15 Hilarious Pics Of Rednecks Shopping

For those of you willing to brave this list, you're about to be treated to some of the most hilarious redneck pictures on the planet.

Being the melting pot of the world, the United States is chock-full of some of the most interesting characters you'll find on the face of the planet. Each area of the country boasts many different types of people and different sets of languages that are unique to the region in which they're found. In the Northeast, people are far more aggressive and speak with a very distinct accent, whereas people on the West Coast are far more laid back. Up North near Canada, inhabitants speak with a distinct accent and take pride in their knowledge of hockey. And then, we have the South. While it's a beautiful place full of some of the most scenic drives you'll ever take, the South is also full of what most would refer to as "rednecks." Of course, generalizing is never a good thing, and despite popular belief, the South is a very diverse place. But one bad apple can spoil the bunch, and the rednecks living in the South are some of the most unique individuals found in the United States.

With a can-do attitude, a severe lack of teeth, and a desire to live life on their own terms, rednecks can be some of the funniest people you could ever meet in your life. They're also unintentionally hilarious when they're out and about in public, and we have the pictures to prove it. Something tells us that someone should've pulled these individuals aside to have them change into something a little more appropriate, but that isn't the way a redneck lives his or her life. You may see things on this list that are truly horrifying, so if you feel uneasy staring at morbidly obese individuals, we highly recommend you turn around now. For those of you willing to brave this list, you're about to be treated to some of the most tragic redneck pictures on the planet.

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15 A Hairy Adventure

In one of the most popular conspiracy theories of all time, it's rumored that the Sasquatch has been wandering around the United States for centuries. Commonly referred to as "Bigfoot," this creature is a giant-sized mammal capable of ripping arms and legs from their sockets. He's a true terror, and many people live in fear that he'll track them down and eat them one day. While pictures of this monster are few and far between, we have one here for you today.

This beast was spotted in Walmart once upon a time, and a sneaky photographer captured this chilling image. He may not be in his natural habitat in this photo, but rest assured that a beast like this can find comfort anywhere he is. We're just glad he was decent enough to toss on some overalls and not let it all hang out for the other customers to see. A beast will always follow its master, so kudos to the guy on the left for somehow managing to track down and tame the wild Sasquatch.

14 Too Early To Rave

Rave culture is one of the strangest fascinations in the United States, and people that choose to indulge in this deviant lifestyle are usually social outcasts. Normally, they reserve their erratic behavior for times that they're partying their faces off, but this person decided to just go for it while picking up a few things at the store. After all, what better place to let your freak flag fly than at your local Walmart? It's not like the store is known for having the most normal shoppers, and those who have any shred of decency usually find themselves shopping at Target.

For those of you who've never shopped at a Walmart, you're truly missing out on some of the best people-watching that you'll ever take part in. We can't say for sure that this person didn't just get done raving, but we're pretty confident that wherever this person is headed to next, other people are sure to take notice.

13 Poor SpongeBob

Everyone's favorite sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea can be found on any given day making kids laugh on TV sets across the United States. SpongeBob SquarePants has been one of the most successful cartoon shows of all time, and even adults have a hard time staying away from the popular series. Because it's such a popular show, merchandise has flown off the shelves for years, and this person's decision to wear an ill-fitting SpongeBob outfit is trashy enough to make our list.

There's something to be said about people-watching while in Walmart, and normally, you can do so without drawing too much attention to yourself. However, we find it incredibly hard to believe that people didn't swarm this train wreck of a human to snap a bunch of photos. Much like a celebrity walking down the street in Los Angeles, this person was probably swarmed by people while shopping at Walmart. And most especially because of all the happiness that he's brought so many people over the years, we feel absolutely terrible for SpongeBob in this situation.

12 What In Tarnation...

Ladies and gentlemen, we're all about people expressing themselves and being true to who they are deep inside. Everyone is cut from a different cloth, and we all have our own personal interests and things that make us happy. We've already seen examples on this list of people behaving in ways that make them happy, but we've yet to find someone who takes his or her animal obsession way too far. While this man didn't go full-on Furry while shopping, his decision to wear hooves instead of shoes or boots is a massive head-scratcher to normal people.

