15 Heroes Who "Got It On" With Alternate Versions Of Themselves

The world of superheroes and comic books can be an interesting and exciting place to be. The colorful pages are filled with superpowered beings that have powers beyond our wildest fantasies and they live their lives having wild and crazy adventures, as well as saving people, worlds, and universes on a weekly basis. These superheroes have fuelled our dreams and imaginations for generations and the demand and expectations for these fanciful stories never seems to fade.

However, with all these stories and characters, there is one thing that comic books often don't get right and that's sex. Over the years, comic books have been guilty of some seriously weird and messed up storylines involving love and romance. But there is one element of this that is possibly even stranger and that's when superheroes fall for alternative versions of themselves. In the world of behavioral psychology, there is a theory that people are attracted to other people that remind them of themselves, but these comic book writers took it a step further when they had their characters "getting it on" with straight up alternate versions of themselves. With this list we look at 15 heroes that have done just that.

15 Frankenstein's Monster And The Bride

We start our list with a bit of an obvious one. Long before comic books came along and became mainstream entertainment, the story of Frankenstein and his monster had been around for years. Not only in Mary Shelley's novel, but Frankenstein's monster had been the subject of many movies and there was even a string of movies that had Frankenstein's monster have his very own bride.

So when DC tried their hand at a more horror related comic book, they used Frankenstein's monster as their platform for this. Of course, not too much later, the comic book writers wanted a female version of this monster, as they seem to do with most comic book characters, and The Bride was born. Being an exact copy of Frankenstein's monster, only female of course, was one thing but the two soon found themselves together.

14 Hawkman And Hawkgirl

For our next entry we may be cheating slightly, but as Hawkman and Hawkgirl are the same, or at least male/female versions of the same hero, we are counting it on our list. There have been several rewrites and reboots of the Hawkman/Hawkgirl story over the years, but each time it's retold, the two of them are linked together. The strange thing about this is that, Hawkgirl in particular, has been close to many other heroes over the years but she always ends up with Hawkman. It's as if she not allowed to be free from her "people."

The original story of Hawkgirl is that she is a reincarnation of an ancient and powerful being who, surprise surprise, was with the ancient version of Hawkman. In the present day, Carter Hall, the modern day version of Hawkman, works this all out, becomes Hawkman and then goes after Hawkgirl to make her his. With a story about love, history and destiny, it somehow feels like Hawkman is constantly tricking Hawkgirl into being with him.

13 Silver Surfer And Ardina

Over the years, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby have given us some of the biggest and best comic book characters and storylines. Their collaborations have gone down in history as being at the forefront of what comic books can be and do. However, their relationship took a beating over the years and soon they couldn't work together on anything. Except for one character.

During the 1970s, Lee and Kirby wanted to make The Silver Surfer one of their biggest and best characters. So they got together to work out how to do this and what they came up with was sex. In an obvious attempt to push The Silver Surfer into the masses, they rewrote his history and had Galactus create an exact female version of The Silver Surfer in order to tempt The Silver Surfer onto team Galactus. The storyline was obvious and crude as we witnessed two identical beings "get it on."

12 Firestorm And Firehawk 

Now we get a bit complicated with our next entry. DC's Firestorm is an interesting character as it is actually two people who come together to form one hero. Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein were involved in an accident that meant they could fuse together to become the powerful being known as Firestorm. With the moderate success of this character, DC did what most comic books do and tried a female version of this character.

Lorraine Reilly, the daughter of a US senator, was kidnapped and experimented on in order to see if Firestorm's accident could be replicated. It was and Reilly soon became the hero Firehawk. Then we come onto the complicated bit as Firehawk started to take a liking to Firestorm, but only the Ronnie Raymond side of the duo. So the two started dating, but presumably when Martin Stein had his back turned, or maybe he closed his eyes and put his fingers in his ears!

11 Impossible Man And Impossible Woman 

Our next entry started life out as a villain to The Fantastic Four, although over time his character and personality was changed and he was shown as more of a trickster and prankster than a full-blown villain. Being from the planet Poppup, Impossible Man was depicted as a lonely and bored creature and the only joy he seemed to get was annoying most of the heroes in the Marvel universe, especially The Fantastic Four.

