15 Heroes Who Just Can't Be Killed

There have been many heroes throughout time on film, in comic books, and other forms of media. A good hero puts up a good fight, but a great hero lives forever. This list contains 15 Heroes That You Can’t Kill.

We have compiled a gathering of some of the greatest heroes to always live, meaning they just can’t be killed either through the help of their super powers, mutations, or they just plain old refuse to buy the farm.

With respect to your favorite heroes, the list only has 15 of them here and they are not ranked in any specific order or importance or strengths. There are well over ten times that amount of heroes but unfortunately, we could not list them all here. We are sure you will miss some of your favorite heroes who may not appear on the list, but we are also certain you are bound to agree with many of our choices.

Please enjoy our list of some of the greatest heroes of all time, who are not ready to meet their makers and most likely never will be ready to shuffle this mortal coil. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, like living forever.

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15 Superman

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The Man of Steel is one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time. Superman is a household name and virtually invincible. He has his Kryptonite, which is, well, Kryptonite. This is a fragmented piece of his home planet that renders him weak and his powers useless. Several versions of the character have been killed off in their respective storylines but we assure you that Superman will live forever. Although the character was most recently killed off in 2016 during the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in the film’s ending sequences we are led to believe that Superman is NOT dead, proving that you cannot kill the man who is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. So, keep looking up in the sky, it’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s Superman and he will be flying the skies for a long, long time.

14 The Incredible Hulk

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The Incredible Hulk is the true green giant. David Banner, or Bruce Banner, whichever incarnation you are reading or watching, is a man who was altered by Gama-Rays through an experiment gone wrong, in his science lab. The Incredible Hulk is Banner’s beast within who emerges in fits of rage when Banner loses his temper. With a few variances in different versions, The Hulk stands at least 8 feet tall and his skin is almost rubber-like, causing bullets to bounce off him. Many speculate that you could kill the Hulk by ripping his heart out or cutting his head off and distancing it by miles from Hulk’s body, but these are just fan speculations. The Hulk is another superhero who has been killed off and brought back before. This is done with un-killable superheroes when an author leaves or story is going to end. Then he is brought back in another version or story usually under a new writer.

13 Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones has no super powers, he is just a mortal man. He has survived being shot at by Nazis and Russians a few hundred times. He was there when they opened the lost Ark of the Covenant and survived the wrath of God which melted the faces of others or exploded them. Indy drank from the cup of Christ, the Holy Grail, which is rumored to provide immortality. This could be one of the reasons you just can’t kill the good doctor Jones. Indy has also been thrown into pits with venomous snakes, rats, survived crashes, explosions, fires, natives with poisonous darts, drinking poison, at least one plane crash, drinking the blood of Kali, and attempt to rip his heart out by Mola Ram. This doesn’t even mention avoiding immense razor blades, a giant boulder, a ceiling of spikes from crushing him, and aliens searching for their crystal skull. Have we left anything out, or is that enough to convince you?

12 Batman

Underneath his cape and cowl, Batman is just a man. Like Indiana Jones, he has no super powers to speak of, just superior martial arts and combat skills. Batman has been injured before, but his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, is a billionaire. This enables Batman to get the best medical care around. However, as we stated, Batman is a mere mortal man, so eventually time will catch up to him and do the job that the Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, and so many more could not do. Batman is another example of a hero who has been killed off in different versions of stories and later resurrected in future stories. Since Batman is a fictional character that has been around for over 75 years, he has done a great job of letting time catch up with him. Expect another 75 years from the bat.

11 Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is the son of Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, and is from the Star Wars universe. Luke, like his father before him, is a Jedi Master who has superior control of the Force. The Force is the mythical power that controls all things in life. It is sort of like an energy. Even though Luke is a human from the planet Tatooine, you would expect him to be capable of dying just like his mother, Padme Amidala, his Aunt and Uncle, and others. However, one of Luke’s inspirations, Obi Wan Kenobi (Ben), often returns to Luke as a spirit to advise and guide the young Jedi Knight. Luke even sees Kenobi at one point as a glowing spirit in Return of the Jedi. It is rumored that those who are strong with the Force can manipulate life. This was done to Luke’s father, Anakin, as Anakin was conceived without a father. So, even if Luke gets blown up on a new Death Star or sliced in half by a lightsaber, he most lightly would be able to Facebook and send Tweets from the beyond, by using the Force!

10 James Bond

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James Bond does have permission to kick the bucket as he is licensed to kill and to be killed, and kill he has … countless times. He has not been killed and probably never will be. James also seems to never age. He debuted in 1962 and has reappeared regularly right up to 2015. That right there is 53 years, mandatory retirement age for Double 0 agents is 45, assuming he became an MI6 spy at 1 years old, he would be at least 54 by now. So, we can expect James Bond to continue through the ages and to continue to avoid lasers powered by the sun, exploding space shuttles, bombs, bullets, plane crashes, and anything else that comes his way.

9 Robin Hood

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Robin Hood is a timeless hero for the ages. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He is a highly skilled archer who has survived time. He is not a superhero, has no mutations, powers, or God-like abilities. He is just a good-hearted guy who looks out for the less fortunate members of his community. Robin Hood might, in theory, have the traits and vulnerabilities to be killed, but it has yet to happen and it is likely it never will happen, unless Tim Burton is given the reigns in a Robin Hood story. If that were to occur, we could expect Robin Hood to switch from green clothing to black clothing, die in the end, and be played by Johnny Depp.