The ponytail look and dirty t-shirt are already rough enough, but the hooves really push the entire ensemble over the top. We must give some credit to the employee on the right for turning a blind eye to the freak show that rests right next to her. We’re sure that most people would try and get this oddity out of their store as quickly and as quietly as possible.

11 Police Intervention

Honestly, there's so much going on in this picture that we really don't know where to begin. Let's just go ahead and start with the dog, which is being pushed around in a child stroller. Regardless of what you would like to tell yourself, you'll never be as cool as this dog sporting sunglasses and wearing a baseball hat tilted to the side. The bottle of water resting on his shoulder is a nice touch, and it lets us know that this guy cares about his animal's hydration.

Then, we have the man himself, who appears to be dressed in pajamas and making his way down the aisles of Walmart. This tired individual has clearly seen better days, and he doesn't seem to have a care in the world. Lastly, we have this police officer who looks like he would rather be anywhere else in the city. While he did sign up to protect and serve, he has to be questioning whether or not he made the right choice in becoming an officer of the law.

10 A Public Display Of Cellulite

For all of the stereotypes that come along with being a citizen of the United States, being morbidly obese is sadly one of the more accurate ones out there. If you travel abroad to different countries, you're less likely to find as many obese individuals than you will in the United States. In a country where a cheeseburger and fries are cheaper than a salad, the obesity rate in the United States is out of control, and lucky for us, these chubby rednecks love shopping at Walmart.

Take a second and really soak in every detail of this photo. Not only is this woman exposing virtually every part of her body, but she's doing so in front of a child, showing this kid that going out in public looking like a dumpster fire is perfectly acceptable. Sure, it's funny to laugh at the woman for failing to have any semblance of self-awareness, but this picture is also heartbreaking because this woman is setting a terrible example for that child.

9 No, You’re Really Not

Confidence is thought to be one of the most attractive qualities that a person can possess, but arrogance can often be someone's downfall, and this woman's arrogance is out of control. Beauty can come in all shapes and sizes, but let's not kid ourselves: this woman is anything but what she claims to be. Further complicating matters is the bright green color of her gigantic sweatpants.

The point of this, of course, is to draw plenty of attention to yourself in an attempt to lure would-be suitors. What this woman fails to realize, however, is that she needs to put in far more work than she has in order to find a beau. If chasing bigger girls is your thing, then more power to you. Everyone deserves to find the love of his or her life, and we sure hope that this incredibly confident individual was able to make her dreams come true.

8 Mullet Squad

Some people will forever be stuck in the past, and regardless of which generation you're a part of, you're sure to find people who can't let old styles go. The real questionable thing here is why the mullet ever became popular in the first place. It's never been and will never be a flattering haircut on a person, yet there's still a gang of people out there who decide to sport this ridiculous style. If you weren't able to tell by the camouflage shirt or the lack of self-respect in these photos, these women clearly couldn't care less about looking like straight-up hobos.

We wish that Walmart wasn't such a trashy place, but the store has an uncanny ability to lure in the lowest common denominators. In a modern society where mullets are worn in a comedic manner on Halloween, seeing these individuals with his haircut on a day-to-day basis is downright sad.

7 Only The Finer Things In Life

How fitting is it that the redneck caught shopping in this Walmart is sporting a shirt that promotes obesity and a perverted lifestyle? We all have plenty of different things that we enjoy in this life, though few of us are actually bold enough to wear shirts proclaiming our love for such embarrassing things. You hardly ever see people wearing shirts that say something as silly as "cheeseburgers and comics," but then again, most people in this country have enough sense to go out in public looking presentable.

What might be more telling about this photo is the fact that the shirt uses the abbreviation "n'" as opposed to writing out the word "and." It gives you a pretty good idea of where this photo opportunity could've been taken place. As we mentioned earlier, each area of the United States speaks a certain way, and in redneck country, people are renowned for speaking with very poor grammar.

6 You Were So Close

Human will and determination are some of the most incredible things to witness when they're in full effect. A mother suddenly getting the strength to lift an impossibly heavy object to save her child or a person overcoming the odds to achieve greatness are just a few examples of what we're talking about. The never-say-die attitude of Americans is what helped make this country as great as it is, but sometimes, this type of determination ends in a hilariously tragic way.