Not only did he like to annoy people, Impossible Man was also the only member of his species and therefore  was often lonely. One day the loneliness got too much for him so he cloned himself and created Impossible Woman and made her his wife. Not only did this character "get it on" with a version of himself, but since she was a clone, they could well be technically the same person and therefore Impossible Man "got it on" with himself.

10 Batman And Batwoman 

During the early days of comic books there was a bit of an outcry from certain fans that the superhero world was far too male orientated and therefore we got a string of female versions of existing heroes, because obviously that's easier than creating female superheroes in their own right! Batman was one of the first heroes to get a few female copies in the form of Batwoman and Batgirl.

Over the years there have been many versions and characters that have had the mantle of Batwoman and in each version, there seems to be some sexual or romantic link to her and The Dark Knight. In the early days of Batwoman, she was clearly there as a love interest for Batman and it was revealed that she was but in later versions the two have tangled a few times and more often than not, the Bats end up getting down and dirty with each other.

9 Miracleman And Miraclewoman 

With our next entry, we come to a copyright nightmare and a comic book head scratcher. Miracleman and his family were a Marvel comic book that found fame and popularity in the 1980s, with contributions from the likes of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. However, before that, Miracleman was called Marvelman, and him and his family were clearly a copy of Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family from Fawcett comics and DC.

So, in the more modern version of Miracleman and his adventures, Miracleman is a hero pretty similar to the original Captain Marvel, which of course is now Shazam. With his human wife and human life, Miracleman suddenly found himself drawn to another being known as Miraclewoman who was his exact copy in pretty much every way, only in female form. The two of them got together and he soon forgot all about his other wife and life.

8 Vision And Virginia 

Over the years, the hero known as Vision has had a long and complicated history, especially with woman. Famously The Vision was linked to the mutant Scarlet Witch. After all, they were together, married, and even had children together. However, their long and often explosive relationship wasn't always the only relationship in Vision's life, and Scarlet Witch wasn't the only woman.

After many years of working with The Avengers, The Vision took a job in Washington, D.C. working as a liaison between the government and the superhero community. Deciding that living in the city wasn't what he wanted anymore, Vision moved to the 'Burbs. However, the quiet life soon became boring to him so he created a family for himself. After all, The Vision was created as an android, so he thought "why not?" So he created a wife for himself in the form of Virginia, who was the identical female version of himself.

7 Thor And Dark Valkyrie 

If you ask anyone out there who Thor's love is, then most people will say Jane Foster. After all, they are one of Marvel's biggest couples; along with Mary Jane Watson and Spider-Man, Iron Man and Pepper Potts, and of course, Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman. However, one of Thor's biggest love stories came in the form of Dark Valkyrie.

When Thor was exiled for killing his brother Loki, his Earth Friend, Eric Masterson, took control of his body. It didn't last long and soon Thor was back and back in Asgard. Not wanting to leave Asgard again, he left his friend Eric, armed with a magical mace, to defend Earth in his place. However, once back in Asgard, Thor was driven mad and one of his symptoms was to create the being Dark Valkyrie. Dark Valkyrie started out as a manifestation of Thor's broken mind, but she did become real and the two "went at it" like crazy teenagers. Eventually Dark Valkyrie would go back to Thor's mind and he was cured, but for a time there, Thor's big love was himself, or at least a version of himself that his own mind created.

6 Thing And She-Thing 

Now we come on to exact replicas and alternate versions of the same character. After the events of the Marvel epic cross over event, Secret Wars, The Thing and a lot of heroes were left on Battleworld. After a while, all the heroes, including The Fantastic Four, went home but The Thing stayed behind as on Battleworld he could actually transform between The Thing and his human form. However, Battleworld would soon fall apart and The Thing had no choice but to return home.

Once back he realized that The Fantastic Four got on fine without him and didn't really need him, not now that they had She-Hulk. So he went off on his own and that's where he met Sharon Ventura. Eventually The Thing would re-join The Fantastic Four and he brought Venture with him as she became She-Thing. The two of them were physically identical, as well as their powers, so it really was as if The Thing was attracted to himself.

