15 Heinous Crimes Committed By Marvel Movie Heroes

Comic books have long been a place where characters of different shades of gray can thrive. Comic book fans have loved heroes with a bit of a dark side to them. Many of these characters have made their way to the big screen—heroes like Wolverine, Deadpool, and Iron Man. There's a big difference, however, between the comic book versions of these characters and the movie versions. Movie fans are not nearly as forgiving when it comes to heroes. Marvel movie heroes, both the MCU and 20th Century Fox, are made a bit more vanilla when they're brought from the pages to the big screen. Well, kind of. We're here to show that they're not all good all the time.

In the Marvel films, we're not seeing any heroes brutally killing anyone. For the most part, they defend the world and they do what they must. There have been some casualties along the way, but they've almost all been in self-defense. There have been some dark moments. In almost all of these cases, the filmmakers simply glossed over these moments, trying not to draw too much attention to them. Well, we want to look a little closer and investigate these crimes. Maybe these heroes aren’t as good and orderly as the films make them out to be. Here are the 15 Heinous Crimes Committed by Marvel Movie Heroes.


15 Rogue

In the first X-Men film, we meet Rogue while she's with her boyfriend, David. The two are in the bedroom and things are getting romantic. Now, Rogue doesn't understand her powers. But when she kisses David, she sucks his life force from his body. We learn later that David was in a coma for three weeks. Thankfully, he pulled through, so Rogue isn't a murderer, but she came close to being one. For the most part, we see these types of crimes as innocent because they were unintentional, but this is similar to the difference between murder and manslaughter. No these aren't murders or even attempted murders, but they may be classified as attempted manslaughter because there is passion and some intent involved.

14 Spider-Man


Spider-Man has beat himself up for a long time in the comics for killing his lover, Gwen Stacy. Sure, she was going to die if Spider-Man did nothing anyways and it wasn't him who threw her off the bridge, but it was him who last touched her. It was the whiplash that killed her. The movies changed things from the comics a bit. First of all, it was a clocktower she was thrown off and not a bridge. Second, it seemed like she died from hitting her head and not whiplash. The result is the same though. If Spider-Man had been quicker to shoot his web, if he had stuck her on the chest and not the belly, if he had not got her involved in the first place, Gwen would still be alive. We won't pile it on him though. This one stings.

13 Iron Man And Bruce Banner

While Hank Pym was the man to blame for creating Ultron in the comics, the films changed it up a bit and made Tony Stark and, to a lesser extent, Bruce Banner the bad guys. Though their intentions were good and Ultron was designed as a peace-keeping project, Stark and Banner nearly brought on the world's destruction by creating something they clearly didn't fully understand. As soon as Ultron is given life, he takes full control and starts breaking everything near him. Countless people died and trillions of dollars worth of property was ruined in the wake of Ultron. This might be the biggest crime of all.

12 Wolverine


In X-Men 2, director Bryan Singer decided to have a little fun with Wolverine and his claws while at Bobby's (Iceman's) house. As Wolverine takes a gulp of his beer, he hears a noise and brings out his claws. It's revealed to be only a cat, which starts to lick his claws. There's some debate about whether the sound we hear next indicates Wolverine retracting his claws or extending them, but the result is the same. That poor kitty cat got hurt. As soon as Bobby's family walks in the kitchen, Wolverine hides his claws and the cat cries out in pain. Since this little guy was in the process of licking razor-sharp blades when they were quickly retracted, we can expect the cat got its tongue sliced in half.

11 Iron Man

Fans of the MCU love it when Tony Stark throws out a crass one-liner, so we weren't totally shocked when, in the middle of a battle, Stark tells the Black Widow that she and Banner "better not be playing hide the zucchini." No, we weren’t shocked, but we were disgusted. This is a definite no-no. First, there's some borderline bestiality associations being made here. We don't want to be thinking about the Hulk's zucchini and we think it's a crime that Stark is thinking about it. Second, if we were uncomfortable about the romantic tension between Natasha and Bruce before, this just made it ten times worse. We're not mad because we think this joke crossed the line. We're just disappointed that anyone thought this joke would be funny. Maybe if the zucchini line was made without including Natasha, it might have been okay. Include her, however, and you have a disturbing image to deal with in your mind.

10 Quicksilver


Quicksilver was awesome in Age of Ultron. His powers were incredible and he looked invincible, at least right up until the time that forgot how to use them. So, he's faster than a speeding bullet. Not only is his faster than them, but he can catch them and move them and dodge them with ease. Then, when Hawkeye and a little boy are about to be hit by a barrage of bullets, Quicksilver moves them out of the way, saving their lives but sacrifices his own. But why? What the hell was he thinking? He didn’t have to take their place. He could have pulled them out of the way. He could have plucked the bullets out of the air. He could have left the scene and rearranged all the furniture in his house came back and then moved his friends (and himself) to safety. He didn't. He just died like a total idiot. Suicide is a crime.

9 Peter Quill

At no point should a dance-off ever be included in a fight scene, especially when we had been taking the villain seriously up to that point. Prior to that final face-off, Ronan had been a total bada*s. He was scary and imposing and we figured he would be a serious challenge for the good guys. But then the dancing started and it all fell to crap. Right as Ronan is about to deliver the finishing blow, Star-Lord starts singing and dancing. Ronan is captivated. He only realizes that he's being distracted when he's told he's being distracted. Now, it may be unfair to say that this move by Peter Quill is a crime because it worked, but it shouldn't have. It was a silly and unfunny end to a great film. Really, Quill should have started dancing and then smashed by Ronan's hammer. It shouldn't have been so effective and consequence-free.