All this person wanted to do was grab a case of soda from the shelf, and this individual's morbid obesity prevented this goal from being achieved. With nothing but grit and determination, this chubby lad stretched as far as he could, and the results are what you see pictured above. Imagine being the employee who had to help this gigantic gentleman off the ground and back onto his seat. Talk about having a rough day at the office.

5 Try To Avert Your Eyes

We really wish that we could just ignore this insanely creepy photo, but it's just too crazy to ignore. Not unlike the dog photo that was featured earlier, there's a lot of nonsense going on in this crazy photo. This redneck gentlemen who looks suspiciously like Jim Carrey in a costume, is wearing one of the most raggedy shirts we've ever seen. Furthermore, this genetic disaster is also wearing a bra for no particular reason. Toss in a pocket full of writing utensils and creepy suspenders, and you have yourself one of the weirdest clothing ensembles you will ever find.

Even the woman to the right is completely awestruck by the utter disaster making his way through the store. Something tells us that she probably started shopping at Target after this bizarre encounter. Somehow, the madness that was captured here in this photo isn’t wild enough to make the top spot on our list.

4 A True Southern Belle

For all of the negative things that we've said about the South in this article, we do think that it's important to mention that the South is home to some of the most beautiful women in the country. Referred to as Southern Belles, these women are truly the cream of the crop. They're drop-dead gorgeous, hardworking, and possess the ability to make some of the best food that you'll find in the United States. Having said all of that, someone forgot to clue this gentleman in on the fact that he's quite the opposite of a Southern Belle.

Rocking a belly that's been fueled by macaroni and cheese and Budweiser and exposing enough cellulite to make a grown man sick, this red-hot mama is on the prowl for someone with a lifted truck and a complete lack of self-respect. All men have a sweet tooth, but we're willing to bet that most people decided to leave this piece of trash on the shelf where it belongs.

3 How Is This Possible?

This is perhaps the most confusing picture on this list, and since you've stuck it out this far, you're clearly looking to see some terrifying things. Normally, a gangly individual sporting a trashy beard like this can usually be found on the side of the road, but alas, this person scraped up enough change to buy a cake. Now, after making your way down past this person's beard, you'll notice that this picture gets extremely confusing.

We wish we could say more as to what's actually going on here, but having an air of mystery over this photo is what makes it so compelling. Oddities like this can be found at virtually every Walmart in the United States, and those looking to see the country need to spend a solid amount of time in a Walmart. Sure, seeing the Empire State Building is pretty cool, but your local Walmart is where you'll get a real slice of American life.

2 You Missed A Spot

If you thought that our picture of the mullet twins was bad, go ahead and feast your eyes on this utter nonsense. Why in the world would anyone get their hair cut like this? This type of haircut is like a mullet amped up to 11, and the Affliction shirt just adds an extra level of ridiculous to what's already a trashy look. Affliction, as you are no doubt aware, was one of the most embarrassing fashion trends to sweep the United States in recent memory. Couple this style with the most extreme mullet in the world, and you have yourself a person who fits perfectly in any Walmart in the country.

God bless the person who was able to take this photo. The photographer is truly doing his or her civic duty, and we commend this individual for the brilliant effort. As for this man in the picture, however, we can only hope that he's realized the error of his ways and has since shaved his head.

1 The Most American Picture Ever

Ladies and gentlemen, we've shown you all some of the most extreme examples of redneck life, and we're proud to release the most redneck shopping photo ever. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. This is a legitimate wrestling match taking place in the middle of a Walmart. A quick glance to the left and you'll see sweaters bearing the names of several Southern states. We were not kidding when we said that the South is full of rednecks, and rednecks love nothing more than a good old-fashioned wrestling match.

You can practically smell the mayonnaise and the Mountain Dew in this picture. There's a whole lot going on, so take your time and truly soak in every element of this beautiful snapshot. This, my friends, is the America that no one believes truly exists. Nestled in the heart of the South, redneck America continues to thrive, and as long as Walmart stores are open across the country, we can guarantee that more nonsense like this will continue to take place.

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15 Hilarious Pics Of Rednecks Shopping