8 Wolverine

Wolverine is one of the X-Men and is over 150 years old. His body is full of Adamantium and he has retractable, indestructible, claws in his hands that can slice through virtually any substance on Earth. Although the character did recently allegedly die in the film Logan, you can expect him to be back at some point. Wolverine was killed off in the story to give closure to Hugh Jackman’s version, because like other heroes that are eternally connected to one specific performer known for portraying them, Jackman ages with time. Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine for over 15 years and felt it was time to call it quits. However, since Wolverine is arguably the most popular X-Men character in that multi-billion-dollar world, his real power that will keep him alive and contribute to his eventual return is the almighty dollar. When your star player gets too old, you don’t kill the entire team, you replace him. They may not do it right away, but rest assured they will bring Wolverine back at some point.

7 Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke)

Matt Dillon was the fictional Unites States Marshal in Dodge City, Kansas on television and radio in Gunsmoke. The show Gunsmoke had quite a run for 20 years and ran 635 episodes on TV from 1955 to 1975. Marshal Dillon is another one of those cases where he is just a man and as such, he is not bullet-proof. In the story, he did not die and Marshal Matt Dillon will live on forever, as long as cable TV keeps those old black and white western channels around with shows like Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel.

6 Thor

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Thor is Norse God and we all know you just can’t kill a God. His mighty hammer helps him protect the people of Asgard and the people of Earth. His hammer can only be used by Thor, unless someone else comes along who proves to be worthy. Thor’s father, Odin, has made it so only the worthiest can lift the sword, and he who can shall possess all the powers of Thor. Thor is one of the Avengers along with The Incredible Hulk, who also made this list. While Thor will probably never die from old age, some people believe he can be killed in battle, which is much easier said than done since Thor is still alive and kickin’.

5 The Immortal

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Need we say more? The guy’s name means someone who can never be killed. That alone earns him a spot on the list. Forget the fact that he was once decapitated and survived. A few doctors and scientists simply had to reattach his head to his body, so there was a little effort involved. He didn’t just grow his body back from his severed noggin. He has been around for a long time. He was a knight in King Arthur’s Court and played an important role in several historical events throughout time, which includes several wars. He even took on an alias at one time and became President of the United States under the name Abraham Lincoln. Things didn’t go well for Honest Abe, but The Immortal survived but had to kill off his alias when Booth appeared to kill Lincoln as not to blow his cover and reveal himself.

4 Zorro

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Zorro is a legend, and legends never die. They only grow bigger through time and taller down the line. There has been more than one man to don the mask of Zorro over the years. Zorro is much bigger than just one man. He wears a black mask like Dick Grayson as Robin or the Lone Ranger and a black cape, wears all black, and a black sombrero (different hats in different stories). His weapons of choice have been a pistol, bullwhip, and sword. He is known for leaving his trademarked “Z” on walls or other structures as a signature that he was there. Zorro is a hero to the Mexican people, sort of like the Mexican Robin Hood. He battles the authorities who heavily tax the people and steals from those who would line their pockets of the hard labor of the common man. Zorro gives the money he steals back to the people. Whenever Zorro is needed, he will be there. If one Zorro is killed, captured, or retires due to age or injuries, another man will step up and take his place. Zorro will go on forever.

3 Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, is an Amazonian who has been around more than a century in her story. Wonder Woman has superhuman strength, speed, durability and longevity. She is a flight expert and extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth is effective, but not her strongest tool. She has indestructible bracelets that are often used to deflect bullets that would otherwise kill a non-wondrous woman. An indestructible sword and shield complete here arsenal of weaponry. With her upcoming major theatrical release, it is unlikely that Wonder Woman will be exposed to have weaknesses that enable one to kill her. Unless she does poorly at the box office, then we can expect a fate worse than death. The will put her on the shelf.

2 John McClane

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Yippee Ki Yay! John McClane is the New York City Police Officer from the Die Hard movie series who absolutely refuses to die and not because of a shortage of danger and attempts on his life. Hans Gruber was the first to try, along with about a dozen or so terrorists, but was thrown from the top of Nakatomi Plaza. Next, it was Major Grant, Colonel Stuart, and General Esperanza, joined my numerous military combat personnel who tried in Die Hard 2, but all wound up dead instead. Hans Gruber’s brother Simon also failed in Die Hard with a Vengeance. John McClane also survived in Live Free or Die Hard and A Good Day to Die Hard. McClane would probably still be going today, but Bruce Willis, can be killed by nature and time (Willis played McClane in the saga).

1 Deadpool

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Like Wolverine, Deadpool comes from the X-Men Universe and is a mutant. Deadpool had cancer at one point and thought he was undergoing a procedure that would cure him. They tricked him. There never was a cure. They were simply using him as a crash test dummy. He became hideously disfigured in the process and in many ways, he was cured of his cancer. At the same time, he was given incredible healing and regeneration powers. He has had many bones fractured or pulverized, and they healed. He has been shot, and his wounds healed. He has had limbs cut off, and they healed. Therefore, we consider this foul-mouthed hero to be among the invincible. He even thinks so himself. He once cut off his own hand at the wrist to escape one of the good guys!

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