5 Batman And Batgirl 

We've already had an entry from The Dark Knight on our list already, but it's now time to delve back in the world, and mind, of Batman once again. Batman is no stranger to the women of the DC universe as he has been connected to most of them. He's not even a stranger to his own Bat family as we've mentioned with Batwoman. However, the most disturbing romance between alternate versions of similar characters, has to be between him and Batgirl.

It may be weird and creepy on the surface that Batman "got it on" with Batgirl, who was much younger plus one of his proteges, but it was even worse as Batman actually got her pregnant. Not only that but at the time Batgirl was with Dick Grayson. So not only did Batman do it with a female Bat but he betrayed Batgirl's trust and the trust of one of his oldest friends. No wonder Batman likes to work alone, more often than not he doesn't have a choice since he screws over everyone he meets.

4 Robin And Huntress 

Ok, so many may argue that our next entries are not, strictly speaking, alternate versions of the same character, but given their backstory, powers, upbringing and who they are associated with, then Robin and Huntress are pretty darn close, so therefore we count it.

Over the years, there have been many characters that have had the mantle Huntress, as well as Robin. But for this list we are referring to the most famous of the lot, Dick Grayson and Helena Wayne. Now Helena was the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Catwoman from a different reality that came to this Earth. She trained and fought alongside Robin and the two of them spent a lot of time together. You may say that with all that time together, and cool crime fighting, that "getting it on" was inevitable. But considering that Helena was Bruce's daughter, albeit from a different Earth, and Grayson was raised by Bruce as his son, the two of them together is a little weird in our view.

3 Fantomex 

Our next entry is another head scratcher and one for the weird pile. Fantomex was actually an amalgamation of a few heroes and anti-heroes that were brought together and introduced into the X-Men universe. Originally being a super powered sential, whose job it was to control and quash the mutant population, Fantomex managed to break free from this and became a hero in his own right.

He joined the hero group Uncanny X-Force and fell in love with team member Psylocke. However, this is where it gets weird. Fantomex died but because he had three brains, and those brains survived, he was brought back as a clone but as three separate beings. The three beings met and all got a bit too close to each other as they all "got it on" with each other and all the while they were still with Psylocke. WTF!

2 Superman And Supergirl

Next we come to possibly the most famous superhero in all of comic book land. We all know the story of The Man of Steel and that of his cousin Supergirl. However, over the years these two Kryptonians have become a little too close for comfort. In the Golden Age of comic books, Supergirl wanted to find Superman the perfect mate so they embarked on a galactic adventure in order to find Superman a girlfriend. However, once on this journey Superman realized that Supergirl was in fact his perfect mate, and even commented that cousin love isn't frowned upon on Krypton.

Although that was a creepy moment in Superman's history, they didn't actually "get it on." However, in more modern comic books, they did more than that and they actually got married. Ok, so it wasn't the true Supergirl; it was actually a shape shifting Matrix that took the guise of Supergirl. But post Pre-Crisis, Supergirl and The Matrix merged to become Supergirl. Although this Supergirl and Superman aren't cousins, they are still connected and exact versions of each other, so therefore it goes high on our list.

1 Hulk And She-Hulk 

The number one entry on our list of superheroes that have got it on with alternate versions of themselves, has to be one of the most disturbing of them all. Firstly, we must say that The Hulk, aka Bruce Banner, and The She-Hulk, aka Jennifer Walters, are cousins. Unlike our previous entry with Superman and Supergirl, who have had many alternate versions of themselves over the years, this entry is the true and main version of Marvel's big green heroes.

In the Old Man Logan storyline, most of the heroes of the world have been wiped out and the US is split into different areas with each area being controlled by some powerful being. One of those sections is controlled by The Hulk and his gang, which is made up by children of The Hulk. And the mother? You guessed it, the mother of The Hulk's children is none other than She-Hulk herself. So not only do The Hulk and She-Hulk get it on, they also have an incestuous affair and run a big criminal gang made up of their children. This has to be one of the weirdest and freakiest love stories Marvel has done.

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