like we discussed before, most of the WWE’s content is Live, leaving them susceptible to various mistakes. This one, took place during Raw Talk as the power went out in the arena, leaving Booker and the host in the dark. Booker however wasn’t startled at all pulling out his cell phone for light. Man is that dude one hell of a pro! The incident was hilarious to watch as the two stumbled a little bit, even though Booker kept a good spirit. Vince was likely to be irate instead of laughing as the gaff took place during live television.

Thankfully, it took place during Raw Talk and not an actual event. WWE pre-shows are usually quite loose. Aside from Renee Young who has actual lines, everything else seems to be spontaneous, as the likes of Jerry Lawler and Booker T basically wing most of their answers. Nonetheless, it's good fun and a neat addition to WWE programming, whether it’s a PPV pre-show, Raw Talk, or Smack Talk.

6 Strowman Having Some Fun

Who could have predicted that the weird Wyatt family dude would become the talk of Monday Night Raw. Yes, Braun Strowman is grabbing all the headlines nowadays as he enjoys a huge push by the WWE. The company is investing a lot of time and money into his character and that’s been quite obvious in the last couple of weeks, whether he was flipping over an ambulance backstage or breaking the ring with the Big Show. In both instances, the company has put a lot of time and effort in making him look like a million bucks. It seems to be working as Strowman continues to shock inside of the ring, showing great athleticism for a big dude.

What also makes him unique however, is the fact that he’s quite loose in real-life. Numerous pictures have shown Strowman’s lighter side, whether it be taking a picture with Charlotte and Mojo at a nightclub during his NXT days or eating a bag of chips like a little toddler, Strowman has shown he’s a pretty cool dude away from his gimmick.

5 Russo Ripping Into Triple H

Give Russo some credit, despite the fact that he’s been out of the limelight for quite some time, he still manages to make the headlines with critical comments about today’s WWE product. In this instance, Russo takes a shot a Triple H, something that seems to be the norm from former WWE employees (cough, Alberto Del Rio).

In the rant, Russo was critical about Triple H’s WrestleMania entrance. Even the likes of Stone Cold weren’t too happy, claiming he took way too much away from Seth Rollins who basically just came out with a torch. As the norm states in professional wrestling, heels shouldn’t have glamorous entrances as it could potentially sway the fans. Triple H has continued to undermine that year after year, stealing the show with some awesome ideas including this year, as he made his way to the ring on a motorcycle. Russo was having none of it dropping this epic quote and one that Vince likely doesn’t want us to see or hear.

4 JBL Bullied Me Sign

A sign is a classic pro wrestling staple. Who can forget back in the Attitude Era when signs littered episodes of Raw; it seemed like every fan brought a sign to events. Nowadays, signs aren’t as numerous, but they still show up from time to time, providing us fans with a good laugh when a creative one is shown.

The most recent hilarious sign saw a fan with a “United took my seat” sign. That one was okay for the company, but the same couldn’t be said for this sign during a WWE event in Boston. During the SmackDown telecast, a fan brought a “JBL bullied me” sign which was pretty clever and quite funny. The WWE wasn’t too thrilled however, demanding the fan get rid of the sign. Because he refused, the fan was kicked out of the show, proving that the company just isn’t what it used to be like back in the day.

3 Throwback: Cena Spanking Stephanie

We decided a throwback picture was necessary for this article and we selected one that features two important names in the company, John Cena and Stephanie McMahon. Nowadays, Stephanie is held in high regard by the company as the Chief Branding Officer and an advocate for women empowerment movements.

Something she and Vince likely don’t want us to see is this throwback picture from Steph’s days as the blue brand’s General Manager. It’s bad enough she’s getting spanked but what makes it so much worse is the fact that John’s on the other end of the spanking, the same dude that has granted hundreds of Make-A-Wish donations, along with being a face of inspiration for millions of children around the world. It’s an incident the WWE wants us to forget about, but one that’s too hilarious to ever fade away. Sorry Vince, but we won’t forget this any time soon!

2 Triple H Burying Wrestlers

One constant throughout Triple H’s career has been former wrestlers criticizing him for his treatment of others. The likes of Scott Steiner, Rob Van Dam, Goldberg and even most recently Alberto Del Rio, have all complained about The Game’s wrong doings while in the WWE. And that’s just naming a couple of names to be quite honest.

In this hilarious meme, a fan pokes fun at Triple H’s ability to bury wrestlers whether they're young or old. Obviously, Hunter ended up doing the right thing by jobbing to Seth, but others claim he still managed to steal the spotlight of the match by coming out with such an awesome entrance.

Adding to that, Alberto Del Rio has recently gone out of his way to bury Triple H on multiple occasions. Although some believe he’s changed nowadays with his NXT involvement, others like Del Rio still don’t buy it and continue to destroy Triple H.

1 Roman & Vince

The WWE and Vince (especially) made their stance on Roman Reigns quite clear when he defeated The Undertaker in the main event of WrestleMania that was likely The Deadman’s final match. With Cena working a part-time schedule, the WWE is desperate for the “next one” and it seems like whether the crowd likes it or not, Roman is the chosen one.

This hilarious meme basically sums up the relationship between McMahon and how the fans feel about Roman. Despite the heel type of heat he draws, the WWE remains insistent on pushing him to the moon. Vince’s take on the situation is that Roman draws a reaction, which is great even if it’s boos. Along with that, there’s no denying his merchandise numbers, which are pretty up there in terms of the very best in the company. No matter what the fanbase thinks, it seems like the push is here to stay.

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15 Hilarious WWE Pictures Vince Doesn’t Want You To See