8 Black Widow


We're going to cut Natasha a bit of slack here because Hawkeye's mind was being controlled and he was trying to stab her in the throat. But, she did go overboard in her response. During their fight, Natasha gains the upper hand by biting Clint Barton's arm, forcing him to drop the knife. She then smashes his face into a metal pole. This wakes him up. Clint looks up at her and says her name. She's done it. She's broken the link Loki had on him. But that wasn't good enough for Natasha. Even after he's woken up, she still proceeds to knock him out. Now, comic book movies treat knockouts like nothing, but, in reality, this crushing blow could have been fatal. He's probably got a serious concussion or a broken jaw after this.

7 Scott Summers

In X-Men Apocalypse, we're introduced to a young version of Cyclops who has quite a bit of difficulty controlling his powers. While sitting in class, Scott Summers' eyes start to bother him. He leaves class and goes to the bathroom. While hiding in a stall, a classmate comes to bully him and begins to bang on the stall door. It's then that Summers releases the power from his eyes and blows the door of the stall, smashing into the bully and slamming him against the wall and the urinals. The force of the blast breaks the wall behind the bully. Even though we see him move a little before the scene ends, indicating that he is still alive, this kid clearly has some internal injuries.

6 Iron Man


Iron Man seems to be committing many of the crimes, but that's because the MCU has so heavily focused on his character. The crime we're interested in this time around is from Iron Man 3. After Air Force One is attacked, Iron Man is forced to fly through the air and save all the passengers falling to their deaths. He does save everyone and we all cheered for joy, but the way he saved them is questionable. After collecting all the falling people, Stark drops them in the water and leaves. This seems great, but these people are stranded in the middle of what we assume is the Hudson River. They all just tread water happily and wave goodbye to Iron Man as he flies off, but that's not how it would go down in reality. Look at the speed they hit the water. Tony doesn't just put the brakes on and let them down gently (which he could have easily done). No, he speeds up. Seriously. He throws on the boosters and then lets them hit the water at even more blazing speeds than they were originally travelling. There would have been some serious damage here.

5 Clint Barton

If Nick Fury could die, he would have been dead a number of times. One of these deaths would have come at the hands of Hawkeye. Yeah, yeah, he was possessed, but so was Banner during his murders. These are still crimes. So Hawkeye is under Loki's control and Nick Fury is stalling. Loki realizes this and has Barton shoot Fury. Strangely, Barton shoots Fury in the chest when he probably could have shot the legs off a fly standing on Fury's head if he wanted to. Fury obviously survived this attack because he was wearing a bulletproof vest, but Barton didn't know this. Barton's crime is attempted murder and, although he tried to kill a few other people, this moment is the most flagrant.

4 Wade Wilson


Even though it was a scene that got deleted, the filmmakers for Deadpool really wanted this one in the film, so we consider it canon. The scene in question is called the Cancer World Tour and Wade Wilson visits Mexico looking for a cure before he turns into Deadpool. In this clinic, there's a wonder doctor who is apparently able to remove cancerous tumors. While the doctor treats an old man, Wade sneaks in and discovers he's nothing more than a conman. The doctor tries to flee but Wade catches him, strangles him, and then stabs him. As the man dies, the audience sees that Wade is at the end of his rope. Now Deadpool is an antihero, yeah, but the film version of this guy rarely kills people who aren't trying to kill him. The scene was one of the last to be cut and was done more because of time constraints than how it made the character look.

3 Peter Quill

Peter Quill is pretty much a standard hero from yesteryear. He's a ladies man, sharp-witted, and just good enough to escape danger. The reason we say that he's a hero from another time is because of one particular ugly mark on his criminal rap sheet. The crime, labeled a "S*x Crime: Illegal Manipulation of a Gramosian Duchess," would be better fitted to a 1970's version of James Bond, not a modern hero. Now, some fans spotted this and director James Gunn caught a bit of flack for it. He responded with an explanation that is clearly just backtracking. In Gunn's response, he explained that "Quill was seduced by the Duchess and, as anyone who has been to Gramos knows, it's illegal for regular folk to be intimate with royalty there." Since we saw from the very get go that Quill is a touch of a womanizer, the s*x crime thing isn't too far-fetched. It's quite obvious that Quill used his bag of tricks to seduce a Duchess and was caught. Gunn trying to retrofit an excuse won't change our minds on this crime.

2 Hulk


Even though we don't necessarily see him killing innocent people, we all know that the Hulk is a dangerous guy. When he's fighting off baddies, we assume that many of them die. But we're not worried about bad guys. There was one occasion when Bruce Banner took out some truly innocent victims. In the opening credits of The Incredible Hulk, we see a retconned version of Bruce's initial transformation into the Hulk. In the room, along with Betty (Liv Tyler), are a couple other scientists. After the transformation, we see that both Betty and Thadeus Ross (William Hurt) are...erm...hurt. We then see the Hulk toss an army officer out a door as well. Later on, Thadeus explains that Banner killed two scientists and that poor officer.

1 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a total a*s for half of the Doctor Strange film. He's arrogant, selfish, obnoxious, and entitled. These all should be crimes, but they're not. Strange's biggest crime, however, results in some very justified bad karma. This idiot gets in his car and speeds through the streets of New York. Once out of the city, Strange continues his wild speed down a winding mountain road, driving over the middle lane and passing cars around blind bends. Then, he gets a phone call. He answers it and continues on his driving rampage. Now, it would have been bad if Strange had been texting while driving. This would have been more than enough justification for him smashing up his body. But, he doesn't text. No, that's too basic for this jacka*s. He pulls up x-rays on his dash monitor and checks them out while driving. Worse, still, he pulls up x-rays and checks them out while driving at high speeds at night on a mountain road and passing another car around a blind bend. We can only hope the driver of the other car that he sideswiped lived. It doesn't seem fair that Strange got all these powers after nearly killing an innocent person.

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